Giveaway from Pink Castle Fabrics

Pink Castle Fabrics

Today I’m so excited to share a giveaway with you from one of my sponsors and one of my favorite online fabric shops: Pink Castle Fabrics. I am such a fan of their selection – lots of my favorite collections, all in one place. Including brand new collections like Shelburne Falls, Color Me Retro, and Comma.

Another great feature at Pink Castle Fabrics is their monthly clubs. For example the Stash Stack Club is a great way to build your fabric stash. Each month there is a new bundle of blender prints in one specific color on the color wheel, with twelve different colors/bundles throughout the year. 
For example, last month (February) was blue. Here’s a sample of the prints in last month’s bundle. March will be Greens and April will be Yellow. The bundles come in fat quarter, half-yard, and full-yard options. 
Here’s a sample of the color bundles from the past year. Such a great way to stock up on basic prints in every color. You can find out more details from the Stash Stack Club here.
Another recent monthly club is the No Prints Allowed Club. This club is basically the same concept – a bundle of fabric in a different colorway every month – only the bundles are entirely made up of solids.
This month, for example is green. (Fitting.) You have until the 20th of this month to sign up to get this month’s bundle, but you can sign up at any time to participate in the club!
Virtual Quilting Bee F8 - Blogger Bundle by Amy from Diary of a Quilter
Also, as a little side note, Brenda at Pink Castle has restocked the Fat 1/8th and Fat Quarter solids bundles for the Virtual Quilting Bee! Isn’t’ that color spectrum mouth-watering??
Today Brenda is giving away a bundle of 12 blue fat quarters from last month’s Stash Stack Club AND a bundle of 12 green No Prints Allowed fat quarters! To enter leave a comment on this post. If you want to, swing by Pink Castle Fabrics and come back here and tell me something that you love in the shop. One comment per person. Giveaway open until Sunday, March 17 at midnight MST. If you are a no-reply blogger, make sure I have a way to contact you. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

amylynne said…
Hmmmm……..I do need a stash! A little fabric……beautiful!
 Bron @ Stop That Owl said…
I LOVE the idea of the Stash Stack club. There are a few colours in my stash that are definitely lacking, and that would be a great way to top them up quickly. What a gorgeous giveaway!

I highly recomend keeping up with Brenda and Pink Castle Fabrics on Facebook  and Twitter as a great way to stay up to date on their fabulous sales and specials! Thanks again Brenda!
Thank you so much for the support of the sponsors of this blog. I know from working in a fabric shop  that they are often run by people with a passion for fabric, not because they’re in it to get rich. I’m so grateful for all they do to support our hobby, as well as support this blog and make it possible for me to justify the many hours spent here. Thank you!


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    I'm sorry I'm unable to pick just one thing. I just went to their site and spent way to long looking at all that gorgeous fabrics. I've never seen solids presented so beautifully.

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    I love blues and greens! I especially love the blue prints picked out!<br /><br />I have a hard time seeing the prints of fabric online, and I love the fact that the prints get big enough for me to see them as I scroll across the fabric! Thank you for that feature!

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    Amy, I always keep tabs on what you are doing….so may great ideas! I love this stash club and will be signing up! Thanks again. Heather <br />

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    Awesome website…so many options! It&#39;s great to see bundles,etc, by color. What a great way to stock up and have lots of choices. The blues in the stash stack are gorgeous!!

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    It is all about Comma these days for me – but there are so many great things at Pink Castle to choose from! Thanks for the great giveaway chance!

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    As a beginning quilter, I&#39;m starting my stash and love this concept. Would be great to win some fabrics for my Virtual Quilt Bee sampler quilt (my first quilt)!!

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    Great giveaway! I saw that she has several colors of the Hello Pilgrims Jewels print on sale, and I *love* that print, so if I&#39;m being practical, that&#39;s what I want to buy. If funds weren&#39;t an issue (if I could convince somebody to get it for me as a gift!) I would love to join the stash stack club.

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    Thanks for the giveaway! I hadn&#39;t heard about the stash stack club, but what a great idea! And the no prints allowed club is a brilliant idea – when I&#39;m out looking at fabric, it just doesn&#39;t occur to me to look at solids; not with so many fabulous prints out there! :)

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    I love the personal service Brenda provides. I needed a rainbow of patterned fabrics so I ordered 4 fat eighth bundles. I asked her on Twitter for her to choose me a good rainbow selection instead of the usual random selection. She picked out a fab range and I only had to substitute a few due to value. Great and fast service!

