Quilt Market Recap Part 2

Alrighty, are you ready for more? (To see Part 1 go here.) I did my best to consolidate, but still give you a glimpse of all the pretty. Buckle up. Here we go… Riley Blake has added some new basics to their offerings including stripes (in many different widths) and ginghams. (There’s the official Gingham Style suit!)
A few more glimpses of upcoming Riley Blake collections Kensington, Ashbury Heights, and Boy Crazy (cute triangles!) as well as a quick pick with designers Shari Butler and Carina Gardner.
A few quick glimpses of the Michael Miller area: Designers Emily Herrick and Violet Craft who both had awesome new collections Technicolor and Waterfront. Also a familiar quilt and a giant swan boat ride.
The Freespirit/Westminster Fabrics booth is always full of pretty inspiration.  (R-to-L): Joel Dewberry, Jenean Morrison, Denyse Schmidt’s new collection, Florence, which has lots of great colors and prints, and pretty stitchery by Anna Maria Horner.
(clockwise) Heather Bailey had an AMAZING giant bird embroidery on her wall and green turf as the floor. Her booth won an award. Tula Pink’s booth is always full of color, Oliver + S and the Straight Stitch Society (which I love!) and Pam Kitty Morning’s cute new collection.
The Kokka booth. I always love to check out this one. Cute, kitschy Hello Kitty prints, new collections by Melody Miller and Ellen Luckett Baker. Love those tulips!
And guess, what? More fabric from more fabric companies! These companies are smaller, but always have amazing, fresh designs: (clockwise) Birch Fabrics, Dear Stella, Monaluna, Rashida for Cloud 9, and Blend.
Robert Kaufman had some fun new stuff including these saturated tones from new designer, Jennifer Sampou.   Not my typical style, but I loved how the batik-y looking stripes looked used in the quilt and dress. A simple way to add design elements letting the fabric do all the work. Also the new cutesy Hello Tokyo collection was darling.

Speaking of Robert Kaufman, they had a great collection of new apparel weight fabrics including denims, chambrays, swiss dots, etc. Some great things! There is one of my cute roomies, Andrea, who sewed a lot of the samples for RK.  Other cool apparel news included a range of colored denim by Indygo Junction. The weight was SO nice and felt so soft. They’d had some cool sample garments and a nice Union Jack Pillow. Riley Blake is offering a selection of knits now too.

Some amazing designers and their booths: (clockwise) Jen Kingwell from Austrailia. Holy Moly. Amazing quilts. The picture of the full booth does not do them justice. You can see in the close up shot that there is so much amazing detail. Emily Cier of Carolina Patchwork. It was so neat to see her work up close as well. I love her use of color and placement. Just beautiful. And Debbie of Esch House Quilts had her first booth. I love her minimalism. Beautiful work there too. 
One of my very favorite booths of Market belonged to Jodie of Ric-Rac. Ric-Rac was one of the first sewing blogs I ever read.  When it clicked that she was standing there live and in person, I about flipped. And then to see her cute goodies, live and in person, including the dress made entirely of selvage strips, I about flipped again! Also the fact that Jodie was hysterically funny to talk to.

And just to round things off (in case you’ve been waiting) coming soon to fabric collections near you: One Direction and Bobba Fett!  And finally, at one point we were just mozying along, looking at booths when I looked up at a hanging quilt and suddenly thought, “Hey. That quilt looks like one I made. Wait! I did make that quilt!” There was my Blooma quilt that’s in the current edition of McCall’s Quilting magazine.  I hadn’t seen it since I sent it to Blend Fabrics last September. It was nice to be reunited, briefly.

And there you have it. My report of Spring Quilt Market 2013. You made it through the end.

