Easy Baby Jelly Roll Quit Pattern

I’m so excited to share this little project I made this past month. It’s a simple little scrappy baby quilt made from part of a Moda Jelly Roll in the Baby Jane collection – one of my current favorite collections. I’ve wanted to make a ‘low-volume’ quilt for sometime and these prints were perfect for this project.

The pattern I used for this quilt is a brand new free-download pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop called the Jelly Roll Jam. Using this pattern you can create two quick and easy, scrappy baby quilts, each measuring 36″ x 36″. Or you could easily modify the pattern to make a bigger quilt using more of the Jelly Roll strips.

To make it even cooler, there is also a free 20 minute video tutorial that will show you how to quickly assemble this project. 
I loved making this little quilt – it came together SO quickly – easily in one afternoon. I love simple scrappy designs, and this one showed off the prints perfectly. The aqua, gold, and red is one of my latest favorite color combos. My quilt was quilted by Melissa of Sew Shabby Quilting.
I made one modification on my quilt and that was to add a 2″ border on all four sides to make a 40″ x 40″ quilt. I just used 4 more of the jelly roll strips for the border. I used another 4 strips for my binding as well. I’m so smitten with how it turned out. Is it weird to keep a baby quilt for myself?
In other fun news, the Fat Quarter Shop has a Baby Jane Jelly Roll to give away to one of you! Just leave a comment (click on the word Comments) at the bottom of the post telling me your latest favorite color combination. Giveaway open until Friday, Sept 20 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED. 
My favorite colors right now are Aqua/Turquoise and Orange shades. I am not a orange person except for lately they have just appealed to me so much. Thanks, kathy
Want a different Jelly Roll? Fat Quarter Shop is offering 20% off all Jelly Rolls through 9/20/13.
Want to see other versions of the Jelly Roll Jam quilt? Check out some of these blogs. I can’t wait to see what they’ve done!


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    My favorite color combo is yellow and blue. It's classic and preppy and never looks dated. I love the addition of the border. Such a cute quilt.

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    Favorite color combos come and go with the seasons…right now it is fall colors…browns reds yellows golds greens…<br /><br />I can almost smell the hot apple cider and pumpkin pie!

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    That quilt is sooo pretty! I am loving red, aqua and gray right now. Thanks for the chance to win, I just picked up some scrapbook paper in the Baby Jane prints and would love to have that jelly roll to go with it.

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    Aqua and red are top of my chart right now. I have just finished a baby quilt from a Jelly roll, I made it in rail fence blocks and love it to bits. It is a gift so I have to part with it.

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    My favorite colors right now are Aqua/Turquoise and Orange shades. I am not a orange person except for lately they have just appealed to me so much. Thanks, kathy

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    What a beautiful quilt. I love quick and easy quilts. My favorite color combinations would have to be red and aqua with maybe a little gray mixed in. Thanks for the chance.

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    Navy, grey and golden yellow are my favourite colour combo right now, and I love this quilt pattern, I have a jelly roll just waiting to be made into this quilt!

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    Your quilt is so cute!!! I love the Baby Jane fabrics. My favorite color combo is aqua and pink or aqua and red (or aqua with just about any other color). Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Your quilt is so cute, I love this collection. My favorite color combo right now is aqua and red and grey. Just made a pillow for a friend with these colors.<br />hildy(at)ebertzeder(dot)de

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    I love this color combo. It&#39;s not something I would come up with but very pretty. I&#39;m really loving turquoise and peach right now but really anything with turquoise. I&#39;ve had to stop myself from buying anymore turquoise fabric!

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    Love your modification! Just really getting into anything with a lot of saturated colors. Just bought some purple, brown, and hot pink combos that I really like.

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    Right now I love aqua and red together, but I have always loved blue and white, and blue and brown. Love your quilt! The border is a great idea, I love how it looks with the contrasting binding. Thanks!

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    Currently, I am working on a baby quilt with mint and coral as the main colors, and I am really loving that. <br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway, I&#39;d love to win me some Baby Jane!

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    my favorite color combo has always been red &amp; light blue. This was a whole new view of jelly rolls for me, I had always wondered why someone would buy a jelly roll…now I know it makes the process sooooo much easier.

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    My favorites are constantly shifting, but right now I&#39;m loving aqua, red, and white. I just saw some yardage of Baby Jane in my LQS and fell madly in love with it. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    My favorite combination in colors is gold, orange, and blue in various shades and tints. Especially with all levels of intensity in the gold-yellow-orange range with that blue used sparingly as a &quot;pop&quot;. I&#39;ve been eyeing that Baby Jane collection for a while and really like how it shines in this pattern.

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    I&#39;m loving the mustard, plum, grape, magenta and grey colour scheme at the moment… hmmm… also peach, coral, mocha, tan and mauve…. so many colours, so little time!

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    Love the quilt – love the colors. I like anything aqua or teal they looks especially good with yellow or gold or orange. I had not looked at the Baby Jane collection yet so was happy to see such good pictures of the fabric in the quilt.

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    I&#39;m drawn to combos of aquas and olives. Thanks for pointing to the link of this pattern – wll use it a lot. Hope I win!<br />Beth in AL

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    Recently I&#39;ve been loving gray and yellow. It&#39;s kind of a shocker to me as I&#39;ve never liked either. I guess my likes change with the times. Thanks for the chance to win. This is a great giveaway!

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    My favorite colors right now would have to be gray, orange-y, pink, green, and aqua. there are so many beautiful color combinations, its so hard to decide!<br />Thank you for the chance to win…I love Baby Jane!

