A Quilting Life

A Quilting Life
I was given the opportunity to review a copy of the new quilting book A Quilting Life: Creating a Handmade Home by Sherri McConnell. You may know Sherri from her beautiful blog by the same name A Quilting Life.

I have been following Sherri and her blog since about the same time I started writing my own blog 5 years ago. (Gulp. Has it seriously been that long?) During that time, Sherri has become a real life friend. She is an amazing sewer and quilter, and about as nice and genuine of a person as you could meet.  I got to watch part of Sherri’s ‘schoolhouse’ session at Quilt Market last month where she shared the quilts and projects from her book.  The block she is holding was made by her Grandmother who helped Sherri learn how to quilt. Originally, Sherri had asked her grandmother to make her a quilt, but her grandma said, “No” giving Sherri the chance to learn how to make a quilt herself. She said, “I’ve always been so grateful my grandmother told me ‘No’.”

(I loved that story – a good reminder as a mother to not just jump in and do or fix everything for my kids. I need to remember that it’s okay to tell them “no” and let them have the opportunity to learn something new as well. Because, maybe they’ll grow up and write a book about it or something cool like that.)

A Quilting Life, the book, is a beautifully, inspiring book full of about 20 project patterns including pillows, quilts, table runners, and bags.
The book contains lots of good information on quilting basics, including sections on things like labeling your quilts, applique, seams, half-square triangles, etc. I think this book is great for all different levels of quilters and sewers. Beautiful inspiration if you are a seasoned quilter, but also a great resources with clear and in some cases, simple patterns for newbies as well.
As part of this blog tour for A Quilting Life, Sherri asked us to share our own thoughts on living “A Quilting Life.” For me, a Quilting Life consists of:
  • Playing with color and texture
  • Oogling and petting pretty fabrics, only to eventually (when I get up the courage) cut it up into tiny pieces and to sew them back together again
  • Not being able to finish a project with out starting two or three more
  • A lot of thread on my clothing
  • Other amazing quilters that have been such an inspiration to me – and those who have become real-life friends in the process.
  • Really nice people that live in my house who put up with all of my piles of fabric, manic sewing binges and even the occasional pin on the floor or piece of thread in their food.
Thanks to the generosity of Sherri and C&T Publishers I have a copy of A Quilting Life to give away. If you’d like an opportunity to win a copy, leave a comment on this post, telling me an aspect of your own “Quilting Life.” Giveaway open until Friday, June 14 at midnight, MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Winner: Emily CJune 10, 2013 at 12:20 PM

My quilting life is just starting, but I am already well acquainted with many bloggers who love quilting just as much as I do. I love the beautiful fabrics and lovely colors. I find it hard to say no to florals and new tools, esp. when they are on sale. I also find it difficult to finish a project when 2 or 3 lovely new ones are teasing me from the pages of my favorite magazine or new book.

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    One of the best parts of a quilting life for me is the ability to welcome a new member of the family with a handmade quilt (every baby should have one in my opinion). Another wonderful part of this life is all the friends that I have made. Quilting friends totally get my addiction to fabric and are willing to stop at any quilt shop!

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    The best part of a quilting life is that you can make and give a personal gift for every occasion (and play with the most beautiful fabric)

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    Because when I'm on the move bteween college and home, my sewing machine isn't always available, I do a lot of sewing by hand, which means my projects go slowly. Spending so much time piecing little bits of fabric together in the garden, on the train, in my bedroom or at my desk means every quilt has a story, bits of memories woven into them and that's what I love with my quilting

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    I'm an introvert, so I love the quiet time with my machine. But I also love the chance to interact with the rest of the quilting bloggers. I enjoy making friends over miles and oceans who are as passionate about fabric and patterns and quilting as I am. It's such a blessing to have good friends cheering me on from all over the world.

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    The best part is the many new friends I have made through quilting, at my guild, and the classes I have taken. The beautiful quilts that I have made as gifts and to decorate my home are nice too!

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    I try to make as many gifts as possible. My latest was a baby quilt for a co worker and omg she genially loved it. It was my first baby quilt.

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    I try to make time for quilting every day, even if it's only a few minutes. And I am slowly working on getting quilts onto all the beds. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    It's always a thrill when I'm able to give someone a quilt as a gift, especially if it's unexpected. Not long ago on a whim I gave a quilt to a sweet lady who I've known casually for over 20 years. To me it was a small thing, but she was very excited, which really made my day.

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    I really relate to having threads on my clothes. ;)<br />I love that as my quilting life becomes quilting IS my life doesn&#39;t seem to alarm my family; in fact they all are on board with it and support it.

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    This looks like a beautiful book. My quilting life is sporadic, depending on the needs of my family. But my favorite getaway time is spent in my sewing cubby, playing with scraps, trying to create something beautiful from them.

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    I would love to add this quilting book to my library. Quilting is my way of showing my love for family and friends by making them something special. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    Part of my quilting life is getting so excited about a new or completed project that I show everyone in the house numerous times as I excitedly explain some special tidbit about my current project. They smile and graciously ooh and ahhh for me. :)

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    I&#39;d have to say the main thing is four years ago when I got back into sewing (after years of dust gathering on my machine other than the yearly Halloween costume I made) I started my &quot;life after kids graduated&quot; in the quilting world! Found like-minded bloggers like yourself, swappers on flickr, quilt-alongs and a job at a quilt shop and my mind is constantly flowing with

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    Quilting seems to have taken over my life sometimes, but it has given me a great creative outlet as I have moved to an unfamiliar part of the country – thank goodness for online friends!

