Fabric Giveaway from Connecting Threads

Quilting Fabrics, direct from the mill, starting at $5.96 per yard. Quilting Kits and Fabric Samplers with no charge for cutting. 100% cotton Quilting Thread, plus Quilt Books, Free Patterns and more.
Today I am excited to officially welcome Connecting Threads as a sponsor of Diary of a Quilter. If you’re not familiar with Connecting Threads, let me introduce you. 
Quality Affordable Quilting Fabric
Connecting Threads is a family-owned company that produces and sells their own lines of fabric. All of their fabrics are sold via their own catalog or through the online store. Because they cut out the middle man they are able to offer high quality quilting cottons at lower price ($5.96 a yard!) and orders over $50 are shipped free.
Here are their current fabric collections. I love these great basics!
Some of their recent collections include this nice “fallish” looking collection called Heather’s Garden

This pretty collection of blues is called Indigo Patchwork. I’m a sucker for blues and whites. They always look classic and seem to never look dated.

Finally this collection called Mix It Up full of good blenders including dots, stripes, and plaids. 
Not only do they carry fabric, there are also patterns, kits, notions, and thread. It’s a great one-stop shop! The Connecting Threads site is so efficient and easy to navigate. It also includes lots of free stuff like tutorials, patterns, and other downloads. You can follow them on Facebook to keep up with all the latest releases and news.
And today Connecting Threads wants to give away a three fat quarter bundles – one from each collection pictured above – to three different winners! To enter take a quick trip to Connecting Threads and come back and leave a comment telling me a collection that looks appealing to you. Please make sure there is a way I can contact you if you are randomly selected as winner. Giveaway open until Friday, September 27 at midnight, MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Post Edit: This giveaway is only open to participants in the US or Canada.


Denise said…
I just received the new Connecting Threads issue yesterday, and I’ve got the Indigo Patchwork on my wish list!! Can you ever go wrong with blue and white? 
Dolores said…
I have purchased from them before and their service has been great. I have been eyeing the Indigo collection since it came out not too long ago.
Thanks for the chance to win.
NW Patchwork said…
Great giveaway! I’ve always wanted to try their fabric and thread. I love all 3 of the new collections. Esp. Heather’s Garden. Those colors would go perfect in my home :)


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    I like the Fall Harvest collection, as well as their huge selection of really nice solids(Quilter's Candy) ! I never have enough classic blues, so this is what I'd love to win if my number came up 😀

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    Please sign me up for the drawing! I absolutely love the Heathers Garden collection, my oldest daughter is Heather and she had an awesome garden this year. Wouldn't it be cool to make her something from that line! I went to their site and looked thru their kits. Wonderful bag kits at such awesome prices. I had to add them to my favorites for a visit later!

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    I order from Connecting Threads alot. They are my go to place for fabric, patterns & kits. To pick a favorite is impossible because I love them all. If you have never ordered from this company you need to try a quick order. This fabric is awesome!! Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    I`d love Indigo Patchwork,all these blues would be welcome to my blue Dear Jane quilt and the yummiest Heather's Garden for this Fall season .Thanks!!

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    I absolutely love Connecting Threads! I have ordered several times and you really cannot beat the quality & price! MIX IT UP is fantastic and absolutely perfect for scrappy quilts!

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    I've been drooling over the Rest in Pieces line :) I'm currently making a quilt with their Indigo fabrics and I'm loving that too! (Ok, I love the Heather's Garden line too. So pretty!)

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    Love Connecting Threads, their fabric, thread and prices are great. Some of my favorites are Luck of the Irish and Winter Wonderland – and of course, any of the dots.

