Lucie Summers’ Quilt Improv Book

Today I feel so lucky to be a part of the blog tour for Lucie Summer’s new book, Quilt Improv: Incredible Quilts from Everyday Inspiration. This book is full of gorgeous color and inspiring photos. If you like the look of the modern, improvisational style of quilting, but need a little help getting started, this book is for you. 
In the beginning of the book Lucie introduces and teaches 12 different styles of improvisational piecing.

A couple of my favorites include the Basket Weave and Chevrons and I love this variation on the chevron technique.

Improv Quilts Railings Quilt

Then Lucie provides a beautiful variety of quilt designs using the different methods she introduces. I guarantee this book will inspire to to pull out your scraps and use them to create something new and beautiful.

I couldn’t resist pulling out some of my own scraps and trying Lucie’s Chevron technique. I really liked the method she used because there was so little fabric waste compared to other methods that create similar designs. (I even pulled out some of my carefully hoarded Summersville scraps to play with.) I can’t wait to play more.

Today, I have a copy of Quilt Improv to give away to one of you! If you would like the chance to win, just leave a comment on this blog post. If you want to, share your feelings about improvisational quilting – are you an experienced improv-er? Or is it something new and out of your comfort zone?

Giveaway open until Sunday, January 12 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED

WINNER: JennyJanuary 6, 2014 at 1:20 PM

I love improv quilting, because the quilts I love most have something unexpected. I love to be surprised, and although I don’t always add this element to my projects, I wish I could. Thanks!! I’d love this book.
Also, check out the other reviews (and opportunities to win a copy of Quilt Improv) at other stops on the book tour going through the rest of the month. To see the other stops on the Quilt Improv blog tour over the next month visit Stitch Craft Create. Enjoy and good luck!


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    There&#39;s an incredible range of improv blocks here – I love the 7th block in particular <br />Here&#39;s to more free form blocks …..

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    I used to do a little improv when I was in quilting bees, but I have no done either for a long time. A shame as I enjoy it and would love the inspiration to do some more.

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    That book looks amazing – like you I particularly love the chevrons. I have dabbled in improvisation, but somehow never been happy with the result. Maybe this book might change that?

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    This book looks great. I like more modern looking improv quilts and have experimented on my own but am yet to successfully improv anything! I definitely need help in that area!

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    The improv technique is definitely out of my comfort zone……I&#39;m trying something now and don&#39;t know if I should do more or give it up and stick with more structured patterns. This book might give me the guidance I need.

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    This book looks so interesting! I have made slab blocks and string blocks, but not enough for my own project. I need to do some using up of my scraps – they are getting out of control!

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    Looks like a great book. I love improv and have done a few for swaps and bees, but I have trouble letting go and letting it happen and not be a pattern. Guess I need more practice.

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    just like sophie above…i wish i had more confidence!!! i absolutely love to play and will do it with scraps… but there are times i am overwhelmed with larger pieces or fabric collections, for fear of making a mistake. i far prefer improv to technical piecing.

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    I have only done the most basic of improv sewing — wonky log cabins. I have had a lot of fun with them. I think this book could move me into some more adventurous improv piecing. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    The book sure looks great. I could sure use it as I need all the help I can get. Improv puts me way out of my comfort zone. It&#39;s hard to teach an old dog new tricks – I&#39;m the old dog! Thanks for a chance to win and therefore, learn something new and exciting!

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    I have quite a few scraps that need to be used up, and this book seems like just the ticket! I generally do not do improv sewing/piecing, but am certainly interested in trying it! Thanks for the opportunity.

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    At first glance I had passed over this book I have so many but you have peaked my interest with this post. I would love an opportunity to win a copy. Thanks

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    I&#39;ve made one improvisational quilt – using rectangles. It was easy technically, but very hard not to over- think all my colors and sizes. I&#39;d like to try more — this book looks wonderful &amp; I&#39;m definitely going to pick up a copy.

