All kinds of fabric-y fun

Why hello again! I’ve spent most of this week teaching at Riley Blake’s Fabric Fest convention in Las Vegas. It was all kinds of fabric-y fun. And I’m totally pooped.
Post Edit: The above pattern is called the Allyson Quilt found here.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: quilty-sewy people are always the nicest and I met some of the funnest, sweetest ladies.  I will share more of the inspiration from there sometime next week after I’ve had time to gather my wits again.

In the mean time, have you ever walked through a casino with an armful of floral fabric? Well, now I can cross that one off my bucket list.

Happy weekend!


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    I'm in love with that top quilt, too! Please let us know more about it. So glad you've had fun, and I'm sure those casinos have seen much more interesting things than fabric, huh? :-)

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    Yup, if you&#39;re going to have a retreat, Vegas sounds awfully good to me. (Never been but oh so want to).<br />I too love the quilt top in your pictures. Is there a pattern for it yet? Might there be sometime? Still loving your <br />&quot;Union Jack&quot; bag. Glad you had fun. Luba

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    It was so fun to meet in person. I took a lot away from your scraps class. If the kiddos cooperate ill have a photo to share of a scrap basket I made at home. You look great out there on the floor! Fabric can be high currency in some cultures;)

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