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    I love CT. I buy their fabrics, and thread. I have lots of their solids, mirage, samplers, etc. Not enough room to list them all. I like the Mix it up brights or the indigo&#39;s the best, but I would love any pack from CT. Thanks for the chance to win.<br /><br />Mary Malone<br /><br />mary and russ at wi dot rr dot com

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    I think Soaked is an adorable line…and so fitting as the fall rain in Washington has arrived. Of the newest ones, Mix It Up is my fave!<br /><br />Candace2robinson@gmail.com

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    such beautiful fabric collections. I really like the Indigo Patchwork collection but I have to say that American Celebration was my favourite of all the collections. Thank you for the chance to win even though I don&#39;t need much encouragement to spend time admiring fabrics on the Internet (and imagining what quilts I would make with them). In the case I do win, I can be reached at

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    Boy, I figured either the blues or the fall colors you featured above would be it, but I went ahead and looked at the site… Yes, I think the indigo and white is still my favorite because I&#39;m collecting that color scheme right now for a quilt, but I&#39;ll admit the fruit salad one made me smile! :)

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    Just last weekend I harvested my indigo crop and was able to extract the dye from the leaves to color some fabric for my quilting fabric stash. The colors turned out beautiful! The indigo patchwork collection would be a nice compliment! Thanks for the giveaway.<br />Bethany<br />bethany0728 at … gmail

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    I have been wanting to order the Classic Dot Sampler fat quarter pack to make the Bloom Bloom Pow QAL from Freshly Pieced. Hopefully soon! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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    I love Mix it Up and Soaked, both are really beautiful collections. I&#39;d not come across Connecting Threads before this but I will defintiely be ordering fromt hem inthe future.

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    I love Soaked! I love and use Connecting Threads thread! Their prices are great. Many gals in my quilt group order from CT often! Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I have been eyeing their Rest in Pieces collection for a bit. It would be fun to make something for Halloween from it. I better hurry tho, Halloween is coming fast. Thanks for the chance to win. <br />kogrady@cableone.net

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    Oh, my goodness, so many lovely fabric collections! I&#39;m so happy autumn&#39;s here, I think I&#39;m going to go with the Halloween collection, Rest in Pieces. The haunted house focus print is so cute! Thank you for the opportunity!

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    I&#39;m a sucker for blue and white too. So, it&#39;s the Indigo Collection for me! I&#39;ve been salivating over it all weekend, ever since I got my catalog from them on Friday. :o)

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    Beautiful seed pods collection and their autumn hues. And loving the puddle jumpers, galoshes galore, thunderstorm and lightining bolts too; perfect for a boy&#39;s quilt! Thanks for the giveaway, awesome as usual!

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    WOW there&#39;s so much awesome fabric!!! I love the quilter&#39;s candy basics, rest in pieces, shake it up, botanical beauty, and soaked are amazing!!!

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    Why have I not purchased anything from them before?????? I love their fabric and their prices. Oh, and I&#39;ve been thinking about making a blue and white quilt which makes their Indigo collection perfect.<br /><br />Abigail

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    What a cool looking site. Loved the &quot;Soaked&quot; collection – plus it comes in laminate too – great for making the kids rain gear. Cute Cute !! Tks for chance to win :-)

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    I buy from Connecting Threads whenever I need fabric, the quality is great and you can&#39;t beat the price. Mix it Up and Quilter&#39;s Candy Basics especially the Mirage are my favorites. deanie dot dreams at gmail dot com

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    Great giveaway! I&#39;ve always wanted to try their fabric and thread. I love all 3 of the new collections. Esp. Heather&#39;s Garden. Those colors would go perfect in my home :)

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    Which to choose??? They are all 3 gorgeous, but the Indigo Patchwork collection attracted me right off the bat. I choose that one :) The other collections are lovely as well, especially the large floral ones. Great offerings here!

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    indigo patchwork……I&#39;m redoing my living room in blue and white….wouldn&#39;t these make a great quilt to put on the back of the couch or maybe hang on the wall? I buy their thread and love it. I am going to go back and drool over their fabrics again…..

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    I like the sun Kissed Harvest Collection and the Light and Bright Batiks. You&#39;ve certainly been busy traveling lately. Weren&#39;t you at the Riley Blake LV get away and then at Sewing Summit?I bet it&#39;s good to be home for a minute or two. Thanks for the chance at fabric.

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    I like most of their lines, but I think Indigo Patchwork is my favorite. I like the coolness of the blues and white.<br />Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I am a long time connecting threads customer – was saddened when they closed their store here in Vancouver, WA. I like their basics and blenders – they also have a great line of batiks. great prices and good service.