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    I have been eyeing the monthly stash stack club, but since I just got a new machine I have to behave with my spending for a while. I also have been waiting for the Sketch bundles to be restocked, and for me to have money left in my craft allowance to buy them. :)

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    I love the blogger bundles at Pink Castle Fabrics! I love using the bundles…it makes me step out of the box with fabric selection! I agree…great and fast service!<br />

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    I love Pink Castle. My favorite thing over there? I&#39;d say the stash builders. but I also love the way the site is set up. It&#39;s easy to get around.

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    I just started quilting (thanks for this blog and it&#39;s great tutorials!) and this would be a great way to build up my stash! I&#39;m into the ombre style right now and the solid bundles are nice for that.

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    I love Pink Castle Fabrics. Lots of vibrant, cheerful colors that make me smile, am especially excited about April&#39;s yellows.

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    would love the chance to enhance my stash!! thank you! and I am waiting for my fabric to start the quilting bee projects! but I am following the posts and enjoy all of them!

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    I love Pink Castle Fabrics! I am anxiously awaiting my shipment of this month&#39;s Stash Stack Club choices and am seriously considering the solids club too. I really like many of the blogger bundles that she offers. Thanks for the giveaway! wonderlandbyalyce at gmail dot com

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    Thanks for the chance to win. I am about to start a green and blue quilt for my daughter, who is heading off to college in the fall. These would help me so much!

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    Thank you so much for this opportunity to win some amanzing fabric. I am a new quilter and your blog is so helful!!! <br /><br />

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    I subscribed to the Pink Castle Fabrics Stah Stack Club and the fabric bundles they send out every month are really gorgeous! And, what I really value, Brenda packs her shipments that I get them customs cleared delivered to my door, that&#39;s really great for international orders. <br />I&#39;d love to win these bundles. Thanks for the chance!

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    I should just have my paychecks auto deposited in Brenda&#39;s account. I can&#39;t stop purchasing fabric from Pink Castle Fabrics. I wished I would have jumped on the Tsuru bundles when they were available. Also, I can&#39;t wait to meet you at FabricFest!

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    I love the idea behind the stash clubs :) I do not have a stash at all so this is encouraging to me. Im LOVING Modern Home…Oh my goodness these are great fabrics! Thank you for the giveaway :)

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    I have a fat quarter bundle at home waiting for some coordinating fabrics so I can finally get to making my new quilt!<br />I love the blues! Thanks for the chance!

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    I love love love the sketchy chevrons. I really need to pick some up before they&#39;re gone.<br /><br />I also love the idea of getting stash stack club. I need to think of a way to sneak that one past the husband. hmmmmmmm

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    I can always use more fabric. They look like beautiful fabrics! Love to follow your blogs. Keep up the good work. You are inspirational.

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    Great bundles for sure!!! I would love to join the stash stack club, something to think about and oh how I would love to go to Camp Stitchalot!

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    I just love Tsuro and am pining for some to use….so pretty and different. The dot and gingham duos are fantastic and very inspiring for Spring and Summer projects. Thanks for another great giveaway!

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    Browsing around Pink Castle, I have to say that the gingham and dot duos are my very favorite. Can&#39;t get enough of either! Thanks!<br />Bev<br /><br />

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    I still need to grab some architectures before they disappear! Plus I love Denyse Schmidt Shelbourne Falls in lilac

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    Hi, thanks for another fun opportunity! Two fun item! Looking through their site, they have a huge selection and loved their sale area-tons of cool choices.

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    I love Pink Castle fabric shop! Their selction is great and if you&#39;ve never emailed them with questions, dont hesistate! They are fantastic at responding back. Keep up the great work :)

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    I wish I could afford to join one of these &quot;x of the month&quot; clubs! Money is too tight right now. :(<br /><br />That said, I am a sucker for reds and blues!!<br /><br />Thanks! 😀

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    I love the idea of stash building fabric packs – it takes all the decision making out of my hands! Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful fabric!

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    Those fabrics are mouthwatering, alright! Thanks for the chance to win. Your blog is most helpful to me as I am new at quilting, but enjoying every minute of it.

