Koi fabric giveaway from Honey Be Good

I’m so excited – today I have an amazing giveaway from online fabric shop, Honey Be Good.
Honey Be Good specializes in carrying only organically grown cotton or hemp fabric, including flannels, voiles, canvas and knits. And in recent years there are so many beautiful fabrics to choose from that are organic cottons! Karen carries collections from Daisy Janie, Cloud 9, and Monaluna (including the gorgeous Raaga collection pictured above.)
Honey Be Good also carries collections by Moda, Riley Blake, and Robert Kaufman, including organic Kona solids! You can also find bundles and pre-cuts in many of the collections. 

One of my favorite recent organic collections is Koi , Rashida Coleman-Hale’s latest collection for Cloud 9. The colors and prints in this collection are so beautiful. Honey Be Good carries Koi in quilters’-weight poplin as well as three of the prints in voile!

And today, Karen of Honey Be Good has TWO Koi giveaways: First is a fat quarter bundle of the 13 poplin prints and second is a full yard bundle of the three voile prints!! Those are both valuable prizes! To enter to win either prize, take a quick visit to Honey Be Good, pick out something that you love, then come back here and leave a comment sharing what you’ve found. One comment per person. Giveaway open until Wednesday, August 21 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED


Chelsie CAugust 17, 2013 at 7:42 AM

I love the willow line, especially the herringbone prints! Thanks for an awesome giveaway :)

Om! I’m soooo in love with Saffron Craig’s prints! so very gorgeous! tks fr the chance, xx

To see pretty pictures of the latest arrivals, follow the Honey Be Good blog. You can also follow Honey Be Good on Facebook  and Twitter to keep up on all the sales and latest arrivals. Thank you, Karen!


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    I am so excited about this giveaway! I have been pining over Koi since I first saw it! So much wonderful stuff in this shop… I would be thrilled with any of it, but I really love the look of the New Leaf FQ bundle. Thank you so much for the chance!

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    It's hard to decide which I like the most!They are all so wonderful that it is almost a 3-way tie. I love the Robotic series(it is so cute!)and the colors in New Leaf but the Harmony Line might be my favorite. Thank you for the giveaway!

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    I love the critter patch collection and the grey dogs (but $50/yard is a little hard to swallow)<br /><br />Spolgar89@gmail.com

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    The Willow FQ Bundle is my favorite! Really nice fabric site that is new to me! Thanks for sharing and offering another giveaway!

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    I do love the colours of Koi, completely me, but shades of grey took my fancy as did Pop Posies. While your blog is a regular that I visit, Honey Be Good is a new site. I will revisit for sure.

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    I do love the colours of Koi, completely me, but shades of grey took my fancy as did Pop Posies. While your blog is a regular that I visit, Honey Be Good is a new site. I will revisit for sure.

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    I really like the Shades of Gray gift box! That herringbone print is fantastic. Also thanks for this awesome giveaway – just yesterday I found out about Koi and was lamenting that I didn&#39;t even get Tsuru yet!

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    There&#39;s a lot to love about honey be good! Great selection, felts…they carry felts, fabulously curated and a website that&#39;s easy to view and navigate! Now, I&#39;m headed back there!

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    The organic willow herringbone in white is a fabulous basic, but my heart belongs to Koi, I have been awaiting it&#39;s arrival anxiously. I even like the pink, and I hate pink!

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    I love that the promote sewing organic! I often think it strange that we sow for charity but use the cheapest tread, fabric and bating we can find (often made in 3th world countries). There are a few fabrics that caught my eye like the elephants on blue, critter patch collection and Moda Little Things :-)

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    There are so many incredible fabrics… I want almost all of them :) But the ones that are most dear to me are the quiet Little Things from Moda, the beautiful colors of the Groove Canvas from Birch Fabrics. the cuteness of Critter Patch from Clothworks, fun Havana and Raaga from Monaluna. Oh, and Banksia Bloom!<br />Thank you for this chance to win!