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    I love connecting threads and have made a lot of their quilts and wall hangings. they have fantastic customer service. I love their Heathers Garden line right now – so into fall!!

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    I really like the Quilter&#39;s Candy Basics collection. They also have a lot of great free patterns on their site, so glad I went over to look.<br />ks(dot)eyles(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

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    Heather&#39;s Garden is high on my list right now! I love Connecting Threads – great fabric, great prices, and great service!! They are always my first stop! salliesue (at) clearwire (dot) net

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    I love Connecting Threads. I&#39;ve ordered from them a few times. I keep checking their site for additions to their batik selections. I also love the solid blenders. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

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    The new Indigo patchwork fabric is delicious. I&#39;ve been ordering from Connecting Threads for a few years now, I love the their threads, batiks and solid blenders. I am very happy that this company is now part of your family of sponsors.

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    I love Connecting Thread and have been ordering from them for years. I could use a good solid collection, as I always seem to go toward the prints. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I like Heather&#39;s Garden. I was just eye balling these new lines the other day. That plaid print in Heather&#39;s Garden reminds me of a DS print, must get some! I love their solids, they are just as good as most any other, in my opinion!

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    I so totally want that Galleria quilt kit, but in the fabric collections I&#39;m particularly digging &quot;Shake it Up&quot; and &quot;Botanical Beauty&quot;

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    I think I prefer the Heather&#39;s Garden collection. It has a retro feel and I can easily envision combining that fabric style with a modern quilt pattern.

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    I am a huge fan of CT! I love love love their fabric. I am in love with their Sun Kissed Harvest fabrics! What a gorgeous set of fabrics for Autumn! (olivia dot lovelyatyourside gmail)

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    Heathers Garden is pretty fabulous, but I really need some more plaids in my life, so the Mix it Up Neutral is also calling my name…<br /> -sunshdws at yahoo dot com

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    The majority of fabrics in my stash are from Connecting Threads…love the quality, colors and prices. They have great customer service, too! <br />I haven&#39;t ordered any of their newest fabrics yet, but Heather&#39;s Garden is in the running! I think it would be a great addition to my stash, and would make a great future quilt!!

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    Connecting Threads are the best people to deal with, their customer service is great and shipping prices are reasonable. I LOVE LOVE Indigo Patchwork. Try their thread on sale, best prices for sure.!

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    I love the Quilter&#39;s Candy collection, who doesn&#39;t need more basics in their stash?? But I&#39;m also in love with the Winter&#39;s Evening collection and a few of their backing fabric choices.<br /><br />ashley(dot)pickrell(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    I&#39;m immediately drawn to Heather&#39;s Garden as autumn is my favourite time of year. But, I have yet to make a blue quilt and Indigo Patchwork is calling out to me…Pick Me! <br />Love them all.<br />Good luck everyone :)

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    Wow, my first visit to Connecting Threads (and won&#39;t be my last)! Love their collections and prices!!! And I find ALL of the collections appealing! This is a great giveaway, and thanks for introducing me to them. It&#39;s a definite favorite online source now! Oh…and I guess I&#39;d have to say that Cookie Exchange, Shake It Up, Home Front and Winter Flurry all compete for my top favorites

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    Connecting Threads is one of my &quot;go to&quot; online shops! I especially like their year end sales – such great deals! I&#39;ve been drooling over those Indigo Patchwork blues lately. I&#39;m trying not to stash-enhance, but winning fabric isn&#39;t the same as buying! :) Thanks for the chance!

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    Connecting Threads is one of my favourite on-line shops and their shipping to Canada is extremely generous. I&#39;ve been a customer for many years and will continue to be. One of my favourite collections is the flannel quilter&#39;s candy basics – great colours and patterns.

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    I Love Heather&#39;s Garden. Wow, they have a wonderful selection of fabrics (and Threads – so many cottons) Please feel free to reach me at shar464 @ sbcglobal . net to let me know I have won, Lol!!!!

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    I really like Indigo Patchwork. Because I do so many charity kid&#39;s quilts, I haven&#39;t had a chance to work with &quot;adult&quot; blue. Connecting Threads is one of my favorite places for fabrics!