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    Just last week a co-worker started picking threads off the back of me as I was walking down the hall. :-)<br /><br />I&#39;m new to quilting, and re-new to sewing, and I&#39;m pretty obsessed with it all right now. I can&#39;t figure out which project to start/finish and I waste a lot of time flitting about. <br /><br />The best thing to me is all the great blogs I&#39;ve found, and wonderful

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    Some of my first memories are of playing on the floor in my Granma&#39;s sewingroom, with her big box of buttons ( I still have those buttons). I still remember the hum of her Singer shop machine in the background. My mother made many of our Sunday and our dress outfits, I wish I still had some of them. I hated home Ec in 7th grade and was a tomboy. So everyone in my family was extremely

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    I too, have a family who has been dragged (I hope willingly) into my quilting and creating life. They ooh and ahh over all the things I bring out to show, they give their honest opinion, receive many of these items as gifts, and never seem to mind when these items take over any bare wall or table space. My 27 year old daughter just asked for, and got, her first sewing machine. We spent a

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    I am a fourth generation quilter. I have been quilting with my mom and grandmother for 19 years now. Unfortunately my 89 year old grandmother has recently had to stop quilting because of her health. I treasure all those moments when we sewed and quilted together! Thanks for this fantastic opportunity!

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    I could not agree with you more about having too many projects going. I would rather spend my extra money and time on quilting instead of clothes, spa treatments, etc. Now that borders on obsession.

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    I, too, have the &quot;threads on my clothes&quot; issue as part of my quilting life! I&#39;m a longarmer, so I have to keep a lint roller in my car, in my kitchen, in my bedroom so I can &quot;roll&quot; my threads off and look presentable! :)

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    Joining my cousin&#39;s quilt group was one of the best things I&#39;ve ever done. I went from just collecting fabric to actually getting some quilts made. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Quilting has been a part of my life since 1999. I love making quilts, being with other quilters through my guild and bee. They all inspire me. Quilting has also included blogging which means new friends, some of them I have actually met in person.

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    One bedroom in our home is dedicated to my quilting–sewing machines, cutting table, cabinets, bookshelves, ironing board (always set up), and of course, the computer.

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    Playing with buttons that came out of my grandmothers hugh button box…I don&#39;t kknow why the little pieces of thread have to stick to our clothes, even when you think you have rolled them off with the sticky roller….thanks for the chance to win..

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    Quilting is a big part of my life. I recently finished a bigger than king sized Grandmother&#39;s Flower Garden that took 5,000 hexies and took two years. For two years those hexies went everywhere. Doctor&#39;s appointments, Tae Kwon Do, swimming, Jamaica, you name it when I couldn&#39;t or didn&#39;t want to be in front of my machine. I would work on a different machine pieced quilt when I

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    I am a beginner quilter. I&#39;ve sewn other things for years but am so enjoying making quilts…..the creative juices are flowing! I believe finding the quilting blogs on the internet was the inspiration to start this craft. This book looks wonderful.

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    I pretty much do some kind of sewing every day–I feel a little cheated if I don&#39;t get a needle and thread in my hands at some point! I love decorating my house with things that are hand worked–like feathering my nest!

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    My brain is always dreaming up a new quilt idea – I wish I had time to sew every idea I dream up! I love the creative outlet it gives me whether I&#39;m making a gift, teaching a class, or just making something for me!

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    Living a Quilting Life is a wonderful part of my life that continues to grow. With that said, at 33 years old – my DD starting quilting…and continues.

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    Ooooh, pick me, pick me!!!! Part of my quilting life means staring at endless patterns, stopping to comment on fabric in a store window (even if it&#39;s a pet store or something), and always thinking about every application for sewing, even if we&#39;re really talking about painting the walls or planting new flowers.<br /><br />Abigail

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    Living a Quilting Life means trying to find time between work, family, volunteer commitments, and housework, to get in as much quilting as I can. I began quilting in my 30&#39;s, and wish I learned sewing and quilting when I was growing up. I think about how much more I would have accomplished!!

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    I agree, Sherri is one of the nicest people in the world. So glad you two have had a chance to meet, especially at fun places like Market. <br />Count me in!

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    Love the &quot;thread on the clothes&quot;. So True! Nothing sweeter that choosing fabrics and making something beautiful that wasn&#39;t there before!<br />Love your blog and love this book!<br />satterfieldfamily at sbcglobal dot net

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    Quilting has become a constant thing for my over the last few years. I love applique as well as quick to put together projects. I recently made a bag for my grandson to carry his cars and trucks in that had various vehicles printed on it. He uses it every day and asked me to make him one with trains on it. This book looks great and I would love to win it.

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    I love patchwork and quilting and like you I have to have several project on the go at any one time. I have tried to get better and have completed several UFO&#39;s over te past two years. But there is always a new project to entice us and therefore more fabric to purchase.

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    <br />My quilting life consists of fits and starts on quilting projects, lots of organization and reorganization of fabric, lots of fabric collecting, and generally a whole lot of fun!

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    My four year old son begs me to sew – he loves playing in my sewing room with me and using all my scraps to decorate his toys (and to tie up the baddies!). As a result, I&#39;m fortunate in that I still have plenty of opportunity to quilt – even with two kids under foot!

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    My quilting life includes my daughter, we have &quot;a quilting life&quot; together, and I love that! Thanks for the chance for Sherri&#39;s awesome book!

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    One day as I was getting ready to go out with my husband he looked at me and said &quot;Why do you always have strings on your clothes&quot;. After that I bought a lint roller and try to clean off before I leave the sewing room.

