Baby Blanket tutorial with Cuddle Fabric

Don’t you love Cuddle fabric (aka minky fabric?) Today I’m sharing a quick tutorial for making a self-binding baby blanket over at the Cuddle Corner blog for Shannon Fabrics
I used the Aqua Dimples Cuddle fabric with some Valori Wells Novella zigzag I bought a little while back. (I did see it was still available here.)

And then, just for silliness, look what comes up on the hashtag #amysmart on instagram. Lol. The poor actress Amy Smart will always have random quilt pics on her hashtag thanks to this crazy quilting lady with the same name.  If you’re looking for more quilting pics on Instagram, you can find me @diaryofaquilter on Instagram. I can’t promise pictures of Ryan Reynolds though.


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    Cute blanket…thanks for sharing. I just love what happens when "REAL PEOPLE" pop up when you google them….foooey to the stars…it's real people doing real things; like quilting that count!!

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    Very pretty blanket Amy. I laughed about the hashtag pics, especially now that you have this baby blanket showing up on hers too. Just think of the rumors you're going to start when the gossip columnists catch the glimpse of the baby blanket in her feed. LOL

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    Cute! Do you think this would work if I use minkee and voile? I bought some to make blankets for my girls for their birthdays, but wasn't sure how to put them together.

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    LOL!! I actually had googled Carter Oosterhouse for my husband and found he was married to Amy Smart .. I said WOW!! He&#39;s married to the gal who quilts??? :)))) LOVE your blog and your quilts …<br /><br />Toby (newbie quilter)

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