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Bloomerie Fabrics
Are you familiar with Bloomerie Fabrics? It is a wonderful online shop specializing in modern designer fabricsa handpicked selection of quilt and sewing patterns, books, magazines and embroidery supplies. 
In From the Cold by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics - NEW!
Some recent collection additions include In From the Cold, The Boo Crew, and Love to Sew. They also stock a huge collection of Moda Bella Solids and Cotton Couture solids from Michael Miller. Be sure to check out the Sale section for some great deals on recent collections.

Today, Bloomerie Fabrics is giving away a Fat Quarter Bundle of the new Love to Sew collection by Michael Miller. 
As well as This Pockets to Go pattern by Atkinson Design.

To enter to win these prizes, visit Bloomerie and come back here and tell me what collection you love most (if you can narrow it down). Giveaway open until Saturday, June 29 at midnight, MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

WINNER: ShaunaJune 26, 2013 at 11:01 AM

It is so hard to choose, I love PB&J and Matilda, but could pick 20 more too

Thank you Bloomerie! You can stay connected with Bloomerie Fabrics by following them on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Flickr.


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    Impossible to narrow down! But Color Me Retro is definitely at the top. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity-that pattern looks very fun!<br />mmckee at wi dot rr dot com

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    Much as it is hard to choose just one, In From The Cold by Kate Spain is at the top of my wish list, I have bought every one of her collections and love them all.

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    I know this is not a collection but I noticed in their new section that they have the Moda solid swatch pieces. I had seen the color card before but never thE swatches.

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    Awesome giveaway . . . and I love their shop . . . great sale prices! I love the bundle you are giving away &amp; I haven&#39;t gotten my hands on any Marmalade by Bonnie &amp; Camille yet . . . so pretty!

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    I love Bloomerie – they are a great store! I&#39;m going to pick Posy, its such a soft and happy collection! Thanks for the chance!

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    Such a great shop!! I adore their own bundles!! And the S&#39;more Love collection is something I need to own:) Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

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    So many beautiful fabrics. Love the Boo Halloween fabrics. The Water Fairy Fat Eighth Bundle is wonderful! Thanks for a chance to win.

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    It is really hard to narrow it down, isn&#39;t it? For me, it&#39;s a toss-up between Color Me Retro and Matilda. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Soo many great collections! My favorite would have to be Happy Go Lucky and then Posy and then Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack, and then….. :). Thanks for the chance!

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    I love the Boo Crew Ghoulish collection. Every time I see it, I think of all the fun projects I could make with it. That said, I also love the Love To Sew collection.

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    In From the Cold….perfect for a warming throw! though I really like that black/red combo, too. I also looked at a tutorial they had on their site on finishing the jelly roll quilt which is really well done.

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    Such a difficult decision. I&#39;ve had my eye on Koi since I heard about it, but then there is also Love to Sew and Mon Amie. But I guess if pushed to pick one I might go with Matlida.

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    omg that Michael Miller line is so adorable! There are way too many so one of the collections I love and just bought is In From the Cold. Ty for the chance!

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    In from the Cold – perfect inspiration to start some of those holiday crafts – even if it is 90 degrees out! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I love the Type collection, but there are just a couple fabrics available in that collection. My other favorite is definitely Cream &amp; Sugar! Thanks for introducing me to a new site.

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    Wow, what a hard choice, but it&#39;s so hot today so I&#39;m going to say &quot;In From the Cold.&quot; Love Kate Spain and would enjoy making tons of organizers with the patterns! Thanks so much.

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    I love all the bright pink/blues and greens but I would have to say the LadyBug Collection and Pink Lemonade are my favorites. What a wonderful website. I will be a repeat visitor

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    I can hardly decide, while I was there I bought 20 wooden spools. So cute. I am going to use them to store my vintage lace. I would love noteworthy!<br />

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    Thanks so much for the giveaway – I just saw this line at International Quilt Festival last weekend and loved it! I think my favorite line right now is In from the Cold – I can&#39;t wait to make some Christmas presents with it!

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    Love the Girlie Girl fabrics and their bundles would be perfect for any project for a little girl from a cute summer dress to one of the pockets to go to help organize her room….along with matching/coordinating curtains/quilt/pillows or maybe a cute purse. Thanks for showcasing the website, their prices are quite competitive.