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    I&#39;m loving Koi – my daughter wants a room re-do in purple and I&#39;ve been trying to convince her to go with a neutral (like gray) and use purple to accent — Koi would be perfect with those bright colors mixed in! Thanks for the chance!

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    Hi and thank you for amazing give away! Honeybegood is fantastic shop and I have visited their site often. &#39;Raaga&#39; collection hit from the first sight, just my colours and design! They have also great Trimmings and &#39;Grey&#39; would be be perfect now. For the little window I would love to get &#39;Banksia Bloom&#39;!<br />nerospost(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I have to say that Koi is probably the thing I love best there. I love every little snippet I see of of this collection, but if I had to pick something else I also like MicroMod Fat Quarter Bundle, especially the pattern on top of the bundle! :) Thanks for the chance!

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    I&#39;ve been waiting on Koi for what feels like forever and I would have to say it is one of my favourites from honey be Good along with Fancy Flight, New Leaf and Stitch.

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    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. My imagination is going crazy with all the fun projects that could be completed from those fat quarters. The bright colors are awesome, but now that I went over to Honey Be Good, I also have to admit a small crush on the soft pastels in the Willow by Riley Blake bundle. What a pretty and soft quilt they make. I already have Micro Mod in my stash, and I&#39;d tell

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    I love the Harmony Art fabrics, especially those lovely florals! I also really love the pastels in the Riley Blake bundle. This is such a great giveaway! Thank you so much!

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    Oh my goodness, such beautiful fabrics! I am drawn to Banksia Bloom – Kookaburra River–my daughter used to call my granddaughter Kookaburra!!! Thanks for the opportunity. Hope I&#39;m a winner.

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    I LOVE Critter Patch by Alyssa Thomas for Cloth works!! Oh my goodness so ADORABLE! Love it!<br />The Koi collection is also very stunning!! Love it too :-)<br />Thank you for the chance to win some gorgeous fabric!!

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    Much as I love most of the fabrics I am a confirmed scrapaholic so would have to vote for the little 4oz Trimming packs, in fact I do believe that some will be winging their way to me quite soon.

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    I love that Honey be Good carries Saffron Craig–I am almost done with a quilt made using the Banksia Blooms line (with a few toehrs thrown in). Wonderful shop, quick shipping and quick responses to queries.<br /><br />This is a great giveaway!

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    I love the monkey fabrics and the bundles! I use the bundles to make stuffed toys and the monkey prints are making a beautiful quilt for a special little guy!

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    Art sateen is completely new to me. I love the Harmony Art Sateen – Fields of Honey Pink Fat Quarter pack. Beautiful! Now I must go investigate what &#39;art sateen&#39; means and how it is used…

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    Oh, I couldn&#39;t decide between the Geocentric canvases, the organic solids fat quarter bundle 1, and Raaga Lotus Blossom (would make an awesome dress!

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    Seriously, how can we pick one fabric…..I love the koi fabric but all the critters are too cute, especially the foxes!!! I&#39;m making my niece a quilt for her 3rd birthday in December with &quot;fox&quot; fabric since that&#39;s her last name!<br />I&#39;ll have to grab some from this shop to add to it….<br /><br />Peggy in NJ

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    Lots of lovely stuff, I still love the Mixteca birds – and they are on offer too! The Koi is gorgeous, thanks for the chance to win.

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    The Critter Patch fabric by Alyssa Thomas is so darling. It would make such cute children&#39;s quilts. The Koi fabrics are so beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway.

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    I am on fabric overload! I came back to comment and the name went right out of my head! I had to open another tab, go look again and the Geocentric fabrics caught my eye for a second time. LOL I think I may be in truoble now. 😮 Thanks for the fun!

