Virtual Quilting Bee Block #1 by Sherri

It’s here! It’s finally time to start cutting and sewing!
Today we have the first block tutorial for block #1 of the Virtual Quilting Bee! If you’re new and you’re wondering what the Virtual Quilting Bee is: go here.

This block was designed by Sherri of A Quilting Life and she will be sharing her tutorial on her blog today.

And here is the same block in the more traditional prints from Happy Go Lucky. Isn’t it amazing to see how the change in fabrics and colors changes the whole look of the block?

You only need to make 1 block for the quilt we will be making, but you can always make more if you want a bigger finished quilt or multiple quilts. :)

Keep in mind that these blocks will be 8″ finished (that means when it is part of the finished quilt) meaning they will measure 8 1/2″ unfinished (when you have the block pieced, but before it’s part of a finished quilt.).  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. I will answer them there.

I’m so excited to see all the variations that people create. Feel free to share yours on the Virtual Quilting Bee Flickr Group if you like!

And don’t forget, our next block tutorial will be in TWO weeks. Lots of time to make your block. Or two. 😉


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    Just waiting for my fabric to arrive! I am excited to get started on this. I am doing this quilting bee with my sister, who I encouraged to join so she could learn to quilt. She's been wanting to try quilting for awhile, but has been hesitant. I figured if we did this together, I could help her with any questions or problems she has along the way. So thanks for putting this together, Amy!

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    I am SO excited! My solids came in the mail earlier this week and I&#39;ve been dying to cut them.<br /><br />I wanted to thank you for putting this together- it comes at the perfect time for me. I taught myself to quilt about a year ago– mostly using your tutorials! Now that I&#39;ve got this basics down, this is the perfect way to learn more. Thank you!!

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    I&#39;m very impressed by the pattern matching across the seam line in the second block — the way that the big rose flows right across the seam with the pattern perfectly matched. That must have taken some serious planning!

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    Before I start, I&#39;ve never made a quilt without prewashing the fabrics. This quilt will be my first one. I&#39;ve accumulated a stash of high quality fabrics. Is it OK if I mix fabrics from different places, as long as they are high quality?<br />

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      Good question. I did not require that of the guest blogger/designers because they&#39;re helping us out of the goodness of their hearts, but I will suggest it for future blocks if they have the time.<br /><br />If not, you have my (our) permission to copy the post and paste it into a word doc and then save as a PDF for your personal use. (You can even resize type, pics, etc. to condense if you

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      See Lisa&#39;s helpful comment below: There&#39;s a bookmark you can add to your browser at that will let you make a nice PDF from any web page.

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    Maybe you&#39;ve answered this already, but what finished size would the quilt be with the 16 blocks plus setting? I&#39;m planning on giving the finished product to my nephew, so it needs to be a queen size, and I&#39;m wondering if I should do extra blocks as we go along?

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      Good question! As of right now the plan is to create a quilt about 66&quot; x 66&quot;. So yes, if you&#39;d like to make a bigger quilt, I would make 42 blocks.

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      I think a bundle of 24 fat 1/8th would be enough. (Three shades of red, three shades of orange, three shades of yellow, three shades of warm green (limeish), three shades of cool green(mint, teal), three shades of aqua/turquoise, three shades of royal/denim/navy blue, three shades of purple). The shades of each color would have to be light, medium, and dark with enough contrast that if they are

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      Oh no! I&#39;ve done that before. It stinks. Don&#39;t stress too much. You could still use it (you might loose your star points) with this layout. <br /><br />We&#39;ve all been there!<br />

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