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Pink Castle Fabrics
Pink Castle Fabrics is one of my favorite online fabric shops. They have a great selection of modern fabrics, plus it’s well-organized and easy to navigate. 
Sketch - 20 Fat Quarter Bundle
Pink Castle specializes in pre-cut bundles.
I also love Pink Castle Fabrics keeps well-stocked on “Stash Builders” – that is fabrics with only one color, or one color and white. And they are easily searchable by color on the Pink Castle Fabrics site.
If you are looking to start gradually building a stash, Pink Castle Fabrics is also home of the Stash Stack Club.  I love this concept.  Brenda has combined with color-maven-extraordinaire, Jeni to create a monthly bundle of stash-building fabrics, one color each month.  You can sign-up for the bundle of six or twelve fat quarters per month.  Such a brilliant way to build your color stash a little bit at a time.
Here are all the prints from the Stash Stack Club over the past year. And in celebration of the first anniversary of the the Stash Stack Club, owner Brenda is having a special Golden Ticket event. Basically for every $50 spent you will recieve a Golden Ticket (or prize) and every one is a winner! One of those prizes is that collection of last year’s prints – that’s 36 yards of fabric! To find out more go here.
And today Brenda is offering a fat quarter bundle of this month’s Stash Stack to one of you. To enter, visit Pink Castle Fabrics and come back and leave a comment telling me something that you love in the shop. Giveaway open until Wednesday, July 24 at midnight. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Winner: KateJuly 20, 2013 at 12:00 PM

I like the Pepe fabrics a lot. Thanks for doing this!
To keep up with the latest happenings, sales and deals at Pink Castle, you can sign up for their newsletter or like them on Facebook.


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    I love her blogger bundles – and I&#39;m super excited about some of the new arrivals that are coming this fall!!! :) I just ordered from them (again)! :)<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win!<br />mrsrachelsbooth at gmail dot com

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    I love the blogger bundles. They&#39;re not always what I&#39;d chose – but it&#39;s really fascinating to see others ideas on the use of colour and pattern! It can be quite inspirational! Thanks for the opportunity!

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    I love their sale fabric. I&#39;ve bought from them before and they have good deals and even better prices on sale fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Lots of eye candy! I have my eye on a FQ bundle of Happy Go Lucky.<br /><br />Thank you and Pink Castle Fabrics for a super giveaway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I love that they show you if the fabric you are viewing comes in other color ways! When I find a fabric I love it&#39;s always great to have all the colors!!!!

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    Reminisce, anything from that collection! :-) I&#39;m having a really bad day, so winning some fabric would be awesome. Maybe the universe will balance it out. I won&#39;t be ridiculous and ask God to give me fabric, I&#39;d be too embarassed!! LOL Can you picture it? On my knees? Please Lord, be with those who are hurting, who are hungry, and BTW could I have some fabric?&quot; Tee-hee.

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    I love the fat eight packs – cool and neutral -always lovely and such a surprise when you get them – usually fabrics i wouldn&#39;t buy but then fall in love with

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    Most of the blogger bundles are pretty awesome. I also love that they have an easy way to access common searches and see what other quilters are interested in.

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    Oh my gosh! Camp Stitchalot gets my vote! Three days of learning and sewing. Sounds heavenly. And so much more reasonable than the event I went to in CA – was it two years ago? Of course I don&#39;t live in or near Michigan so it&#39;s out of the question this time around. The designs by House were catching my eye today when I went to the site. Atomic in Turquoise would be so fun to work

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    I love the Clementine zig zag, especially in orange, the text bundles, the low volume bundles and oh, I can&#39;t forget the Summerhome collection. They have a wonderful selection!

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    I love any fabric collection from Bonnie and Camille (Happy-Go-Lucky, for example). Thanks for the giveaway.<br />

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    WOw:) that golden ticket draw is very attractive!! I love pink Castle too. Reminisce is lovely! thank you for the chance!<br />

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    I love that Pink Castles has a section titled &quot;Stash Builders&quot;. We never have enough &quot;stash&quot;. But I especially like that you can shop by color. So many times I&#39;m looking for something specific and waste alot of time sorting through pages and pages and not finding what I&#39;m looking for.