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    Briar Rose is my favorite. It&#39;s a pity it&#39;s out of stock. I love fairy tale and storybook fabric and fabric that looks similar to one of those.<br /><br />(

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    I just purchased a couple of In From the Cold charm packs last week and I am totally in love with this fabric line! I already started a quilt with it. Another winner from Kate Spain. Thanks for the chance!

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    I am very anxiously awaiting Sunnyside, but if you&#39;re asking about currently available I&#39;d vote for the Patina fat quarter bundle. Gorgeous colors. And I just love Bloomerie — last time I ordered from them, they sent me buttons that matched my fabric. I looooooove buttons, so they must be mind readers! 😀

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    what a fun giveaway- a pattern, too! I like P, B &amp; J. But I&#39;m a sucker for ladybugs, and there&#39;s a print in ladybug garden I just adore. THanks!

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    Loving the Lady Bug Blues(and greens) fat quarter bundle! I think it would make a cute neutral baby quilt!<br />satterfieldfamily at sbcglobal dot net

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    I love Type so much. Why haven&#39;t I made anything with this fabric yet??? And my dear mother turns 76 on Saturday the 29th – she&#39;s still going strong and she&#39;s the one who got me started, so I guess if I won, Id just have to give my prize to her, right? LOL<br /> sunshdws at yahoo dot com

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    I lovelovelove in from the cold. I&#39;m dying to make a christmas quilt, if I can ever find the time! Thanks for the giveaway, I always love reading your blog!

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    I DO love Bloomerie! My favorite collection they&#39;re featuring is &quot;Koi.&quot; It&#39;s beautiful and so unique – no wonder it&#39;s out of stock!

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    I thought I liked one, then I scrolled down and liked the next one, then scrolled down and liked the next one — I love Pink Lemonade. All the fabrics are so pretty. Too pretty to choose!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Hope I&#39;m lucky.

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    Thanks for sharing this shop….Bloomerie Fabrics! Like it. I think I like Little Red Riding Hood. I&#39;ve seen quilts using this and they are so darling.

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    I love the pink lemonade fat qtr bundle – so cute! Thanks for introducing your readers to this shop. It certainly carries marvelous fabrics and patterns.

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    I love The Boo Crew. It would be cute for anytime, not just Halloween. I especially love the green monsters. The fabric might find it&#39;s way into a cute pair of shorts for my grandson.

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    They are all so lovely. Little Red Riding Hood is so cute today – really catching my eye. Thank you for putting my name in the hat for your drawing.<br />

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    I have been collecting sewing theme fabrics for a special quilt so I would have to select &quot;Love to Sew&quot; to complete my collection and start my quilt.

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    So many gorgeous fabrics! I love In From The Cold, Love to Sew and So Happy Together. I need to win lotto, I want them all, hehe.<br /><br />Thank you and Bloomerie Fabrics for a super giveaway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com<br />

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    Oh my the fabric is so cool! I love the Love to Sew &amp; cool spools. Oh and the pink lemonade fat quarter bundle – so yummy looking! Thanks Love your blog!

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    Oh my, too many to choose just one, but one that caught my eye was Roadway. It won&#39;t be in stock until August, but I hadn&#39;t seen it before and I like it. Thanks for the chance to win this bundle of loveliness and great pattern.

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    Love the sunny side…perfect timing with it coming out in september to cope with an aussie summer. Thanks for the chance!<br />Di

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    There are some great collections there, but I still think my favorite is Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack, even though it&#39;s not the newest. I have a ton of it here, and I continue to love it and make things from it.

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    Wow!! Tough choice. I think I like the So Happy Together bundle or Love To Sew bundle the best.<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win!!

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    I&#39;m partial to PB&amp;J, especially the navy floral print. Thanks for the terrific giveaway – the fabric and pattern look great!<br />ellen(at)myerly(dot)net

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    Without a doubt! its the love to sew collection sooooooo gosh darn cute! and I loveeeeeee those little bags! I can see my knitting accessories fitting inside that little one! not too mention one for my sewing room.

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    They are all so cute, it is hard to choose! I really like &quot;Little Red Riding Hood.&quot; It would look darling made into a table topper, pillows and accessories for my breakfast nook.

