A little British Fun and Keeping Christmas

Me and my Union Jack quilt

A few fun little announcements. Fat Quarterly (the online quilting magazine) has hosted a Quilting retreat in London during the past two summers. They just announced the teachers for the retreat this summer and guess who is going: Me!!!! Woohoo! I about died when I saw the list of others who will be teaching. They have n fantastic line-up this year. Including the amazing Jen Kingwell.  I feel a little like a
poser in comparison. I may have a Wayne and Garth “Not Worthy” moment when I get there.


BUT I’m beyond excited and still pinching myself a little bit. I still can’t believe that I’m going to visit my favorite city in the world – London. Plus I can hardly wait to meet some of my UK peeps in real life. So much to look forward to! EEEeeek.

In other random, and British-related fun – I found out that Love Patchwork & Quilting generously featured this blog in a little blurb in their latest issue. (Pardon the picture quality. I pilfered this pic from Lori Holt who was kind enough to alert me.) What a lovely thing! Thank you Love Patchwork & Quilting!

Love Patchwork and Quilting is a relatively new quilting magazine out of the UK that definitely feels fresh and modern. To give you an idea, Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew made this quilt for last month’s issue. If you want to check it out, LP&Q is offering a special trial subscription of 3 magazines for only $10. Details here.

And in other random, less-exciting news. Christmas is 5 days away. Holy Moley. This month has been crazy. I think I am finally getting my act together, but my front room looked just like this for 2 weeks. 

Many projects are simply not going to get done, but I have wanted to make a tree skirt for our bigger, family-room Christmas tree for years. This is the year I am bound (har, har, no pun intended) to get one done. Think anyone will notice if it still has binding clips on it? (I found the red dot fabric at Ikea last year. My friend Monica did the stippling for me.) Hopefully by Monday it will be officially finished and I’ll post some better pictures.
I’m trying to do a better job to not getting harried by all the “to-do” lists of Christmas and just enjoy the moments. Yesterday was the Elementary school Christmas concert and my girls piano recital at a nursing home, interspersed with waiting in line for 45 minutes at the Post Office and trying to finish Christmas shopping. Fortunately the spirit of the sweet, musical moments dominated the other mundane stuff. And even in line at the Post Office and some other stores, I was touched by the cheerfulness and generosity of my fellow-folks-in-line. Three cheers for the best parts of Christmas.


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    Yes…I about squealed when I saw the FQ announcement and you get to meet my pal Jo Avery too….so freaking jealous. But I think I have to pass this year with our girl coming home and hopefully make it to Sewing Summit this year…you ARE going to be there right?:)

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    Amy, I'm so excited for you! You'll be wonderful! I bought the first installment of my ticket this morning in hopes that I can make it work. I'd love to meet you. I'll also be flying from SLC.

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    OHMYGOSH!!!!! AMY!!! You Lucky Lucky Girl! What a FUN time you will have! Congratulations — that's SO exciting!!! I'm thinking you should take me along to carry your suitcase LOL!!!!

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