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    Reading quilters&#39; blogs gives me so much inspiration and instruction that I want to spend all my spare time quilting! Thanks for the giveaway … would love to win a copy of the book (also one of my obsessions)

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    My quilting life means squeezing it in between dropping the older boys at school and picking them up, and getting the youngest settled with toys and snacks for little snippets at a time, or longer chunks of time after they&#39;ve gone to bed. Hauling everything back and forth from the dining room table, because even though I have a nice sewing area in our basement, I can&#39;t keep an eye on the

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    Quilting is like going to my happy place. :o) It helps me relax. I like Sally&#39;s comment. Ditto! and the floor of my bedroom is always stringy too!

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    The best aspect of my &quot;Quilting Life&quot; is the friend who started me on the quilting path so many years ago! Thank you Jean! She and I are best friends forever!

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    quilting is part of my daily life!<br />I am either sewing/quilting for me or for a friend or customer:) <br />SO much fun!!!!

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    Looks like a great book! Quilting is a new part of my life, one that seems to be replacing knitting (at leadt for now) as my craft obsession. My job is very analytical, so for me quiltingnis my creative outlet, where I can play with color and experiment wih fabric. It&#39;s also my little escape from my role as caregiver and nurterer to my son and my husband, who has a disability.

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    The best bit for me is the fabric, beautiful colours and textures and making new patterns by cutting up the fabric and sewing it back together again.(And possibly shutting myself away with my stash and just stroking and rearranging it – but we don&#39;t need to talk about that!)

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    The best part of my &quot;Quilting Life&quot; is having a girlfriend that loves quilting just as much as you do and the mutual understanding of Fabric Addiction!!

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    I love fabric and beautiful colors. I enjoy quilting because I can see how much progress I have made over the years. I also love it that I can make something that will keep my family warm in the winter or give them something to sit on at a summer picnic. But mostly, I just really, really love fabric!

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    My sewing room is my &quot;happy room&quot; where I can relax and get away from the stresses of the day. I also enjoy the friendships I&#39;ve developed with other quilters. They&#39;ve become life-long friends. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Quilting makes me happy and my family understands that thank goodness so they are happy to put up with me spreading my quilting throughout the house at times. I do try to keep it contained in the basement most of the time. :)

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    I just loving the peaceful feeling when I start to sew either in my sewing room or in the big chair with a hand project. Stress just seems to flow away with each stitch. The friends, fabric and wonderful gifts are all the bonuses that come a long with. &quot;A Quilting Life&quot;

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    I feel very privileged to have grown up in a culture, Mennonite, where quilting circle, or sewing circles, were frequent and all the quilts and blankets we used, were handmade. I learned to piece a quilt for my doll at a young age, and then later learned hand quilting. I love to make quilts and come up with way more ideas for quilts than I&#39;m able to make. I hand quilt for others, and so don

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    Quilting is so important to me. Creating something useful and beautiful feels amazing. Old fashioned arts like sewing and quilting always make me feel centered and peaceful – my sewing life consists of vintage linens, new fabrics, drinking tea and hand stitching binding. Fabric/quilting/sewing makes me so happy &lt;3

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    One aspect of my quilting life is being part of a group with 5 other quilters. We meet once a month to share ideas, projects, and socialize. It&#39;s always fun and we learn a lot too!

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    For me quilting is a brand new interest, that I have taken to with great gusto and enthusiasm! I started seeing a lot of beautiful quilts on Pinterest and reached out to a quilter in my neighborhood who has become a dear friend. She invited me to sewing night where I learned to quilt in their &quot;quilt school&quot;. 6 months ago I had never even used a sewing machine, now with 4 quilts under my

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    I love taking my passion for textiles to new heights! Quilting has given me a vehicle for showing those dear to me how much I love them…and besides where else can I have this much fun with math (my favorite subject ever!).

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    I enjoy needlework of all kinds and sometimes with travelling and all that life throws at me, I just need to feed that part of me, so I always try to have something portable. Embroidery quilt blocks, sewing down a binding, sometimes even piecing. My souls truly is fed by needle and thread!

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    I can relate to all your aspects of a quilting life! I&#39;ll throw in the fact that it feels like the only thing I do that actually stays done!

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    I love the satisfaction I get from quilting and from being able to, while still striving for perfection, accept my little mistakes and flaws as a beautiful part of the process. It&#39;s made me a more easy-going person.

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    My fabric stash seems to have ended up divided in two: fabric I buy for me and fabric I buy with my little boys in mind. For some strange reason my side of the stash grows and grows but the other side is in a constant state of use and my two little boys are gaining a bunch of quilted treasures. They are happy and i&#39;m happy to be simply able to create.

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    My quilting life is just starting, but I am already well acquainted with many bloggers who love quilting just as much as I do. I love the beautiful fabrics and lovely colors. I find it hard to say no to florals and new tools, esp. when they are on sale. I also find it difficult to finish a project when 2 or 3 lovely new ones are teasing me from the pages of my favorite magazine or new book.

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    An aspect of the Quilting Life for me is keeping my mind sharp by always dreaming and scheming my next project. Of course, this drives my husband crazy as, to him, I always appear to be &quot;daydreaming.&quot; But really, I love figuring out the perfect pattern, doing the math if necessary, and playing with things like balance and scale and color.

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    My grandmother is the inspiration behind my love of quilting, but unfortunately, she is not the one who taught me!! I wish she could see how much I love it now!!

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    My go to sweater for at-home wear – not to be seen in public. or even in the year if possible – It used to be a soft, fuzzy black – not t is literally a &#39;coat of many colours&quot; with all of the bits of thread that it has collected over time from my favourite projects. It is it&#39;s own time machine. I&#39;m afraid to wash it in case it falls apart and I shed consttntly when wearing it.

