Navy and Gold Handmade Bag + Bag Patterns Giveaway

Navy blue and gold handmade bag.
I finished making my navy and gold bag last weekend. Not as timely as I was originally planning, but I took it with me to the conference closing day, so that’s good enough.  I didn’t follow a pattern for this bag – I kind of made it up as I went a long. As a result it’s got flaws character, but overall, I’m pleased with the result.  I basically pieced the fabric rectangles into 2 15″ 18″ sides and then quilted them using a layer of Pellon’s Peltex Ultra Firm that I got at JoAnn’s and a layer of cotton/poly batting. From there I used a basic tote concept to square the bottoms with gussets and add the straps.
Windham farbrics recently sent me a sample pack of the canvas prints from Lotta Jansdotters’ newest collection called Glimma. I used some of the same pieces in the bag exterior. I asked them if I could use the gorgeous gold stripe canvas for my bag and they kindly sent me some yardage. I love the way the canvas gives extra body and durability to the lining and the bag straps. The pocket fabric is some of Lori Holt’s Aunt Millie’s Closet yardage that I’d bought a while back. You can find the Glimma collection here, here, and here.
Other prints include Indie Chic by Riley Blake, Pearl Bracelts by Lizzy House for Andover, and some Dear Stella Zig Zag.  
I’m so in love with the navy and gold color scheme that is popular right now. I’ve always been a fan of navy blue – maybe becuase I was raised on navy blue – so I love seeing it make a comeback.
Seeing as I’m NOT a great resource for bag-making (maybe some day!) let me point you in the direction of someone who is. Have you met Sara Lawson? I took a class from her last fall at the Sewing Summit  about making bags. (Don’t you love that patchwork bag she made?) She gave us samples of all kind of Pellon products (interfacing, etc.) and explained how she uses them. I took notes right on the samples. It was SO helpful!
Sew Sweetness
Sara has a great blog called Sew Sweetness full of helpful bag-making wisdom and tutorials including this VERY helpful explanation of handmade bag interfacing options.
She also has some fantastic bag patterns in her shop and she has generously offered to giveaway 3 patterns to 3 lucky winners! If you would like to win a collection of Sara’s patterns, just leave a comment on this post. If you want, pop over to Sara’s shop and come back and tell me which bag is your favorite. I warn you, it will be hard to choose! Giveaway open until Thursday, April 25 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Winners: Heidi [Grizz-n-Dove]April 22, 2013 at 2:41 PM

I love the camera bag!!
They are all great bags…I think my first favorite would be the Locked and Loaded. Thank you for the chance to win a pattern.
Love the Aeroplane Bags. These would make great birthday gifts for older girls.


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    Locked and Loaded. Thanks! P.S. I have actually pulled up her blog while standing in front of the interfacing at JoAnn. So helpful!! P.P.S. Your bag is awesome. I think we're about the same age, and I have been waiting for navy's comeback too. I love dark blues.

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    The Dot Dot Dash Bag!!!But the Soda Pop bag comes in a very close second!! I have been a follower of Sara&#39;s for some time now, her work is impressive!!!<br />Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I have never made a bag and I would love to make the Petrillo Bag!! Thanks for the leads to her site and for the chance for the giveaway!

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    I love bags, using bags, designing bags, making bags, everything about bags! You were right, it was hard to decide which of Sara&#39;s patterns I like best, but I&#39;m going to go with Velocity Girl with Locked and Loaded coming in a close second! Ooooh, I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the chance!<br /><br />MGM

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    I wish we could get the same wide range of interfacings in the UK – it seems to be stiff or floppy in my local shop and that&#39;s it!<br />I love the Aeroplane bag – such a useful shape and size!

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    I love all of Sara&#39;s patterns! I made a velocity girl bag already, but would love to try locked and loaded as well! Thanks!

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    I love navy too – although I&#39;m sort of conditioned not to pair it with gold because, around here, then all anyone thinks about is that you must be a University of Michigan fan. It isn&#39;t that I dislike UM in any way, but I&#39;m not enough of a sports fan to wear a teams colors all the time :) I&#39;ll be pairing my navy with a nice spring green.

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    I&#39;ve admired Sara&#39;s bags for a while now. Current favorite is the Accordion Bag. I mostly do bags like you — make it up as I go along! Maybe I should try a well written pattern.

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    Sorry – forgot to add my favorite Sara bag – the aeroplane!! Also, is the navy blue &#39;blueberry&#39; or &#39;slate&#39; (I assume blueberry?). Thanks!

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    I love this bag!!! The colors together are gorgeous!! I would love to try either the Petrillo Bag or the Aeroplane Bag. I think something girly is just what is needed in my all male (besides me) household!! At least that way I&#39;d know where to find it when I want it. : )<br /><br />

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    Sara Lawson&#39;s bags are gorgeous, I loved the accordion bag the best. I really enjoy following your blog and think your navy and gold bag is just great. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Kind Regards Mandy Currie (

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    I really like the Accordion Bag. Love that scalloped edge treatment. I so need a new bag with lots of inside pockets so I can find things.