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    Those fabrics are mouthwatering, alright! Thanks for the chance to win. Your blog is most helpful to me as I am new at quilting, but enjoying every minute of it.

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    Wow! What wonderful fabric! The modern quilt movement has opened my eyes to to the virtues of solids and I appreciate posts that feature them. I looked around Pink Castle. I was captivated by a gray fabric called &quot;Junk Drawer in the Sky&quot; -intriguing name and great fabric! Thanks for the giveaway.

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    I love her bundles she offers. I have purchased a couple of them and I am happy with them. She is very fast at mailing them out. Great service. Thank you for the chance to win some fabric…

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    I love the no print green stash. It would be perfect for a lap quilt made for one of my twin brothers. Ive been looking for right fabrics for him! Thanks for the opporunity!

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    I always find something I need (haha) at Pink Castle! I love all the colors of Pearl Bracelet by Lizzy House and just have to order some Food Truck for my scrap stash! Thanks again for the opportunity.

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    Ooh, there are a few prints in the blue stack that I don&#39;t even recognize! How fun. In the shop, I am loving architextures. Thanks for the chance!

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    I just started quilting in January and I am totally addicted to the entire process, especially the fabric. I have no stash to speak of, so this is a great way to start building. I love the colors, time to hop on over to pink castle fabrics and check out the stash building bundles.

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    Pink Castle has such a nice selection of fabrics, I couldn&#39;t begin to pick just one favorite! Thank you so much for the nice giveaway. :)

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    What a clever way to build a stash! I love precuts, but end up mixing and matching collections anyway. Great idea.<br />I love the sale section over there, too. My most anticipated fabric want though, is probably Happy Go Lucky. Thanks for a great giveaway!

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    i&#39;ve been drooling over the stash builders club for awhile. i may just have to get started today! thanks for the giveaway. i always love adding some blues and greens in my stash.

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    I would love to win these beautiful fabrics. I am relatively new to quilting and am so excited about creating and quilting.<br />Tonia

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    Love your site and Pink Castle Fabrics. Thank you for the inspiration! I want to make a quilt top with the greens because Emerald is my birthstone.

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    I love how they have bundlesthat are put together by bloggers. It&#39;s fun to see what fabrics are put together by different people! Love Pink Castle! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    It is my dream to be a part of the stash stack club someday! I&#39;m saving my pennies!<br /><br />deanna (dot) julich (at)

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    I love Pink Castle&#39;s huge selection of Japanese fabrics which are my personal obsession. I really love the blue bundle. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    A trip to the Pink Castle website was such a treat. When my eyes fell upon the &quot;Sketch Chevron Ziggy&quot; series, I knew it was the one I would mention in my post as my favorite. Loved the vibrant colors and my idea wheels have started turning. At 49 I&#39;m new to quilting but I have a great teacher…my 80 yr. old mom and we are having a blast. Thank you for the opportunity to have a

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    Err, hi! I just found your blog, and here I am, already entering a contest! I&#39;m a beginning quilter and so (1) I don&#39;t have anything close to a &quot;stash&quot; and (2)I hadn&#39;t heard of this kind of club, but I would love to join it [need to go check my bank account]. Happy quilting!<br />

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    Pink Castle is my top &quot;go to&quot; shop when I am planning a new priject and i have had some amazing fabric from them. Their delivery time to the UK is pretty amazing also.

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    Pink Castle has a great selection of fabric! Their idea of putting together color bundles is brilliant — especially for those of us who are beginning quilters and are learning that not every fabric has to &quot;match.&quot; Happy happy sewing!

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    So many pretty fabrics and unique fabrics at Pink Castle. Thanks for leading us to their site. I love the ideas of their monthly color packets. Thanks for the option of a giveaway. Love your blog.

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    I just signed up for the Stash Stack Club, so I am happy about the opportunity to win February&#39;s bundle that I missed out on. Thanks for the giveaway. I love the bundles from Pink Castle – I just got the Solid blogger bundle and it&#39;s great.

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    I was just looking at their Stash Club last week thinking about joining it… I think I just might do that. I am really trying to create a &quot;stash&quot; as honestly I don&#39;t have much of one. I tend to buy very specific to the projects I am working on, but then I can&#39;t play around much… And I really want to start doing that.

