Fat Quarter giveaway from Westwood Acres

Today I have an awesome giveaway from one of my sponsors, Westwood Acres. Westwood Acres is an etsy shop that specializes in fabric bundles – especially collections that don’t usually come in pre-packaged bundles (fat quarter, half-yard, etc.) such as Denyse Schmidt (Chicopee and Shelburne Falls), Lizzy House (Pearl Bracelets) and Tula Pink (Salt Water). I have those Pearl Bracelets and I love them (so versatile!) and I’m wanting to get my hands on Shelburne Falls next!
Fat Quarter Bundle of 26 New Bella Solids from Moda's Fall 2012 Release
Also great selection of Bella Solid bundles as well as other color basics like Riley Blake’s new Shuffle.
And now, all shipping is a flat rate of $5.85 no matter how much fabric you buy!
Westwood Acres is run by Amanda Woodruff and her husband. They really love what they do and have a great eye for the newest trends as well as fabulous customer service. (I know this first hand.) I think their selection is so well curated. I want a little bit of everything they stock. It’s hard to not get carried away…
Amanda also has a fabulous blog, A Crafty Fox, with great quilting tips and tutorials – including this neat diamond and hexagon pieced pillow using one of their recent bundles of low-volume prints (it sold out in 10 days!). But don’t worry, they have a lot of new fabric on the way and plans for more low-volume (light background prints) bundles in the shop soon. You can also keep up with Amanda via Facebook. I’m always in awe of Amanda’s latest and greatest creations.
NEW Gingham 10 Fat Quarter Bundle from Michael Miller
And today, Westwood Acres is giving away one of these awesome gingham fat quarter bundles to one of you readers! Ginghams are so useful in so many ways – and to have that color variety would be dreamy. 
If you would like to win this bundle of fun, take a quick trip to Westwood Acres and come back and tell me something you love in the shop. Giveaway open until Saturday, February 23 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Winner: manybooks said…

I love this shop – already have the Pearl Bracelets from that shop and a Cookies and Cream bundle. I would *love* any of the Salt Water bundeles, or Architextures! Yum~


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    I love the &quot;constellations&quot; bundles by Lizzy house! I can&#39;t find them in France and yet they would be perfect for the boy quilt I want to make for my baby boy&#39;s room! thank you for the chance to win and , guess what , I finished the quilt I made while aksing you for advice! you can see it on my blog! thank you !<br />

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    Hard to name a favorite, there are some beautiful bundles available. I&#39;d say the pearl bracelet bundles are drawing my eye most right now.<br /><br />

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    I love this store and give it rave reviews from past purchases. I would love to get the Outfoxed fat eighths. It&#39;s an older line but I love it and never sewed with it. I&#39;d also love the Riley Blake gingham fat quarter bundle. Thanks!

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    i love Westwood Acres&#39; shop! it is impossible to choose a favorite from their stock, but right now I&#39;m really loving the &#39;Tarnished Silver Grey Stash Builder Bundle&#39;

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    I love that they offer the Center City Chevron Zig Zag bundle. I also really like the way the shop sections are organized. I find alot of Etsy shops are not as easy to navigate because they don&#39;t seem to do that as well.

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    I love the Les Amis 26 Half Yard Bundle by Patty Sloniger. I also really like the Cookies and Cream Black and White. I have been dreaming of doing a black and white quilt recently and these fabrics would be beautiful for that. rkbiggs at yahoo dot com

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    I&#39;ve been dreaming about getting some of the &quot;Out to Sea&quot; collection and she has a fat eighth Girl colors in that combo that I am seriously considering! It would make a super cute little girl&#39;s baby quilt!

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    I like the color variation of Les Amis 26 Fat Quarter Bundle by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller. It&#39;s outside of my usual spectrum as far as colors, which is good, and I love the outdoors/animal/park type of theme. Super Cute! Of course, the gingham is something you can always use; very versatile.

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    Oh, my what don&#39;t I love is more like it. I have been had a bit of a crush on Lizzie House constellations since it came out and a full stack is hard to resist. But I also am quite taken by the tarnished grey small bundle. Definitely will be coming back to visit this etsy store. Thanks for the introduction.

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    The bundles are fantastic…Architectures! I got really sucked in when I started reading her tutorials. I am now a follower…after I swore off following any more blogs. I really have too many already. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    What a wonderful Giveaway! I&#39;m absolutely in love with the Springcolors of Cotton Couture! I NEED to have them. Thank you for the link, I didn&#39;t know the shop before! And I also love 1/2 cuts.