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    I haven&#39;t done much improv quilting, but I&#39;d love to try. I love the look….but I&#39;m hesitant to work without a pattern. So a book like this would be great!

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    Love the improv blocks put together with sashing. Looks like a bright and colorful day outside a window – we need that right now!

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    I don&#39;t struggle with improv. I struggle more with regular piecing as I have tried everything to get a consistent 1/4 inch seam and nothing works. With improv, I don&#39;t have to worry about it.

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    These blocks look like so much fun! I haven&#39;t done much improv yet (probably because I don&#39;t have a ton of scraps to work with).

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    Great quilt blocks! I&#39;ve always used a pattern until a few months ago when I made a wonky star block and an improv log cabin block for do. good stitches. I loved both, so I&#39;m sure this book would give me some guidelines to continue with improv – or is guidelines and improv an oxymoron?

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    I get a little anxious when thinking about improv blocks bc i really love matching everything up all nice and precise. But I like the look of improv quilts. Maybe the book calms the anxiety of things not matching up? :)<br />

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    I love the &#39;make it up as you go&#39; within limits. It reminds me of the &quot;use it up&quot; and &quot;waste not&quot; era of quilting. My last challenge to myself was a string block with colors I don&#39;t ordinarily use/like. Love the quilts shown from the book!

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    This book is definitely on my short list! I love some improv quilting but haven&#39;t yet been able to break into it myself. Even when I do something scrappy, it&#39;s very calculated LOL

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    I would definitely like to do more improv quilting! Have done a little bit, but it&#39;s still outside my &quot;zone.&quot; Thanks for a chance to win this book!

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    Sounds very interesting. Sort of what my grandmother would have called a &quot;crazy&quot; quilt. I have never done one, but it sounds like it might be more my sort of thing. I am just learning to quilt and have issues with blocks not coming out quite the right size. But I don&#39;t worry too much about it right now. After I get a couple under my belt, then I&#39;ll worry about it.

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    This seems like a great book. i am a huge fan of improv work and the more modern quilts. I have only pieced one improv quilt together and I would love to try another.

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    Thanks for highlighting the chevron block here. I love that. I&#39;m just new to improv and am working to re-program my &#39;traditional block&#39; brain. Love your blog. Thanks for the inspiration and color!! Barb

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    What a great idea. I&#39;ve only played a little with improv blocks in my bee, but I&#39;d love to learn more and get comfortable with my own projects. Thanks for the chance to win such a fun book!

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    I love improv quilting, because the quilts I love most have something unexpected. I love to be surprised, and although I don&#39;t always add this element to my projects, I wish I could. Thanks!! I&#39;d love this book.

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    I just love Lucie&#39;s fabric designs and am excited to see that she has a book as well. I&#39;ve never done improve quilting. Looks like fun!

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    I have done a little and really like the scrappy look. This book would be a great resource. Thanks for a fun giveaway.<br />ks(dot)eyles(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

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    I don&#39;t know if this is open to International peoples, like from Canada, eh? I would gladly pay for the shipping for this lovely book. Yes Improv is so out of my comfort zone, but I do like the look of it. So it would be nice to be introduced (and tempted) to do some. Thank You.

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    Improv Quilting is definitely new and out of my comfort zone. This book would be a real treat to stretch my capabilities.Thank you for the chance to win!

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    I tend to overthink things too much. My word for the year is DARE. As in dare to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. This book might be just the one I need to get me started on improv quilting!

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    This past year I joined my first on-line bee, ModQImprov Canada. So far, I&#39;m really enjoying improv piecing. When I&#39;m doing it, I feel like I&#39;m really creating something! Thanks for the opportunity to win what looks like an inspiring book. The improv chevrons look like lots of fun!

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    Thanks for the review! I am not experienced at improv, but I&#39;d love to do it more often. One of my New Year&#39;s goals is to make more of my own things and rely less on patterns.

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    What a great book! I&#39;ve been wanting to loosen up my quilting a bit and improvisational quilting would be a great way to get started. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and some of the images from the book, Amy.

