Scrappy Trip Along progress and New Olfa Splash

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a lot of projects with deadlines. I finally wrapped many of them up and it has been so nice to do some “just-for-fun” sewing. I pulled out my Scrappy Trip-Along blocks that I started last January. They got put on the back-burner and it was fun to see again. I’ve worked on a few each day and my number is growing.
Here’s the progress as it stands right now. I’m using lots of my very favorite fabrics – the kind you hoard for “just the right project” but I’m not 100% smitten. I’m trying to figure out why.  I added some brown to the mix and I think it’s given a little more depth. I’m going to keep playing with it. I know I will LIKE however it turns out, but I kind of want to LOVE it. The original tutorial for Scrappy Trips Around the World is here. I warn you: it is addicting in the funnest kind of way.

I’m also trying to catch up on my final outstanding (as in over-due) bee block for Calli. It’s a paper-pieced Double Wedding Ring quilt. This one is going to stretch me a little, but if I can conquer it, I may have found a new project I want to try! That is what I love about Bees. I still need to make my Block #7 from the Virtual Quilting Bee!

As I’m working on these rotary-cutter heavy projects, I am loving using the new Splash rotary cutter by Olfa. This is their brand new model of the mid-size (45mm) rotary cutter. I am a die-hard Olfa rotary cutter user. I have been using them as long as I’ve been quilting and I think they are the most sturdy and stable. Any time I’ve tried a different brand of rotary cutters I’ve been disappointed or frustrated or just plain irritated.

So when the nice people at Olfa contacted me about sending one of these new Splash cutters to try out my answer was a “yes please!” I am hooked. This cutter is more ergonomic (easier on your hands), lighter-weight (but just as sturdy) and the clincher is the much-improved mechanism for changing the blade. You just slid the yellow doohickey on the back down and the blade is ready to pop off, change and put back in place. So much slicker than that knob and washer-thingy that have to be put back just-so. And, it’s turquoise so points for color too. And on top of all that: it’s cheaper than the old 45mm version. Kind of a no-brainer.

Other than sending me the rotary cutter, Olfa did not compensate me in any way for this review (though I wouldn’t turn down a life-time supply of blades if they offered it) – all the thoughts and opinions are my own. But they did send a second rotary cutter to share with a friend. So if you’d like a new Splash rotary cutter of your own, leave a comment on this post. Open until Sunday, June 9 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Winner: ✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾June 6, 2013 at 6:11 AM

Your scrappy trip is looking good! I’d love to try the cutter…I can never remember which way the washer goes whenever I remove it to change the blade!

Now back to my sewing in random, snatched moments between slip-n-slides and handing out popsicles.


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    Love the way you change the blades in the new cutter! And have been wanting to try the Scrappy Trip, but need to finish up a few UFO's first! Looks great!

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    I&#39;ve been reading rave reviews on the Splash cutter and would love to win one! Thanks for the chance. <br /><br />Janet<br />

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    I have been trying to cheap out on my rotary cutters… gah. I borrowed my Mom&#39;s sewing kit recently and made the &quot;mistake&quot; of trying her Olaf rotary cutter that was in with her stuff. I&#39;m convinced… its the only way to go. My Mom would love me to win this so I didn&#39;t have to &quot;steal&quot; her rotary cutter (oh, was it in the stuff you lent to me, Mom? really? are you

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    Hello from across the pond! I&#39;m not sure if you will be entering overseas visitors in the draw for the new Olfa cutter but if you are… count me in. and if you&#39;re not, I can just add this item to my ever growing shopping list for the next craft show to hit town:-) I love how you change the blade! that&#39;s got to be a winner.<br /><br />Love your scrappy trip quilt. I&#39;ve

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    I love my Olfa rotary cutters. I tried 3 other brands when I first started quilting. 2 of them broke quickly. The 3rd has to be manually screwed open &amp; shut so it&#39;s not safe enough for me (I use it to cut paper for foundation piecing). Then I bought an Olfa rotary cutter &amp; never looked back. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I completely agree about the Olfa blades. I have another brand and could never figure out why my new blades seemed to shred my fabric. Just recently, I bought the Olfa blades because they were on sale and I am just amazed at the ease in cutting now.