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    I&#39;ve just gone to heaven – I&#39;m always looking for bundles of solids/blenders and these are superb! I really love the Les Amis fat quarter bundle, how divine are the turtles?!

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    I realy love this one Notting Hill 36 Fat Eighth Bundle by Joel Dewberry COMPLETE.<br />They remind me of Spring towards Summer.<br />Thanks for the give away.<br /><br />Warm regards,<br />Marga♥

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    I must say, the Posy Fat Quarter bundle is catching my eye! I love the colors! Thanks so much for the chance to win some pretty fabric – I love gingham! :) moonens AT gmail DOT com

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    Gotta give it up for the gingham! The solids sucked me in as well. Great little shop. It&#39;s as though she has pinpointed my heart&#39;s desires.<br /><br />Great giveaway! Thank you.<br /><br />Ellen

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    Those ginghams are really lovely, but I love the Tarnished Silver Grey Stash Builder (in their shop) even better!! the one with the little paperclips is soooow cute!<br /><br />( and no, it is not silly to put paperclips on your fabrics, try to understand that, boyfriend….. )

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    This giveaway gingham fabric will work wonderfully in a baby quilt I will be making. I really like the Pearl Bracelet bundle in the shop. Very pretty colors! Thanks!

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    I&#39;ve been coveting Architextures Fat Quarter Bundle since forever. The Cookies and Cream Black and White Text One Yard Bundle looks lovely too.<br /><br />Thanks for the Giveaway!<br /><br />azwaazman (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I&#39;ve always loved the Salt Water Fat Quarter Bundle by Tula Pink ~ Thanks so much for the chance to win! Westwood Acres is a wonderful shop ~ definitely one of my favorites :)

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    The aspect of their shop that I like the best is the concept of selling bundles that most shops don&#39;t offer. They also have some yardage and well, they carry a bundle of one of my current favorites, Tula&#39;s Salt Water! <br /><br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Westwood Acres is my go to online fabric shop! They have great customer service! I love their one yard bundle of pearl bracelets! That bundle is dreamy…..

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    Oh wow so many wonderful choices… but I think I would go with the Mama Said Sew bundle.. <br /><br />Thanks so much for a chance.<br /><br />Jacqueline<br /><br />jleibfried@aol.com

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    My eye keeps going back to the Salt Water Fat Quarter! The little pluses and anchors are adorable. And I LOVE the color variety :) Thank you for sharing with us this etsy store…Im going to spend the next part of the morning getting to know their shop!

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    Boy, it&#39;s hard to pick just one. Since I live in Michigan and we are covered in snow and gray skies, I am in love with the cotton couture bundle. I&#39;m craving color! They would go nicely with the ginghams if I was fortunate enough to win. Thank you for the opportunity!

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    Oh my there are some pretties in there, my choice has to be Field Study Feathers. I am going through a &quot;fluffy&quot; stage at the moment.

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    I&#39;m kind of in love with the Shuffle Half Yard Bundle from Riley Blake. Such a good blender. So many ideas from those fabrics (and 11 colors to boot).

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    No sure whether I should thank you or not… I&#39;ve discovered yet another source for awesome fabric! I&#39;m partial to bright colors so the new solids are great but I&#39;ve never bought any of Aneela Hooey&#39;s prints so I&#39;d have to try Posy! Thanks for giving me a shot at the prize!

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    I&#39;ve been wanting to add ginghams to my stash :) I also like the Cookies and Cream bundle as well as Riley Blakes Shuffle bundle. I&#39;m going to keep a lookout for the low volume in hopes she gets it in again. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Lucky penny! Love these prints, so versatile. But the shop had so many lovely bundles, and I did promise myself not to buy ( that much) fabric this year. But I have already fallen…;)

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    I love all of the Out to Sea bundles by Sarah Janes Studio – love her artwork! I also very much love Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt! Thank you for the opportunity – those ginghams look delicious!

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    Hi!!! Love the give away fabrics!!! Very cheerful and pretty!!! Right now I am loving the constellation fabric!! I also love the out to sea for boys and girls!! Mostly I love these because I know people I would love to make something for with these fabrics!!! You know how you see something you just know someone would love!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

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    How to pick! Love the selection. Bike Path and Mama said Sew are on my list. Love ginghams, my daughter had tabletoppers in gingham for her wedding. It was delightful. Thanks.

