Make It Work Halloween

Aaaand….we did it. Somehow I pulled off Halloween by the skin of my teeth. We finally bought pumpkins and started figuring out Halloween costumes on Monday. The pumpkins never got carved, we only used stuff we had on hand (except the football pants we borrowed from a neighbor), and duct tape was involved. Fortunately we had a killer Glinda costume on hand from the school play last spring, so we milked that option and threw together a quick Elphaba costume to go with it.

It was definitely a Make It Work Halloween. I think Tim Gunn would be proud.

Virtual Quilting Bee quilt assembly on the blog tomorrow. But it will probably be later in the day as I still have some prep to do for the post. A Halloween parade and two class parties today took precedence today.


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    That's a "make it work halloween?" You are amazing! I couldn't put Halloween together like that even if I take months to plan and I raised only two sons. Looks like your kids had fun. That matters a lot. Thank you for sharing.

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    it is hard to get it all done fast when you have kids. I didn't even do Halloween this year as I have no children at home and just yesterday saw the most amazing way to decorate pumpkins – now I have to remember how to do it next year and decorate my porch – (just use a drill! it is on my blog today too late but there is always next year) The kids are great looking in their costumes.

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    Fantastic photo of the kiddos…I think that one is a framer!:)<br /><br />We don&#39;t carve our pumpkins so they last through the Fall but a Sharpie is great for drawing a face or something on one side!:)<br /><br />I can&#39;t believe it&#39;s Nov!!

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    I love your &quot;make it work Halloween.&quot; We never started planning until Halloween week either. My kids are grown now, but I remember coming home from work at lunch to finish costumes on Halloween so we could go trick or treating that night. And my daughter is continuing the tradition – she started her kids&#39; Halloween costumes about 9 pm on the 30th. Here&#39;s to last minute

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    I can absolutely relate to making it work at the last minute! I was finishing costumes at the last possible second too. Luckily, my older son (9) took over the pumpkin carving duties so I could do the other kids makeup. Your family looks great!

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