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    I completely agree about the Olfa blades. I have another brand and could never figure out why my new blades seemed to shred my fabric. Just recently, I bought the Olfa blades because they were on sale and I am just amazed at the ease in cutting now.

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    Olfa is my cutter of choice also. My 45mm is 29 years old if I remember correctly and it is still going strong. It just keeps on rolling. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

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    Everyone is saying how great this new Olfa Splash is. I&#39;m not in love with my rotary cutter (it&#39;s another brand) and have never used an Olfa. I&#39;ve been thinking of getting one so thanks for offering the giveaway!!!

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    I use an Olfa 45 mm rotary cutter and it is the best one I&#39;ve ever brought, I&#39;d absolutely love a turquoise one with an easy to change blade though : )<br />I love the scrappy trips around the world progress (I would like to try one too) I love the colours and how you&#39;ve put them together.<br />Emma x

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    My (ex) husband&#39;s grandmother made us a double wedding ring quilt. I&#39;m not ready to try something like that yet!! Well, ok, maybe if I had a new Olfa rotary cutter ….. 😉

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    have fun with the dble wedding ring block-I&#39;m scared of that one, personally ;)<br />Olfa cutters are the best (I think) and thanks for a chance to win this super cute new one-and if it&#39;s easier to change the blade that is fantastic.

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    I&#39;d love to win this! I have a fiskars that acts strange (and that I cut my finger with and got 4 stitches because of 😉

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    I love those scrappy trips around the world. They speak to me. Probably just me. Hoping to try one soon.<br />The new rotary cutter looks super cool. I hope I win one. Have a good weekend : )

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    I&#39;d love to try an ergonomic rotary cutter. I&#39;ve had problems with my carpal tunnel lately and it would be helpful. Besides, I&#39;m too cheap to buy a new one with the one I have working perfectly!

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    I have not jumped on the Scrappy Trip bandwagon…but they are wonderful! I only use Olfa Rotary cutters and I primarily use the Ergonomic cutter. Love it and I purchase my 5-pack Olfa blades with my 40% off coupon at Michael&#39;s. Thanks for the giveaway and I am anxious to try the new blade changing system.

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    Love your blocks! I think scrappy quilts are sometimes hard to love until they are all in one piece. The new cutter looks great, especially changing the blade.

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    Your Scrappy Trips quilt is looking great! I love my Olfa cutter and would LOVE to have the new aqua version!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I am a totally Olfa girl! I have been looking at the splash thinking…do I REALLY need another rotary cutter?!! I guess the answer is overwhelmingly YES! Thank you for sharing your second one with one of your devotees!

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    I have had my eye on that new cutter, glad that you like it. I started not one, but two scrappy trips this January, a scrappy one, and a black and white one with one red strip in each block, a wedding gift, and have visions of several more in fun color ways~

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    I just upgraded to an Olfa for the first time and the difference is amazing. I was pushing down so hard with my old cutter! I&#39;d love a nice colorful one. :)

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    I&#39;ve not yet made a trip around the world quilt, but you are seriously tempting me!!<br />I have Olfa and Fiskers rotary cutters and like each for different size/purpose. Would love to give a stylish colorful new light-weight Olfa a try. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I think I definately need this. My current other brand rotary cutter is driving me bonkers. If I am sitting a large amount the knob falls off after a while. Seriously frustrating. This one is prettier too. !&quot;

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    I&#39;d take a lifetime supply of blades, too. :) Amazing how many of them you can go through! I&#39;m working on my scrappy trip along, and so far can&#39;t decide if I love it or not. Hopefully more blocks will help!

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    I desperately want to have a go at the scrappy trip along… too much on the go right now! Yours looks awesome! And thanks for the chance to win, i could use a flashy new rotary cutter!