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    My quilting life took place between a professional, demanding job, family and 50 year tine as an active Bible Teacher. I saved patterns, purchased fabric, joined a quilt group and struggled to complete a quilt. Then Multiple Sclerosis and brittle diabetes set me down, unable to walk, barely talk or use my left hand. <br />Rehab, spunk, prayers and a never give up spirit now find me able to

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    I love to sew and being able to go in my sewing room every day brings me much peace and joy. Designing and creating keeps my mind alert. Quilting has become a big part of my everyday life. I love the whole process of it.When I wake up in the morning, I think about what I am going to work on today and that is what inspires me to get up and get my day started every day. Thank you so much for a

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    Quilting keeps me busy and relaxed with a wonderful end product. Plus I have met such wonderful people through this amazing hobby. I think I would go totally mad if I didn&#39;t sew!

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    Quilting is frustrating and fulfilling all at once. Frustrating because it&#39;s hard to eek out the time I would like to spend. Fulfilling because when I do get to make and complete quilts it really fulfills a need in me. I guess if I followed less quilting blogs I would have more time, but honestly, I have learned so much and get so inspired that I make the time for it. So happy to have

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    The common bond of friendship is there with every person I meet that sews. I love that! Looks like a great book, thank you for the chance to receive it.

  71. says

    A big part of my quilting life is my friendships and sewing buddies in our quilt guild, Material Girls! Love the retreats the most!

  72. says

    I love that I have a dedicated space in my house for quilting – I know a lot of quilters aren&#39;t so fortunate. If the room is messy I can just walk away and close the door – then pick up where I left of the next day – love it!

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    Quilting has been part of my life for almost twenty years. It was my sanity when I was at home with five sons – I&#39;m not sure we&#39;d have survived those years if it weren&#39;t for quilting.

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    The best part of quilting for me is that it is just so much fun to do! There have been so many times in the last almost-40 years, that quilting provided challenge, reward, therapy, comfort, you name it!

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    I love to create things and quilting/sewing gives me the outlet to do just that. It&#39;s fun to shop for new fabric for the next project(s) and to add to my stash along the way.

  76. says

    My quilting life makes me feel accomplished and creatively satisfied. Putting so much of myself into a quilt and gifting it to someone special or to someone I never met connects me to greater things.

  77. says

    I&#39;m pretty new to the Quilting Life, but I have been surrounded by quilts that my grandma made years and years ago. They are a daily reminder to me of what the Quilting Life is really about: family!!

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    It&#39;s such a great relaxing feelnig to be in front of my sewing machine…I love taking pieces of fabric and creating pieces of making them into something that can keep a loved one warm- inside and out!!

  79. says

    I&#39;ve always liked creating something every day. As a young mom,if I sewed or painted something it didn&#39;t have be done over and over like the dishes or laundry. Looks like a great book!

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    My quilting life consists of my family heritage. I feel connected to my family whenever I spend time with my quilting. Beyond that quilting is my therapy…it brings such calm to my life.

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    I had to chuckle when I read about you having strings all over yourself and an occasional pin on the floor. My husband is driven crazy by all the threads I leave on the floor! Once he asked, will this ever stop? He answered his own question with &quot;I think I know the answer to that!&quot; If I go out during a sewing session, I always wonder if I have threads across my butt! Really I do! I

  82. says

    Quilting has become such a habit in the last 10 years that I don&#39;t know what I would do if I couldn&#39;t just walk into my studio after work or on the weekend and just sew. It makes everything else just melt away.

  83. says

    I always have bits of fabric stuck everywhere in the house because I don&#39;t have a sewing room or basement.<br />Thanks for the chance to have my own copy :)

  84. says

    I guess my quilting life began when I was too small to learn and could only play under the quilt frame while Mom and a friend quilted. The &quot;menfolk&quot; played cards downstairs. Mom&#39;s quilts were made to be used though so as much as I cherish them they have seen better days. She made most of my clothes and I can still pick out pieces of fabric that I remember the outfit. Love the

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    My quilting life is spread around the dining room. This is my sewing room so every thing is scattered everywhere. I don&#39;t dew as much as I would like too.

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    I so relate to the thread on my clothes aspect of a quilting life. wherever I go it seems like a kind friend is picking a white thread off me…guess I should just learn to wear only white! Also my husband swears nothing of his that gets ironed is without a loose thread here or there. Small price to pay for having so much fun! Thank you for this opportunity and also the immeasurable

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    I try to sew a little every day and enjoy following blogs like your&#39;s and Sherri&#39;s that make me &quot;ooh&quot; and &quot;ahh&quot; and wish I had more time to create more! Thanks for sharing what you do!

  88. says

    I loved your thread on your clothing statement. I, too tend to have a lot of thread on my clothing, on the cat, on the floor and everywhere.

  89. says

    A big part of my sewing life is hitting quilt stores wherever I travel! I just hit about 4, plus a small quilt show in Wyoming in my last travels! (one in Nevada, one in utah, and two in Wyoming!!) It&#39;s fun!

  90. says

    Fabric, fabric, fabric! I have been sewing for many years, but just recently started quilting–perfect for my fabric obsession. Thanks for the chance.

  91. says

    I could very much relate to starting two or three other projects before the first one is finished. My goal this year was to &quot;finish two before anything new&quot; but that resolution seriously failed by January 2nd! Thanks for the chance to win Sherri&#39;s book – All work always looks fabulous.

  92. says

    My quilting life consists of the few minutes I steal for myself each day, even if it&#39;s not sewing, I&#39;m at least planning out something in my head or dreaming of what I am going to sew next and how it will look! Once in a while, I get to sit down to my machine and make it happen! Thanks for the chance!