Since I was feeling sad that we couldn’t all be there hanging out together, I brought back a few treasures and decided to give them away. I divided them into two piles so that I could spread the joy.  If you want a pile of Quilt Market Loot, just leave a comment. I’ll randomly pick two winners on Thursday. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.
Winners:  Maria said…

Great recap! Thanks for the chance to win.
And: Cathy K said…
Thanks for sharing this tantalizing glimpse of Market. Someday I have got to GET there! And thanks for the links, too. I will have drooling – er – reading material for hours! :-) Cathy K in SLC


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    Thanks for all the awesome photos! I can't imagine being there in person with so much to see! It's overwhelming just in the pictures :)

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    It's like you went to quilters/fabric heaven. I don't know if I'd ever want to come back. There's soo much eye candy to take in, how do you come down from such a high? Thanks so much for letting us all take a peek and for the generous giveaway! ;-> Toni Anne

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    Thanks for taking the time to do these great posts – I love seeing all the pictures from Quilt Market! The talent and creativity never fail to amaze me!

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    Wow, you did a great job with so many awesome pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! You even included some designers I wasn't aware of!:)

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    Looks like fun, my daughter and I really want to go to quilt market someday…ahhh Thanks for the goodies for giveaway! Glad you had a good time.

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    Not too long a post at all – it's really great to see and hear all about the talented artists that attend. Now I have to go learn more about these folks. I'd love some goodies! I'm waiting for my Chapters (the Canada version of Barnes and Noble) to get the Modern Baby quilt book – fingers crossed I win it, or that Chapters gets it soon!

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    What a lovely set of pictures…Made it seem a little bit like we were there. Everybody's booth are so bright and cheery. Can't wait until I can go to a quilt show like this. Thank you for sharing.

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    What fun loot you have to give away. Love all of the photos.. I was there helping out a friend in her booth (we were the crazy girls giving out the Quilting Hottie buttons that she generally passes out at her trunk shows and lectures) and even though I snuck away to walk around twice, I still missed a lot of what you have pics of. Thanks for sharing! I love Jodie, too!! And was stunned to see

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    What a great time Quilt Market looks like. I wish I could get there – definitely adding this to my bucket list. <br />Can&#39;t believe you met Jodie – she is one of my favourite people!! I love her patterns and her sense of humour.

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    Wow! Quilt Market looked amazing…wish I could have been there. Even the pictures have given me such inspiration for future projects. Thanks for sharing!

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    Those fabrics are mouthwatering! LOL! Thank you so much for showing us all this goodness!!!<br />And a fabulous give-away to boot? You&#39;re too good!<br />Esther<br />ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com<br />esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com<br /><br />

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    Thanks for sharing your photos – it looks like you had good fun, but I still don&#39;t know how you manage it to take everything in!<br />hanks for sharing some of your goodies too!

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    Great pictures of what looks to be a fun, sensory overloaded, inspiring time!! Your pics have inspired me to get started on my queen sized quilt!

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    Thank you for the recap on market! I always love reading the various blog posts, seeing all the beautiful fabrics and patterns.And thanks for a fun giveaway too.

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    Did you ever feel like collapsing into the fetal position and sucking your thumb while looking at all that amazing quilty and fabric goodness?! Oh my gosh. I can&#39;t imagine seeing everything in person. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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    this looks like such a blast!! I&#39;m not so sure I could contain my composure without jumping up and down and squealing like a little girl if I saw a quilt I made on display at market!!

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    I can just imagine the visual overload that market is. I hope to see it in person myself some day. Thanks so much for sharing all the great pictures.

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    Just wanted to let you know that Jennifer Sampou is not a new designer, she has been (or at least was) designing fabric since I started quilting 15 years ago.

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    Looks like it was an amazing event. Thanks for documenting it and sharing the quilts fun with everyone who could not attend!

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love being able to live vicariously through your photos and great descriptions. Hopefully some loot would make it feel all the more real. Again thank you.

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    What a wonderful experience. I only wish, sigh………..maybe someday. Thanks for sharing and the wonderful (hoping) chance to win. Pick me, pick me. (-: Once again, put your feet up for a little bit Amy and thanks again.

