Virtual Quilting Bee Block tutorial #14

Here we are at Block #14 of the Virtual Quilting Bee! Wow. Only 2 more blocks and then we start putting them together. Which means, I need to get my rear in gear because (confession time) I am a few blocks behind. (I share so that no one feels quilt-guilt. We’re all in this together.)

Today’s tutorial is by the talented and very funny, Emily Herrick. You are probably familiar with Emily because of her fabulous fabric collections for Michael Miler such as Going Coastal and her latest, Technicolor. Have fun visiting Emily!

As always, if you’re new to the Virtual Quilting Bee and want to learn more, or you are looking for links to past tutorials, visit the VQB information page
Blocks #1-13 - Virtual Quilting Bee
As always, I love seeing the different variations that colors, fabrics and personal styles bring to the block designs. Check out these pretties by Satuylamaki from the VQB Flickr group. Gorgeous. You should check out her other photos. Beautifully pieced blocks!


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    Im so excited for this block. I just started on the project and am 5 blocks in but averaging about 2 a day. <br />Just a heads up that the link of this page goes to her general website and not that particular article and on your condensed quilt along page, the link is incorrect. I had to search a bit to find the right link. Thanks!

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