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    It has to be Mustard. I have a bathroom and Bedroom/sewing room in it.Now that I see the Baby Jane Collection I have alot of fabrics to use with the mustard.

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    I like the colors in that quilt you made a lot, but really really like putting yellow, pink, green, and blue together. (It sounds weird, but looks good.)<br /><br />(knittngirl@gmail.com)

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    I just finished a quilt for my daughter, she choose deep, fall colors. I absolutely loved working with the reds, greens and blues. It&#39;s been awhile since I did a quilt in those colors but they were very soul satisfying. Thanks.

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    I&#39;m currently quite smitten with red and orange. I even pull those colors from my (one color of each) Fiestaware on bad days because it makes me happy!

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    I am wanting to try a low volume quilt…love the colors on the quilt you made. Thanks for a chance to win…your blog is so much fun!<br /><br />Julie

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    I&#39;m crazy about corals right now – paired with gray especially. I&#39;ve been needing a new baby quilt pattern to try, this looks absolutely perfect:) Love the colors of that Baby Jane collection. Thanks!

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    Squeee — a Baby Jane jelly roll! Yellow, aqua, and red are right up there as a favorite color combo. I&#39;m also enjoying gray as a blender with almost any other color these days.

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    I&#39;ve been on a purple kick lately. Maybe it&#39;s because I wound up with a bunch of it in my stash thanks to a fabric outlet sale. I&#39;m going to attempt to combine the purple with teal and chartreuse soon.

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    Cute version of the Jelly Roll Jam pattern Amy! I&#39;m in love with Coral/Navy/White right now. We stopped by Old Navy this evening (haven&#39;t been there in quite awhile) and there was coral EVERYWHERE in there. Everywhere. Good thing I like it :)

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    I am loving the red and gray in Baby Jane. I LOVE this fabric! Your quilt is fabulous and now I am going to have to make one. I am going to copy you and make it 40&quot; square, just bit bigger, plus zi love that look!<br />

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    My favorite combo is still red and white. Think I&#39;ll have to add this little quilt to the list things I&#39;m making for my new granddaughter. She&#39;s due to make an appearance in January and my list is getting longer and longer …

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    It&#39;s funny, when quilting I&#39;m drawn to different colours than when decorating or choosing clothing. I love the combo of mustard, aqua and pink right now.

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    I like red &amp; aqua together and I also am loving mustard-y yellows with gray. And here you&#39;ve thrown them all together deliciously!! <br />ahays58{@}gmail{.}com

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    I LOVE the addition of the border to your quilt Amy — it really makes it stand out. I always love all the colors so it&#39;s hard to choose a favorite combo. I never much liked yellow before though, but lately I love it in most everything I see!

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    I love mustard, gray, and white right now. I am collecting fabrics to make my son a college quilt. HIs school colors are black and gold, so of course I am having to throw some gray and white in there, too! Thanks for the giveaway! I&#39;d love to win!

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    I&#39;m lovin red and aqua right now :) Winning the Baby Jane Jelly Roll would really make me HAPPY! Jelly Roll Jam here I come! Thanks for the opportunity for this great giveaway :)

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    My fav color combos these days are grey and white! So cozy and crisp and clean. It doesn&#39;t hurt if there is a pretty, light aqua in there, ;)<br /><br />Love your jelly quilt– Baby Jane is a current favorite of mine, too!<br />~robin<br />welchrobin@Hotmail.com

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    Just like most people these days, I am loving mustard and gray. I&#39;m currently working on a throw size quilt with mustard and gray, but I&#39;ve also thrown in some aqua and deep purple. It&#39;s a little bright and crazy, but it&#39;s growing on me! :)

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    Oh, I love that Baby Jane jelly roll! I&#39;ve been drooling over it. :-) <br /><br />My favorite color combos recently have been grey combined with a bright turquoise, pink, or purple. I think it is SO striking!

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    Turqoise and Coral. Who knew? I&#39;m participating in a quilt along and am using these two colors as my focal colors to pull the blocks together.

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    So cute! I&#39;ve been thinking a lot lately about making my first quilt and this looks like a good pattern. My favorite colors lately? Reds, pinks and corals – that, and different shades of blues.<br />

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    That&#39;s a good deal at FQS! Oh how I love jelly rolls and charm packs! I don&#39;t really have a favorite color combo…my favorite is really scrappy. Always has been! I am loving the line Gracie Girl by Lori Holt and already made a quilt from it. I especially like the blues, grays, and pinks together. Thanks again for such a great class at Fabric Fest!!! I hope we meet again at

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    Fabulous quilt! I want one too! My favorite color combo is a toss up between orange and pink or aqua and orange or red.<br />(majesticjenkinsATgmailDOTcom)

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    My favorite color combo right now is also aqua, red, and yellow. In fact, I am just now putting together a quilt for my daughter-in-law in those colors using your Lattice pattern. A second color combo I&#39;m loving is gray, black, and yellow. So many possibilities and so many quilts to make!

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    I love the color combo of aqua,red and yellow also. That is the colors in my living room. I just got a jelly roll of Baby Jane to use to make a quilt for my living room. I would love to win another. ramona_murray(at)comcast(dot)net

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    Lovely! I&#39;ve been hoarding a couple of jelly rolls for ages, not sure what to do with them, and this is perfect. My favourite colour combination at the moment, if not all time, is grey with turquoise/teal

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    I love your blog. My latest color combination is navy blue, white and orange. That jelly roll is beautiful, would love to have it and make a baby quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    My current favorite color combo is pink &amp; orange. I&#39;m dying to start a quilt in those colors, but I&#39;m on a self-imposed break of not starting anything new because I have so many UFOs!

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