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    There&#39;s nothing I like better than taking scrapes and sewing them together. I&#39;d be really excited to see some ideas of what to do after I get the pieces all together. I have several queen sized scrap quilts that I would love to cut up and make into somethings gorgeous. &#39;Cause they are just too, too much as they are right now. Thanks.

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    oh wow, that looks great! i&#39;m a big-time planner &amp; cutter, but i&#39;d love to branch out into improv piecing. i hoard scraps, but so far haven&#39;t really used them much (for shame!). fingers crossed &amp; thanks for the chance.

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    or a girl with experience in theater, the word &quot;improve&quot; simultaneously evokes feelings of terror and shear excitement. When I sit down to create something without a pattern, direction, or even an idea of how it will turn out, I feel like I&#39;m truly living on the wild side. <br /><br />I can&#39;t wait to open up Lucie&#39;s new book and broaden my improvisational horizons!

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    I have tried improv before, actually in a Denyse Schmidt class, but it is still way outside my box. I want to be challenged more… Thanks for the review.

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    Boy, I&#39;m pulling my sewing machine out at the right time – these improvisational quilting ideas are just what I need. The idea of cutting out 110 pieces in one shape and size to make another set of blocks that are all the same with the same colors leaves me cold. I&#39;ve done it a few times, but now that I&#39;ve mastered that, it&#39;s time to be creative! Thank you for letting me know

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    The new techniques of improv look really neat. I&#39;ve been trying to play with my scraps in different ways. Thanks for the chance to win the book and improve my improv with scraps. Have a great day.

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    I like &quot;controlled&quot; improv, like the chevrons you show. I&#39;d also like to try some really &quot;crazy&quot; improv some time, since I really like the look of that. It would mean to step out of my comfort zone, though.

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    I&#39;ve dabbled in improv, but definitely could use some additional practice. I need to learn to &quot;let go&quot; and allow myself to enjoy it!

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    Im new at quilting but I love thr freedom this book seems to offer! For a beginner quilter patterns and fancy blocks can seem challenging and there is a fear of messing up the pattern with the wrong color piece in the wrong place! This book looks creative and eliminates some if the fear but still allows for challenge! I would love to know more!!

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    I&#39;ve been wanting to try an improve quilt. I&#39;m just not sure if I can resist the urge to go against the technique! I love the chevrons and the string blocks. I too hate the methods with waste. I&#39;ll have to be on the lookout for this book at my lqs.

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    Improv piecing is my ultimate favorite! It is just so freeing and less stressful than having all points and corners meet perfectly and so on. It&#39;s just so fun to create as you go. I love all the possibilities. That being said I have lots to learn especially about scale and value, etc. I absolutely would love a copy of Quilt Improv!!!

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    Improv piecing is totally out of my comfort zone, but I can&#39;t wait to give it a try! The book looks wonderful! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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    I have not yet built up enough courage to try Improv, but with Lucy&#39;s book to guide me I know I can create some wonderful pieces. Thank you!

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    Estou iniciando no patchwork a pouco tempo. Já fiz almofadas, minha mãe fazia colchas para nosso uso, usando a técnica simples de juntar os quadrados ou retângulos e chamava de tacos.<br />Acho os tecidos usados lindos por aqui não encontro estampas tão lindas.<br />

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    I have never tried improv quilting. I have a couple of friends that say its wonderful. However, I have plenty of scraps to try it out. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    I haven&#39;t done ANY improvisational piecing, and I don&#39;t have any books on this topic so I&#39;d love to see this one. I&#39;ll keep an eye out for it at the book store. Thanks for the review!

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    Love the improv quilt idea. I have done a couple of string quilts and have done improv with wool. I really like the last quilt…large log cabin with smaller log cabins. Thanks for the chance to receive this great book.

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    Would LOVE to win this book! Definitely on my list of books to buy. I&#39;ve only done a little improv. piecing. It&#39;s all very new and scary to me!