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    haha how odd I was just putting things in my cart on Etsy from Westwood acres as soon as that tax refund hits… I think I have a total of 7 or 8 items, and that was showing restraint.. I really love all their fabrics… but if I had to choose it would be there solids collection. They have a great variety.

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    I love the Seawater Fat Quarter Bundle and can use some new fresh fabrics to play with to relieve &#39;winter cabin fever&#39;! Here in rural Minnesota this morning it is -17 degrees with a wind chill of -30!

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    What lovely fabric. And Yes, I would love to be able to win that bundle of fun -to make a nice warm quilt for me. It is quite cold in Sonora, CA and this would be just perfect. I would choose the Bella Solids because you don&#39;t always have these around when you need them. Thank you for giving all of your followers the chance to win.<br /><br />Sandi Timmons<br />sandit1@sbcglobal.net

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    I really love Field Study Feathers and Center City Chevron Zig Zag. Im new to this world of quilting and fabrics, I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I am excited to learn to sew and quilt.

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    The online shop is great and everything is beautiful but I absolutely adore Mama Said Sew Fat Eighth Bundle by Sweetwater for Moda. Thanks for the chance.<br />Best regards from Spain<br />Debora

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    I&#39;ve had the Cookies and Cream Bundle in my cart for a few weeks now, just waiting for the next credit card cycle LOL! Westwood Acres is one of my favorite shops! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Oh Amy! You&#39;ve now linked me to a blog that I don&#39;t read, so I had to add it into my Reader! Tonight, instead of dishes, I shall read blog entries into the past. Thanks!

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    I love Westwood acres! Great service and selection! Right now I&#39;m loving that fat eighth bundle of shelbourne falls:) Thanks for the giveaway!

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    That fat eighth bundle of pearl bracelets is definitely calling my name. Also, the cookies and cream bundles are great for a &quot;black and tan&quot; quilt I&#39;m working on for my parents. Thank you!

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    Chicopee is my favorite! Those ginghams come in as a close second. They would be adorable in a baby quilt with some solids added in. Thanks to Westwood Acres!

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    Oh my, they do have some gorgeous fabric. I&#39;m loving the Les Amis 26 Half Yard Bundle by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller. Such pretty, happy colors.

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    I just adore: Les Amis 26 Fat Quarter Bundle by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller!<br />Thank you for this give-away!<br />esthersipatchandquilt@yahoo.com<br />ipatchandquilt.wordpress.com<br />Esther F.

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    Hard to choose. I love everything. I need to save more money :). My favorites right now are: Les Amis, Chicopee, Bike Path, all Solids. I could actually name a lot more. :)<br />

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    Honestly, I look through the shop and I was still most excited about the gingham bundle. I&#39;ve always loved gingham. Even made myself a red gingham dress 40 years ago as a young adult. Thanks for sharing!

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    Do i have to pick just one? Seriously so much to ogle over…but I would love that Noteworthy by Moda pack – fat eighths can be fun little pieces to decide how to use.

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    I gotta say I&#39;m also a fan of Constellations by Lizzie House Blue is my favourite, and the stars really make it interesting. <br /><br />Elizabeth@roadnotchosen.blogspot.com

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    The bike path prints from lucky penny are my favorite and I&#39;ve used gingham in my quilts and love it, but have only found green gingham. These ginghams colors are great! Thanks for the giveaway Westwood Acres. deanie dot dreams at gmail dot com

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    Wow, that gingham bundle is amazing! I still haven&#39;t picked up a pearl bracelet bundle yet, and I like that there are still some available. Thanks for a great giveaway.

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    It took me awhile to make a choice, there are so many lovely bundles, but Denyse Schmidt&#39;s Free Spirit bundle really appeals to me. Thanks to Westwood Acres for a great giveaway.

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    Lucky Penny fat quarter bundle was the one in their shop that caught my eye right away! I love the gingham bundle too. I am so very fond of solids this year and have been trying to work in solids or prints that register as solids. <br />Thanks for the chance!

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    What a great shop – I&#39;m definitely bookingmarking them! The Tarnished Silver Grey bundle is calling me right now because I&#39;m in a bee where the folks are asking for a lot of greys it seems!

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    I love so many of the fabrics, but what I really love is that shipping rate! So many times I go to order fabric, and have my heart set on it, and then the shipping rate makes it so that I just can&#39;t afford it any more.

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    OMG – I think I love the Constellation prints. So cute for a little boy&#39;s quilt. Also, i love the paisleys, and the nautical prints that are so popular right now!