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    OH WOW! I love the thread collections…..I need more thread and they look great as sets…thanks! :)<br />Oh and I love the blues fabric bunches too…<br />cajunteacher2001atyahoo.com<br />

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    All of the Mix It Up fabrics are great! I often shop at Connecting Threads, the quality of their fabric is very nice!!<br />Tami<br />tamiquilts(at)att(dot)net

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    I have purchased from them before and their service has been great. I have been eyeing the Indigo collection since it came out not too long ago.<br />Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I LOVE Connecting Threads.. it is a wonderful online/catalog based business. They have wonderful batting sales and honestly would love to have their fabrics.. So without sounding pathetic…. Please Please pick me!!!

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    Indigo Patchwork. I love blues, but I also love colors. I think Heather&#39;s Garden is beautiful also. Connecting Threads is one of my favorite places to shop for fabrics. In fact, I have an order on its way to me right now.

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    Love Quilter&#39;s Candy Basics – so many great possibilities for these basics. I recently placed an order with Connecting Threads and was really happy with them and how quickly they shipped; I will certainly be ordering from them again!<br />(majesticjenkinsATgmailDOTcom)

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    I LOVE Connecting Threads. Long time customer. Love the Mix it up collection, especially the brights. Can think of SO many things I could do with a FQ bundle of that line.

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    Like you, I love a blue and white collection. Indigo Patchwork definitely caught my eye. I&#39;ve ordered from Connecting several times – many, many fat quarters of their small prints.

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    I pretty much like ALL the Connecting Threads fabric! Right now though my favorite is Winter&#39;s Evening. The colors aren&#39;t the typical holiday or winter colors and they&#39;re very soothing to me.

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    I would really enjoy using the Mix It Up bundle — it has so many interesting, eye catching colors and movement – they are a good group at Connecting Threads and I buy their thread too #!}

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    I just got your post in my inbox and you already have 373 comments! Wow do I get blog posts late! Funny you should ask as I have the Connecting Threads blog post still in my inbox announcing the Indigo sampler because I love blues, but now that I see Heathers Garden here I love that more because I am an autumn girl, but if I were choosing one out of ALL the samplers, I&#39;d choose the

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    Wonderful that they are able to offer these fabrics at such a great price. I actually just got their catalog and it looks like they have a large variety of inventory from fabric to patterns, etc. I think my favorite bundle is the Indigo Patchwork, although the basics line is a close contender. Thank you for the opportunity! khauglan(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    I saw a ton of fabric that I loved…like Sweet St. Nick…those little wee swirl candies are adorable!! And Sunkissed Harvest and Heather&#39;s Garden are wonderful!! SEW darn many to choose from!! Thanks for the chance!!<br />Paulette

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    I won&#39;t buy fabric from anywhere else! I love Connecting Threads. The fabric is great and they are one of the only places that fit within my budget. The Heather&#39;s Garden collection is very nice.

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    Indigo Patchwork is a collection I&#39;ve been wanting to buy, but now Heather&#39;s Garden has some beautiful fabrics I really would love to have also. <br /><br />vburr at charter dot net

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    The weather has cooled and I&#39;m ready for fall … Heather&#39;s Garden is appealing to me. The colors are perfect and I really like the variety of prints.

  66. says

    I love the large selection of Christmas prints, but the Winter flurry flannel is my pick. Love the shades of blue and green. Had never visited CT and glad you shared. klscott52 at bellsouth dot net

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    What a lovely company with a wonderful selection of fabrucs at great prices. I would have to say my favorit is indigo patchwork collection because blue is one of my favorite colors.

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    What a wonderful shop with a great selection of reasonably priced fabrics. I would have to say that the indigo patchwork is my favorite collection since blue is one of my favorite colors.

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    I&#39;m glad you posted this. I went over there and realized that the adorable galoshes fabric that I had eyed up awhile ago for my bathroom curtains was on clearance. I almost missed it, but now for less than $12, my bathroom curtain fabric is on the way. Yay!

