Moda Fat Quarter Bundle from Green Fairy Quilts

Today I get to share a giveaway from one of my kind and generous sponsors, Green Fairy Quilts.  Green Fairy Quilts is run by Judi and Clint Madsen and is an online shop that specializes in Moda and Riley Blake pre-cuts and bundles at great prices.
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Pot Luck by American Jane
New arrivals are in stock such as PotLuck (on of my favorites!), Scrumptious, and Bobbins and Bits. You can also pre-order future collections now that will be sent out as soon as they arrive with free shipping! They have an amazing clearance selection as well. All worth checking out.
Judi also writes a blog where she is just wrapping up her Flower Patch quilt-along. You can see all the tutorial posts here. Judi is also an incredible quilter.  To see more of her work, visit the Green Fairy Quilts blog. 

And, as always, Judi has a very generous giveaway. Today she is giving away this Moda fat quarter bundle, for the upcoming collection, Nature’s Bounty by Blackbird Designs.

To enter to win, visit Green Fairy Quilts and sign-up for their newsletter (click on the SUBSCRIBE button on the left hand side) and leave a comment on this post telling me that you’ve done so. This is a great way to be notified of all their amazing future sales and specials. Giveaway open until Saturday, September 14 at midnight MST. Thanks Judi! GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Winner: Terri said…

I subscribed and am super excited to find that website. I love the fabric combos and the blog. Thanks so much!!!


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    I love the shop and the blog. Thanks for letting me know about the newsletter – how did I miss this before. <br />All signed up and ready to find out what I am missing out on. Thanks again.

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    I subscribe to the blog and regularly get emails with sale notices but I didn&#39;t know about a newsletter. So I signed up! Thanks for the opportunity to win a bundle of fabric!

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    Now that is a most generous giveaway.! I LOVE that fabric collection, so will definitely be signing up for the newsletter if it brings me a step closer to those creamy blues .

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    I am a new subscriber to the Newsletter and would love to win this fabric bundle! I&#39;m hoping that overseas entrants are okay but will totally understand if that is not the case. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win that lovely prize!

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    I have been receiving the newsletter for awhile, and have ordered fabric–love it! If I ever win anything from all the times I have posted to one of these blogs I will believe in fairies!

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    I have been receiving the newsletter for awhile, and have ordered fabric–love it! If I ever win anything from all the times I have posted to one of these blogs I will believe in fairies!

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    I have been a subscriber for awhile! I buy a lot of fabric from them! They have a great store and their turnaround is great as well. Plus who couldn&#39;t love love love Judy&#39;s quilting. I can&#39;t wait to get my hands on that book of hers!

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    Officially subscribed, thank you for this chance!!!<br />I have been looking at this exact line of fabrics for weeks, <br />so I&#39;m super excited that I might have the chance to win it~!<br /><br />Fay

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    I follow them. I love these fabrics. I make charity quilts and this fabric would make beautiful quilts. Blessings,Barbara babscorbitt@ gmail dot com

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    I am already a newletter subscriber and a customer. I agree with you about Green Fairy Quilts – great prices and klucious fabric! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and thanks for your always inspiring blog!

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    I subscribe to the Green Fairy newsletter, and, as a matter of fact, just ordered something last Friday. It arrived yesterday (monday), so I can certainly vouch for the speed of the ordering process. BTW, I loved your blogpost the other day, where you showed photos of you and your children dressed up in period clothing, volunteering at that historical park. What wonderful memories you have

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    HELLO,I have subscribed to Judi&#39;s newsletter a long time&gt;love their Shop+love her quilting! Aren&#39;t &quot;Potluck&quot; and &quot;Nature&#39;s Basket&quot; attractive!<br />Thanks to GFQ&#39;s+you for sharing a great a giveaway!<br /><br />

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    Oh my goodness just a peak at the bundle with the measuring tape made my heart go pitter patter.<br />Headed over the get their newsletter &amp; follow their blog.<br />thank you<br />

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    Hi! I already receive their news letters and I really like ths shop! Also this give away bundle is fantastic! Those fabrics are just amazing! Thank you for a great give away! x Teje<br />nerospost(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I have been getting Green Fairy newsletters for some time. She has a great selection of precuts! I order from her often. Great customer service and prices! Love the Nature&#39;s Bounty! I hope to win, thank you!

