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I recently discovered a wonderful newish shop in not far from where I live. It’s full of all kinds of fun treasures from fabric to vintage glassware, buttons, etc. Pretty much right up my ally, eh? So much pretty, all in one place. I love pictures of inspiring spaces, so I thought I’d snap a few to share here.

The shop is called Harmony and is located in an beautifully preserved, 130 yr-old home in downtown Provo, Utah.

There is a gorgeous and well-currated collection of fabric. Not huge selection, but it’s well chosen with unique prints and includes voiles, corduroys, and oil-cloth.
They also carry a beautiful selection of quality yarn.
Vintage Trims
 More vintage goodies
 A drawer full of Washi Tape.
And a bench for a patient little kid. Don’t let him fool you. This cooperation was purchased at a price: the promise of a donut at the Provo Bakery around the corner. I am not above bribes. (Plus, I’m always up for a good excuse for one myself.) It’s hard to get any better than pretty fabric shops followed by fresh donuts.


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    I remember many bribes to my three boys if they'd be good in a fabric store. Now they tell me that they often started fights so I'd give up and leave. Of course they also remind me that I would tell them 15-20 minutes and it would be an hour. Thanks for sharing. It looks like a wonderful store to lose lots of time in.

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      My husband still as a phobia of JoAnn Fabrics because of the time he spent there as a child. I'm sure I've passed that phobia on to my own sons. 😉

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    Ha! I knew when I saw that first picture that you were at Harmony. I made a quick drive-by on my way from the airport to Manti on my first day of vacation — I loved it. You're so lucky it's close to home. And how I wish I'd read your post before I left — I could have used some doughnuts on the drive! ;-D

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    What a lovely shop! And yes, I know all about bribing little boys to behave in fabric shops. I usually promise a trip through the Starbucks drive-through afterwards to pick up chocolate brownies or cake pops for the kids and a latte for Mommy. :-)

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    OH this is exactly what I'm looking for when I come to town to visit son. He and dad go golfing, I need to go to Harmony! Keep the Provo sites coming!! Thanks Amy

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    Wow, what a feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing this. I have nothing such nearby, but I sure was inspired seeing the vintage goodies, her fabric and Washi tape, and those fabulous quilts!

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    I discovered this shop in April when we were in Provo for my youngest daughter&#39;s graduation from BYU. I was so smitten. It makes me sad that we live so far away in Omaha, NE. <br />

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