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    Hi Amy! I have to say, that I love the gingham bundle the best, but I also love the shuffle bundle and the 1/2 yards of the feather fabric. I might have to order some of that… Thanks for the giveaway! XO

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    One great thing about visiting new-to-me shops is the discovery of fabric I&#39;ve not seen before. Today it is Field Study Feathers….my favorite thing in the Westwood Acres shop!

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    Pearl bracelets is always fun, but I might just have to get the &quot;Constellations&quot; by Lizze House fat quarter bundle. I have a grandson that would love a quilt made with that.

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    thank&#39;s for the chance to win, beautiful fabric pictures! so inspiring thank&#39;s. my favorite thing in the shop is. : Lucky Penny 27 Fat Quarter Bundle by Alison Glass COMPLETE<br /><br />that will make such a beautiful and brightful quilt<br />have a nice day

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    What I like is the $5.85 flat rate for S&amp;H! Makes it easier to buy more fabric! (The fabric I like is Pearl Bracelet,which I had not seen before-Thanks for the intro)!

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    I randomly just purchased the pearl bracelet fat quarter collection just last week and can&#39;t wait to cut into it! and I would love the gingham, I actually had that tagged as a favorite already on Etsy and almost purchased that too last week!

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    I got to have some Salt Water soon :) but there are so many great gundles. Thank you for the opportunity to ice my next quilt up &#39;gingham style&#39;

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    Lots of pretty fabrics at Westwood Acres! Personally, once I saw the Tarnished Silver/Grey Stash Builder, I knew I had to get my hands on it!

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    I&#39;ve got my eye on the Cookies and Cream Black and White Text bundle. Gorgeous!<br /><br />Thanks for the introduction to a lovely shop and the chance to win.

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    I like the Lucky Penny fat quarter bundle. Very vibrant colors! Thanks for a chance at this great fabric prize!<br />ellen(at)myerly(dot)net

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    They are one of my FAVORITE shops!!! I&#39;m really loving the Posy line right now!! :)<br /><br />mrsrachelsbooth{at}gmail{dot}com<br /><br />Thanks for a chance to win! :)

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    Well, first.. I just love looking at the layout of the fabrics! I just enjoy seeing all the colors and stacks of colors…kind of like looking at glass jars full of colored jelly beans all lined against the wall! The colors are inspirational! But…I did like the Shuffle by Rolie Polie. I really want to do something with a &quot;character&quot; in the print!<br />quiltingnanny(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    I love the low volume bundle but when I went to go buy it they were already sold out. And it seems like they are one of the only online shops that has a great low volume bundle. I also love the Color Me Retro bundle and the Color Couture bundle. Thanks for the chance to win. dreandki(at)hotmail(com).

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    There are so many things to love in that shop!!! If I had to pick a favorite this very minute, I&#39;d pick &quot;Lucky Penny.&quot; Thanks for the chance to win. Thanks, also, for the quilt along. My co-worker and I are planning on joining in with you.

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    I was noticing the wonderful quality photos of the fabrics from Westwood Acres; they look as if I could reach out and touch them; excellent! I love &quot;Posy Half Yard Bundle by Aneela Hoey&quot;. Just look at those colors of pink, green, orange, and lavender; just plain yummy.

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    Oooooh, the Saltwater one yard bundles……….. smitten, drooling………… I&#39;ve ordered from this shop before. Wonderful service and products!!

  72. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE architextures! It&#39;s very cool. And as always, thanks for hosting these giveaways and thanks to your sponsors. I read your blog everyday anyway, but this is always a great surprise!

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    I love the Riley Blake shuffle bundle…didn&#39;t even know it existed &#39;til now. I gave up buying fabric for Lent this year, so winning this would be awesome! :) I&#39;ve won one giveaway in my life…during the SMS giveaway extravaganza and it was from Westwood Acre&#39;s…here&#39;s to going for a second win!

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    I think Architextures is to die for, but my favourite&#39;s got to be the little pink narwhales. SO cute! I&#39;ve bought from Westwood acres before and they really are lovely. Ginghams would really make me happy though – so sweet.

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    I like posy, but I have to say that the gingham is my favorite, I try to put gingham in as many scrappy quilts as I can because it reminds me of the old quilts!<br />missysaprons@gmail.com

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    I love this shop – already have the Pearl Bracelets from that shop and a Cookies and Cream bundle. I would *love* any of the Salt Water bundeles, or Architextures! Yum~

  77. says

    I really LOVE the Les Amis lines that they have. I just had a baby girl and the fat quarters would make the prettiest quilt.<br />Thank you for sharing Westwood Acres, I&#39;m always on the hunt for new ideas.