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    I was really excited to see their wide range of solids – especially the organics that I haven&#39;t seen in other shops. Really wonderful shop – thanks for introducing me to them!<br /><br />caribousmom (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Oh oh oh oh oh! I love the Koi fabrics! Oh man oh man. I have been hoarding koi fabrics for over a decade, planning and plotting out a koi quilt. I haunt Spoonflower sales, I lurk in fabric shop remnant bins, friends know to give me any fabric that is goldfish, carp, koi etc related. Oh how I love the Koi collection!!! <br /><br />Ahem. I&#39;ll tone down the crazy koi fabric lady again now. hee.

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    This weekend is Hempfest here in Seattle, so I&#39;m particularly enthused by the hemp fabrics! I also love the navy koi fabric and the bramble prints with the fat birds.

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    So many gorgeous fabrics to pick from! A few of the ones that I really like are Fancy Flight, Stitch, Zoofari, Kona Solids and Koi. I love anything organic! Thank you! anglanouette at gmail dot com

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    I like the Koi collection and in particular the fat quarter bundle because it offers a variety of the collection. After that I would have to say my second favorite is the new leaf &amp; solid fat quarter bundle.

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    Such a lovely, well-curated shop… I really love the Koi, but that feels like a cop out, so I&#39;ll say that I also covet every piece of the Birch Organics… Especially the knits! ( I can&#39;t believe I&#39;m saying that, I&#39;m new to garment sewing after being a devoted quilter for so long!)

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    Oh my goodness! What a great store….I love the Banksia Bloom line! But really? I love a lot of goodies!<br />Thanks so much for a chance at the give-away.<br />Maureen<br />mgw070 at shaw dot ca

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    Great shop! I really like Elk Grove Knits – Skinny Chevron Coral – might have to get that to make my daughter a dress for her teaching career.

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    I love the Critter Patch and Moda&#39;s Little Things. Thanks for the giveaway and for introducing me to the site. Beautiful fabrics.<br />Leslie<br />lavblair at gmail.com

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    Well, apart from Koi which is a gorgeous must have collection,I love those kookaburras in the Banksia Bloom collection. Thanks for the chance!!

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    i love the summertime picnic fat quarter bundle!!<br /><br />the colours and the shapes are just my thing!!<br /><br />great giveaway!!<br /><br />thanks xx

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    As an Aussie, I&#39;d have to say that the Banksia Bloom – Kookaburra River remnant was the fabric that caught my eye! But so many other beautiful fabrics…impossible to choose.

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    First, I love that everything is organic but the variety at the shop is amazing too. Like so many others, I&#39;m drawn to the new Koi collection especially the Scallop Edge ones. However, due to the little boys in my life, I&#39;m always looking for more masculine fabric that isn&#39;t too baby-ish. I love the Robotics collection: robots, space, books, chemistry and more!!

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    So many beautiful fabrics to choose from. I would pick everything if I could afford it. At a push though I would actually choose fabrics from the Koi range – in particular Its a Plus and Ebb and Flow.

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    I adore koi and am even more excited to find out they have some voile prints too! So glad to see a shop dedicated to more sustainable fabric sources.

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    Thanks for the excuse to go shopping! I saw a lot that I really like, but I confess that my heart jumped when I saw the Kona solids filling my screen. Koi is right up there too.<br />

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    So many beautiful fabrics! I&#39;d love to get my hands on some Koi, and the Pure Organic Solids Fat Quarter Bundle 2 by Robert Kaufman is calling my name, too!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

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    Thank you both for the lovely giveaway (I love Rashida&#39;s fabrics). I think Harmony Art Sateen Eyes of the World is a beautiful fabric.

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    The critter patch tan is so sweet. The purple Koi is also delightful and reminds me of taking my youngest daughter to the fish pond at the library when she was a toddler. She loved feeding those fish. What beautiful designs!

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    They do have some very pretty fabrics, and I really like the Koi fabrics. Rather than pick out a particular fabric, I was more interested in some of their features such as free shipping for an order over $50. It is really easy to go over that amount. I like the fact that you can get swatches. I checked out one of their remnants, and they gave the size of the piece of fabric and also the size

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    I didn&#39;t see anything I like better than the Koi but I also did like the bundle of solids. Just looking at that inspires me as it makes methink of the candy store where they have the tall glass jars full of single color jelly beans lining the wall!

