I’m going to be on Pat Sloan’s Radio Show!

Guess what friends? Tomorrow I’m going to be chatting with the amazing Pat Sloan on her radio show. I know! Crazy! Now’s your big chance to hear my Kermit the Frog voice ramble live and in person. I feel so honored to do this, but at the same time a little sheepish because I can’t stand the sound of my own voice. Yikes. It’s my first time ever talking on the radio since my high school boyfriend had his neighbor, a popular local DJ, call me on my 17th Birthday. I was so boring, they didn’t even air the segment. 
Pat’s show airs at 4:00 Eastern time – you can listen to it here. If you can’t listen live, you can listen to the rebroadcast, as well as other past shows, on the same American Patchwork and Quilting Radio site. Or you can find the podcast of Pat Show here.
We’ll see how it goes! Hopefully I’m not so boring I get the ax again.


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    Congratulations! You will do terrific! I really don't think anyone likes the sound of his or her own voice, so don't worry about it! You wil ROCK and Inspire!

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    Hahaha! Your voice is just fine kiddo…and that&#39;s the beauty about talking….you can&#39;t hear how you sound…just don&#39;t listen to the show later!:)<br /><br />

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    I listened hard for Kermit, but never heard him! You sounded perfect, and you have nothing to fear the next time you&#39;re on the radio. Great job!

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    What a wonderful surprise when I saw that you would be on with Pat Sloan. I couldn&#39;t wait to tune in. You were great!!! I was sorry that it lasted only 15 minutes I could of listened to you for the full hour. I love your blog and tutorials. I even got my friends read it and we have done a few of your baby quilts. I don&#39;t know how you do all you do!!!!! Thank you for inspiring me!!!

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    I just listened to your radio spot tonight, in the bath… lol It was very cool. I am new to quilting, but not sewing, and I really connected with your not having any friends that sew, or are really interested in it. I really enjoyed listening to you, so thanks! I have started my own blog the other week and have been trying to get out there, and I love all the creative blogs and people I have

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    OMG!! Here&#39;s what I get for getting so behind on my reader. Congrats!!! I&#39;m going to go have to listen to the podcast a little late now!

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