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    #1 would be the Type collection, but I also like the Cream and Sugar collection. Honestly, everything on that website is awesome!!

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    Such a cute shop….of course I had to place an order and then almost forgot to come back and enter to win the prize :)<br />I LOVE Red Riding Hood….would love some of that fabric.<br /><br />Peggy in NJ

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    I am in love with &#39;Love to Sew&#39; and the &#39;Cream and Sugar&#39; collections – so cute and I can already think of a bunch of great uses for them!

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    Well Amy you were right, it wasn&#39;t easy to decide, but in the end the In from the Cold was the collection that spoke the most to me. I just adore the marshmallows in the cocoa cups! And the mittens, the snowflakes, I just would really love to get a fat quarter bundle of it and make my sister a quilt with it, it suits her personality :) Thanks for leading me to the Bloomerie site!

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    i love the new line of sewing prints, cause no sewer can have enough prints for their workspace or &quot;doohickeys&quot; to use for organziation, so the bloomerie sewers by far is my favorite for now<br />and forever to work out for friends and bee memebrs

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    Love Bloomerie! I just recently ordered Marmalade from the shop…prices were great and service was very fast. Best of all: they&#39;re (somewhat) local! I can&#39;t wait to order from Bloomerie again. :)

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    I failed. I couldn&#39;t narrow anything down! We call my DGD ladybug, so lady Bug Garden caught my eye, but then so did Glamping and Pink Lemonade and Color Me Retro. Augh! So many choices! LOL Love the sewing theme bundle too.

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    I really like the Love to Sew collection….since I have been sewing starting at age 10, I am a sucker for prints with sewing items. Thanks for the chance to win!!<br />Tami<br />tamiquilts(at)att(dot)net

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    It is a tie between Ladybug and Brook<br />Just the love aqua!!! Had aqua in my first <br />kitchen curtains I made-1965-(dated myself)LOL.<br />Thanks

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    The Lady Bug Garden fabric is adorable. This would make a cute sundress for a little girl.<br />Thanks, <br />Peggy<br />

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    Hi, thanks for the chance to win.<br />I am finding it very hard to narrow it down to one fave collection, but am loving So Happy Together, but LOVE the look of love to Sew.<br />Cindy W. Aus

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    My favourite collection is Briar Rose and Love to Sew. I can&#39;t decide between these two collections. Gorgeous range of fabrics!!

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    I&#39;m CRAZY, like, really totally CRAZY for tea, so Cream and Sugar is tops on my list! I didn&#39;t even know that collection existed– thanks so much for referring me to that online shop– and for the chance to win! :)<br />~robin<br />

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    I love the Holiday Collection from Michael Miller, as I don&#39;t have any holiday fabric right now. It was hard to choose through all of the great fabric from Bloomerie!

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    I love the Cuzco! There are so many beautiful fabrics at Bloomerie and their shipping is quick and always comes with a little goodie! Love &#39;em!

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    It&#39;s a tie for me between Ladybug Garden &amp; Glamping – what great summer prints. I also love those little baskets. I&#39;m a new follower to your blog but i&#39;ve been enjoying going back through all your old posts. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    There are so many great collections its hard to choose! But, if I had to choose 1 for now, it would be &quot;Mon Amie&quot;.

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    It is hard to decide, but I think I can say Little Red Riding Hood. I just love it. Cream and sugar are also one I really like. And Pink Lemonade. And I could go on and on.

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    I can&#39;t pick just one – can&#39;t even get off the front page! LOL! I love Glamping, Love to Sew, Ladybug Garden,… well, you get the picture!

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    I tried to enter yesterday on my phone, but it wouldn&#39;t let me. I&#39;m trying now with my computer, so I apologize if this is a duplicate comment. <br /><br />My favorite collection is Twice as Nice. I&#39;m not a big fan of the truck fabrics, but I absolutely ADORE the others in the collection!!! The combination of the simple, subtle one-color patterns and the bright and bold flower

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    I&#39;m going to select &quot;Cuzco&quot; I really love the colors and patterns in this collection. Thank you for the fabtastic fabric giveaway! :) Have a quilty weekend! :)

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    I&#39;m loving the Glamping ladies and their trailer fabric it&#39;s so cute. That was an extremely hard challenge, like going to fabric heaven. ;-&gt; Toni Anne

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