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    So many beautiful fabrics – it&#39;s difficult to choose just one. But I especially like the Banksia Bloom – Kookaburra River! Thanks for a chance to win – Beth in AL<br />

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    I love purple, so Koi it is, can&#39;t wait to start quilting again after we move into our new home, haven&#39;t been able to start a new project until this house business was settled. Thank you

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    There are so many I love, but I think the Robotic line is my favorite! I have a ton of grandsons and I could make something very boyish from it.

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    I like the &quot;Pure Organic Solids Fat Quarter Bundle 1 by Robert Kaufman&quot;. It has a good variety of colors and the quality is very good. Thank you!

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    Really nice color pallets. Been looking for a salmon colored fabric for my next project. The Japanese patterns in this line are beautiful and perfect. Love the deep purples in Don&#39;t Be Koi.

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    So much to choose from! I love that Koi fabric – so different from what I normally buy but so eye-catching I think a change is in order; but I really love the new Monaluna Raaga collection. I love the colours, love the patterns! There seriously is about a dozen fabrics I could choose – the dilemma of a modern quilter! A good dilemma to have, I say!

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    Ooh I LOVE Koi!! I&#39;m so looking forward to getting some somehow 😉 If I had to pick another favorite at Honey be Good it would have to be Havana – Scoot! Scoot! in blue. Thanks for the chance!!

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    Thank you so much for this SEW generous giveaway! I love Koi collection, but they do carry such amazing fabrics. Just saw Banksia Bloom – Kookaburra Morning and my heart stopped for a second.

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    Oooh, I&#39;ve been admiring all the offerings on the website: the 10&quot; Willow squares are very tempting, as are the solids bundles. Hmmm…. this has now become one of my must-go-to online shops – the organic cotton is a real lure, and the prices are excellect.

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    What a lovely visit that was. Thank you! I&#39;ve added quite a few to my wish list but the one that caught my eye this morning was the Havana range, lovely blue with great combinations.

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    What a pretty fabric line Koi is! I went and saw some beautiful organic fabrics. One of my favorites is from Banksia Bloom, Kookaburra Morning, or was it River? Darling blue bird on it. Short term memory isn&#39;t great, hehe.<br /><br />Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Elena B. I have been looking for the perfect fabric to finish our Florida screened in porch. One look at Space Cowboy and it was instant love. Just the colors I am working with. Inside I have the burgundy colors and the porch has the green color. What a perfect fabric to complete my throw pillows. I think adding some Organic Zoofari Monkeys Green would make our grand kids feel like the

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    Woooohoooooo What a giveaway ! Already Christmas ?! 😀 If I had to place an order in your shop I would buy first &quot;The Mini Dress, Tunic &amp; Tops Pattern by Amy Butler&quot; Because With any type of fabric you can have an amazing wardrobe full of beautiful clothes created by yourself ! And not only with Amy Butler fabrics ! With all the fabrics you want ! Even for winter time !! So thanks

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    Woooohoooooo What a giveaway ! Already Christmas ?! 😀 If I had to place an order in your shop I would buy first &quot;The Mini Dress, Tunic &amp; Tops Pattern by Amy Butler&quot; Because With any type of fabric you can have an amazing wardrobe full of beautiful clothes created by yourself ! And not only with Amy Butler fabrics ! With all the fabrics you want ! Even for winter time !! So thanks

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    What a feast of lovely fabrics. I dont think there was any I didnt like. Little Things was the first to take my eye if I have to name just one. I have added the store to my Favourites.

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    I just LOVE Chicken in Colonial! Fell in love with everything from Sarah Lee Parker Textiles – new designer to me and it is all gorgeous!<br />(majesticjenkinsATgmailDOTcom)

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    I love all fabrics and looked through every page of these fabs but, that bundle of Robert Kaufman&#39;s solids is so awesome, I think it would have to be my favourite. Thanks for the chance to win (anything).