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    The Quilter&#39;s Candy Basics would be a good stash builder or good to use on a scrappy quilt. LOVE it and the Indigo Patchwork would make for a wonderful looking dresden quilt or a fence rail quilt. :) Oh the possibilities. 😀

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    Amy – they are all great – but I think Indigo Patchwork will fit into my current projects better than the other two.<br /><br />–pmontyda at yahoo dot com is my contact info–

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    I have ordered from them for a few years now. I have every color<br />of their longarm thread; love it for quilting and piecing. They have great prices on books and fabrics. My favorite collection is the Indigo.

  73. says

    The Mix-It-Up collection looks just like my style! I&#39;ve purchased fabric and thread from Connecting Threads in the past and been very pleased with their prices and quality – I understand they&#39;re fabric is all made in the U.S.! <br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win.<br />Elizabeth<br />boltonia55@yahoo.com

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    Thanks for the opportunity. They have gorgeous fabrics, the ones that you can&#39;t stop drooling over while browsing. It is a tough decision to make but I will go for the &#39;Winter Flurry&#39; collection. They are absolutely beautiful. Fingers crossed.<br />E-mail: contactmrslucky@gmail.com.

  75. says

    I really like them all, but I think the Indigo Patchwork is my favorite set. The fabrics remind me of delft tiles or old blue willow ware – two of my favorite things. Thanks for sharing these!

  76. says

    I like quilters candy basics. I have loved Connecting Threads since I started quilting 5 years ago! I made the Apple River table runner about 20 times. It helped with with so many skills. :)

  77. says

    I love Connecting Threads, their fabrics are very nice. I have been looking at the Indigo Patchwork line, it is just so pretty. I never tired of a blue and white color scheme.

  78. says

    I really like the Indigo Patchwork! When I received Connecting Threads last catalog, I decided that I am just going to have to order some of the beautiful blue fabric. Now I have my chance to win some. Thanks!

  79. says

    My heart loves all of them, but I&#39;m especially drawn to the blue and whites. But I&#39;d love any of the collections. So much can be done with them.

  80. says

    I love Connecting Threads and order from them often. In fact I&#39;m finishing up my Perfect Points quilt right now (late, I know), using their fabrics. I really like their new Mix It Up collection!!

  81. says

    I love the fall colors of Heather&#39;s Garden. I am new to quilting and trying to work up the nerve to try a quilting project (maybe a lap quilt or wall hanging).

  82. says

    Well couldn&#39;t get off the site without ordering for Christmas. I really do like the Indigo Patchwork, always looking for fabric to make quilts for the men in my family.

  83. says

    I love their thread! I have bought some of their fabric and loved it. If I were to buy more it would be anything with polka dots. You can never have too many!<br />theturquoisebutton at yahoo dot com

  84. says

    I am so thrilled you have shared this site! I LOVE the fabrics. I am going to explore more later. I liked them on fb, too! My TWO favs (because I couldn&#39;t choose) are the Indigo Patchwork because I love the traditional, But I also LOVE the Mix it Up because I love the fun colors in that one. Great fabrics for some great projects.

  85. says

    American Celebration has a great selection that would work well in my stash (or not … doesn&#39;t matter. It&#39;s a stash and everything works!). Then I look at the blues and my grand-daughter wants a quilt in blue. Truth is … all are beautiful! Great giveaway and thanks!! Travelingro@gmail.com

  86. says

    I just received the new Connecting Threads issue yesterday, and I&#39;ve got the Indigo Patchwork on my wish list!! Can you ever go wrong with blue and white? di_caughill at hotmail dot com

  87. says

    CT has wonderful fabrics… I&#39;m a bit addicted to them. The Indigo Patchwork is beautiful, would love to play with that. And I actually have some of their Bookish collection set aside to make your Boho Girl pattern (when at least a couple of my UFOs are finished!). bhadenfeldt at gmail dot com

  88. says

    The Heather&#39;s Garden collection strikes my eye! I&#39;m a brand new quilter so I&#39;m still trying to figure out what goes with what but these bundles make things easy.

  89. says

    I have ordered from Connecting threads many times. I love their stuff. My favorite right now is the Indigo Patchwork that you have featured for the giveaway. I have been coveting that one for awhile now! They also have a &quot;Americana&quot; collection that I love.