Modern Domestic

Amazing Flying Geese quilt by Rachel
I was just going through some pictures and rediscovered some pretty ones I took while I was in Portland this spring.
I was in Portland for Quilt Market, and got the chance to visit a beautiful local shop called Modern Domestic. The shop offeres classes taught in a gorgeous, modern space. They also carry Bernina sewing machines and a beautiful selection of modern fabrics. With so many pretty things to look at, I figured the pictures needed to be shared.
And some pretty, classic fabrics too, in this case gorgeous Liberty lawns. (I still want to get a copy of the book Liberty Love. I’ve flipped through a copy and it’s so pretty with some great projects.)
Cool embroidery hoop mobile.
Lots of  beautiful inspiration on the walls. I’m such a sucker for red, white, and blue, so I especially loved the string quilt above as well as the flying geese quilt in the top photo. I want to dig through my stash and scraps to make one of each.

If you’re going to Portland, I recommend a visit. You can find out more about Modern Domestic here.


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    The stack of solids is so beautiful; like stained glass. Wonderful shot. I also really like the Liberty Lawns. Would make a wonderful traditional-meets-modern type of quilt. Great pics!

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    I'm only about a 1/2 hour from Portland and still have never been to Modern Domestic. Ha! Better plan a trip soon :) Nice to know they carry Berninas–I have a new one and want to buy another foot. Great excuse to go, right ?

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    The 3rd picture is fabric from Skinny Ma Links from South Africa! I have bought some of her scrap bundles on Etsy. So glad she is local, because as much as I would love to buy from the online shops, the shipping costs kills the pleasure.

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    The flying geese quilt is by Rachel Kerley who blogs at 2nd ave studio. She is a fellow PMQG member and amazing quilter!! Sorry we didn't get to see each other more when you were here it was so busy!

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    Gorgeous shop, sadly I'm on the other side of the world. Probably a good thing as far as my bank account is concerned. I like the kaleidoscope looking quilt – how do you think they did that?

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    Thank you for showing us all of these beautiful quilts! They are amazing!<br />Esther<br />esthersipatchandquilt dot yahoo dot com<br />ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com<br />

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