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    I love finding new fabric resources. Some of my favorites include the Honey Art Sateen – Fields of Honey, and I also love the mix of solids and prints in the New Leaf Bundle!

  68. says

    Wow Amy! Thanks for showing this online vendor. She has some amazing stuff. I love the sateens. They look so soft. I especially like the !) Flowers. I love that they are 110&quot; wide.

  69. says

    The Koi collection is amazing, and I am pretty pleased that Kona solids can be found using organic fabrics! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

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    I really love the simple Harmony Art Fat Quarter Bundle with Graceland. It&#39;s a beautiful pairing and would make an excellent small bag. Thanks for the chance!

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    Love the new Koi collection…one of my favorites is the Don&#39;t be Koi fabric…I love any shade of blue. Also like Riley Blakes organic Zoofari for a child&#39;s quilt.

  72. says

    This fabric jumped out at me when I was browsing the selection of fabrics at Honey Be Good: Fancy Flight, Flowers in Garden by Nancy Mims for Robert Kaufman. I love the teal, lime and orange combination. Thanks for the give away!<br />

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    I love the Koi fabrics in this giveaway; such beautiful colors and designs. Thank you for the chance to win! I also was drawn to the New Leaf bundle with its bright colors. <br />k(dot)castanette(at)hotmail(dot)com

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    Oh my goodness they have blankets for new babies!! I will go back and check out the colors and choose one for my Great-grand Daughter that is due this month. Love that it is pre-washed and made in the USA.<br />Thanks for the link and the chance to win some of the fabric.

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    I think my favorite would be the entire Koi collection but there are so many beautiful fabrics. I really like the Valley Views those bright trees are sooo cute. Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. says

    Thank you for the website, and the great give away. I love the Koi, but the had some great remnants and bundles. Really liked the fancy flight bundle, so I got it…and a few other things as well.

  77. says

    I love the colors and patterns of New Leaf, but I am absolutely in love with the Fanfare Flannel Elephants!!! And the Koi is a wonder giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

  78. says

    I really love this sweet little bunny fabric: Critter Patch – Bunnies on Blue. I could just see this in a little quilt or for a dress or shirt.

  79. says

    I&#39;ve been dying to whip up a dress in the Koi &#39;It&#39;s a Plus&#39; voile. This is an amazing giveaway. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  80. says

    I love the Raaga collection by MonaLuna, the colours of filigree, pomegranate and roost are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win (love Koi too!)

  81. says

    It&#39;s so difficult to choose! I love almost everything! But if I have to, I&#39;d choose Koi or Little Leaf FQ bundles. Beautiful colors. <br />Thanks for a chance to win.

  82. says

    Koi is just gorgeous — I love every print in the line. I also love the bird prints in The Grove line (Flight). The Raaga collection has several prints I think are great as well!

  83. says

    Daisy Janie and not just because her name is Jane like mine. Her New Leaf Rhapsody is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.<br /><br />jane_martyn@hotmail.com

  84. says

    It looks like they have a really great selection of fabrics in general – thanks for sharing!<br />I like the Pop Posies Fat Quarter Bundle, and the Summertime Picnic Fat Quarter Bundle.

  85. says

    I LOVE the Pumpkin and Pom fat quarter bundle– such beautiful, bold fall colors! They offer a great selection… thanks for the giveaway!<br />~robin<br />welchrobin@hotmail.com

  86. says

    Great store, what a selection….The Raaga caught my eye and so did the Harmony line….hard to pick, so many wonderful choices and the fact they carry so many organic fabrics is a huge bonus :) I will definately go back and brouse :)

  87. says

    I love all the Harmony Art Sateen&#39;s but, then I love the Raaga. To hard to pick just one.- (Thirty-nine Fat Quarter)<br /><br />artrulson@yahoo.com

  88. says

    I love love LOVE the Geocentric canvases from Cloud9. These fabrics are just begging to be turned into something exciting :) Thank you for the chance to win!

