Monogram Baby Quilt tutorial

This is my first contribution as part of that series. Lots of great ideas for not just quilts, but bags, clothing, and aprons. I felt so honored to be invited! 

I’ve had a bunch of new babies to make quilts for recently and liked the idea of using the large-scale prints – like the large Chevrons – as the feature design for the quilt, and then personalize a little by adding a contemporary monogram. In this case, the chevrons also create a perfect guide for the quilting. This quilt was quilted by Melissa Kelly who added the cute pebbles to set off the monogram circle.

I decided to add minkie to the back of one of the quilts. Both are crib sized. Melissa also custom quilted this one as well.

I feel so excited and honored to be invited to be a part of this team. As an added perk, Oliso sent brand new irons to all the members of the Design Team. (You’ll get to see it in action in this tutorial.) SCORE! I was lucky enough to come on board just in time! Thank you Oliso!
This is one of those fancy irons that rises up on “scorch guards” (I had to look up what they were called) without having to tip the iron on it’s end while it’s not in use. I’ve already noticed a difference in my wrists – especially when there’s a lot of back and forth to the iron. Also I’m in love with the yellow color.  There was some getting used to the lifting up and down mechanism (it’s activated by touching the handle) at first, but now that I’m used to it, I really like it. 
My kids love to touch the handle just to watch the iron go up and down (which you can imagine, gets annoying fast). But at least this way I won’t find a giant scorch mark in the middle of my brand new portable ironing table because someone left the iron flat after ironing a new perler bead creation…

One more fun thing to share. (This one also makes me break out into a cold sweat!) I am going to be teaching this fall at Riley Blake’s Fabric Fest. (What, what, what??) I will admit to getting slightly nauseous when I saw my name on the same schedule as Eleanor Burns, Nancy Zieman, and Lori Holt.  That song from Sesame Street “One of these things is not like the others…” kept running through my head.


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    You&#39;re too funny. One of these things is even BETTER than the others!!! I LOVE that chevron quilt! I ordered some of that chevron for the backing of my recent check quilt, but the grays didn&#39;t match — now I&#39;ll be saving it for the perfect baby quilt! <br /><br />And I have that exact iron. Has your hubby seen it yet? Not too long after I got mine, my hubby was in the sewing

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    Love those quick and adorable baby quilts. Just perfect for people who don&#39;t like things that are too girly (like the one I am about to make a quilt for). <br />Keep us updated on how well the iron holds up. So many new fancy one&#39;s just don&#39;t last as long as an old fashioned Black and Decker.<br />And yes – you definately belong in that group! You are an amazing artist.

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    I find myself sitting at my computer each morning with my first cup of coffee opening up your blog to see if you have a new post or just to browse through the tutorials etc. How excited I am to see this tutorial and how excited I am for you in being able to teach at Riley Blake&#39;s Fabric Fest. I would give anything to go to one of your classes but we are being transferred to Japan in a month

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    Congrats!! That iron is pretty amazing, my BFF has one and I am openly covetous over it :) She originally got a defective one, and they bent over backwards to help her get the right one as fast as possible. My wrists would thank me too!<br /><br />Perhaps the song you should be singing is &quot;Anything you can do, I can do better!&quot; <br /><br />

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    Your quilt is so adorable Amy!!! I just love it!! And how fun to get a new iron. I have one of these sent to me by Oliso and love it too. And my kids get a kick out of the up and down as well. Good to hear that is normal :) So fun for you to be on the design team :) Enjoy!!

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    Bahaha — I was going to say just what Thimbleanna said! Great minds…Love the baby quilt tutorial. I have way too many ideas for my new baby. Thanks for making it harder to narrow it down…<br /><br />I so wish I could come to Vegas. It sounds like the best retreat ever, with the most fun people. Sigh. Maybe next time.

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    You&#39;re going to love that Iron. I have to take mine with me wherever I go because I&#39;m afraid I&#39;m going to leave a regular iron down and burn something.

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    Love the idea of the monograms, great way to perk up a whole cloth quilt (fab pebbles on the &#39;C&#39; one)<br /><br />I&#39;m sure you will blow them away at Fabric Fest :o)

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    Congratulations on being part of the design team! I looked up that iron! WoW, it is impressive, I have two right now, neither are remarkable, but I may have to convince my husband that a third iron is in order! I am looking forward to seeing all your marvelous creations!

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    I am registering for your scrap class! It is going to be so much fun!!! I already have my classes selected, I&#39;m just waiting to hear from a potential roommate before I submit it.<br /><br />I have been wanting to tell you that I love your Pyrex posts. When I was younger, I collected several sets of Pfaltzgraf–at least 6 full sets. I used to spend weekends going to the outlets to look for

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