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    Love Pink Castle&#39;s selection! My local quilt shops are cute but not really adventurous enough for me. :) Thank goodness for great sites like Pink Castle.

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    I have been coveting a bundle of Pearl Bracelets for a while now, and plan on buying them from Pink Castle as soon as I get the cash! Thanks for the opportunity!

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    Let me start to say that I just love to look in the shop! So many colous, patterns, kits, bundles and whatnot! I will get greedy! 😉 <br /><br />I just love all the kinds of dot-fabrics, also in backing, but my mind immediatly goes to making a quilt out of dot-fabrics only! That would be cool!<br /><br />xoxo

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    I love the color-bundles! I think I drive my LQS crazy because I pull stuff from all over the shop so I can compare the colors. I am a giant stack creator, and then pull the 8 I actually want from the giant stack.

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    I just got a package in the mail from them yesterday from their pre-cuts/bundles sale – love the selection and am looking forward to joining the stash stack club soon! Thanks for the chance to win!!

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    Hi Amy! My favorite part of PCQ is the stash builders – she makes it super easy to find a bunch of colors that I want without putting the whole collection and other colors with it. Helps me with my OCD of only using fabrics from one collection.

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    It&#39;s too hard to choose just one thing I like from Pink Castle Fabrics! What I love most is their selection of bright happy fabrics. Michigan winters are cold and gray and I&#39;m craving color right now. Visiting their website is as good as sitting in the warm sunshine!

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    I love Pink Castle Fabrics! So many pretties!! Would love to win the <br />Blue (my favourite colour) Stash Builder Bundle please. Thank You Brenda <br />and you Amy for this great giveaway.

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    I&#39;ve been wanting to join the stash stack club for a while, but I am currently unemployed ): I buy a few things here and there, and Pink Castle Fabrics has always been one of my favorite go-to sites because of all the awesome deals. Right now I have my eye on the Color Me Retro from the site. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I love Pink Castle and just got a bundle of Architextures from them, hooray! Were I to order something else . . . hmmm, the Comma commas. No question. I want some of them commas. Oh, and these awesome bundles here, of course. Thanks for the chance!!

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    I&#39;m really liking the idea of a stash builder club more and more, as I become ever more obsessed with quilting and sewing. What lovely bundles they put together, wow!

  68. says

    Every time I see Pink Chalk fabrics mentioned, I am far too tempted by their stash builder clubs. Then I snarl at the cost of shipping, and remind my self that I already have LOTS of fabric …. maybe some day I&#39;ll cave!<br /><br />Sarah

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    I love the liberty bundles – even though they are usually sold out fast (as are the individual prints I like best)! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

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    I love Pink Castle Fabrics. I especially love the blogger bundles, so easy to get what I need to match my favorite fabrics!<br />

  71. says

    Fabulous giveaway! I really admire the way Brenda has grown Pink Castle Fabrics over the last couple of years – I think she is doing a fantastic job.

  72. says

    Thanks for a great giveaway – those stash clubs are fantastic. Outside of them, if I have to say just one thing from their site that I love, it might be Architextures. Or maybe the scarf kits. Or so many others!

  73. says

    What a fabulous giveaway! Oh my gosh, that stack of blues is SO yummy. And… it is the month of St. Patrick, so of COURSE I have a use for the greens as well. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.<br /> – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

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    I liked how easy it was to find a particular color. I went to Stash Builder and chose black and white. Then quite a variety of black and white designs were shown. That will be a real help when I can finally make a quilt I have designed in my head. Nancy:

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    I love Pink Castle, but I never saw their &#39;clubs&#39; before. How awesome!!! I need stash builders like crazy because I moved countries and have just a tiny bit of fabric! I like Architextures on their site right now, but these themed colour bundles are my favorites. Thanks for the chance :)

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    I love how fun the site is to use. It was almost like playing a video game. Everything was so easy to use and exciting to see what would pop up. Love your store. The fabrics are all so beautiful. I usually buy patterned fabric and get home and think I should of picked up a few solids. You make the solids beautiful too.

