Balancing Act

All last week I had thoughts running through my head, crafting an epic post devoted to Mother’s Day. I was recently speaking with some friends that I admire (one of whom made this beautiful little bundle) about balancing motherhood and pursuing our own talents and dreams. It’s a tough balance some times (okay, all the time) as pretty much every mother can attest – balancing sacrificing for someone else vs. filling your own bucket so that you have something to give each day. We kind of came to the conclusion that it’s pretty much just an ongoing, day by day process.

Well, that post never got written. In fact that I ended up not even touching my computer -or my sewing machine – for 2 straight days. Which is pretty rare for me. But as I’ve looked back at a few phone snapshots of the weekend, I realized, I’d made the right choice. I spent Friday night having a girls night with my daughters while my husband took the boys to a church Father’s and Sons campout. The girls and I went out to dinner and went to the Beehive Bazaar. I snapped this pic on our way home. It was an absolutely glorious May evening!

The weekend also included Saturday soccer game, a lunch date with my husband to pick out a long-anticipated bike (for me!), helping with a dear friend’s wedding, Mother’s Day with my mom, my mother-in-law and my 89-yr-old grandma.
Monday night I got to take my new bike for spin on one of, what I hope to be many, future family bike rides. It could not have been a better weekend. Lack of computer time, included. (We are also having gorgeous weather right now, which pretty much makes everything awesome.)
And now it’s back to the craziness. I’m finishing a few projects and getting ready to go to International Quilt market this coming weekend.  As I’m writing this post, I realize how glad I am that I spent all that time with my family last weekend since I’ll be away from them this weekend. Back to that ongoing balancing act. I’m so grateful for their support.
(And also for their humor. When my husband saw the pieced diamonds late last night he looked at me and said, “Did YOU make that?” When I answered yes, he commented that it was a diversion from my normal quilting style. Which I was actually kind impressed that he noticed – because, yes, this was the first time I’d tried anything like this. Then he dramatically joked, “Who are you? It’s like I don’t even recognize you anymore!” I assure you it was all silliness, but it made me grateful for his ongoing support of the constant fabric projects he’s subjected to.)

I also made my block #5 from the Virtual Quilting Bee! Block #6 will be available this Friday! And then I will come back and tell you all about Quilt Market. After I ignore my computer and sewing machine for a little bit and hug my homies.

PS Speaking of the Virtual Quilting Bee, Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics has new bundles of solids – both Fat Quarters and Fat Eighths back in stock!


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    I am enjoying your Virtual Quilting Bee so much. It's my first time to join something like this and I am piecing all the blocks by hand, just for the experience with hand piecing. Thanks for doing it!

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    Looks like it was a fantastic weekend. What a wonderful way to spend your Mother's Day weekend. I need to get a bike, especially if my husband keeps pushing me to do a triathlon. I can only swim, but somehow that translates to being a triathlete to him 😉 I love your pieced diamonds. Can't wait to see you on Thursday!!! So fun!!!

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    I wish they'd let us quilters come and meet our "blog stars" at the market! I tried what connections I have but to no avail. I won't be waiting by the door…I promise. We have GORGEOUS, unusually GORGEOUS weather waiting for you here in Portland! Have a Great Trip! Enjoy our city!

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    Enjoy your new bike :o) I'm debating on whether or not I can take mine to France this summer, and what I might have to sacrifice in the car if I do…

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    Sounds like the perfect weekend, and can't wait to see your finished project with the Let's Pretend line… glorious diamonds!

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    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I really think stepping away for a bit like that enhances your creativity when you come back. (Hmmm, I should try it more often myself :)) Look forward to seeing you in Portland!

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    Sounds like you had a perfect weekend — especially when you throw the bike in there. I LOVE my bike — I hope you have a grand time with yours. See you at market!!!

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    Sounds like you&#39;ve figured out the balancing act. Wish I was going to market to meet you :O( I&#39;ll be going to fall so maybe then?<br />Your diamonds look fabulous–those are hard to pull off!

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    even though I will never move out of Michigan, I love your pictures of Utah. (they always make me want to move there). Have fun at quilt market. Your quilts are so pretty.

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    Ahh.. the balancing act! It is hard to do- I agree! <br />So funny that your husband noticed that you were doing something different from the norm! I was working on a quilt last night and my hubby asked me &quot;what fabric are you going to use for the binding&quot;…. It made me smile inside that he loves me enough to take interest in the things I love to do and he is totally genuine in caring

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    I totally get how you feel, and the older my kids are getting I&#39;m feeling more that way! Oh, well, I guess that&#39;s part of life!<br /><br />Have a great time at market….speaking of balancing act, that&#39;s why I&#39;m staying home! :)

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    This was a beautiful post AMy, and you can tell by my late comment that I have also been away from the computer lately. I hope you are having a great time at Market

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    I know exactly what you mean. Time for the family is so important but so is time for me to do what I want to do. There will never be the perfect mix but I just take it one day at a time. That is just how life is.

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    LOL! Your husband&#39;s comments about your block had me cracking up :-) Everything&#39;s a balancing act. My husband and I don&#39;t even have kids yet, and we still don&#39;t have this work, life, house, pet birds, thing figured out yet. Somedays we&#39;re close other days are way way off. We can always start again tomorrow, though 😉

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