Vintage Pyrex and fabric inspiration

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Pyrex post. So I figured it was time for an update.

Over the past months I’ve picked up a couple of little pieces here and there. I’m getting choosy about what I pick up now. I’ve got enough that I like and actually use but every once in a while I see a color or pattern that I’ve been keeping and eye out for. Like this cute little green Spring Blossom mixing bowl.

Another find: the smallest yellow mixing bowl. I love this size. I have a bowl this size in the wheat pattern and I use it almost every morning to mix eggs. Now I can switch back and for between the two. Talk about shaking up that routine and livening up my day. Doesn’t get much more exciting than that, right? 
This is my first wee”fridgie” box with a lid. It’s so cute. It doesn’t have a designated purpose yet (like I would actually put it in my fridge where some careless child person could possibly drop it), but I’m looking for just the right thing. Suggestions welcome. Did I mention that it’s just so cute?

This little vintage pitcher is not made by pyrex, but it’s the same tomato red as the fridgie above. It does not have any marking or maker on the bottom, so I have no idea of it’s history. But it’s also on the very cute side.

And this one is my new favorite. I’ve been on the lookout for a pink Gooseberry piece and was so excited to find this one. It’s the smallest casserole. minus the lid, but I love it. Pink pyrex is so pretty.
Finally, while we’re on the subject, have you seen the pyrex prints in Melody Miller’s new Ruby Star Sparkle collections? This print perfectly captures those classic pyrex shapes tne designs. I could not pass them up! Ruby Star Sparkle is available from Fabricworm, Dry Goods Design, and Sew Mama Sew

Another great print from Ruby Star Sparkle are these awesome retro phones. I can’t wait to fussy-cut and play with these phones. Seeing olive green and turquoise together will always remind me of my Grandma’s house. She still has a bathroom with wall paper in those colors that has been there longer than I’ve been alive. I guarantee you it is now the height of retro-chic! I totally need to scan it and turn it into fabric.

A sneak peak of one more fabric collection inspired by retro kitchenware of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Color Me Retro by Jeni Baker. I’ve been so excited to see them in person and they don’t disappoint.  I’m playing with them in preparation for my next Fat Quarter Gang project/tutorial.
I’m trying to figure out what it is that makes me love vintage pyrex pieces. I mean, there’s always the bandwagon aspect – they’re popular for a reason. I love their shapes and their colors and the fact that they’re so functional and I actually use them. (Can you tell I’m trying desperately to prove that I don’t belong on Hoarders?)
If you’re interested in learning more about Pyrex and patterns, visit the blog Pyrex Love. I just like perusing it for the heck of it sometimes.


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    I am like you…I love the dishes and when i can find them to add to my mom's collection she left me I pick them up! I use them too! I think it lends good memories from her making all those yummy foods when I was little…Have fun with those!

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    I have one of the small "fridgie" containers with lid – it is a turquoise blue color….my husband likes chili on his hot dogs so we use it pretty much just to heat up some chili in the microwave…it's the perfect size!

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    I love vintage pyrex too! Could you use the little fridge dish for packets of sweetner? That way it could stay out on the counter or on a shelf. I love the fabric too. It would make a great cafe curtain in a retro kitchen.

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    I'm not sure how big your fridge container is but maybe butter or jelly? I like buying just one of a bowl and using it for almost anything else except as a bowl to eat something out of! They hold sweetner containers, jewelry, put a magnet on the bottom and use it as my pin holder, etc. They are just so cute!

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    I love seeing your Pyrex pieces. I have one of the little fridge containers – rectangular, red with a scalloped edge lid. Also have a larger retangular blue one – lid lost long ago – that was the butter dish. Way back in the old days (the 1960's) before soft spreadable butter and margarine, my mother used take a pound of butter & cream or milk and blend the heck out of to make easy

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    I recently got that same gooseberry piece. I got lucky and found that one and the next size up that is white with the pink pattern. They both had lids and I got them for $5! I love them. Thank you so much for sharing!

