Fabric Giveaway from Honey Be Good

I’m so excited to share a fun giveaway today from sponsor, Honey Be Good, an online fabric shop that specializes in organic cottons and hemp fabrics.  It’s amazing to see the increasing selection available in organic cottons these days. Karen, the owner of Honey Be Good, has a beautiful site with the latest available collections including:
Mixteca also by Cloud 9
and Modern Home from Monaluna. (Love those Llamas!)
Right now, Jan DiCinitio’s collection New Leaf is on sale for 15% off until April 7.
Today Karen is giving away a fat quarter bundle of the extremely adorable Robotic collection for Birch Fabrics. I LOVE this one. This collection includes 9 prints, one of which is an awesome patchwork cheater print combining all the colors and designs from the collection. It’s perfect for little boys, but cute enough for the robot-loving, sci-fi geek in all of us. Those test tubes kill me! 
To see more Robotics fabric in action, check out this adorable pencil pouch tutorial from Birch fabrics. Seriously, what is not to love?
To enter to win the Robotics fat quarter bundle, take a quick visit to Honey Be Good, pick out something that you love, then come back here and leave a comment sharing what you’ve found. One comment per person. Giveaway open until Saturday, April 6, midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.
Winner: Siobhán said…
What a sweet giveaway! I’ve been jonesing over the Alegria line by Cloud9. Love it!
You can also follow Honey Be Good on Facebook  and Twitter to keep up on all the sales and latest arrivals. Thank you, Karen!


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    What a fun shop! :o)<br />I too love the robotic collection.<br />Thank you so much for sharing this<br />lovely fabric with us today! :o)<br />Trish (notesofsincerity.blogspot.com)

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    Ah!! I love the Robotic collection! I would make such a great quilt for a little boy. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway and the introduction to Honey Be Good.

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    I love the Mixteca Lechuza print. Those owls are adorable and in the perfect colour palette! Thank you for a great giveaway.

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    Love the Modern Home line, I bought some of the Llamas to make my teen an easter basket but would love to buy some more…. thanks for the giveaway!

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    My 8yr son would love it if I won this bundle! Thanks for the giveaway. I think the Pop Posie is a really cute line and I love the Kona solids.

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    What adorable fabric! Those little robots are so sweet. I went over to Honey Be Good and I like the Harmony Art Fabrics. So retro and lovely. :)

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    Amy, I love leaves so much that I have made 3 quilts with leaves. The leaf collection has my name all over it. Thank you so much for the chance.

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    Giveaway or not, I have to get a bit of the &quot;chemist&quot; and &quot;lab&quot; to make something for my daughter. She&#39;ll be a chemistry major in the fall!

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    I am in love with the Willow by Riley Blake Designs Fat Quarter Bundle. Definitely eyeing up for a organic-loving mommy-to-be that I will be doing a baby quilt for!

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    I really like Daisy Janie&#39;s designs in general, and I think that the fantail prints from New Leaf are great. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I&#39;m still a big fan of the Amy Butler prints! Her colors always give me a lift and make me smile, happy fabric!!<br />The robotic collection is very cute! I have a new granddaughter due any day now and a few toy bags sewn in this collection would make a great way to organize.<br />Thanks for the give-away!

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    I love the leaves (top left print on your photo) from micro mod. These organically have a totally different style than regular quilt shop cottons, don&#39;t they?

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    Oooooh, I really love Mixteca! But everything over there was making me drool :) Thanks for the giveaway!<br /><br />caribousmom (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Actually, I love the robots the most! In looking through the website, I also love Organic Willow Main Pink. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

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    I love Robotics, and I&#39;m curious to sample the hemp/cotton muslin, but my very favorite is Havana. The colors are so fresh and clear!

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    Oh, my, those test tubes and beakers are killing me too! I also love the Pop Posies by Nancy Mims. Would love to make a nightgown out of some of those fabrics!

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    I&#39;ve been really interested in acquiring some fat quarter bundles recently, so I&#39;m very enticed by the Modern Home bundle, and the Robert Kaufman Solids bundle. I really need to have more solids!<br /><br />Thank you for the giveaway! ♥ I think the robots are just too precious.

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    I LOVE the robots! I&#39;d have so much fun coming up with something for my little guys with that. I like the Simpatico collection too.

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    What a great shop! I love the Simpatico – Pinkish Fat Quarter Bundle<br />My daughter would absolutely love those prints! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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    I&#39;ve been in love with the Robotic fabrics for a couple of weeks now… would LOVE to use them to make a fun lap quilt for the scientist in my family!!

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    OH MY GOSH! I seriously just NEED the Robotics fabric! I am making twin quilts for my twin boys twin beds, and they just so happen to have a robots/outer space theme. This fabric would be perfect! But, I suppose if I HAD to choose something else (go ahead and twist my arm), I would have to say that Betz White garden fabric is really calling to me :)

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    I love the Micro Mod by Cloud9 and really like the Pop Posies range by Nancy Mims. Wish I lived in the US to have easy access to so many lovely fabrics.

