Easy Double Wedding Ring Challenge

Does anyone remember last year’s EZ Dresden Challenge sponsored by Simplicity? It was a contest using Darlene Zimmerman’s EZ Dresden template and there were so many cool projects that came out of that contest. This year the New York Modern Quilt Guild is joining with Simplicity, Juki, and Interweave to host a new challenge using the Double Wedding Ring templates.

I have set of Double Wedding Ring templates to give away to get you started with your own project. I have loved double-wedding ring quilts, but been a little intimidated to make one. I’m so excited to start playing with these. You can find these templates on Simplicity.com (here and here) as well as places like JoAnn’s and your local quilt shops. There are lots of other stops on this tour with pretty inspiration of projects  already started using them.

July 8th
​NYC MOD​ Quilters – http://nycmetromodquilters.blogspot.com
Interweave – http://quiltingdaily.com
July 10th
Amy Ellis – http://amyscreativeside.com
Faith Jones – Me!
July 11th
Amy Smart – http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/
July 13
Jenny Cameron – http://Fiberlosophy.blogspot.com
July 14th
Jane Davidson – http://quiltjane.blogspot.com
July 15th
Joanna Wilczynska – http://shape-moth.blogspot.com
Jackie Kunkel – http://cvquiltworks.blogspot.com
July 18
Pat Sloan – http://blog.patsloan.com
Jessica Alexandrakis – http://lifeunderquilts.blogspot.com
July 19th
Jacquie Gering – http://tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot.com
Lee Heinrich – http://www.freshlypieced.com
NYC MOD Quilt Guild Double Wedding Ring Quilt Challenge

As with last year’s challenge there will be different categories to enter (as in you don’t have to make a whole quilt – you could even just make one ring!) as well as amazing prizes! To find out all the details, visit the NYMQG Blog. I’m excited to see all the new inspiration this year! If you would like to win one of these sets of templates, just leave a message on this post. I’ll pick a winner next Monday, July 15. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Winner: JeanneJuly 12, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Winning the templates would be great as I have always wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt.


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    I've been in love with double wedding ring quilts, but am a quilt novice + have been so intimidated! I think these templates would help me immensely!

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    Shoot! What are the odds an early bird will win?! "Ever in my favor," I hope, as I fully intend to make one of these before Dec.!

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    I have a double wedding ring quilt that my (ex)husband's grandmother made us. With these templates I might actually be able to make a pillow cover or something small (total novice here!)

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    all of the new to quilting novices should not feel so nervous. i have quilted for over forty years {omg, where did the time go} and i feel nervous about making one, but better late than never lol babscorbitt@gmail

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    Wow this is wonderful! Making a double-wedding quilt in 100% liberty of london is one of my dream quilts to make someday. Templates would be an awesome inspiration to get started. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    I would love to make a double wedding quilt, but they looked very advanced. I would like to give it a try though. Thanks for chance to win the templates.

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    Double wedding ring quilts are my secret love. I admire everyone I have ever seen but I'm so scared to try one! I never knew there were templates. These look awesome and I would love to try them!

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    Ooh I love double wedding ring quilts. My sister in law is getting married soon and I would love to make her one. She has always loved them too. Thank you for the chance to win!<br />

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    Oh wow! This would be great for me to use on a quilt for my brother and his bride! Thank you so much for the chance! I am looking forward to this tour!

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    Oooh, ooh, pick me! I&#39;ve always loved the look of Double Wedding Ring quilts. My mom had a book of them when I was little, and I LOVED going through and looking at all the patterns. I still have yet to make one and it&#39;s on my quilting bucket list.

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    These would be very interesting to try! I&#39;ve never done a double wedding ring before so having templates would take away some of that fear factor for me. :)

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    I didn&#39;t know there were templates to buy for this design. It&#39;s been on my list but like you, I&#39;ve been feeling too intimidated to get started.

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    I have 9 rings done by hand that I made years ago….unfinished. I have always loved the double wedding ring….thanks for the chance.

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    This is also a quilt I have wanted to make as well. I have been putting off getting the GO set for this. So winning some templates sounds even better! Thanks for the giveaway. K-

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    I would love to give it a try and see if I could create one…I am still a newbie of sorts to quilting so teh templates would help tremendously as I do not own those. Thank you for the chance to enter.

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    I have been very intimidated by the double wedding ring. I tried it long time ago….but did not come out right.<br />I would love to try these tools. I&#39;ll keep my fingers crossed !!!!!<br />Thanks

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    I have never made a wedding ring quilt…but I think I have practiced enough on other things that now I would maybe be able to DO IT! Pick me!<br />:)<br />Very nice giveaway…Thank you!

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    My mom and I made a double wedding ring quilt about 20 years ago for my sister&#39;s wedding. I think she had templates at the time, but they are long gone now. I&#39;d love to make another one, but I wouldn&#39;t attempt it without templates. Thanks for the chance to win some!!

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    I&#39;ve always wanted to make a nice, bright double-wedding ring quilt. And I think I could now, with good instructions, a new seam ripper, and much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Instead of plain old confusion.)<br /><br />(knittngirl@gmail.com)

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    I think all quilters would like to make this quilt or maybe they already have. The curve scares me some. Oh, well lets just get going.<br />deb

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    I would love to make something with wedding rings, that was the first quilt I cuddled under when I was little and I love Challenges.

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    I love the symmetry of the rings in double wedding ring quilts! but i&#39;ve never been game to give it a go! Mostly because templates are pricey here! <br /><br />thanks for the giveaway opportunity! :)

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    I have been tempted by the double wedding ring, too. the templates would probably give me a big start and a lot of help.

