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I’m so excited today to share a little bit about a brand-new quilt design resource available online from Threadbias. First of all, if you are not familiar with Threadbias, let me introduce you. Threadbias is a recent online sewing community website, run by real live sewists, where you can connect with groups, find and sell patterns, and be a part of a sewing community. You can create your own free profile any time!

And now Threadbias is launching their brand new Quilt Design Tool. This is a web-based tool where you can go to create your own block and quilt designs. I first heard about this design tool at the Sewing Summit last fall while it was still under construction. I was so impressed with the designers and builder and their vision of creating an intuitive, simple to understand quilt design tool for people like me.

While I would love to someday learn Adobe Illustrator, frankly, it scares the pants off me, and is probably more tech-y than I really need most of the time. I have other quilt design software, but I often feel frustrated by it’s complexity and have only figured out how to do limited things with it. As a result I’ve been anxious to give Threadbias’ Quilt Design Tool a try. And after having played with it this week, I’m already loving it and have signed up for a paid subscription myself.
This is a block I created today. It came together so quickly! I highly recommend watching the simple YouTube tutorials Alex (the Design Tool builder) has created to show you all that the program can do.  You can watch all of them in a short amount of time and will suddenly have the ability to create lots of snazzy new block and quilt designs.  
And this is the quilt design I made from my block. After designing your blocks/quilts in the Quilt Design Tool you can easily export them as jpg or vector images. And feel really cool about yourself.

Another one of the great features of the Quilt Design Tool are all the swatches of current and recent fabrics from most of the major fabric manufacturers available to use in your designs. You can choose fabrics from the site and add them to your profile “stash”. Then they are ready to use when you are designing. Most of the fabric ‘swatches’ show up so nicely in the digital designs, but I did notice a few of the fabric images repeated with the ruler or looked a little ‘out of whack’. 

I’m not worried about it though. It’s very obvious that customer satisfaction is a high priority to the folks at Threadbias. Because the tool is so new, there are a few bugs to work out, but there are updates made to the Design Tool daily and new capabilities being added all the time. Alex, the builder, is very engaged in the Design Tool forum, welcomes suggestions and fixes issues sometimes by the next day. Clearly this is a tool that the folks at Threadbias want to be useable and helpful, and simple and intuitive enough for people like me to use.

If you’re looking for a computer quit design option, I highly suggest you check it out. You can try the limited-capability tool for free when you sign-up for a free account on Threadbias. Full access to the Quilt Design Tool is available for a monthly $10 subscription which you can cancel at any time.

And today, Threadbias is giving away a free month-long subscription (or a one month credit if you’re already a subscriber) to one of you readers! To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post. Giveaway is open until Thursday, April 4, midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Winner: jbsewsApril 1, 2013 at 1:31 PM

I am just more and more impressed by this tool the more I see. :) Thanks for your input!

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    I'm so happy to hear about this website. I have been curious about quilt design software, but unsure about making a purchase because of the cost and the complexity of the program. This sounds great!

  2. says

    I could really use a shot of tech-y in my quilting arms!! Please enter my name in the giveaway, for the free one month subscription. Thank you

  3. says

    I saw this a while ago when they were looking for financial support, think it's a wonderful idea! I would love to try it out.

  4. says

    Sounds like a wonderful tool…believe me, I need all the help that I can get!! :o)) Thanks for the chance to win a month&#39;s worth subscription!! Great give away!<br />Paulette

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    What a great site! I&#39;ve been wanting to play around with quilt design but didn&#39;t want to invest $200 for EQ7. This is a nice toe-dip in the water!

  6. says

    I have been on Threadbias for almost a year and it is an amazing community for support and inspiration! I cannot believe how it has changed and improved my quilting life. And that was before the Design Tool came to be…I have been using it for over a month now and have already designed and made quilts using it! I have never used anything other than graph paper to design quilts and this is an

  7. says

    Oooh this looks like a really neat idea! When I have a bit more time I will have to pop over there and play around. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  8. says

    Awesome! I&#39;m so excited to try this out. I&#39;ve already been over to Theadbias to sign up… can&#39;t wait for the weekend so I can play. :-)<br /> – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

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    I would be really scared to try it, but I guess it would be really fun to try. I have never designed a quilt in my life. Maybe I could become a designer if I had the tool, however.

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    I&#39;ve just looked at some of the instructions videos and it looks like a great tool, so I&#39;d love to win a free month&#39;s subscription to really try it out.

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    Wow this sounds almost to good to be true. A system to make your own blocks (quilts) that does not cost a fortune, hmmm I am hesitant because I am not tecky but is it really user friendly? Thanks for info on this I might just check it out.

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    I have been dabbling with it. I wish when you idle over the icon the description would stay up long enough to read. I am not by any means a designer, but I did made a triangle and square on it. LOL

    • says

      Hi SIMPLESEW! Thanks for trying out the Quilt Design Tool. The tool tips boxes that give the description of what each thing does should stay as long as your mouse is hovered over the icon so you have time to read. Please let me know if that isn&#39;t working for you.

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    It&#39;s neat to see how a single block comes together to form a complete quilt design, and how different it looks with all the blocks together! It would be so fun to play with this.

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