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    Have been visiting my son and his family in Portland for the last 10 days and soooo wanted to go to market! Seeing all the great pictures makes me want to sneak in next year in someone&#39;s handy dandy tote bag!! (A very large one!) Thanks so very much for sharing your experience with us!!

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    Amy thank you so much for allowing us to live through the quilt show. It is such an inspiration to see what others do with their quilts. Thank you again and for the chance to win a giveaway.

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    Thanks for taking the time to give us such a great recap – and all the pictures were awesome. I&#39;m glad you had the chance to attend!

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    Ooh I love that dress too! Those diagonal stripes would be quite flattering in that design. Thanks for the inspiring photos.

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    Awesome! Wow there was some amazing stuff there – okay, I won&#39;t whine because we mere mortals weren&#39;t allowed into this quilty paradise. :-) Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and for your giveaway goodies. <br /> – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

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    It is hard not to want every single print in Florence! I feel that way about each new collection as it comes out!<br /><br />I just picked up the baby quilt book on Amazon. It came Friday and I love it!

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    Thank you for the lovely photo tour of Quilt Market. What a dizzy-ing display of loveliness! I would love to win a packet of goodies — thanks for offering this opportunity.

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    Oh my gosh, AMAZING photos! Thank you so much for sharing them. So envious that you were there to take it all in personally, but thankful that you are letting the rest of us live vicariously thru you. Can hardly wait until all of these great lines begin hitting my LQS.

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    Quilt Market looks like it would be sew much fun. Going to a quilt market is on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing the pics and for the generous giveaway.

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    I wish Portland Quilt Market would have a day that just interested people could come see all the beautiful displays! Thank you for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing your market photos – so many amazing booths and quilts! Looks like you had a great time there and thanks for the giveaway!

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    Thanks so much! You have some great pictures that I haven&#39;t seen other places. So glad you were able to go and have fun!

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    I love the way you organized your pictures. Very nice eye candy. What gorgeous fabrics and quilts. Thanks for sharing your loot! K-

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    I can imagine that when you&#39;re there your fingers are itching to get started on something new! Thanks for the chance to let one of us commenters participate.

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    Thanks for bringing us along to Quilt Market! Reading your blog is so much fun—my quilts and fabric choices are so much more fun since I&#39;ve been inspired to break out of my box!

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    OOh! Would love that loot! Thanks for your constant inspiration and sahring your talents! satterfieldfamily at sbcglobal dot net

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    Thank you for the great photos from Quilt Market and the chance to win some prizes…loved seeing all of the new fabric coming soon!!<br />Tami<br />tamiquilts(at)att(dot)net

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    Wish I could have been at Quilt Market, it looks like so much fun, seeing all those wonderful designers. Since I couldn&#39;t be there, I would love some QM loot.

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    Thanks for sharing this tantalizing glimpse of Market. Someday I have got to GET there! And thanks for the links, too. I will have drooling – er – reading material for hours! :-) Cathy K in SLC

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    I bet it was hard to go back to your hotel room at night and not want to sit at your machine and create all nite…talk about overload inspiration….

  42. says

    Thanks so much for sharing your Quilt Market photos. I&#39;ve been watching the lectures on Craftsy. It would be a blast to attend. Especially LOVE the &quot;Hello Tokyo&quot; fabric. The booth represented the fabric in such a eye catching way. <br /><br />Congratulations on being reunited with your quilt! What a wonderful surprise. :)

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    So fun! I love those sewn tea cups and tea pot. This post has totally brightened my day. I hope one day to visit quilt market – thanks for letting me live through you!<br />oxo<br />amber

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    I liked all the pics of the happenings at Quilt Market! Looks like so much fun! Fabrics galore and beautiful projects! Thank you for remembering your blog followers with a chance to win a treasure!