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    I like the way their online store webpage is so easy to navigate and find the fabric you are looking for. It&#39;s fast and such beautiful fabric to choose from in easy to see choices

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    I&#39;m loving all of the Don&#39;t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! fabrics. I&#39;m in the education field, and these would make a good reading quilt/pillow for the kiddos.

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    I love Briar Rose by Heather Ross but then I saw Village Green by Carolyn Gavin. I love Pink Castle Fabrics, I love wandering around this site seeing all the new fabrics, it is such a great site.

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    Pink Castle fabrics is a favorite online shop for me! Great fabrics and specials. I love her blogger bundles…my favorites are Jack&#39;s Underwater Adventure and the Super Awesome Low Volume. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I like how their website has the &quot;coming soon&quot; and &quot;new arrivals&quot; on the first page. It make&#39;s it so easy to find what you&#39;re looking for.

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    There are so many awesome bundles! I&#39;ve been to this shop many times and I love the selection. I really like the &quot;super awesome low volume bundle&quot;. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I put in an order on Friday and picked up some AGF Pure Elements and I love their Stash Stack Club, if only I lived in the States.

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    Thanks for introducing me to Pink Castle. The Stash Builder club is definitely my favorite. This is exactly what I&#39;ve been looking for. I&#39;m joining, but as I&#39;ve already missed July, I&#39;m really hoping that Mr. Random Number Generator is on the same page as me, so I can get that pretty bundle of pinks. Thank you for a fun and informative post and a great giveaway and thank you

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    I love the gingham and dot duo. That&#39;s the first I&#39;ve seen this fabric and they definately have possibility. Thanks!

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    I get Pink Castle when they email me out of my mind with their offerings, I love the pearl bracelets and I also get emails from the other place and you. I could not go thru my day without an email-lol (blog or sale)<br />aka

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    I also love the blogger bundles, I&#39;m about to order Gray Matters by Brenda from Just A Bit Frayed, it&#39;s perfect for my next project :)

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    Of course I love all the fabrics, but you know what my first &quot;I like that&quot; thought was? It was nice to see a decent size image of the fabric and the price and the name! I get so annoyed at having to look at a small spot of the fabric and not getting a good idea of the print or whatever adn then click here or there for name and price….her layout was really nice and I enjoyed looking

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    I always like seeing what new blogger bundles they come up with there. I would love any of the Low Volume bundles (all of them sadly out of stock) or the Text bundle (also out of stock) – their bundles always go so well and yet they are made up of unexpected pairings – they look great!

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    I am in love with the entire Nordika line…especially the black fabrics. Such a cool line. :) Thanks! amhalverson(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I love the stash builders in purple, especially the pearl bracelet in grape jelly. They would go beautifully with a currently-32 block purple and blue quilt I have been attempting to finish for years!

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    Whats not to LOVE at pink castle? Great selection lovely fabric nice and easy to deal with. Thank-you for the give away chance. Becky<br />

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    Lovely give-away!!!<br />I&#39;m smittem with the Blogger Bundles ……… It&#39;s really neat to see what other people make into their bundle … LOVE the styles people have picked. Totally fun idea!

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    I love the blogger bundles and the one thts my fav is out of stock at the moment but Im hoping <br /><br />Beach Lemonade – Blogger Bundle by Brenda from Just A Bit Frayed<br /><br />comes back :-) <br /><br />Thank You!!!

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    I love just about everything they have, but love the selection of Japanese fabrics and small prints..would love a chance at a stash builder too!

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    I am loving the &#39;Mama said sew&#39; line! I&#39;ve heard a lot about pink castle, I will be sure to follow them from now on :). Thanks for the great giveaway!

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    I really like that they have so many choices. Many shops do not have the variety that Pink Castle has. It&#39;s amazing!<br />contentncm at yahoo dot com

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    I love how Pink Castle organizes their site…I always find it so easy to use and find what I am looking for. Right now I am coveting Raaga…<br />buffy (AT) dblawoffices (DOT COM)

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    This is the first time I&#39;ve visited their site. It has a great selection of modern fabric and I like that one can search for text,, stripes, etc. thanks for the giveaway!

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    With so many options it&#39;s nearly impossible to choose but I love the low volume blogger bundles (including Gray Matters) probably because I&#39;m planning on starting a low volume quilt soon. The neutral scrap pack caught my eye as well! What a wonderful fabric shop :) Thanks for the opportunity to win this bundle!

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