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    whoa that was hard to pick just one favorite. i think my favorite is &quot;grey dogs&quot;. or maybe it is &quot;robotic library&quot;. i love them both!

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    Love, love, love the robot fabric! Did I mention how much I LOVE the robot fabric? Just in case you missed it- I LOVE THE ROBOT FABRIC!!!

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    I&#39;m kinda loving the Havana collection – especially the little blue birds and the gum drops. Thanks for the fun giveaway!<br /> – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

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    I have never visited Honey Be Good before but I just did and I love all of the unique collections they offer. I instantly fell in love with the Alyssa Thomas for Clothworks collection and foresee some fun baby projects happening with this fabric! :) Thanks for this give away opportunity!<br />

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    Never seen this site before but I love the range they carry. Thanks for the recommendation. I love the mixteca owls the very best but there were lots of other lovely (and differnt things). I have 2 boys so anything robotty is good in our house – and these are fab!

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    I love the coffee pot and cups fabric…Great site! Lots of interesting, colorful fabric.<br />I am just starting to sew with organics.

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    Hi!!! I love the robots!!!! I love the Organic Soul!!! All of them!!! The night tree lime is beautiful!!! Thanks for the fun give away!!!!

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    I could definitely add to my stash – I love the Havana Scoot!Scoot!, the Hempcel Linen (gorgeous colors!) and the Mixteca Lechuza all caught my eye. Gonna put those on my &quot;have to have&quot; list. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    LOVE ALL OF THESE!<br />I DO CHARITY CHILDREN&#39;S QUILTS AND THEY&#39;D LOVE &quot;ROBOTICS&quot;!<br />THANKS FOR SHARING!<br /><br />msstitcher1948@yahoo.com

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    As a mon of a 3 year old boy who is very into robots and machines right now, I have to say that one is my favorite. But, I also have a special place in my heart for llamas!

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    New Leaf Jewels is my hands down favorite piece of fabric right now! I think it would make an awesome back for a quilt as well!<br />Thanks for the chance to win the robots!!<br />lisamcgriff (at) hotmail (dot) com

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    Ohhh it is so hard to choose, I love the llama fabric, but I think my favorite is Pop Posies by Nancy Mims, the bright colors just make me smile!!

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    I love the Havana Line by Monaluna. I have 3 grandsons that you love something made from the Robotics fabric. Thank you for the giveaway.

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    I love Birch fabrics, and those wee robots are so cute! I do like the Crumbs flannel they stock too, I made an infinity blanket out of some along with some voile for my flight to/from SLC, and it kept me so cosy!

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    I love the book fabric in the robotic line. My sister is getting her masters in Library science and I am always on the prowl for book related fabric! =) Thank you for the chance to win!

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    I&#39;d love some Simpatico golden fat quarter bundles and maybe some on point golden yardage, such a lovely line of fabric.<br />Thanks for the chance to win, my little boy loves him some Robots:)<br />Kristin<br />gkristin@y7mail.com

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    Love the Mexteca line and so many cute children&#39;s fabric with a new grandbaby on the way, Thanks for the chance to win the darling Robots.

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    I manage a lab AND I&#39;m expecting a boy so I have really had my eye on the Robotic Chemist print. Even though in real labs not every flask is filled with colored liquid like you see on TV/movies…they are mostly clear liquids.

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    LOVE Wombat Wonderland! So cute – especially the Wombats and Love Hearts! What a sweet shop. I love the idea of using organic fabrics, especially for all the baby quilts I&#39;ve been making. And free charm packs!? I&#39;ll be placing an order for sure.

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    I love the Robotic line! It would be perfect for a quilt for my nephew, and the blue space ship fabric would make the cutest little pouch for me! I also really like the Harmony Art Graceland in B&amp;W.

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    Cute shop! I still love the Robotics the best tho! So much I could make for my grandson with it! Thanks for the giveaway!! <br />RuthNParadise(at)aol(dot)com

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    I love the Mixteca bird fabrics from Honey Be Good! The negative space makes a cool 2nd design and you have to look twice – at least I do!

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    I love the Organic Soul – Night Tree Lime Peel. The colors just pop! Thanks so much for the new site to peruse and for the giveaway! (kvawter@bellsouth.net)

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    I love the robotic fabric. That would be a perfect fit for the robot theme for our little guy who is due in July! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I LOVE the entire Havana Collection, BUT if I have to pick just one the Scoot Scoot Blue is tooooo cute!!! Thanks for the super cute giveaway! I have a little boy who thinks that the robots are the BESTEST!!! :)

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    i doooo too adore the mixteca owls, which i dont usually care for-but those are striking! i have never heard of any of these designers-but since i love 30&#39;s….these are unique, well thought out, inspiring me to want to get more done with these!<br />Please think of me for the giveaway.<br /><br />aka kingcooper0001@aol.com

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    She had me with Modern Home and then I went to her site and found more … Banksia and Bramble and and … Great giveaway. Love to make a quilt with the robots for a great-grandson. I also want some Modern Home. Guess who&#39;s going shopping!