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    That&#39;s funny that you are offering to share…..I just got a thank you gift from a co worker of a Joanns gift card for backing a quilt for her and I was thinking how I liked your cutter and might have to go look for it to use my GC with……and there was your post! I need a new cutter so I&#39;d love to win yours…<br /><br />Peggy in NJ

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    With as much quilting as you do, I&#39;m sure you go through those blades a bunch. Yay for them sending you a new one! I&#39;d love to try it out too, thanks for the giveaway.

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    Yay rotary cutters! I have heard good things about this one (and really who couldn&#39;t use a couple more laying around, lol). I love the red in scrappy trip quilt!

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    I would love to try an Olfa as I have only ever had a cheapo copy. (I am in UK so discount me if not posting overseas though) I wondered if so brighter colours would make you love the quilt more – it reads quite dark to me. That is not the right word, but I am thinking lime, turquoise, orange? However it looks lovely anyway.

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    I&#39;d love to have a chance to try out the new cutter! I always worry that I&#39;m not putting it back together the right way when I change out the blade on the cutter I have now.

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    I&#39;d love to try the new Olfa cutter. I&#39;m definitely partial to the Olfa brand when it comes to cutters! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    WOW, how I need a new rotary cutter and blue is my favorite color. I did purchase the other one they made that had this great blade changing system and I will never go back! I never seemed to get the screw back on correctly so my blade was either wobbly or didn&#39;t roll at all. I think they had me in mind when they made this one.I agree a lifetime supply of blades would be nice, but I am not a

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    Thanks for the chance! I have to watch a youtube video to remind myself how to change the blade if I wait too long in between changes.

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    I just love those blocks! If you don&#39;t love the quilt when it is all finished, I will sacrifice and take it off your hands! ;-)<br />That Olfa cutter looks great! Love the color. I don&#39;t use any rotary cutter but Olfa! I&#39;d love to give that new one a try. Thanks for the chance!

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    I&#39;m with you on the Olfa cutters. I&#39;ve been using the same one since I started quilting about 15 years ago! I&#39;d love a cute new Splash.

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    Your Scrappy Trip Along is so cheerful it makes me want to stop what I&#39;m working on and start one of my own. I&#39;ve seen the new Splash rotary cutter but haven&#39;t had a chance to check it out up close. Thanks for the review and a chance to win one of my own.

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    beautiful scrappy trip!! mine is being quilted right now. you have a lot of red (i love red). you may want to cut back on the red just a bit to show it off even more. i feel odd giving this thought but i love red and always need to talk myself into using less to use it to advantage!! no offense intended!! love your palette.

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    I also have used Olfa cutter for ever but don&#39;t you just love the colour of the Splash – so much nicer than yellow. It would even match my sewing room decor!! Thanks for the chance.

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    I just found your blog and am totally hooked. I would definitely love the cutter, especially as a new quilter, we need what ever we can to make things move along smoother.

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    I have only one rotary cutter…it is yellow, with the screw and spring-disk-thingy, an Olfa that is nearly 20 years old. It works just fine, except I am noticing that as I use it, the screw tends to loosen on its own… Hmmm, makes me think I&#39;d love to try this new fangled cutter—and see if it can go twenty years like my original!!!

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    I&#39;ve had my old Olfa for many years and I love it except for changing the blade! I teach a beginning class of quilters, and they struggle with the terribly. I&#39;d love to try out the new one! If I don&#39;t win, I&#39;ll definitely buy one. Thanks for the review and the chance to win!

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    I love your scrappy trip around the world – it&#39;s beautiful. That pattern has been on my &quot;to-do&quot; list for when I build up my own scrap pile. (We&#39;re working on it).<br /><br />I do love the color of the Olfa blade – it would look pretty on my sewing table.

