Vintage-Sheet inspired quilt finished!

First of all, thank you so much for the sweet comments and encouragement on my post last week. That meant so much. I’m always a little leery of sharing TMI, but at the same time finding the balance of keeping it real. That’s a tricky thing for me.
Second of all, I finished binding one of the quilts! I started this quilt ages ago. Well, it feels that way at least. The fabric in this quilt is from a collection for Moda called Dream On by the Urban Chicks. The collection was inspired by vintage sheets (something I really love). It came out I want to say 4 years ago (was it really that long ago?) and I gradually collected bits and pieces because I liked it so much.

It took me a while before I finally decided what to do with the collection – I chose my Double Crossed pattern because I really liked how the green solid (I think it’s Kona Green Grass) contrasted with the busy floral patterns.

Lest anyone out there think that I am constantly cranking out a quilt – because I know it can tend to seem that way in blogland – let this quilt be a good example of the reality behind the scenes.  Fabric purchased 3-4 years ago; finally started cutting into it 1.5 years ago; started piecing blocks last summer; finished piecing blocks at a retreat in February; finally sewed all the blocks together at the beginning of the summer, then it still took me 2 months to add the borders and choose a back; had someone else do the quilting last week. And voila. It is finally done.

The back for this one is a vintage sheet I found at a thrift store a few years ago. I knew I wanted a vintage sheet for the back and it took me a while to find just the right one. I’ve actually cut up most of the one’s I have. Fortunately I’d preserved this one because I liked it so much and it turned out to be a good match. Plus, it was just the right size! And it was so nice not to have to piece a back.

The quilting is a simple all-over meader-loop pattern by Melissa of Sew Shabby quilting. Perfect for the really busy prints.
It’s such a cheerful, summery quilt. Feels so good to even have it done before the end of summer! Bonus.


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    This is gorgeous! Thanks for the timeline behind the quilt, too. You're right: blogland does make it seem like people are cranking out quilts left and right; but this provided good perspective!

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    Thanks for describing the "serial" nature of this quilt's process. The fabrics are so cheerful. The back is perfect. It's hard to find all-cotton sheets at the thrift shop, but I search diligently — which includes searching for the hang-tag to verify the fiber content. Oftentimes sheets have been washed so much that the tag is illegible.

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    Thank you for sharing your timeline of getting this quilt done. Many of my own projects have followed similar timelines! You have helped to make me feel better. The quilt is lovely and was definitely worth the wait!

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    I'm not normally a one-fabric-line-kinda-gal, but this is one that I LOVE (but sadly missed out on)! Love that it blends so well with "real" vintage as well. Thanks for keeping it real with your time line. :)

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    Hi Amy, what a lovely quilt, such gorgeous, fresh, summery colours – the sort of quilt that makes you feel happy just looking at it. Really pretty….

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    This is such a "happy" quilt..if that makes sense. I love the fabric. For about 5 years the closest shops to me did not carry Moda, so I guess I missed this line. I would definately bought it!

  7. Callie Triarsi says

    I love this quilt. I have been searching for pattern for my 27 year old son and this is it! I just found you on Pinterest and you are AMAZING! Thanks for all your awesome blogs!



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