New fabric shop: Cuts of Cotton

Cuts of Cotton
I have a new fabric shop to introduce today called Cuts of Cotton
Cuts of Cotton was opened recently by Emily in Atlanta, Georgia. Her shop specializes in carrying the “basics” – blenders, solids, and textured solids such as Yarn-dyed linens and a gorgeous selection of quilter’s linen.
Darker Blues Bundle available at available in fat quarter, half yard and full yard cuts
The selection at Cuts of Cotton is searchable by designer, collection, and best of all, color. It’s like going right to the color wall in your local fabric shop. 
Oval Elements | Bundle
Fabric is sold in multiple options as well, including yardage or in bundles. I love this bundle of Art Gallery Oval Elements available in fat quarters or half yards. Also available are lots of my favorite basics including Allison Glass collections, and Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets. The website is so well organized and easy to navigate. It’s one of my new favorite online shops.
Today, Emily is generously giving away a fat quarter bundle of Allison Glass’s Text Prints – such a fun basic and so popular right now! To enter, take a quick trip to Cuts of Cotton and come back here to leave a comment telling me something you like. Giveaway open until midnight, Thursday November 14. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

WINNER: MaggieNovember 11, 2013 at 6:19 PM

I love the Raj wheel in orange. Thanks for the great giveaway chance and the tip on another great shop!
Emily is also offering a 15% discount on anything in the shop with the code DIARY15 between now and Thursday Nov 14. What a great chance to stock up on some good basics.
Cuts of Cotton will continue to grow and stock great basics. To keep up to date on their latest arrivals you could sign up for their email newsletter (scroll down to the bottom of any page on the C of C site) or follow them on Facebook.


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    I have ordered from Cuts of Cotton several times and in addition to having great fabrics, the customer service can't be beat! Emily is wonderful to deal with and I look forward to shopping with her for years to come!

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    I love the Rain Drop Bundle ~ and I love the way their website automatically zooms in when you hover over the fabric choices! Thanks for the chance ~ fingers crossed!

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    I really like that you can shop by color. I love the pearl bracelet, know its been out for a while, but I haven't purchased any. Thank you for the opportunity for the giveaway. Have a blessed day. Susan

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    I love the feather print bundle. That would make such a fun quilt using all the same print, but in different colors! What a great shop! Thanks! <br />

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    Thank you for introducing this shop, it is really well structured and easy to use. The only thing is that I wish the site loaded faster. I even ordered 2 FQ bundles while browsing aroung the shop – Minimalista Script and Minimalista Prisma, because I was going to anyway, so why not from Cuts of Cotton since it is such a nice user-friendly shop :-) Thank you for the discount and the giveaway.

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    Oooh, looks like a fun new shop! I love the squared elements, but they&#39;re sold out! After that, I really like the minimalista scripts and I&#39;m really wishing I&#39;d had the yellow one when I made my Steampunk!

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    The fabric looks really lovely on the Cuts of Cotton website, and I love that it&#39;s so easy to shop by color. Also love that the site does just carry mainly basics, since those are so important and, on some other online sites, can be difficult to sort out of the mix.

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    Yay for shops out of Atlanta! I love Alison&#39;s new collection (including the text prints). I checked out the shop and also really like Aqua and Chartreuse Bundle!

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    This is a great find– I am always looking for great basics. I love that you can search by color, designer, or collection. I am going to stock up on some of the grays!

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    I REALLY LOVE THE YARN DYED LINENS (did you notice she has it spelled wrong on her site? she has yard dyed linens…) Im always looking for solids other than Kona…

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    The quilter&#39;s linens are gorgeous, and the sun print collection is beautiful! Thank you for hosting a give-away!<br />Sarah G<br />

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    Thanks for introducing the new fabric website! I have to say I am a fan of how easy it is to navigate, color, designer, fabric line. So easy to find what you are looking for, and they appear to offer awesome prices for some really fun bundles!