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    I have always wanted to try one of the wedding ring quilts. Templates make it look possibly doable for me. Thanks for a chance to enter.<br />

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    I&#39;m a total newbie quilter, so I&#39;m a bit intimidated by the double wedding ring, but it might be fun to give it a try, especially if I can startwith judt one ring!

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    My grandmother hand pieced double wedding ring quilts for all 20+ grandchildren as wedding gifts. Maybe these rulers would help me machine piece a quilt.

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    I totally participated last year but then forgot to post my pictures when the time came. I would love to make a double wedding ring quilt if only it was a little easier. :)<br /><br />Abigail

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    I love double wedding ring quilts! I visited a quilt shop while on vacation recently and had these in my hand but didn&#39;t get them. Now I wish I did!!!!

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    My parents had a beautiful double wedding ring quilt that I remember playing on as a small child. I loved following the patches around the circles and looking for fabrics that matched. I&#39;ve always wanted to make one. I just learned curved piecing with the Drunkards Path, and I love to try those Double Wedding Ring templates! Thanks for the chance to win.

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    The first quilt that really caught my eye was a double wedding ring – I would really like to win these tools so I could make my version of that yellow background with different reds rings. Thank you for putting my name in the hat for the drawing!<br />

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    I have never worked with a template or even the wedding ring pattern. It would be lovely to try both things at once! ;-)<br />Thank you for the chance to try it out!!!<br />Esther<br />esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com<br />ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

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    Wow! another skill to master… it would be very cool, and just a little bit of quilting street cred to be able to do this. i&#39;d love to try. thank you for the chance to win<br />

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    I&#39;m really hoping to be able to take part in this challenge so winning these would be a great start. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    So…about fifteen years ago I tried a double wedding ring in a class…made three rings and gave up. I&#39;ve always wanted to make one so maybe all I need are these templates

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    So…about fifteen years ago I tried a double wedding ring in a class…made three rings and gave up. I&#39;ve always wanted to make one so maybe all I need are these templates

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    I have been wanting to make a double wedding ring quilt for a few years now. That template would make it a lot easier. Thanks for the chance to win one.

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    I&#39;m in the same boat – I love these quilts and would love to make one, but I&#39;m not quite sure I&#39;m up to the task. This little tool puts it within reach, though!

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    I&#39;d love to try these – been looking at lots of Wedding Ring Quilts at Antique Malls and they look fabulous (&amp; challenging!!).<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win!!

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    A curved line, what?! I think these quilts are beautiful, but I&#39;ve subconsciously resigned myself to straight lines out of fear. I&#39;d love some tools to help me particularly in this area. Thanks!

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    How exciting! I too have always been intimidated. My mother has a beautiful DWR that was a wedding gift from my great grandmother.

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    I am really excited to enter this challenge. I usually work with simple modern patterns but I think there are so many possibilities with the double wedding ring! I&#39;m looking forward to the challenge!

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    I would love to have them templates to help me get started on a double wedding ring quilt that I&#39;ve been planning to do for some time.

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    This sounds like an awesome challenge.Double Wedding Ring quilts are something that are so traditional it will be interesting to see the results of this challenge.

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    Love the double wedding ring !! I have been saving my Aunt Grace fabrics to make one &quot;someday&quot;. My mother has one on her bed (she&#39;s 90 yo) that her mother and grandmother pieced. Thanks for hosting the challenge and offering the giveaway. donnanb@gmail.com

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    I have always loved the double wedding ring pattern and 7 years ago I made my first one with a pattern by Mary Ellen Hopkins. I found out it wasn&#39;t near as difficult as I had thought it would be. I would love to win these templates! Thanks

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    I&#39;ve been wanting to make a double wedding ring for so long! I have a set of cheap templates I got but they aren&#39;t very precise, would love to try these new ones!

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    a double wedding ring has been on my quilts to make list since i started sewing at 10 years old, but it has always seemed too intimidating. these templates might just be the ticket to getting it started.

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    Hmmmm I hope I win…<br />My sister just got married and I feel like giving this quilt a try!<br />Thanks for the giveaway!

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    OHMYGOSH!!! When I saw this I nearly flipped! I have been scouring the internet for Double Wedding Ring patterns, templates, or anything that would help me get started on one! These templates look great! Making this as part of a challenge will be even more motivating and fun! Hope to win the templates and ready to get started! :o)<br />Kay in Texas

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    I love double wedding ring quilts but get a little nervous when see all those curves. Maybe this is the motivation I needed! Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Please include my name. I never made a double weeding ring … why? Don&#39;t know because I love that pattern. With those templates it looks like a piece of cake.

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    Getting the double wedding ring templates and quilting along with you will tackle one of my quilting fears – curved seams. Thanks for the give away!

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    Me, too; I also have been intimated to tackle DWR quilts. I do love the pattern and perhaps this EZ ruler/templates are exactly what I need to shed my fear and &#39;go for it&#39;!!

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    Thank you so much for the giveaway!! I have never used a template and have been looking into them. I have also always wanted to make wedding rings! My sister had a vintage quilt passed down to her and I love looking at it!

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    Wow I have been running across this quilt challenge every where. If I won one of these templates I definatly would make at least one ring for the challenge but I really want to make these for my children as the marry. Right now money is so very tight that if I won this I could start one with my scraps. Thanks for the chance!

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    Hoping to still be able to sneek in the giveaway ;-). I have not made a DWR block so this is perfect to get me to try. Fingers crossed for the templates. Lots of great sponsors! I&#39;m off to Pinterest to get some ideas.<br /><br />Thank you for a super giveway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

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