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    I&#39;ve subscribed to their newsletter for quite a while, and follow Judi&#39;s blog. I like to follow their missions, and am in absolute awe of Judi&#39;s quilting. It is absolutely stunning. I want to be able to make a quilt top that is worthy of her quilting. Thanks for the chance to win this incredible bundle.

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    I have been a subscriber to Green Fairy for some time now. Love it!<br />Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful, new fabric.<br />One can always use more FABRIC!<br />

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    I am subscribed! I was just on Green Fairy&#39;s site today drooling over Blacbird Park FatQuarter stack!<br /><br />We also just got a new shipment of MODERN BABY quilt books at AMERICAN QUILTING.<br /><br />

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    I have been receiving their newsletter for some time now. I hadn&#39;t seen the blog though and all those nice toots. Thanks for pointing that out.<br />contentncm at yahoo dot com

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    I already am subscribed to their newsletter and follow their blog. They have awesome delivery times, too! I ordered something from them on Friday and had it Monday!<br /><br />Thanks for the great give away!<br />Sandy A

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    I already subscribe to the Green Fairy newsletter…and have an order I just received from them sitting next to me! I LOVE Nature&#39;s Basket and was going to ask for a FQB for my birthday. Winning one would be magical!

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    Just subscribed, and now going to cruise their site – love the chance to win and love the chance to learn about a new quilty pleasure!<br /><br />Thanks!<br />Liz<br />

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      Thought my first comment hadn&#39;t gone through so made another and then, of course, found the first one so I deleted this. Hopefully, I still have a valid comment posted. Thanks.

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    I have read Judi&#39;s blog for some time and she is an incredible long-arm quilter. I just subscribed to her blog. Thanks to Judi and you for this great giveaway!<br />

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    Fantastic array of fabric. Would love a chance to win and I&#39;ve signed up to receive their newsletter. Thanks so much!<br /><br />

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    I just signed up to receive the Green Fairy newsletter. And I also signed up to receive Judi&#39;s blog posts!! I absolutely love that flower patch quilt. I certainly don&#39;t need another quilt I want to make, but I&#39;m still adding this to my list anyway!! Thank you for introducing me to her :)

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    I like when you introduce us to other fabulous quilters – I subscribed and look forward to another outlet for great fabric. Also your vintage sheet quilt simply spoke to me – beautiful.

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    I am already a subscriber. Judi is an awesome quilter! From experience I can say that GFQ shop has great customer service and one of my favorite go-to places!

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    I&#39;ve been getting Green Fairy&#39;s newsletter for awhile. I love and am amazed at how she quilts. I can&#39;t wait for her book to come out so I can feast my eyes on more of her creativity. Besides, she really is a great person. Thanks.

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    I hope it counts that I&#39;ve been receiving Green Fairy&#39;s email and following her blog for a very long time. Her quilting always totally inspires me.

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    I love Green Fairy Quilts and have ordered from the multiple times. They are awesome! I am already signed up for their newsletter. I love getting updates on their sales and new arrivals.

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    I already subscribe to her newsletter….I love Green Fairy Quilts, they always have great sales and a wonderful selection of precuts!!<br /><br />Tami<br />tamiquilts(at)att(dot)net

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    I just subscribed also. I would love to win these as I am also a cross stitcher and have many of Blackbird Designs. The fabric is gorgeous!! Now I can use the fabric for another hobby!<br /><br />

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    Good morning,<br />Thanks for the info about Green Fairy Quilts. I am all signed up and looking forward to my newsletter…<br />And thanks for the chance to win.<br /><br />Blessings,<br />Celia<br /><br />

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    I subscribed, too. Starting to teach a beginner&#39;s sewing class tomorrow to three young ladies. We are going to make your drawstring bag for the second lesson. Hope it turns out as cute as yours. Thanks for the tutorial.<br />Karen

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    I&#39;ve been a follower of Judi&#39;s for a while now. My last order should be here Monday! (Yeah!)<br />I&#39;m also a subscriber. <br /><br />Thanks for the give!!!

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