  93. says

    An aspect of my quilting life that I enjoy is the sense of accomplishment when I finish something – a block, a quilt, a binding, etc. I work at a job that doesn&#39;t always give me something to point to when I finish a project and say, yes, I did that. With quilting, I can work an evening at my sewing machine and have something to show for it. It is very gratifying.

  94. says

    I enjoy to create quilted projects as gifts… birthdays, newborns, weddings, Christmas etc. I&#39;m always looking for the next gift to make someone!!

  95. says

    I love every aspect of quilting. It gives me the chance to make something homemade and give away to friends and family. It&#39;s a quilt, wall hanging, a bag, baby quilts that I love to make and hope someone can enjoy and use.

  96. says

    I love to quilt and find all parts of making the quilt fun! I would love to win Sherri&#39;s book to share with my DD as she is setting up her apartment and likes to sew, but hasn&#39;t fallen for quilting..yet. 😉 Thanks so much for the chance!

  97. says

    Quilting allows me to relax and free the thinking part of my brain I use for work…not that I am not thinking while I quilt but it is such a different process to create a quilt than what I do all day. It is amazing the problems I solve or things that become clearer after quilting without me even realizing they are &quot;on my mind&quot;. Thanks for a chance to win.

  98. says

    Yy quilting life is not as big as I would like, but in the free moments I am busy with several quiltprojects. By Hand and by machine, I like it both. Thanks for the chance! M

  99. says

    Right now, my quilting life is in an upheaval – I&#39;m preparing to move into a new room that we&#39;ve added onto our home, and my current quilting room is a disaster!! Can&#39;t wait to get it all in one place and organized!!<br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway!!

  100. says

    I would love to win the book. I have been following her for quite some time. I am so glad that I got into quilting about 8 years ago. Going on shop hops, hanging out with my quilting friends at our retreats is what I love to do.

  101. says

    For me, quilting (and sewing, and embroidery) is a way to stretch my imagination and creativity. It is a chance to learn new skills (and I love to learn anything new). I love to see a project come together from start to finish. And I love to give away something handmade, that I put love into. And of course – the fabric!<br />(majesticjenkinsATgmailDOTcom)

  102. says

    I love looking and touch the fabric as it gives me great inspiration. I&#39;m always doing more than 1 project at a time. I love staying busy.

  103. says

    I&#39;m so fortunate to have a quilting heritage. My paternal grandmother did lots of scrappy quilts. My mother was the quilting perfectionist. I&#39;ve recently caught the bug and use quilting as &quot;therapy&quot;.

  104. says

    My quilting life developed over time. Growing up taller than all my friends, I learned to sew just to get garments that fit! As a young mother with two girls I made all their clothes as well as their coats and taught them to sew. Later life and I&#39;m working, going back to school for a degree, more work and sewing got put aside. After I retired I found a picture of a quilt I had saved from a

  105. says

    People who visit my home always say how warm, welcoming and comfortable it is. I know it has to do with the quilts and pillows around the house.

  106. says

    The best part of my quilting life is being able to give the quilts I make away to friends, family and everyone I love. I also appreciate how the quilting process lessens stress for me during difficult times.

  107. says

    My favorite thing about quilting is that it becomes an heirloom. I have a great time (and frustrating times) making quilts and then it&#39;s even better seeing the look on their face when I hand the quilt over to them. It&#39;s even better seeing a new baby snuggled up in something you made and knowing that it will last a lot longer then some toy they may out grow.

  108. says

    A big part of my quilting life is giving quilted gifts! I love giving table runners, wall quilts, tote bags, baby quilts, etc. Also, I am making a quilt for each of my boys&#39; major milestones. Besides the fact that I have always loved giving handmade gifts, it helps me justify my fabric purchases!!! I&#39;m loving the looks of this book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  109. says

    One part of the quilting life that is important to me is the process of problem solving , improvising, and creating – skills that get honed during the years of raising kids and can get a bit rusty once the nest is empty! Quilting gives me the satisfaction that comes with creating something that adds beauty to the world.

  110. says

    I love making quilts that get used! I don&#39;t want them put in a glass case and set aside, never to be touched. I love making them for our nieces and nephews who I know will put the sturdiness of my seams to the test as they happily drag them around the house, sleep on them, play on them and just love them forever :)

  111. says

    I have only been quilting for a year and a half but am totally addicted! I am still making quilts for each member of the family and still learning from my mistakes! awolk at rogers dot com

  112. says

    I make a lot of my quilts from scraps that I have been given by other people, which means I don&#39;t always have a full &quot;line&quot; of matched fabrics to work with. Sometimes this is a good thing as it forces me to become more creative. I have, though, bought several bundles recently in some favorite colors and designs as there are some things I just CAN&#39;T resist!

  113. says

    I try to sew for a while every days and I love to go on retreats with my quilt bee 4-5 times a year. That is when I really get a lot accomlished!

  114. says

    I recently bought my 9 year old daughter her own sewing machine…and now we can sew at the same time…very fun! It&#39;s fun to share my love of sewing and quilting with my children.

  115. says

    I recently bought my 9 year old daughter her own sewing machine…and now we can sew at the same time…very fun! It&#39;s fun to share my love of sewing and quilting with my children.

  116. says

    Well, I am either sewing every day or thinking about quilts and fabric. I can&#39;t believe how I fall in love with fabrics. Love the precuts of an entire collection and how they all work together and compliment each other. I enjoy following the blogs and get a lot of inspiration from them. Thank you for all you do and thanks for a chance to win the book. It looks great!

  117. says

    Well, I am either sewing every day or thinking about quilts and fabric. I can&#39;t believe how I fall in love with fabrics. Love the precuts of an entire collection and how they all work together and compliment each other. I enjoy following the blogs and get a lot of inspiration from them. Thank you for all you do and thanks for a chance to win the book. It looks great!