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    Oooh, love that yummy pyrex! I occasionally see the whole set (4 bowls) that your little yellow bowl belongs too for around $60 but I can't ever decide whether that's a good deal or not. I love your fridgie too — I want some!

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    I have a little Fire king green fridgie…I use it for my used teabags and stir spoon…the lid sits underneath it and is used when the dish is being washed!:)<br /><br />I have a longer clear one that holds graham crackers!:)

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    Love all your Pyrex. I don&#39;t have any old Pyrex, but do remember it in my mother&#39;s kitchen (both it and she are still around!). I was happy to hear you were able to mix up your morning routine with that pretty yellow bowl. Its the little things . . .

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    Your Pyrex collection is so inspiring. I would love a piece or two in pink. I have the nested bowls in the classic yellow, green, red and blue. I could have waited to get them eventually from my mother, but I&#39;m so happy to have my set NOW–I use them all the time! And Melody Miller&#39;s new line. *sigh* I just might have to already make an exception to my &quot;sew with my own stash&quot;

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    Cute pieces. I went to an antique mall today in search of pink and didn&#39;t find any. I only have a flamingo pink loaf pan and a striped pink bowl so far. I saw all colors I have a lot of. Dark green and gold, mostly.

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    Love that pyrex. They are so sweet. They sure are classics for a reason. That fabric is adorable, too! Can&#39;t wait to see what you make with it!

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    Your Pyrex collection is too cute. :0)<br />I have my Nanny&#39;s Pyrex and use them every<br />chance I get. :0) And for anything that will<br />fit. :0) Thise fabrics look like so much fun!!

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    I see all these Pyrex collections on quilting blogs and it makes me wonder. My mum has so much of this and I&#39;ve never thought of it as collectible. It&#39;s just her old cookware! She uses it all the time and has forever. I dare say it was given to her as wedding presents when she and Dad married in 1974. Maybe I should tell her she&#39;s using vintage modern trendy collectables!

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    My mother-in-law has that exact tiny refrigerator dish. She keeps it on her counter to hold butter at room temperature. Lucky for me she likes to shop antiques and I have gotten a few 1950&#39;s (turquoise) pieces as gifts. I even swiped a 1970&#39;s harvest gold piece from my mom&#39;s Goodwill pile! Love to use mine when entertaining. I always get lots of compliments.

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    I love those phones. LOVE. The bathroom in my new (built in 1970) house has a green tub, tile, and toilet in that exact color. Maybe I ought to add turquoise to liven it up a bit.

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    Oooh! I love your most recent Pyrex finds. Especially the pink and green ones. Those colors are so pretty and I like the patterns a lot too. I only have two Pyrex colored bowls. They were my mom&#39;s. One is a large turquoise one with a white pattern and the other is white with a turquoise pattern. I think they were part of a three piece set. I think it&#39;s missing the middle sized one.

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    I love the look of vintage pyrex but touching it is like fingers on the blackboard for me. It has a weird dull feel. Or maybe that&#39;s just because my mother-in-law&#39;s pyrex was not cared for properly. Now what I do love it Jeni&#39;s new fabric. Can&#39;t wait to see what you make with it.<br />xoxo

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    I love love love my vintage pyrex! My mom gave me her casserole set (3 round that stack together with lids) in the aqua/white – she got them for a wedding gift in 1962. Love. I found a rectangle casserole in the same print recently to add to the set – and I have 2 white mixing bowls too that I think are from the same era. I think they might have come with a mixer because they work very well

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    your wee&quot;fridgie&quot; box with a lid……<br />i am so-o-o-o-o envious…..<br />i have/had the exact same container….<br />had: the top &amp; bottom<br />have: still the bottom<br /><br />we use it as a butter dish….perfect, not a whole pile of butter at a time, just the right amount. i am on the hunt for another one again with the lid, <br /><br />but you are right….oh so cute!!

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