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    Love that I can search by color!! The text prints are to die for however! Definitely my favorite- did they do a poll before deciding what to put in the give away?

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    I LOVE the Aqua and Chartreuse Bundle! As a new quilter I have been looking for basic fabrics to start building my stash and this site is PERFECT! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Hey there! What a great online shop! I can&#39;t wait to put in my first order! I just got the &quot;Steampunk&quot; quilt pattern by Jen Kindwell at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I&#39;m so excited to make this quilt! It is perfect for fun, different fabrics, and some of the ones I would LVOE to use are theAlison Glass Text prints, Lucky Penny, Minimalista Prism and more! <br /><

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    Love their website, they have some great low volume fabrics, I would love some Prisma Turquoise from the Minimalista collection – thanks for the giveaway

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    What a great shop! Basics are so great to stock up on. The first thing that caught my eye was the bundle of new Kona colors. I sure could use some more color in my stash!

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    What a delightful store! Thanks for introducing it. I love the Minimalista script bundle. And I&#39;m absolutely drooling over the Alison Glass test prints. :) Thanks as always for the fun on your blog!

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    This is awesome. I&#39;m glad you posted all these pieces of information about your shop. Cotton cuts are my favorite for my sewing projects. I love doing this thing on my spare time during weekends. I think all the fabrics shared in this post are great for my pillow cases and bed sheets. I love all the colors. These are totally fascinating. <br /><br />-http://

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    Kona solids are my favorite fabric to add to any project so I love the fact that they offer a large selection.<br />Thanks for the chance at your giveaway, Jessica<br /><br />FINGERS CROSSED :-)

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    I have to admit that the Art Gallery Oval Elements bundle is my favorite. I really love those colors.<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win!

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    What a great shop! I love how the fabrics are displayed. They&#39;re all so wonderful but my favourites are &quot;Oval Elements&quot; &amp; Sunprint&#39;s &quot;Feathers&quot;. Thanks so much for a chance at the give-away.<br />Maureen <br />mgw070 at shaw dot ca

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    I love how easy it is to navigate the Cuts of Cotton website! So easy to spot if the product is on sale or sold out, and I can easily zoom in for a closer look just by hovering over the picture!!

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    I Love the purple, orange and blue bundle. I wouldn&#39;t have picked that combo myself but seeing them combined it made perfect sense, LOVE IT. Thanks for hosting the give away.

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    What beautiful fabrics! How pretty is the Minimalista Prisma Bundle. Always great to find a new fabric shop! Thanks for a great giveaway!<br /><br />missmoozie(at)gmail(dot)com

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    There is lots to like in this new shop! I especially like Sun Print/Party Streamers Bundle. Thanks for the giveaway.<br />k.castanette@hotmail,com

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    Hi I love the krona summer bundle, dark blue bundle, minamalistc floral bundle. I saw the August bundle but was bummed it was sold out it looked yummy. Thanks for sharing a new fabric store!

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    The most outstanding feature of their website is the gorgeous product photographs! I like that they alternate their fabric directions when photographed (horizontally/vertically photographed), but first of all the color and pattern combinations in their pictures are simply stunning. One can see that a fabric lover is standing behind the cuts of cotton website and it makes their shop really stand

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    I love the fact that there are so many easy search options with easy to see results. Many sites have searches that are confusing and then the returned results are even worse. These is an easy peasy to use website. And did I mention there shipping rates – oh, I will be ordering. It&#39;s 1:25 and I have to be up in a few for a 2 hour drive for a dr&#39;s appointment or I&#39;d be seriously

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    I love the Riley Blake hipster pop fabrics. I could see using those in a quilt for my bed. Granted no one would ever be allowed to touch it so I can drool over it being full of fabric eye candy!!

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    What a smart idea! Love it. All the bundles are wonderful but I have to say the Oval Elements are really my favorites. I am going to bookmark her site, thanks for the heads up!