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    Besides the robots? I also love the owls in Mixteca Lechuz. This looks inspired by the artwork of M.C. Escher! And I love that!!!<br />Esther<br />ipatchandquilt.wordpress.com

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    The robot series you featured is the one that appeals to me. But oh the Pure Organic Solids Fat Quarter Bundle 1 by Robert Kaufman is what really is calling to me! Thank you for putting my name in the hat for the drawing.

  52. says

    What a cute name for a store, and what an adorable bundle. I know just the little boy who could benefit from it, little robot fan that could use the comfort of a quilt made with love right now.<br /><br />HoneyBeGood has lovely collections. New Leaf is a feast for the eyes, but the Scoot!Scoot! fabric from the Havana collection is fresh and witty. As always, it&#39;s a hard choice!

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    Thanks for the introduction to a GREAT new fabric source! Found them on FB too :) I love ANYTHING Amy Butler, Timeless Treasures and Robert Kaufman! However, LOVE the Robotics line because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find boy themed fabrics lines for quilts! Love ALL the girly fabrics, but love to make little boy quilts too! Thanks for the opportunity for the fabric drawing~ –

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    Beautiful shop! I really love the &quot;Mixteca&quot;! Thank you for the chance to win these adorable fabrics :)<br />Jen Nelson<br />graciesophiaboutique@comcast.net

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    I love organic fabric so everything in Honey Be Good&#39;s inventory is appealing. love Havana On the Go. Such cute little scooters! Thank you for introducing me to this site and for a wonderful giveaway. I am going back right now to order some fabric…<br />

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    I found the Shades of Grey Gift Box Set. It&#39;s such a great idea, having a great selection of fat eights and matching thread. A wonderful way to try something new. Thanks for the nod in Honey Be Good&#39;s direction and for the giveaway!

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    well well well…wombats in my garden? all of monaluna havana?? anything by amy butler??? hmmm…think i better go buy that darn &quot;on the go&quot; right now on sale… mission accomplished, Diary of a Quilter &amp; Honey Be Good!

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    Good Morning, Amy…I love the Organic Zoofari 5&quot; Squares at the Honey Be Good site. I also like the Amy Butler&#39;s Organic Soul fat quaters that are on sale. A very interesting site.

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    I LOVE the book print in the Robotics line! My daughter is a huge reader – how great would this be for her? Thanks for the giveaway!

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    What I love most about Honey Be Good is that I can view 360(!!!) fabrics on one page – this is by far more than any other website I have ever been to, and awesome to me who hates clicking &quot;Next page&quot; all the time.<br /><br />As for fabrics, I really love the owls from Mixteca.

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    I like the robots. 😉 But if you&#39;d like an answer that isn&#39;t in the giveaway I also like Betz White – Garden. Thanks for the opportunity to get some cute little boy fabrics. I don&#39;t have too many of them in my stash. Actually, I&#39;m not sure I have any! That seems silly.

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    Wow, wonderful fabric store – I&#39;ve got a new bookmark! I really love the Simpatico Golden FQ bundle and all the hemp blend solids. <br />jane(dot)bitz(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I LOVE the Willow fat quarter bundle from Riley Blake! It looks like spring tied up in a ribbon! My grandson&#39;s bedroom is entirely robots and I know he would love this giveaway. Now back to order the Willow!

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    I love the robot fabric! My son would get such a kick out of it. It&#39;s so much easier to find projects and fabrics for girls. That is adorable!

  65. says

    What wonderful designs.But if I must choose only one – the Leaf Collectionctches my imagination.Thank you for the introduction to this great store.

  66. says

    Aside from quilts, I am a sucker for bags. All shapes. All sizes. Could not help but notice a bag under the kit section called &quot;Birdie Sling by Amy Butler – Kit&quot; Could hold lots of assorted sundries…including quilting supplies!<br /><br />

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    Aside from quilts, I am a sucker for bags. All shapes. All sizes. Could not help but notice a bag under the kit section called &quot;Birdie Sling by Amy Butler – Kit&quot; Could hold lots of assorted sundries…including quilting supplies!<br /><br />

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    Loved lotsa fabrics…but that is normal…lol I soooo love the Isabella Tote Kit tho….never made a bag….but would love to try this one!! :)

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    I have added Honey Bee Good to my vendor lists. Nice site. But I&#39;m absolutely in love with the Robotic fabrics. Must have one of each! Wondering if I need to make up an excuse for making a little boy quilt or ummmm well maybe just for me. :)

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    It is hard to pick a favorite. But I will go with MicroMod Fat Quarter Bundle. And the robots are so adorable. Our friends are expecting a baby boy – this would be perfect for a quilt. Thanks!

  71. says

    I love the Alchemy by Amy Butler – Flora Sapphire, I&#39;m a Blue Freak and this just spoke to me and said Love! Thank You!

  72. says

    There were so many cute bundles to choose from I had a hard time choosing one! I&#39;d have to say that I loved Havana Blue Fat Quarter Bundle the most!<br /><br />Thanks for this great giveaway!!! :)

  73. says

    What fun! I love the collection called New Leaf + Solids Half Yard Bundle. The beautiful yellow purples and bright oranges look like something so out side of what I would do. But sure does have the wheels in my head going.<br />

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