A little winter break

It’s been one of “those” weeks around here including, poor, sick kids and a couple of snowstorms with a ton of new snow to shovel. Good excuses to just stay in and sew, but after a few days I was starting to feel like a hermit. So it was good yesterday to walk away from this…
and get out into this.
We took the kids for an overnight to one of my favorite places – Midway, Utah. Clean, fresh air and pretty scenery. So that’s all I’ve got for you today.  Scenic views and a messy kitchen table. Lots of work going on behind the scenes for a few upcoming tutorials and projects later this month. But it was nice to walk away from it all for 24 hours. Back to the hamster wheel.


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    WOW, Amy — that's just breathtaking! We've got sickie kids and dreary weather at our house, too, but no snow in North Carolina. About an inch fell down a week ago, but it was gone by morning. My poor kids get so excited, running outside, trying to make snowballs out of freezing rain and slush. :-(

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    Good for you girlie! Just started snowing again here too but we only have an inch on the ground….nice dusting though!!:)<br />BTW….are you back in your sewing room or is that still the kitchen?!:)

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    That looks like a lovely getaway.<br />Question…what thread do you use in your Bernina? I have been using auriful, 50wt. but the 820 really doesn&#39;t like it.

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    Yeah, January was kind of an under the weather month in my house. I definitely know what you mean by that hermit feeling. It looks like the trip to Midway was lovely, though :-)

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