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    Love the color and love how easy changing the blades seems to be. Would love to have one of these new Olfa cutters, even though I have a perfectly usable old one. New is always nice : )

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    I&#39;m loving the turquoise and yellow combination….I think I&#39;m going to be pulling fabric and making a baby quilt soon!

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    Thanks for the chance to win a new Olfa rotary cutter — I need one. And I was happy to see your Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt top in progress. I just started my own and you&#39;re right — it&#39;s addicting. But I thought the same thing about my blocks — nice but not spectacular. Maybe it will pop when the quilting and binding are finished. Thanks again for the review and offer to

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    One of these days, I&#39;m going to do that Scrappy Trip Along, I just know it! LoL I&#39;d love to win the new Olfa cutte r- I&#39;m an Olfa girl too! o:)

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    I currently use the ergonomic olfa cutter, but I&#39;d love an easier way to change the blade! Being a cute color doesn&#39;t hurt either! 😉

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    I HATE my current rotary cutter. Just not comfortable, and a real pain to change the blades. Would love to try this one- sounds too good to be true!

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    The Scrappy Trip Along is calling my name. I&#39;ve resisted so far, but if you&#39;ve succumbed, I&#39;ll be toast soon. That pretty Olfa would make the cutting more fun…

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    Oh, my Fiskars rotary cutter is such a pain. I slip with it all the time because of my poor grip on it, and changing the blade is tedious. Would love to try a new Olfa one!

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    I switched to a Fiskar cutter &amp; blades and it may be my imagination but I don&#39;t think it cuts as well or stays sharp as long as the Olfa. I like the color of the new Olfa too.

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    I would love a new Olaf rotary cutter. It would be so much easier to change the blade. My last experience while cutting with my 60mm rotary cutter was a trip to the ER and came home with 5 stitches. Thank you for the giveaway

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    I haven&#39;t made a Scrappy Trip Along yet but I will get to it someday! I love Olfa cutters also. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I like the look of the easy change on it, I had trouble undoing my regular one the first time, don&#39;t want to slip while doing that, even if the blade is blunt! I&#39;ve always wondered why rotary cutters are such boring colours, especially when quilters are all about colour and texture!

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    Who wouldn&#39;t love to win a new rotary cutter?! Thanks for chance. I also want to say how much I love the fabrics in you scrappy trip along- reminds me of happy summer days.

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    Thanks for the review! I could use a new rotary cutter, and this looks like a good one….and like you said…it&#39;s turquoise!

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    Olfa rotary cutters are my favorite too. I have a couple of Fiskars, but I only use them if the Olfa needs a new blade. Love the fresh aqua color.

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    That new rotary cutter is on my to buy one of these days list. Winning it would get it in my hands that much sooner! So pick me! LOL<br /><br />Have a super sparkly day!

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    I want to try the Scrappy Trip and I just need to buckle down and do it. I have quite the haul of scraps to use, so no excuses! <br /><br />I have a mini Olfa and I love it! It&#39;s not great for cutting out a lot of fabric but the perfect size for trimming.

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    I love your scrappy trip!! I really need to make one of those- hopefully sometime soon! I&#39;d love to try this new cutter- thanks for the chance!

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    I just finished a trip around the world quilt for the family of a fallen soldier,and will continue to make more. Would love to win the new Olfa cutter.

  62. says

    I am just sewing on the binding of my Scrappy Trip quilt and just love it! I currently use a 60 mm Olfa rotary cutter but would love to give the new model a whirl! awolk at rogers dot com

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    I am new to quilting and would love the olfa cutter and blue just happens to be my favourite colour. However I&#39;m in Australia so not sure I qualify for the giveaway. I love your scrappy quilt, I&#39;ve never made a big quilt before only small projects and I renovated a quilt top I found in the thrift shop for $1 for my daughters bedroom. Actually that&#39;s what got me interested in trying

  64. says

    Olfa is the best!! Thats all I use. I&#39;d LOVE a new one and pretty too!! WooHoo!! Thanks for your great posts and this fun giveaway!!<br />RuthNParadise(at)aol(dot)com

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    I like the red squares in your scrappy trip along quilt. They give your quilt a really nice geometric design. Thanks for the giveaway; I would love to win a new rotary cutter.