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    Cuts of Cotton is the BEST at creating bundles. I have purchased a few and love them. Also excellent communication, packaging, and super fast shipping. An excellent sponsor for your inspiring blog! (No, I&#39;m not related…just a happy customer!)

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    Emily has a bundle of &#39;Darker Blues&#39; that I find very eye appealing. Of course I would love to see a bundle of reds and blacks to add to my slow growing stash for a &quot;Someday Quilt&quot;. Thanks for a chance to win this sweet bundle, I have a plan for it as well.

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    I love her website design, especially the fact that when I put my cursor on a fabric choice it is magnified and I can see close up. I also love how she has given us the option to search by colors. Great way to build a stash.

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    What&#39;s not to love?! You&#39;re right – super easy site to navigate and I always appreciate being able to search by color. I also checked out their blog – November yellow sale! Thanks for the introduction to Cuts of Cotton – they are now officially added to my &quot;Favorites&quot;!

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    I love all the fabrics!! The thing I love most is the site itself…it is set up so well! So easy to navigate, love that!!!! Some sites are set up so terribly I don&#39;t even bother with them but yours I will definitely be visiting lots!

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    I love the grey, green and yellow bundle…… I would have SUCH fun with that. I really like this store– thanks for a chance to win!<br />~robin<br />

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    Thank you for the feature on Cuts of Cotton — I always like to find out about shops that are new to me! <br /><br />I like the Hipster fabric, and luckily it&#39;s on sale! :)

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    I truly LOVE Alison Glass&#39; SunPrint, especially the text. They are #1 on my wish list. I also like the look of the yarn-dyed linens.Thanks for telling us about Cuts of Cotton.

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    okay, i have lots of favorites from this site! my top favorites have to be the minimalista script bundle and the pop bundle (sold out! bummer). i also love that you can search by color. Thanks for sharing this cute shop.

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    What great sale prices on their Sale page!! Love that Hipster line. This is a great give-away. I have been trying and trying to win some texty prints. If I win this, I won&#39;t have to try anymore :)

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    I would say the gray, green, and yellow bundle would be my favorite thing, but the text prints are awesome, too. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to the new store. I&#39;ll keep Cuts of Cotton in mind :)

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    EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Love love LOVE your fabrics! Especially the texty ones 😀 I&#39;ve always had an affinity towards words and letters (oooohhh, office supplies) and fabric. I haven&#39;t been able to find any at ANY of my local quilt stores. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

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    Thank you for introducing this new company! I love the text elements! I love the patriotic bundle! I couldn&#39;t resist the Oval Elements bundle and, obviously, simply had to order it! Thank you for the chance to win the text element bundle!

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    The purple bundle is great, but I think I&#39;d say the patriotic bundle is my fave. Not really my usual preference, but there is something about the bundle that just SPEAKS to me

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    Hi Amy, I just visited the site. Love the size of the images of the fabric. Since I never win anything I actually tried to buy the giveaway bundle and was disappointed that it was already sold out. So I hope I win. My daughter would absolutely love to get her hands on that fabric so if I won I would give it to her.

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    Great shop! I really like the Oval Elements and Sun Print Text bundles! I am trying to build a solids stash and the Kona Summer 13 bundle is great too. Thank you for sharing! anglanouette at gmail dot com

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    I like the fact that you can order in 1/2 yard increments! I have too much fabric to justify buying yards, so that&#39;s perfect! Thank you for the giveaway.

  50. says

    As much as I love all the fabrics, I think what I like the best is the free shipping on orders over $50! I hate to say it, but relative cheapness of shipping costs make a HUGE difference when I buy online!

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    wow, wow wow wow. That is such a great and easy site! And I cant believe the bundles are on sale from $10 and up. I usually love those sea foams, but I have to admit, that chevron in tomato has me droolin&#39;!!

  53. says

    I like the feathers bundle &amp; i also like how you can search for fabrics by color. Very helpful! Thanks for the chance to win and for introducing me to this shop.

  54. says

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