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    Thank you for bringing us along with your pictures…so much inspiration, can&#39;t imagine how amazing being there must be!!! Your Blooma quilt looks gorgeous hanging there :-)

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    Great job Reporter Amy!:) I really do love loads of photos…especially since we couldn&#39;t be there! I&#39;ll have to show this to my boss and ask her if she saw you!:)

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    THANK YOU AMY!<br />Glad you had a good time at market+have your quilt back!<br />Happy Stitching!<br /><br />msstitcher1948@yahoo.com

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    So much to look at, so much fabric to see…you are so very lucky to have been there, one day I might get there, but for now I have to be content with your photos.

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    I&#39;d be thrilled to win some loot from Quilt Market! Thanks for sharing loot and the inspiring pics – I&#39;m off to do some sewing!

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    Pick me! What an amazing trip you must have had – so much inspiration! Thanks for sharing your pictures (and your loot).<br />(majesticjenkinsATgmailDOTcom)

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    Wow! Must have been incredible to see all these things in person! Thanks for sharing – and putting my name in the hat for the drawing! Thanks!

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    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. It ALMOST feels like I was there! Seems like it was pretty exciting! Glad you could be briefly reunited with that pretty quilt of yours. Thanks again!!

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    For those of use who couldn&#39;t be there, I am so grateful for blogs that post all these wonderful pictures. Nice to see what&#39;s coming in the future.

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    I love the butterfly quilt made by Tula Pink. I hope she releases a pattern to make it. Thanks for all the good photos of market and the giveaway.

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    Great recaps! I love all the photos. So much quilty goodness and inspiration. It makes me want to put my kids to bed early and lock myself in my sewing room.

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    Thank you for your posts on Quilt Market. I enjoying seeing all the photos and reading your comments. Thanks for taking the time to do this!<br />krseitz at earthlink dot net

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to take pictures and tell us about the Quilt market!!! I have truly enjoyed it and wished I could be a part of this fun time! And to share your giveaway and is wonderful and thanks!<br /><br />JKL052095(at)aol (dot) com

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    What a great recap. Geeze, I can&#39;t imagine what it would be like to be there glad we could see it through your eyes.<br /><br />Thanks for sharing.<br /><br />Debbie

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    Thanks for sharing your Quilt Market pics. I loved them. It must have been great seeing your quilt there. I would love to win the 1st little package.

  60. says

    Thanks for the great recap. I love seeing all the goodies. You and your quilt looked lovely together…8). I&#39;d love to win.<br />

  61. says

    Thanks for sharing Quilt Market with us with all the awesome photos!! Your quilt is lovely!! Will have to get the magazine for that alone. :)<br />RuthNParadise(at)aol(dot)com

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    I&#39;d love to go to quilt market one year. Although, I&#39;m afraid I&#39;d be overstimulated by all the amazing fabrics and quilting inspiration!

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    I love to read all these recaps! I would love to go one day!! Thanks for the chance to win some loot :)<br /><br />prajaline(at)gmail(dot)com

  64. says

    One of my highlights of quilt market was meeting you!! That was thrilling to me, and you are so sweet, and didn&#39;t think I was crazy, which was so nice! Your posts on all the booths and new fabric are wonderful. My phone pictures are a mess and not in focus, so I like looking at your blog posts instead!

  65. says

    Thank you for all these pictures! It sparked my imagination and creativity! Maybe one day I&#39;ll make a Jen kingwell quilt, it looked so lovely! And I loved your quilt- off to the store to see if they have a copy!

  66. says

    Thanks for sharing all of the photos and for offering so many giveaways. I love all of the new colors available now and can&#39;t wait to start a new project.

  67. says

    Thanks for all the great pictures from quilt market! Its nice to be able to see all of the great new fabrics and creations when you cant be there in person. Everything looked so bright and beautiful I bet you had a blast. <br />Thanks for the chance to win a bundle of some great loot as well.

