Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Union Jack attack - Pattern and Panels

This fall I was asked to make and teach this bag for a class at Fabric Fest and have long promised a pattern. Finally it is ready. You can find it in my Pattern Shop or Etsy shop. I have a couple of kits available in the above fabrics - contact me directly at amy{at}diaryofaquilter{.}com if you're interested in one. I had wanted to make a small quilt using the block in different colors, but that hasn't happened and I'm not sure when it will, so I decided not to delay the pattern any longer since there are some who have requested it for Christmas. 
The block instructions are included in the bag pattern and can be used however you like. The block finishes at 11" x 15". I made a quilt with Union Jacks using a different pattern, but ended up modifying it significantly because there was a lot of fabric waste using that method. For a long time I've wanted to create my own pattern for the Union Jack with a more efficient method and less fabric waste. It is finally here.
If you've been around these parts for a while, you know I kind of have a thing for Union Jacks. They are a huge trend right now - I like to think that maybe I had something to do with it, but the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics last year probably contributed as well. We even saw French kids in Paris last year with Union Jacks on their shirts, and you know that's saying something.
So you know I was excited to see these great Union Jack panels from Riley Blake. They've just come out this month and should be hitting stores any time. The small Jacks measure 9" x 11" with a panel of 8 different flags. I have a baby quilt and tutorial in the works with these panels.
The large flags are 36" x 42". I can't wait to think of something to do with this big boy. 
I'm having fun coming up with ideas for these panels. You can find assorted panels at the Fat Quarter Shop, Fort Worth Fabric Studio, and Hawthorne Threads.
In other upcoming Union Jack fun, check out these prints from London Calling by Dear Stella coming out next year. I might need these too.


  1. I have been wanting to make a Union Jack quilt for months. I got so excited when I saw these panels in the RB newsletter and now I know which pattern I'll be downloading. Thanks!

  2. Yay! I have been waiting for this. Very patiently, too ;)

  3. What a cool idea for any rectangular quilt block, Amy! Why is it that the USA flag isn't more graphically pleasing? ;-) I think the Union Jack is just a great looking design, regardless of whose flag it is. Too funny that you saw it on Parisian kids. Probably they are wearing Mini Boden shirts or something.

    Anyway... I like this single quilt block tote bag concept. I'm teaching my 10-year-old to quilt and I am learning that he has a lot less patience and a much shorter attention span than Momma does, so he needs some things that get him to the finish line faster to get that sense of accomplishment. I'm guessing the Union Jack blog is too advanced for a 5th grade beginner, but maybe he could do a quilted bag just using squares or different width strips? The tote bag would be great for carrying his piano music.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Amy!

  4. I have them in my shop ( - and loved them immediately, but now have no clue what to do with them! I eagerly await your ideas!

  5. I love the colors in the bag union prreeetttty!
    Hey, I really stopped in to say Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and your family will have a very wonderful weekend! Hugs!!!

  6. It looks fab, but I may be a bit biased ;o)

  7. Amy, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your lecture on "Modern Quilting" at the Park City retreat earlier this month. It was great with your quilts and pictures and your cute self! I am looking forward to following your blog. I went home and made a big block quilt for friend after being inspired by your class. (It's on my blog:

  8. So lovely!
    Greetings from Finland!
    Ulla's Quilt World
    Hugs, Ulla

  9. Oh these panels are so awesome! My boyfriend was born in London, and a quilt with one of those would be perfect for him.

  10. such an adrable blog!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!

    have a look in mine,i start a worldwide giveaway with gift a handmade comic purse!!!!

  11. I love it Amy! And don't forget the Brit prints coming from Riley Blake in the spring -- I can't wait to see them!

  12. I have such a head fuzz today, now I can't even find my original comment about the bag pattern.....please ignore my other message, I've just purchased the pattern.....found it by searching for it on google lol


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