  118. says

    One part of my quilting life is the joy and sense of accomplishment and wonder I feel when I make something, and then look at it afterwards and realize I really did create something that adds beauty to the world. Quilting is so wonderful!!

  119. says

    My quilting life is my life completely wrapped sound my grandchildren <br />I always have a project in progress for them. When I am gone they will have <br />Their memories and some things sewn for each of them from me

  120. says

    Well, I love bags and table runners as I am new and trying with them, too much difficult a quilt a big one, ata the moment I am doing a small one! I love doing t-shirts of patchwork, and specially to my kids, now planning the same one for my daugter and myself.<br />Nothing better than sharing with my family my hobbies!!<br />Kisses from Sapin

  121. says

    I am in the process of making each one of my Grand children a quilt, but more keep coming, but I love them. I like making runners and bags also.

  122. says

    My favorite part of my quilting life is sharing time with my DH. I think he has just as much as I do. We bought a second sewing machine so that he can sew along with me. He enjoys coming up with different patterns for us to make or make fun of. lol I definitely got a keeper! :D<br /><br />Oh and everything you already mentioned, adding taking up the entire kitchen/kitchen table and refusing to

  123. says

    Learning to quilt stretches me in ways that I never thought I would be stretched. Thinking about color, pattern, design, techniques. Looking at buildings and sidewalks in a new way. As I learn more, I figure out there is more to learn and thinking about! Thanks for putting my name in the hat for the drawing – book will have lots of ideas of me to think about and to sew! Thanks!

  124. says

    Looking at the same quilting magazines over and over again – partly because they never get old and partly because I live in Africa and only get my hands on new magazines during furloughs, every two-three years.

  125. says

    My quilting life consists of leaving the sewing machine on the kitchen table and eating meals on the sofa or the recliner and having threads everywhere.

  126. says

    A part of my quilting life is making a quilt for a family member. It brings me such joy to watch them open up,their quilt. I think it is more fun to sew for someone you love. Thank you for the chance!

  127. says

    I love that I can see progress as i move through the creative process- each block makes the top bigger, then it takes life with sashing and looks different again with quilting. At first I didn;t understand when a friend told me that the quilt would tell me how to quilt it …. I understand now. And then the joy of using or giving the quilts. A great hobby!<br />

  128. says

    Part of my quilting life is making a quilt for each of my family members. So far I have finished one and have two others in progress. It is so much fun to give someone something that you have put so much work into.

  129. says

    I&#39;m really just starting out, about a year or so due to being a first time Grandmother. I even bring my sewing machine with me when I stay away from home in case I want to work a few more blocks!

  130. says

    I love being able to create something that I like whether it is to give away or to stash for one of my kids. It&#39;s just a sense of accomplishment and something I enjoy doing.

  131. says

    My favorite memories of my great-grandmother are of hanging out under her (enormous!) quilt frame while she pinned and pinned! After she died, I sort of took up the quilting mantle :) I only wish I had begun sooner.

  132. says

    Part of my quilting life is making quilts for the new babies in the family and also graduation quilts. Thanks for a chance to win this book.

  133. says

    An aspect of my quilting life…hmmmmmm. Well, if I have trouble falling asleep I start designing a quilt in my head. Pretty soon I&#39;m in dreamland. — soparkaveataoldotcom

  134. says

    Quilting provides a creative outlet that I don&#39;t have in my professional life. I have also met some wonderful people through quilting.

  135. says

    Part of my quilting life is being able to make my home have personality, comfort and beauty with things I can create with fabric along with a little time and patience. It&#39;s so fun to see quilts and be able to make them for our homes and friends.

  136. says

    Quilting is like a magnet that just keeps drawing me closer. Quilts will be my legacy just like they were for my grandmother and great grandmother – a work of love.

  137. says

    I&#39;m new to quilting. It&#39;s the colors of the fabrics that I see when I go to the stores for other crafting materials that is driving my need to dive into the quilting world. I found your hour glass block tutorial and it looks like something that I can handle. I want to replace a the worn out quilt (the only one I ever made, 30 years ago) used by my son for the past 20 years. Thank you for

  138. says

    Would love to win this book. I can&#39;t remember if I commented here or not. I can&#39;t find my name on the list, but I remember writing how I incorporate quilting in my life. It&#39;s gifts, household quilts to collect cat&#39;s hair on the furniture, etc.

  139. says

    This book looks wonderful! I love Sherri&#39;s blog too! We live in a small apartment and I&#39;ve taken over our spare bedroom and part of the livingroom with my quilting fabric &amp; tools.

  140. says

    I&#39;m new to quilting and the best part for me is when I make a perfect point or a perfectly matched seam! Success!! And I&#39;ve learned to be okay with the ones that are a little off too!

  141. says

    I find quilting a great stress reliever. When there are things going on in life that cause stress it&#39;s nice to work on something you can control and see an end product. There are several things I&#39;d love to make from this book. It&#39;s on my wish list.

  142. says

    Hi I have just discovered that there are some really great blogs out there with quilting. I love to read new ideas and tips from them. Besides collecting fabric love the feel of fabric I then take what I learned to make cute gifts. Thanks for the chance to win. Love ur blog

  143. says

    The fun part about quilting is sharing it with others, like spending a day sewing with my sister or daughter! The book looks like a winner.

  144. says

    Aspects of a quilting life: to me that means what&#39;s important and what I value. Recently, it&#39;s been the discovery of alot of blogs on quilting, sewing, crafting, cooking, organizing, embroidery, etc. There is so much inspiration and encouragement to find and do what makes you happy.<br /><br />Like you, I have issues with cutting into fabric. But it&#39;s all part of the process :)

  145. says

    So many aspects to love! I love sharing my finished project with people I love. I also enjoy the therapeutic sewing aspect of putting different fabrics together to make one unique item. Thank you for the chance!