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    I&#39;ve had my eye on her Aeroplane Bag, but I also love Soda Pop! Great job on your bag – the navy and gold is a beautiful combination. Many thanks for the chance at the patterns!<br />ellen(at)myerly(dot)net

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    You were right, it was hard to choose. But my favorite is the Petrillo bag. Your navy and gold bag is really pretty. Those fabrics look great

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    Love the simplicity of your pattern and how the quilting enhances the fabrics. I like Sara&#39;s Paparazzi bag. I have a 241 tote on the go and I bought the Craftsy class on making handbags but I haven&#39;t watched it yet.

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    OOH – tough choices indeed! I think I would love to make the Locked and Loaded Bag. I LOVE making bags for myself and others. I usually make myself a new bag/pattern for my birthday (which is next week… I better get sewing soon!) Thanks for the opportunity – I will have to check out her site about different interfacings to use. I have found that over the years they have changed, and some that I

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    thanks for the giveaway! I think I like the accordion bag best :) I haven&#39;t noticed navy making a come back, but I sure hope it does! I have been on the hunt for good navy fabric lately :)

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    Such cute patterns!! I love the Soda Pop pattern! Your bag is adorable, Amy and thanks for the link for the interfacing options- it&#39;s always tricky trying to figure out the right one to use.

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    Thanks for the giveaway! I love your bag! I also love Sara&#39;s patterns so much that I just bought Aeroplane pattern. I think the next pattern I would go for is Soda Pop. wonderlandbyalyce at gmail dot com

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    It&#39;s a great bag – pattern or not! Would love a class that walked me through all the linings, stiffeners,etc……. So many projects, so little time.

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    It&#39;s a great bag – pattern or not! Would love a class that walked me through all the linings, stiffeners,etc……. So many projects, so little time.

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    I love making all kinds of bags and to have a new pattern to try would be awesome. Your bag is sew cute and I love the colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I think my favorite is Dot Dot Dash. I&#39;ve been looking for a bag pattern that has a slim, tall shape with a zip closure. I agree about Navy Blue, this is a classic color that should never go out of style.

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    You did a great job on your bag! It&#39;s hard to pick between Sara&#39;s bags! It&#39;s a toss up between the Dot-Dot Dash bag and the Soda Pop bag!

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    I love the Aeroplane Bag! Love the color and style of your tote bag! I am going to check out the interfacing information. It is challenging to pick the right one!

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    Urban jungle is my favorite right now! <br />Thank you for all this great information, I will sure use it soon!!!<br />Esther<br />esthersipatchandquilt AT yahoo DOT com

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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sara and her bags. Her tutorials are brilliant. I have a couple of her patterns and they are so well written and easy to follow. I would love her aeroplane bag pattern. <br />I love your bag, especially the fabrics you have used. It looks great!

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    Oh my gosh what good timing! I was just shopping with a new friend who let it be known how much she likes fabric bags and said she&#39;d like to make one with me! I don&#39;t know which pattern she will pick, but I&#39;m leaning toward the Aeroplane Bags – I like the idea of making my own weekend bag! I&#39;d learn a lot by making the useful camera bag, and the Petrillo Bag would be a handy

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    I love your bag, navy is so classic. <br />I&#39;d love the Petrillo Bag pattern it would fit all my mummy stuff! <br /><br /><br />

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    Locked and Loaded. I love your bag. I&#39;m a Navy wife and there is a LOT of blue and gold around here. Your fabric choices are great!

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    Locked and Loaded. I love your bag. I&#39;m a Navy wife and there is a LOT of blue and gold around here. Your fabric choices are great!

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    Oh gosh, you were right, they&#39;re all pretty bags… I made myself pick one, though, and the Accordion Bag won the toss. Thanks so much for hosting a giveaway, they&#39;re such fun!

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    Love your bag. Beautiful colours and the quilting makes it just perfect.<br />I tested the Dot Dot Dash bag for Sara and loved it. You&#39;re right it&#39;s hard to pick one but if I have to then I choose Locked and Loaded.

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    Sara&#39;s bags are so cute. My favorite is the Locked and Loaded, followed closely by Paparazzi and the Soda Pop bag. Thanks so much for the links to her site.

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    love love love bags… its so nice to be able to take along a little hand made when your out and the sweet complements just make me smile.

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    Hard to choose. I like the Velocity Girl Bag. Making a bag is on my list of &quot;do&#39;s and try&#39;s&quot;. Velocity looks like an easier one for my first attempt. :) Love how your bag came out. So darling!

