New blocks, new books, and summer

Since the craziness of May is dying down, I am trying to catch-up on many things. One of which is over-due Bee blocks. These circle blocks are for are for Sinta.
They are a variation on traditional Dresden, but with a twist. They are made with 24 wedges instead of the 20 wedges in the traditional Dresden. These look so much trickier to make than they really are and you make two at a time so they come together quickly.
This wedge is created using a 15 degree wedge ruler. (A traditional Dresden uses an 18 degree wedge ruler.) Amazing the difference those 3 degrees make! Here they are side by side on the right so you can see the difference.
Here is another version of that quilt bock from a retreat I went to last year. When I shared that picture last year I got so many emails asking for the pattern. Well, now that pattern is finally available!
It’s included in a new book written by Amy McClellan called It’s a Circus published by Kansas City Star. 
Here are a few other patterns from the book. This little starburst looking quilt is also created with the wedge ruler. I want to try this one next.
Cute applique vintage-looking elephants and circles.

And the pattern for all of these cute little wool circus animals and their circus train home/storage pouch. You can get this book from Kansas City Star as well as from American Quilting in Orem, Utah. American Quilting also carries the 15 degree wedge ruler if you want to combine shipping. Their number is 801-802-7841. (American Quilting is not set up as an online shopping site. You will need to call the store and the nice ladies there can help you out!)

One more fun to new book to share. I just recently got a copy of Amy Ellis’s latest book Modern Neutrals: A Fresh Look at Neutral Quilt Patterns.

Last summer as Amy was working on a really tight deadline, she contacted me to see if I would be willing to piece one of the quilt tops for this new book. Here is a picture of the one I sewed. It was so quick and fun to create. I’m kind of antsy to make one for myself. Anyway, ever since then I’ve been so excited to see the other quilts in the book.
Here is Amy sharing one of the quilts at Market. This book is full of some really unique quilt designs. 

Here are a few more from the book that I really liked. The quilts in the book are all made from blacks, whites, grays, and tans – hence the name “Neutrals” – but I think they would look equally cool in colors. Modern Neutralsis available on Amazon or at your local quilt shop.

And finally… summer vacation has descended upon us. We had a busy final week of school last week including 6th grade graduation – which made me feel a little bit sad. Sixth grade is so fun and then suddenly they are thrown into the jaws of junior high school. I still have a couple more left at Elementary school, but I’m realizing that my kids are growing up! So we’re going to try to make the most of this summer. And I’ll try not to go crazy at the same time. Summer and I have a complex relationship. 
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    Thank you!!! Lucky me! I love how those fabrics and how the block looks. I am so excited to be putting them all together soon. I am totally addicted to both the Dresden and the Wedge rulers… so many fun things. Obviously your photo was my inspiration for this project. I am so glad to see that Amy McC. has published a book… looks like fun! Of course, it's a circus!!!

  2. says

    Ooo, the neutral quilts look like they'd be great "man quilts." I adore the one on the left of the double picture (if that makes sense.)

  3. says

    I love the blocks – they remind me of one of those wall of death things only with push bikes rather than motor bikes going round and round.

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    LOVE the finer, less chunking, look of your wedge quilts.<br /><br />I looked on Under the Garden Moon site for their wedge ruler you have pictured but I could not find it. Do you have a source for this ruler?

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    It&#39;s beautiful. I love dresden style quilts and I love making baby quilts so I&#39;m going to have to check for this book.<br /><br />Karen

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    I love that Dresden block. Someday I would love to play with it more.<br />And, I hope you can enjoy your summer with kids home. I know it&#39;s stressful to keep them entertained, but it&#39;s also nice to not worry about homework and packed schedules. At least your weather is much better than ours! My daughter is trying to think of ways to keep everyone happy INDOORS :)

    • says

      That is good perspective for me to keep in mind. It&#39;s sending kids outside that is my greatest sanity saver. I sound like I&#39;m complaining – there is much that I love about summer! But finding the balance between structure and freedom is always a tricky one for me.

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    Those wedge quilts are great. I feel your pain about middle school – we were in that boat last yeat but it ended up going really good.

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    I love those blocks! A lot of the blogs I read do traditional Dresden blocks and it was a real treat to a unique block! I love that you used a bicycle pattern in-between the sections. Almost like a bicycle wheel it&#39;s spokes! Can&#39;t wait to see the rest of the pattern!<br />

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