  66. says

    I could always use a new rotary cutter. Especially one so cute! And I love your quilt, I can&#39;t wait to have enough scraps to make a scrappy quilt.

  67. says

    I could always use a new rotary cutter. Especially one so cute! And I love your quilt, I can&#39;t wait to have enough scraps to make a scrappy quilt.

  68. says

    I love Olfa cutters too! My favourite one is the ergonomic one, so I hope they might relaunch that one in the turquoise colour (although I wouldn&#39;t say no if I won – just saying!) Thanks for the opportunity, Terri in BC

  69. says

    what? ergonomic, cheaper and AQUA????? just when I thought I&#39;d never be amazed by a rotary cutter again… thanks for the chance I would love to win this!

  70. says

    Hi Amy,<br /> I really like your scrappy Trips so far. When I was making mine, I kept overthinking every block, I finally gave up and just had fun. Now I love my it!<br />And Thank you for the chance at the giveaway. Have fun:)<br />jan@sewandsowfarm

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    Love my Olfa as well. Wouldnt think of using another kind!<br />Loving your scrappy trip as well!! Im sure you will too once its all together!

  72. says

    Your &quot;Trip Around the World&quot; quilt is awesome!! I have been using Olfa cutters ever since they came on the market. I have worn out many of them. I have tried other brands but do not like any that I have tried. I would love to try Olfa&#39;s new model, the blade changing sounds great, The blade changing is what I fear most. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  73. says

    Thanks for sharing your scrappy quilts; you&#39;ve been on a mission! Splash Olfa cutter is stylish and I love the slick way of changing blades!

  74. says

    Thanks for sharing your scrappy quilts; you&#39;ve been on a mission! Splash Olfa cutter is stylish and I love the slick way of changing blades!

  75. says

    Would love to be able to try this new blade. I have arthritis and am always looking for something that might help with my hand movement. Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. says

    I just bought this rotary cutter yesterday ~ thanks for your opinion ~ I don&#39;t think I will be dissapointed ~ Another one won&#39;t hurt !<br /><br />Thanks again for your opinion and for showing your scrappy trip quilt ~ Maybe I will get mine finished this month ~<br /><br />(

  77. says

    I finally went back to Olfa after cheating on them with a floozy from Fiskars. It was downright awful! Never again – I will remain faithful. And now that they have an aqua and yellow one that would match my sewing room? Well, it&#39;s PERFECT!<br /><br />The scrappy trips are hard to love mid-process, I&#39;ve found. I didn&#39;t go completely scrappy, but it was still hard in the middle of it

  78. says

    Have been thinking of getting an Olfa rotary cutter. Currrently use one from Fiskars, which has been great. I just hear so often how wonderful Olfa is. And the color sure makes this one tempting!<br />(majesticjenkinsATgmailDOTcom)

  79. says

    I would love to try one of the Olfa Rotary cutters! I need to upgrade my entire rotary system right now and this would be a great start.<br />

  80. says

    Hope you fall in love with your trip soon, it&#39;s so frustrating when you sacrifice fabulous fabric but don&#39;t feel it&#39;s doing what you want, I&#39;m sure the end result will look great :o)

  81. says

    I love free stuff! Thanks for sharing :) I have strips set aside for a scrappy trips but haven&#39;t gotten to it yet. I think yours is coming along nicely and I love the scissor prints!

  82. says

    I have only Ever used Olfa cutters. I love the features (who am I kidding, I love the color too). I wish all cutters had such an easy (and safe) blade changing mechanism.

  83. says

    I&#39;ve used Olfa cutters for over fifteen years. I tried other brands, but Olfa really is the best. I&#39;d love to try the new aqua one. It looks like it would be easier to change the blades on the new ones. Sometimes the screw on the yellow ones would get rusty and stick.