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    Your bag is wonderful. I agree, the combination of navy blue and gold is always very classic and stiking. You are so right – hard to choose just one bag from their fabulous collection, but I would have to go with the Aeroplane bags.

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    I love how your bag turned out. Love the colours. My 3 Fav Bags are: Paparazzi Bag,soda Pop Bag, and Locked and Loaded Bag. I couldn&#39;t pick just one :-). I made a bag for my cousin in Texas (I&#39;m from Ontario, Canada) and she said she has gotten ssoooo many compliments on it. Handmade certainly is the best :-)

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    I took a peak at Sara&#39;s shop and fell in love with the Locked and Loaded bag. There is just something about the shape of the bag that really appeals to me. Thanks for directing us to her site. I am a novice at bag making and look forward to her wise words about bag interfacing and etc.

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    Love, love, love your bag!!! Just my style and color!! Great job :)<br /><br />Soda Pop is my favorite from Sara&#39;s shop.<br /><br />I&#39;d love to try my hand at making a bag.

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    I love your navy and gold bag. Navy is one of my favourites, an old classic really, and goes with so many other colours. I love Sara&#39;s bags. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a pattern.

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    I love how your bag turned out! I have been eyeing the Glimma fabric for a little while and was thinking about ordering some. I just checked out Sew Sweetness and I think my fav bag is the camera paparazzi bag! Thanks for this opportunity!

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    For myself, I want….. no, I NEED to make a Velocity bag for myself. O. M. G. compartments!!!!!!!! Buuuuuuut…….. I think if I made many Sunrise Clutch bags they would make beautiful gifts for friends and family. That would be really fun to try as well. Thanks for sharing such a great resource for fun bag patterns.<br />~robin<br />

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    I really like her new pattern, the Soda Pop Bag. And I&#39;m like you about navy, it&#39;s one of my favorites despite having to wear it as part of my high school uniform for four years (navy blue bottoms w/wo navy sweaters and white blouses). Thanks for the give away!

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    You&#39;re right, choosing only one is difficult. I like both &quot;Locked and Loaded&quot; and &quot;Paparazzi&quot;. If I have to pick only one I think it would be &quot;Paparazzi&quot;.

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    This is such a timely post because I have been looking at bag patterns for some great pre-quilted fabric I have bought recently. You&#39;re right about the tough decision, but I think the Aeroplane Bag and the Paparazzi Bags are the best fits for my current wishes.<br />krseitz at earthlink dot net

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    I just bought the Aeroplane bag and I love all her patterns. I would choose the soda pop, paparazzi and locked and loaded. Thanks for the chance to win it. By the way, I love your navy and gold combination! Great bag!

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    How does one choose their favorite between all those wonderful bags. Tough decisions, but since I must choose one, I think the Dot Dash Bag is pretty cool with the three zippers down the front. Too cute! <br />Khauglan (at) yahoo dot com

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    Wow, your bag looks fantastic, Amy! I love the Glimma collection. And it does work really well with the navy you threw in there. I love bags, and making them also. Sadly, I never seem to keep them for myself! I don&#39;t think it was fair of you to ask us to choose just ONE of Sara&#39;s bags to like. They are all so deliciously good! But if I have to choose I think I might have to go with the

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    Ok you were right it is hard to decide on one of the bags. Actually there were five I like best, well I like all of them but five really grabbed my eye&#39;s at first glance. The Accordion, Paper-Pieced Sunrise Clutch, Soda Pop, Locked &amp; Loaded &amp; the Paparazzi (camera)Bags. Today is the first time I&#39;ve been on your site &amp; I&#39;m really enjoying it &amp; look forward to getting

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    Hard to choose, indeed! I think I like Paparazzi and the Velocity Girl bags, however. Love the navy and yellow material you found, too, on the featured bag. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Love your bag! Navy is just wonderful and works with so many colors. I too was raised on navy, however, a parochial school uniform isn&#39;t exactly a fond memory :) Thanks for putting my name in the hat! <br />Diane<br />

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    This is a great giveaway! I&#39;m in desperate need of a new bag but just can&#39;t bring myself to spend all the $ on a bag I just don&#39;t love. It&#39;s really hard to choose a favorite, but I think I&#39;d have to go with Soda Pop or Locked and Loaded. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I love all the bags and love that you show so many bags that others have made. The worse part of making a new bag for me, is choosing the fabric. Thanks for some great ideas and your wonderful patterns!

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    Yes! I loved Sara&#39;s class at Sewing Summit. The sample of interfacings that she gave us is the greatest thing ever. I reference it all the time, even when I went interfacing shopping at Hancock Fabrics this week 😉 I love your tote! It reminds me that I need to finish my Ship Shape tote from Alexia&#39;s Sewing Summit class!

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    I don&#39;t make bags but if I did this would be the one. Your own pattern is wonderful it makes for a wonderful bag. I am not one to do jump in with both feet to do something like that. It looks just lovely.

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