  78. says

    Love Chicopee, Mama Said and especially the gingham which I&#39;ve been looking at to work into a quilt I&#39;m starting. Great selections … Thanks for the great giveaway!

  79. says

    i love these beautifully arranged bundles… Oh, my faverite is Pearl Bracelet Fat Quarter Bundle by Lizzy House for Andover. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. says

    There were soo many beautiful fabrics but if I have to choose I will come down with these 3: Pearl Bracelet, Gingham and Solids. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  81. says

    Wow! This place looks great! As a fellow Pyrex aficionado I gotta say I loving the Color Me Retro prints :) I will definitely be shopping here soon!

  82. says

    Noteworthy from sweetwater has to be my favourite at the moment, and Gingham is such a basic necessity. Thanks for introducing Westwood acres.

  83. says

    I love a fabric shop that creates bundles- it makes it so easy for those of us who find that aspect of quilting a bit daunting. I think the Lizzy House &quot;Constellations&quot; bundle holds some great possibilities for me!

  84. says

    What a wonderful Giveaway! Thanks to Westwood Acres! And thank you for mention this shop, I didn&#39;t know them before. I absolutely love the Spring Solids by Michael Miller. I will order them emediatly. That&#39;s the colours I need right know!<br />

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    First I saw a bundle of Architextures and thought Oooo I like those, then I saw Chicopee and thought Mmmm those are yummy, what would I do with those, then I saw chevrons and thought those are interesting… but on reflection I think Chicopee has my vote. Thank you for offering the chance to be a winner Liz

  86. says

    It may not be original, but the Gingham is exactly what I would have chosen anyway! I&#39;ve had a massive love affair with Gingham my entire life, and the colors just pop!

  87. says

    Well, it&#39;s genuinely hard to choose! I really want some of the Architexture fabrics, but I also really like the custom bundle they have with blacks and whites (Cookies and Cream). I wish they had a bundle of all of the colors of the jewel pattern from Lizzie House Outfoxed, because I love that fabric and all of the colors it comes in!

  88. says

    How do I pick a favorite? I found so many things I liked. It seemed like the photography of the fabric bundles was so clear and bright. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  89. says

    I just love the cotton couture bundle in the Easter colors, it makes my heart smile to see the beautiful colors…cotton couture is such an amazing fabric, if only just to run my hands over! Lisa in Texas

  90. says

    Wow, thanks for letting us know about Westwood Acres and for the give away. I have to go back and check this out more before I can pick out a favorite! I don&#39;t know if I will be able to do that!

  91. says

    I love The Simple Life by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake collection, it&#39;s gorgeous!<br />Thank you for the chance!<br />ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  92. says

    My favorite is actually the ginghams – yes, the ginghams! So classic and optimistic – anything you make with gingham is instant Spring! My second favorite, though, is the Noteworthy layer cake.

  93. says

    If I had to name a favorite, I love the &quot;constellations&quot; bundles by Lizzy house! But if I am looking for someone else, I think my husband would love the Architextures bundle by Carolyn Friedlander. He is a computer geek and working on his phd and I think this would be right up his alley.

  94. says

    I love the chicopee 26 fat quarter collection…It is my favorite follwed by shelburne falls. Love these fabrics in the giveaway. I could cetainly use all of them….Thanks for the oppourtunity to enter your giveaway. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  95. says

    I just made my first Turning Twenty Quilt which uses twenty fat quarters. Fat quarter bundles like those offered in the shop will make the quilt easier to make. Thanks for the chance to win.

  96. says

    I&#39;ve been drooling over the Salt Water collection by Tula Pink ever since I saw it and her Color Block quilt pattern that she&#39;s done in it. Loved the shop and the wonderful variety.

  97. says

    LOVE the &quot;Cookies and Cream&quot; with the black and white words and all for background to be the compliment to my colors I have been saving :)<br />Kate<br />

  98. says

    I love that she has so many half yard bundles (and at a nice price too). It never fails that I want more than a fat quarter when I start a project… The Bella Solids and the Tarnished Silver Grey bundles are lovely. Thanks for this fabulous opportunity!!!<br /> – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  99. says

    Oh decisions decisions! So much pretty! My favorites? Bike Path, Field Study, Chicopee, and I love that Lucky Penny FQ bundle! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  100. says

    I just purchased one of their low volume print bundles. I think I was one of the last ones to get it before it sold out! I also love the Les Amis fabric line and the Posy fabric is to die for! Frankly, if I could get anything from that shop it would be loved.