  77. says

    I&#39;d love to join the clubs but postage to aus is prohibitive. But those are just the colours I need for me skill builder bom at pile o fabric. Love it. Thanks

  78. says

    Great give away! Love the no prints allowed bundles! I could have used one or two of those when I was working on my &quot;almost&quot; Amish blocks on a group I was in!<br /><br />I love that they have 108&quot; wide solids! I like to use solids for backs whenever possible.<br /><br />Thanks for the chance!<br />Sandy A

  79. says

    I love the variety of their blogger bundles. It&#39;s so much fun to see all of the beautiful combinations that the experts have put together. Many thanks for the chance! <br />ellen(at)myerly(dot)net

  80. says

    There are so many things I LOVE at Pink Castle Fabrics! But right now one of my favorites is the Tsuru collections, especially Blossom Festival in Indigo. Thanks!! :)

  81. says

    One of these days I&#39;m going to have the fabric budget to get in ones of those clubs for a whole year! It&#39;s a dream of mine 😉 Love love love them!!! A current fave has got to be the Architextures crosshatches…all colors!<br /><br />brookeali(at)

  82. says

    I LOVE Pink Castle Fabrics! What I especially like is the ability to zoom into the fabric and that I can check that they can send me a smaller portion of the fabric if they do not have enough to complete my order. I would like them to add a button that says they can send the amount in two piece if that is all they have. Sometimes I just want THAT fabric in whatever amount I can get.

  83. says

    Hello there, thank you for the wonderful giveaway opportunity. I was fascinated by the Pink Castle web site, the blog was a good read, the stash clubs are a positive way of collecting fabrics, and I loved the Kona Snow jelly roll in particular. Thank you for a great blog,I enjoy all your posts. Kind Regards Mandy Currie (

  84. says

    I love Pink Castle! And I still haven&#39;t picked out fabric for the Virtual Quilting Bee (I&#39;m so behind!), I think I&#39;ll head over there now!

  85. says

    Pink Castle has a great selection of fabrics! I would love the Comma FQ<br />precuts. Thanks for the chance to win!<br /><br />wigglypup2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  86. says

    So many beautiful colors!! Id love to have some free fabric! Actually have been following your blog for a while and have yet to make my first quilt.. this would really help me along!

  87. says

    So many beautiful colors!! Id love to have some free fabric! Actually have been following your blog for a while and have yet to make my first quilt.. this would really help me along!

  88. says

    Wow. What a great giveaway.<br />I really like their great selection of solids, and their jelly rolls.<br />My favorite color is purple, but blues and greens are wonderful! I think I have more blue than anything in my stash.<br />reillyr2(at)hotmail(dot)com

  89. says

    Gosh, those patterns are amazing together. I am terrible about picking out colors/prints that work together. These are such unique sets, and I love the blue!

  90. says

    I love the Modern Home fabric! It is so unique. (At Pink Castle). I am a fairly new quilter and I am amazed at the beautiful fabrics available these days! I can&#39;t get enough… :) I love these blues and would love to sew a quilt out of this stash!!

  91. says

    I love Pink Castle fabrics. There is always something I want from there. Blue and green don&#39;t appear much in my stash so this giveaway would really change that :-)

  92. says

    Blue is my favorite color. That is a beautiful bundle. I also like, from her shop, the soilds that coordinate with Color Me Retro.

  93. says

    That&#39;s a gorgeous bundle. I love blue! I have been to Pink Castle site many times and there is so much to choose from. Thank you and Pink Castle for the chance.

  94. says

    ive purchased from them a few times – and had good experiences with them. I love the selection and how the site is organized. very easy to find what you need. :) I love the bloggers pick bundles. The stash builder club is such a great idea!!

  95. says

    Beautiful fabrics! I love the Pink Castle Fabrics has so many different kinds of precut fabric. From different bundles, fat eights up to one yard bundles, jelly rolls, honeybuns and layer cakes. Alot of yummies!<br /><br />Thank you and Pink Castle Fabrics for an awesome and generous giveaway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

  96. says

    I check out Pink Castle Fabrics frequently, and I&#39;m thrilled to have an opportunity to win the blue Stash Stack bundle. I love blues!<br />

  97. says

    Thank you so much for a chance to win this cool blue pack. Blue is a color I need in my stash, as I don&#39;t usually favor it when I am adding to my stash, but find I am using it more and more. These are really cool fabrics and so are you for giving them away!

  98. says

    I love everything on Pink Chalk, but especially the Bella Solids. I&#39;ve been following her and shopping with her for a long time.