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    I really liked the pictures you chose to share. I did not think I really liked the &quot;modern&quot; movement all that much but this post really wants me to try some.. I would love this book

  56. says

    I love to do improve piecing although I&#39;ve only tried a few styles. If I win the book, I&#39;d learn how to do some different types of improv!

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    I am still very inexperienced w/quilting, my first quilt was improv and my 2nd was from a pattern. I really enjoy the improv and the freedom to be creative that it gives you.

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    I haven&#39;t tried this style either, but sure will enjoy reading about it. If I don&#39;t win this book, I will be ordering it for sure! Looks like some beautiful quilting!

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    This book looks like good fun, but improv quilting is WAAAAY out of my comfort zone…..however I am looking for something new to try in 2014. So thank you very much for introducing the book and for a chance to win

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    What a lovely book! I&#39;d love to try more than the liberated strings and modern blocks I&#39;ve done so far. I&#39;m always looking for more to learn and even more to share!

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    Love, love, love your improv. chevrons!! I&#39;m totally out of my comfort zone with improv piecing, but would love to start doing more

  62. says

    I&#39;ve only been a quilting addict since the summer – hoping to learn about improv quilting because I&#39;m a very improv type of person! Sounds like it would be perfect for me.

  63. says

    I love all these modern and improve quilts – but when I try to take an idea I&#39;ve seen on a blog – I get stumped and can&#39;t start or just &quot;wing it&quot; Would love to see/try the ideas you have given a sneak peak of in this blog post! Thanks for a chance of being a winner!

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    I just made my first visit to your blog and have now bookmarked it. I found your post and link on jelly roll quilts. I am excited to make one for my new great niece/nephew who is due in May. I really love the look of the chevron pattern in this book – it looks like a lot of fun :)

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    I guess I&#39;ve been doing improv quilting all along without knowing it. I have felt apologetic about my quilting, though perhaps I shouldn&#39;t have been. Would love to explore this new book so I can refine my skills. — soparkaveataoldotcom

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    I haven&#39;t done much improv piecing, but really want to do more this year. Actually, last year was so busy I didn&#39;t do much piecing at all! Beautiful book and beautiful quilts. I would love to win a copy!

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    I would love to try more improv quilting…to learn more how to work with whatever I have than have to go more more fabric! That chevron technique sounds interesting.

  68. says

    I would LOVE to win this book. I&#39;m pretty new to quilting and so far have only done super easy baby quilts. I love it though and would love a new challenge! Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. says

    I need to learn how to do this improv, I like order and have a really hard time &quot;mixing it up&quot; I think this book could teach me to go on the &quot;wild&quot; side.

  70. says

    Improv is definitely my style – funny how it reflects much of the rest of my life! I think this book looks really fun! and I hate, hate, hate waste! Many thanks!

  71. says

    I love to make improvisational quilts, Sometimes you just have so much fabric, so why not. I made an Easter quilt for my Granddaughter and only had some Beatrix Potter borders,pictures squares and a little fabric. Put it all together and bam it turned out beautiful. I did the same with a Nursery rhyme quilt, with a fabric panel and a cloth book, filled in with improv blocks and it turned out

  72. says

    I have done a little improve but want to learn more. I have learned some from Gwen Marston&#39;s books and would love to add this book to my library.

  73. says

    I haven&#39;t done any improvisational piecing yet, but it seems like a great way to use up scraps quickly! Lucie&#39;s book looks lovely. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win a copy!

  74. says

    I turned 60 on Thanksgiving Day. My parents gave me a sewing machine – whoopee! Now that&#39;s it&#39;s January I&#39;ve made a space to set it up and get started. I used your tutorial on how to choose fabrics and to cut the pieces. I&#39;m super excited to get started on my first quilt! Your blog is very inspirational and easy to follow!

  75. says

    I would love a copy of this book as Improv really lights my mind on fire, but when I <br />Think of starting a new quilt in improv, I freeze up as it seems very intimidating. I&#39;m still so new to<br />Quilting.

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