What’s your favorite Notion?

Notions. Those handy doohickey’s that save time, make things easier, and make quilting fun.
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In honor of National Craft Month (one more good excuse to get your craft on!) the Moda Cuting Table blog is sharing favorite notions from various quilters and designers. Today I’m sharing a couple of my must-haves from the Notions department.

But do you want to know what my very favorite sewing accessory is? My donut pillow I got from the medical supply store when I had my third baby. It doesn’t look pretty but I love to sit on that thing while I sew. Someday I want to try one of those Balance Ball Chairs. Has anyone tried those? Do they work?

Do you have any favorite notions you want to share? Especially any of those really unconventional ones that make sewing better for you?


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    When I was teaching junior high I had an exercise ball instead of a chair at my computer. I'm not sure what it did for my core or posture, but let's just say I got really good at slouching with one leg crossed while sitting on an exercise ball. =) Having it in a chair like that looks interesting, I've never seen those before.

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    Haven't tried that balance ball chair, looks like you can get a workout while you sit! I've tried the Bungee Chair on sale right now at the Container Store…it is soooo comfy! Oh and bonus is it comes in pink :)

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    One of my favorite non-notion-notions is….rubber dish washing gloves for machine quilting. I had nice machine-quilting gloves, but lost them. I never seem to lost my dish washing gloves! And they work just fine.

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    We have a balance ball (no fancy casters or anything, I&#39;ve never seen that!) as a chair at my husband&#39;s desk. It&#39;s not for posture, it&#39;s because an old chair broke, and he is too lazy to go get another. And I don&#39;t want to buy him a chair, he needs to try it out first, chair opinions can be kind of personal LOL.<br /><br />The biggest problems with it are: 1) it rolls away if

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    I love my ratty old wrist pincushion that I&#39;ve had since 7th grade in the early 1970&#39;s. I just feel naked without it, even if I do stab myself occasionally. Old habits die hard!! :)

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    I keep a grapefruit spoon (the kind with the serrated edge) with my quilting safety pins. The serrated edges catch the tips of the pins to close/open them. No more sore fingertips!

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    You should go on Instagram and ask CrimsonTateModernQuilter about her balance ball chair — she has one in the shop. I don&#39;t know if she likes it, but it&#39;s there! (She probably has a blog too, that might work!)

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    My favourite is the notion that I should be sewing more ;o) Wait, not that kind of notion? Well in which case it&#39;s my locking forceps that I use for everything from turning bears to stuffing them to pulling needles through really thick fabric layers!

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    I love my seam ripper that I got for Christmas. It&#39;s acrylic and is very stylish. And, bonus, every time my boy sees me use it, he gets the best look on his face because he knows he gave me something good.

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    That&#39;s a HARD question! I&#39;m kinda of a notion whore!! If it looks cool, I&#39;ll buy it. But lately, my favorite is Wonder Clips. I held off on buying them for a while because they are so expensive. Around Christmas time, I used 2 50% off coupons and a 25% off total purchase at Joann&#39;s to buy 2 of the 50 count boxes. I love, love, love them! No more stabbing myself while doing binding

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    Oh my! I thought I was the ONLY one who had one of those donuts! I broke my tail bone giving birth to my daughter and it still bothers me to this day (almost 21 years later!). I keep one of those with me because I know the old bum is gonna hurt if I have to sit for a long period of time!

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    Good needles for hand stitching binding (I like the straw kind), and my surgical blade seam ripper. It made ripping all those 2.5 strips for my Scrappy Trip quilt a breeze!

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    I have 2 red couches! anyway, my favorite notion seems to be my olfa rotary cutter that your squeeze to open and release to shut. Also, my gingher scissors, small and have a red patterned handles. Best damned pair of scissors ever. so much so that I have 2 pair!

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    I am totally sold on my clover seam rippers. I discovered them a while back and I pick one up every time I find them and give them for gifts. They are the best !

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    I love to read all the favorites! I think mine might have to be my big June Tailor clear acrylic ruler…seriously a beast because it&#39;s 6&quot;x24&quot;and has color coded markings. My other favorite is not a notion but I found a 6 foot long plastic table at Lowes that is hinged in the middle so it folds for storing! (usually only the 4 ft ones fold). So much easier for cutting fabric on

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    I have two favorites: tiny singer sewing scissors from the grocery store (they are amazing) and blue painters tape that i use for sewing triangles,etc.

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    We have a balance ball, but I&#39;m always finding pins in the carpet around my sewing area, so I don&#39;t use it when sewing. ;)<br /><br />I think my fav notions right now are the little red clover clippies. They make machine stitched binding so much easier!

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    I am loving all these notions – ranging from the sentimental to the practical. It sounds like I need to get some of those Clover binding clips. I&#39;ll have to start saving my JoAnn coupons!

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    I use at balance ball chair! I got it when I was pregnant with my first and it was great to bounce and soothe her, now in front of the sewing machine I wouldn&#39;t use anything else, although I keep meaning to take the wheel lock off, if possible. My heal will click it and lock me from sliding fluidly – but that&#39;s my only complaint.

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    I have a balance ball chair and have used it as my sewing chair until my three year old popped it with a pencil. The replacement ball they sent me isn&#39;t quite the right size so I have to solve that before I can use it again. Gives me cushioned support and works my muscles a little :)

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