  89. says

    Elk Grove Knits – Skinny Chevron Pool,Organic Zoofari Words White,Amy Butler,Betz White,Moda…some of my favs.Amazing giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.

  90. says

    There are so many beautiful fabrics! I adore the Bramble in Brick hand-screenprinted fabric, so lovely. But I also am going to be kind of boring and say I love love love the hemp-lyocel linen. So gorgeous!

  91. says

    I have to say the Koi collection is just beautiful! Everything in the shop is so well chosen and I really like the box sets! Really great idea! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  92. says

    wow thanks for letting me in on that website. I also just found your blog and was instantly in love. I loved the ROBOTIC line from the website. It can be so hard to find good fabrics for boys. Would love to win but I&#39;m even more excited that I found your blog; can&#39;t wait to read more

  93. says

    Thank you both for the great giveaway! I was looking through the lovely fabrics, and it&#39;s absolutely dangerous to see Critter Patch. The whole collection, with the bunnies and the foxes… tooooooo cute!

  94. says

    Wow what an amazing shop! I am in love with the Koi range and can see many projects featuring these beautiful prints. There are too many to choose from – I also love the amazing Banksia Bloom xxx

  95. says

    The main reason to like the Honey Be Good ranges is the eco fact that the materials are mainly sustainable in a world that&#39;s gone mad with throw away mentality. Sewing for yourself is good for the environment &amp; also good for your purse. As quilters &amp; sewers we should recycle &amp; reuse scraps. I have trouble choosing a specific fabric palette as I love them all, definitely a problem

  96. says

    I absolutely love love LOVE the zoofari line! I am 6 months pregnant with my first child and I am doing his nursery in safari animals, that one would be way too cute!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  97. says

    So much good stuff to choose from! I would have to go with Koi or some Fanfare flannel. I&#39;d also love to have some of those gorgeous solids and the We Love Color book!<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win :)<br />Carrie S.<br />thesimpson5@twlakes.net

  98. says

    I am loving the Raaga collection. Would be perfect for a throw quilt in my living room. So excited about your blog. This is my first visit and I am officially hooked. <br />Thanks!

  99. says

    I love the Critter Patch, especially the bunnies in blue. Also the Organic Zoofari. They have such lovely fabrics, the colors are perfect. Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. says

    Can&#39;t help it – I am a floral/grass person at heart even though I do mostly kids&#39; charity quilts for Mayo Clinic Pediatric Infusion Therapy Unit (kids chemo). I liked the Whispering Grasses-Aqua and Stornetta-Lavendar

  101. says

    I could spend a lot of time at Honey Be Good! Raaga would have to come home with me – although the Koi collection is delightful. I&#39;ve signed up for their updates… could be very dangerous to my pocketbook…

  102. says

    I love ALL OF IT!! But I would love to have some of the Critters on Tan fabric- it would be perfect for the I Spy quilt I want to make for my nephew.

  103. says

    I just started quilting recently and your blog has been a great source of inspiration–thanks! As for the fabric, I really love the colors in the Koi collection; I think moda&#39;s &quot;Drops&quot; fabric from the Little Things collection would be a great complement/additional palette to work with on a project. Thanks for the chance to win the fabric!

  104. says

    I just love that Raaga fat quarter bundle pictured in this post. Such a beautiful combination of colors! Of course I couldn&#39;t choose just one fabric. :)<br />

  105. says

    I am drawn to Saffron Craig&#39;s Kookaburra River fabric. I usually like a wide range of colors so the Banksia Bloom collection is outside my norm with all of the blues but it looks comforting and cozy to me.

  106. says

    Wow! This shop has some unique and awesome fabrics! I love Harmony Art Sateen in Stornetta Blue. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, and for your delightful blog.

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