  99. says

    What great products! These bundles are just fantastic! Thank you for this chance to win these stacks!<br />Esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  100. says

    I liked the Pink Castle site and really am tempted to join the No Prints Allowed Club … they had some good sale fabric as well that I am interested in … No Prints … hmmmm great for my Amish QAL. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  101. says

    well it looks like you have a lot of people reading, so i&#39;m sure pink castle will get some looks from this – i&#39;m going to check out the monthly club thingys right now! i like the solid idea a lot!

  102. says

    I really am wowed at their variety of solids – so many companies and shades! This pattern though caught my eye: Clown Stripe Rainbow – what fun to find these fabrics peaking thru the sashings or bindings of projects! Thanks for putting my name in the hat for this drawing!

  103. says

    Wonderful selection, the blue bundle is beautiful, then I went to Pink Castle and fell in love with the Food Truck prints. I haven`t worked with all solids for a long time. The colors are so rich I can see a great quilt in my future! <br /><br />Thanks for sharing.

  104. says

    The stash stack club is really tempting! One can never have too many blenders and there are some serious gaps in my stash in many colours!

  105. says

    I love pink castle! I&#39;ve been coveting the architextures and constellations bundles but I&#39;m sitting on my hands so far as my mum has hinted that a gift certificate might be one of my birthday presents.

  106. says

    Love the No Prints Allowed Stash Club!! I tend to only purchase patterns, so I need to build up my stash of solids!!<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win!!

  107. says

    Oh I just love the blue and what perfect timing! My niece just found out she is expecting a boy and you know that means I will be making that baby a quilt! I have shopped and followed Pink Castle for a few months now. Love it!

  108. says

    What a great idea!<br /><br />I browsed the delightful website, and found out a whole collection of chevron (ketch Chevron Ziggy). I love chevron and the colors here are super fresh. I&#39;d definitely love to experiment with that.

  109. says

    Today was my first visit to the Pink Castle site…it definitely will not be my last!!! So many beautiful designs and colors! Two that really stood out for me were Tsuru and Spot On Mixed Dots. Love them! I also like the Stash Builders club. As a newbie I have a very limited stash right now!

  110. says

    How I love Pink Castle fabrics! Brenda has the most interesting bundles-love that she uses other quilters to put bundles together with her wonderful assortment of fabric…I&#39;ve bought several. Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. says

    I love the no prints allowed fat quarters club! Great for building my beginners stash! it&#39;s easy to buy beautiful prints, but you need some solids to show them off!<br />

  112. says

    I popped over to the Pink Castle web site. There are so many pretty fabrics and their &quot;warehouse&quot; is in Michigan: only a couple of hours from where I live – practically neighbors. I&#39;m on a self-imposed fabric diet until I get some projects finished, but I did find a fabric that my friend would love. If I buy Tea Time Stripe for her, that wouldn&#39;t be breaking my diet, would it?

  113. says

    I adore the Modern Home collection, specifically the Window to My Heart fabric. Swoon! happy to have learned of a new resource :)

  114. says

    Gosh, I love both blue (to periwinkle, it looks like!) And greens! What a boon to have a chance for them! And at Pink Castle Fabrics, I Loooove, the Kokka Gingham and Dot Duo prints! And the specially sorted search function.

  115. says

    I am a fan of Pink Castle Fabrics too. They have great service. Buy on a far too regular basis from them. Have just ordered Shelburne Falls which should be here any day soon.

  116. says

    I love the idea of the club but due to international shipping getting so high this year I rarely buy fabric anymore. Not that I have not enough fabric but I often search for just the right shade of a color and usually don&#39;t have it in my stash…<br />Thank you for the chance!

  117. says

    I like the comma collection, so cute. <br />The monthly clubs are a really fun way to get new fabric, it&#39;s a surprise each time! Brenda is so fun, too

  118. says

    What a great idea. I live in an area that is short on fabric stores. Joining a club like this would greatly help develop my stash.

  119. says

    Wow what a great give away! Like everyone else on here, I would love those blues and greens! :) I just signed up for the stash stack club and cannot wait to receive my first ones in the mail soon! Thanks for posting this give-away!<br />Rebeka

  120. says

    I love the sewing space ideas she has shares on facebook. I&#39;m always looking for new ways to organize things. Love the blue bundle of fabrics too! Thanks, Amy!<br />