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    I am so jealous of everyone that got to go. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. Colour galore!!! Love it. I would love to have a momento of your Quilt Market trip. Glad you had fun.

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    Since I can&#39;t go to Quilt Market it is so fun to see the pictures of all the booths! Thank you so much for sharing and the give away looks wonderful, loot from Quilt Market….Woo Hoo :)

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    I love all the rainbow colored quilts at the beginning. The circles and chevron stripes are so in right now (which would make them less classic maybe??) Good stuff!

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    Thanks for the great Market recap and photos. I have to agree that the selvedge dress was amazing. I love Jen Kingswell too, and I hope lots of U.S. shops picked up her patterns for sale.<br />

  72. says

    Thanks for the recap! I love seeing pics from the Market. I&#39;m a huge fan of Freespirit, and I love the Carolina Patchwork and Esch House Quilts booths- I&#39;m going to check them out next!

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    great giveaway! so jealous the public can&#39;t go to quilt market! . .is there another big one that we can go to?? hope i win! :)<br />~whitney<br />whitmanaz (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I&#39;m wanting to learn to make a quilt. My first adventure is to make a twin quilt(simple pattern) for my 2 daughter&#39;s. ok, in reality, it may be something smaller.LOL! I came across your blog and I&#39;m aw inspired by the looks of ALL the beautiful quilts &amp; other items u were able to see in person. I just got back(last weekend) from an applique/embroidery conference and was inspired

  75. says

    I can&#39;t imagine how fun it would be to see all the great new stuff coming out at Market…and meeting all the amazing people there! Sounds like so much fun!<br /><br />Thanks for a chance to win some goodies!!!<br /><br />Sabrina S

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    Thanks for sharing quilt market with us….would love to be able to attend something like this in the future but don&#39;t know of any shows like this in our area!<br /><br />Thanks for a chance to win your fun giveaway!!<br />Julie<br />

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    It looks so amazing all the pictures of market, I can&#39;t even imagine being there in person. It&#39;s on my bucket list, hehe. Thanks for sharing your photos and info with us. So many pretties and can&#39;t wait for all the new pretties to come.<br /><br />Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

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    It looks like you had so much fun. I loved your recap. Thanks for all the pictures. It&#39;s almost as if we were there too!

  79. says

    Thanks for the great Market coverage. I really enjoyed all the pictures and was able to see some of the booths that didn&#39;t get much coverage elsewhere. Can you handle Jen Kingwell? Her stuff is wowing me.

  80. says

    Thanks for the recap! I see a lot of stuff I&#39;m excited about – especially Jen Kingwell&#39;s designs! WOW! I&#39;d never heard of her, but her work is amazing. Someone to follow for sure!!!

  81. says

    Thank you so much for recapping quilt market!!! I love to see all the new stuff that will be coming our way soon. Thanksforsharing

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    I would love some loot from Quilt Market! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. Makes me wish I could go right to my sewing machine.

  83. says

    Thanks for sharing for those of us who aren&#39;t able to go! I so love seeing all the pictures of beautiful fabrics and projects!<br />Carrie S.<br />thesimpson5@twlakes.net

  84. says

    Wow, so much to see and take in. I don&#39;t blame you at all for feeling slightly overwhelmed at having to do a recap of it all. It looks like it was great. Hopefully someday I&#39;ll make it there. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. says

    Would love some market loot! :) Thanks for posting so many pictures and stories from the weekend. I live in Portland and I was so wishing I could have gone to it while it was going on :)

  86. says

    I would love some market loot! :) Thanks for posting all the pictures and stories from the weekend. I live in Portland and was wishing I was there the whole time it was going on! :)

  87. says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I&#39;m really happy with your coverage – I loved seeing your photos and reading your commentary!

  88. says

    Oh, I hope I&#39;m not too late to enter! Erin S. said you had so much fun at Market! Can&#39;t wait to see you again at SS#3 in September.

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