  146. says

    My quilting life: I just love the process of picking out the colors, patterns, threads, etc. I&#39;ve always loved puzzles and for me this is the ultimate puzzle.<br /><br />I love your blog. I&#39;ll be back.

  147. says

    I work a full time job but sew when I am not working. I love every aspect of quilting. I am pretty much self taught but have had lots of help from my local Guild ladies and a special friend who owned a quilt store and let me sew samples for her. What a great joy that was, she retired at the end of 2011 but I have not lost my love of all things Fabric , thread etc. I work to quilt! LOL all of my

  148. says

    The best friends I could ever have have come from quilting. I love to spend all day Saturday in the sewing room, just puttering away! Life can&#39;t get any better than quilting or spending time with your quilting friends.

  149. says

    I laughed about the bits of thread in food…my husband held up a snippet and couple of months ago and said &quot;I don&#39;t mind thread on the floor, but in my food?!&quot; Thankfully he was laughing.

  150. says

    I love all aspects of quilting especially the learning process that goes on. There is always something new to learn and do. Quilting blogs are great and a great way to share information and get inspiration. Thank you for this chance to win this book. I would love to make the bags.<br /><br />Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  151. says

    I am obsessed with looking at quilt patterns and enjoy reading all quilting blogs that I can find! After the kids are put to bed….I get to enjoy my hobby! I quilt after they are in need because 4 little hands are way too many

  152. says

    I love creating quilts and quilted objects for my home (pillows, table runners, table covers ….) I also love making things for family and friends to decorate their little corners of the world. This book sounds like it&#39;s right down my alley!!

  153. says

    I&#39;m a mom of all boys so much of our home is decorated for masculine taste–dark leather couches, giant television, etc. Except my sewing/craft room. It&#39;s the perfect shade of pink. This is where I retreat and create. A Quilting Life has several adorable projects I would love to make. Thanks for your review of Sherri&#39;s book and fun blog.

  154. says

    My quilting life includes 13 of the best friends ever. We meet at least once a month for sharing. We have two retreats each year and we try to find time for a few road trips. We make quilts for the local NICU unit and for people who have suffered losses of loved ones or other tragedies. I would love to win a copy of this book to share with them!

  155. says

    Aaspects of a quilting life to me mean: not so much time for cleaning house, bits of thread on my clothes, racing home so I can quilt, going to quilt shows, smelling and &quot;fondling&quot; fat quarters, reading quilting blogs and meeting and making new friends.

  156. says

    I have quilts displayed &amp; used in every room of my house. My husband encourages my by actually telling me when we&#39;re traveling that he saw a sign for a quilt shop &amp; than stops at it for me. Can&#39;t wait to get my own copy of this book. Looks like so many great projects in it.

  157. says

    A quilting life to me is looking at a finished project, or one in the works, and realizing that this thing of beauty started as a pile of beautiful fabrics. It amazes me each time that &quot;I did that&quot;!

  158. says

    Marion BP<br />Firstly, congratulations on your book being published. As a person who is housebound, the different blogs I receive have been like receiving a letter or visit from an old friend. Keep up your blogs, they are insightful &amp; are appreciated.

  159. says

    I just love fabric. When I look at new fabric it doesn&#39;t take too long before I know what quilt I&#39;m going to make. I&#39;d really enjoy Sherri&#39;s book.

  160. says

    I laughed at several items on your &quot;quilting life&quot; list. I can so relate. When I was making my very first quilt, I remember thinking &quot;this is crazy — cutting up this gorgeous fabric into little pieces and then sewing it back together.&quot; But I was hooked in no time. There&#39;s no such thing as too much fabric, and yes, the thread is everywhere. Thanks for the chance to

  161. says

    I LOVE quilting and love making things for my home. I think I&#39;d love it even more if I had my own space! Maybe one day a whole room will be devoted to my quilting.

  162. says

    I love quilting so much…it makes me think of my grandmother who made a lot of quilts and I loved staying over at her house with several quilts on the bed..we were always warm on winter nights. Quilting is very relaxing. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely book.<br />thim3@hotmail.com

  163. says

    My quilting life was pretty much on hold from the time I went back to work when my kids were in school until I retired. Now it has become a big part of my lift. Not just quilting, but all kinds of sewing. Since I became a grandma three years ago, there has been lots of dresses, baptism outfits, costumes and doll clothes. I love every minute of it.

  164. says

    With small children still at home, my &quot;quilting life&quot; doesn&#39;t take up as much time as I may sometimes wish, but I love being able to make something completely new and different. I love that quilts make great gifts, but are also so useful as well. Thank you for the chance to win.

  165. says

    Quilting brings the creativity out in me. Colors, patterns and textures excite me. I love reading blogs and looking at magazines in order to add more projects to my bucket list.

  166. says

    Right now I am trying to figure out what kind of borders to put on a quilt for a cute 2.5 yrs old girl. She loves playing with folded fabric, put on the floor in a ring. She tells me it&#39;s her merry go round. I love it!

  167. says

    I love to make quilts for my growing family and friends. I think quilts are like hugs and we all need a hug! I love to read all the quilting blogs for inspiration.

  168. says

    Aspect of my quilting life? I am not a good finisher. I am a good starter. I am a good designer/planner. I am a good fabric purchaser. Boy! am I a good fabric purchaser. I struggle with the finishing. I enjoy the process way too much, I guess.