  84. says

    I would love to have this rotary cutter! So cute – love the colors – and my husband has taken over one of mine (I gave him my pink one in hopes he wouldn&#39;t want to keep it) so I need another one!

  85. says

    How fun! I would love the new cutter, I too love Olfa and the color is sweet! I sent my scrappy trip along off to be quilted this week, in the end I loved it! It really needed all the blocks to come together. Now I am so anxious to see what Natalia does with it!

  86. says

    I love the color! The scrappy trip is on my bucket list. I love the ones I&#39;ve seen this year all over blots. I&#39;m glad to see a change in the rotary cutter. I hate changing the blade.

  87. says

    Well… clearly I&#39;m not the only one who reads your blog! But I agree with you on the 45 mm Olfa rotary cutter – it&#39;s the best! And turquoise? One of my favorite colors! <br />

  88. says

    Love the scrappy trip around the world. The more I see these, the more I think I need to add it to the &quot;list.&quot; :P<br /><br />I would love a new rotary cutter that is more ergonomic and easier to change! Please count me in! Thanks for the review, too. I saw these the other day and was wondering if they were any different than the old ones.<br /><br />Sandy A

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    That Olfa looks great! I don&#39;t have an Olfa, and mine doesn&#39;t seem to like to cut straight. Hmm… Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. says

    Wow, love that turquoise color. I have the standard yellow olfa 60 mm and love how it cuts. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  91. says

    Your scrappy blocks look great. Good luck with the block lotto ones. The color of that cutter is the best. Thanks for the chance to win.

  92. says

    Every time I change a blade, I am worried that I will drop the washer and it will disappear! This is a great improvement. And aqua? Perfection.

  93. says

    Every time I change a blade, I am worried that I will drop the washer and it will disappear! This is a great improvement. And aqua? Perfection.

  94. says

    I&#39;ve longed for an Olfa, although I&#39;m still very new to quilting. Winning one of these would definitely give me more inspiration!

  95. says

    I would love to win this new rotary cutter, such a cute color! I am new to quilting and love your blog. Your quilts are amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  96. says

    I would love to win this new rotary cutter, such a cute color! I am new to quilting and love your blog. Your quilts are amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  97. says

    I still use the Olfa that my grandma taught me to use so many years ago when she taught me sewing! Thanks for the chance to win a new one :)<br /><br />prajaline(at)gmail(dot)com

  98. says

    I&#39;ve had my eye on that new cutter for a bit now because of the color, but wasn&#39;t sure if I&#39;d like it better than my current olfa. Sounds like it&#39;s great! And the easier blade change system….nice!

  99. says

    I&#39;ve had my eye on that new cutter for a bit now because of the color, but wasn&#39;t sure if I&#39;d like it better than my current olfa. Sounds like it&#39;s great! And the easier blade change system….nice!

  100. says

    Oh how I love Olfa! I&#39;ve tried other brands and nothing compares. They&#39;re the best. Thanks for the chance to win. Your quilts are looking fantastic. I&#39;ve heard how addicting Scrappy Trip Along is so I haven&#39;t started it yet in the best interest of getting other projects done. Maybe someday…

  101. says

    I love my original Olfa rotary cutter best. But the new one looks great. I also live the scrappy. I have a box of precious scraps I am hoarding for just the right project. Thisay be it. Thanks for Sharing!!

  102. says

    I have a Fiskars rotary cutter but would love to try an Olfa, since I&#39;ve heard so much good about them!!! Thanks for the chance!:)

  103. says

    Love the olfa–I just use the standard cutter, but it&#39;s all I&#39;ve ever done! I, too, feel like I need a lifetime supply of blades… Seems like I&#39;m always running out for another one!

  104. says

    I love the vintage-y colors of your scrappy trip, but if you want to liven in up, try some turquoise! Thanks for another great giveaway, and I can&#39;t wait to see how this quilt turns out :)

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