  101. says

    I have ordered from them several times. They have a nice selection &amp; great service. My eye is on the Lucky Penny fat eighth bundle-such pretty colors. But I really like this gingham bundle. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  102. says

    I&#39;m really liking Riley Blakes new &quot;Shuffle&quot; line. What great basics they are!! Can I also say my favorite is there flat rate shipping?! What a wonderful thing to offer when shipping rates keep going up and up!<br /><br />www.dewings.us/blog

  103. says

    Who could choose just one?….I am crazy for 2wenty Thr3e!! I have a bit of the small gingham and I would like them all. Also, I have the pearl bracelets in navy. I would love some more of the other colors

  104. says

    Oh my goodness! There are so many beautiful fabrics in their shop–who could chooses just one??? I love Bike Path, Pearl Bracelets, Ginghams, etc., etc.! This could be bad, very bad!!!!

  105. says

    I have been lusting after Architextures – haven&#39;t seen it in person in any stores but know it must be wonderful. All of the fabrics are great – would be fabulous to have any or all! Thanks for putting my name in the hat for the drawing!

  106. says

    When I 1st saw those ginghams, my heart sang, it reminded me of my much younger days, then I go to Westwood site and saw the &quot;Pearl Bracelet 1/2 yard bunch, wow what a combination. Thanks for the giveaway chance to win.

  107. says

    I love all of their fabric. I particularly love the new ginghams and the new bella solids. What fun those would be to have and also the pearl bracelets fabrics. What great quilts these would make.

  108. says

    Hey! you gotta love the pyrex! but then I guess we are talking about fabric…it is all great! I love the bright gingham…I am a checked sort of gal raised on Pyrex!…and Leave It To Beaver!…..so thanks for the oppotunity of being number 500 to leave a comment! wow! good luck!!

  109. says

    I am liking the gingham ( so fresh!) and that huge bundle of Chicopee. But I still like the architectures…like u said, it&#39;s easy to get carried away!

  110. says

    Ooooh, love the Constellations by Lizzie House. I am alway partial to rich blues. Just finished a blue and white quilt with over 300 blue flying geese. I bought a ton of indigo blue fat quarters.

  111. says

    I absolutely love the Saltwater line. It&#39;s great and I have been having a hard time finding a full fat quarter at one shop. Thanks for the give away! Tell them to keep up the good work.

  112. says

    Bike Path half yards are great. What a great shop. I have to say that I&#39;m having a gingham fabric longing right now. I love this bundle, but I am searching for the &quot;holy grail&quot; of 100% cotton yellow gingham in 1/2 to 1 inch size. If you see it somewhere let me know. Thanks.

  113. says

    Hello!<br />I just love the &quot;Les Amis&quot; by Patty Sloniger! Such beautiful colors and patterns.<br />So many beautiful fabrics in the store, its hard to choose.<br />Thanks!<br />omeubolo@gmail.com

  114. says

    I really love that they carry fat eighths! It&#39;s the perfect amount for the scrappy style quilts I prefer, and doesn&#39;t leave too much scrap guilt. :) My favorite is the Chicopee stack!

  115. says

    I like the constellations bundles by Lizzie House for myself. But I think I would buy the half yard bundles of Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander for my computer geek husband. I think it would work with his 3D work he is doing.

  116. says

    They really do have the cutest bundles! I&#39;m pretty obsessed with the Les Amis bundle, the foxes are the cutest things ever! I want to make a baby quilt for my new daughter :) thank you!

  117. says

    I love that they have 1/2 yard and full yard bundles. I particularly like the Posy and Chicopee full yard bundles. The Chicopee would be perfect for a project in my kitchen.

  118. says

    I love the Constellations by Lizzie House bundle. It would be perfect for my nephew&#39;s quilt or for my brother&#39;s children since he worked for NASA! Thanks for reminding me of Westwood Acres!

  119. says

    What a great store! Love the bike path and pearl bracelet, and the bundles of bells solids – such delicious colours. Thanks for offering the chance to win. Cheers, Meredithe

  120. says

    I&#39;m fixing to purchase the &quot;Simply Color Chevron Fat Quarter Bundle from Vanessa Christensen&quot; and would love to add the ginghams to my stash! Thanks for the link!

  121. <