  169. says

    As a fairly new quilter, part of my quilting life is learning a lot with each new project…which I love!<br />krseitz at earthlink dot net

  170. says

    My small quilting groups are so invaluable to me. I have one for work and one<br />for my friends where we drink coffee &quot;stitchin&#39; in the kitchen&quot;.

  171. says

    I&#39;ve loved &quot;petting&quot; fabrics all my life, but my grandmothers both sewed for a living and so did not sew for fun…. like making quilts. I&#39;ve grown to love the modern quilt movement, especially the use of negative space, which has spurred the growth of modern quilting (the actual quilting part!) into a wonderful art form!

  172. says

    I like seeing the interplay of color and pattern as I am working on a quilt. The more fabrics in a quilt the better it like it.

  173. says

    How wonderful to actually meet a blogger you have followed, I think I would be too in awe to say much of anything.<br />I would love to win her book, please put my name in the hat.<br />Thank you<br />Toni

  174. says

    My quilting life began yesterday upon stumbling on to your step by step quilting lessons. My niece and I have decided to each try making the quilt! Ok, 81 squares! I&#39;d love to win this book – looks like a lot of fun projects! Hope for beginners! Love your blog too :)

  175. says

    I love all aspects of the quilting world including hand embroidery, hand and machine applique, and the piecing. I do fall short on the machine quilting process but I keep trying. Thank you for this great giveaway for one great book.<br /><br />Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  176. says

    My &quot;Quilting Life&quot; began just a couple of years ago. I have learned so much from bloggers who are willing to share their talents. I have sewn forever but now I will be able to share quilts with my family. Three large quilts have been quilted so far!

  177. says

    Well, what I find is that unless I have some &quot;busy-ness&quot; in my life, I am not particularly motivated to sew. I know, with as busy as you are, you can&#39;t even imagine unencumbered time. It&#39;s called retirement. Now that I have made lots of committments, though, I am again very motivated to quilt. Wa hoo.

  178. says

    I have only just started my quilting life, having made a baby rag quilt. I soon realised that my quilting life will involve a lot of blog reading and making rather small projects. I&#39;m so in awe of you guys who make the most beautiful and elaborate quilts!

  179. says

    As a new quilter(less than 6 months and 4 quilts later) I am in Love with the art of quilting. I eat sleep and breath it.. Would love the chance to win this book.

  180. says

    I love sharing my love of quilting with my daughters; 2 of the 3 also love to quilt, and the other daughter likes quilts, just not making them. I also love making baby quilts for my grandchildren and watching them love and use their quilts until they are worn out! That is the greatest compliment, and an excuse to make them a new one! My 13 year old grandson will get his 2nd quilt soon! Thanks for

  181. says

    After termites ate their way thru part of my studio, I was forced to gut the room and re- do it. Every day I walk into that beautiful studio I&#39;m thankful to have a space to call my own. Thanks for sharing.

  182. says

    My quilting life means that housework often goes by the board while I sit at the kitchen table and work on my project. Vacuuming — what&#39;s that?

  183. says

    This sounds like a fantastic book! I&#39;d love to win a copy of it! I have only been quilting for a little over a year so my quilting life is fairly new…but I LOVE learning new technigues and making quilts, table toppers and bags for famiily and friends. Next up, I want to make each of my 3 children a quilt for their beds. I have been waiting for just the right pattern for each of them and

  184. says

    I love fabric. I love being able to see something and recreate it myself. I love putting meaningless pieces together and seeing something beautiful. I love sharing my enjoyment with others.

  185. says

    I couldn&#39;t help but chuckle when I read your bullet point about having thread all over your clothes. My fiance lives 1300 miles away but can always tell when I&#39;ve been sewing because when we Skype, he can pick out the thread all over my clothes. Yeah, it&#39;s that bad that it can be seen via Skype. I&#39;m glad I&#39;m not the only one who gets it all over though. Thanks for the chance

  186. says

    quilting is suppose to be a stress reliever and usually is unless I have a deadline. I love the creative process and really love when I have finished something and it looks great…. then all I want to do is make more… its so addictive!!

  187. says

    Part of a my quilting life is that it is time I spend being creative – planning, thinking things through, focusing in on mental pictures and ideas. Part of it is the simplicity of just making and focusing on one thing at one time; and perhpas another part is the fact that most often I make things for people who mean so much to me in this life of mine – it&#39;s my way to honour my relationships

  188. says

    What an inspiring book. And your blog – I am so glad to have found it. Now to find the time to look around. I need more hours in the day for my quilting life! But I love making pretty things for family and friends. Who needs sleep?

  189. says

    My husband is my support and encourager! We have just moved from Illinois to Alabama, and he had a sewing room on the top of our list as we looked for our new home. He even suggested taking the master bedroom for my sewing. That is saying LOVE in capital letters! Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  190. says

    I love everything about quilting, the colors, the way fabric feels, putting something together that is beautiful and useful, even organizing all the &#39;stuff&#39; that comes with having a sewing room. Yes, a whole room! I am blessed…and thanks for your beautiful blog!

  191. says

    Sherri&#39;s book looks awesome! I love quilting, hand sewing and embroidery and sometimes I&#39;m able to combine all three in one project. Love the peace of mind and relaxation I feel when working on something. It&#39;s great that I can be creative and make something with love that I&#39;m able to share with family and friends. I wish I had all day to sew but with family and life we all know

  192. says

    I love my quilting life – I get to sew nearly every day and stitch with friends at least once a week! Love exploring new books, and new fabrics. Thanks for the give away.

  193. says

    I love making things for my own…quilts especially and love having them either on the walls or hanging around. I even have a quilt on my front porch on our swing. I&#39;d love to win her book.

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