Moda giveaway from Green Fairy Quilts

Green Fairy Quilts
Today I am sharing a pretty awesome giveaway from one of my sponsors, Green Fairy Quilts, owned by the incredibly talented Judi and her supportive husband. 
Moda Fat Quarter Bundle - Sphere by Zen Chic 
They specialize in Moda and Riley Blake precuts: Fat Quarter BundlesJelly RollsCharm PacksLayer Cakes, etc. They always have the latest collections at great prices. Frequent sales mean the prices get even better. They also have the option to pre-order up-coming collections months ahead to guarantee a new favorite arriving asap.
Judi is also an AMAZING (beyond amazing, really) long-arm machine quilter. Her work has so much detail. You can see a lot of her work on her Green Fairy Quilts blog
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And Judi has written a book to share her quilting experience and wisdom called Wide Open Spaces. The book is full of technical quilting tips, creative quilting advice, simple quilting projects, and includes a CD with quilting templates. 
Today Judi is giving away this Moda Fresh Picked fat quarter bundle to one of you! That’s 25 fat quarters! And to another lucky winner, a copy of Wide Open Spaces.
To enter to win, visit Green Fairy Quilts and sign-up for their newsletter (click Join Email List button at the top center of their site) and leave a comment on this post telling me that you’ve done so. This is a great way to be notified of all their amazing future sales and specials.
For a second chance check out Green Fairy Quilts and come back here to tell me something you love in the shop. Make sure there is a way I can contact you if you win. Giveaway open until January 31 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Thanks Judi!

Debbie Collins said…

I love the Mirabelle in the March released products, love the coral! 


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    I love everything in their shop. But first and foremost, I love the ease in which you can navigate their site when shopping. It's so easy to find what you're looking for. thanks for a chance to win.

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    I have subscribed and followed the green fairy for two years now. Judi and Clint do an amazing job with their store and her beautiful quilting. She is amazing. My girlfriend is taking a class from her in April. I think I need to tag along!!

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    I'm new to quilting and have definitely caught the bug! I have been following this and other quilting blogs as the designs and amazing quilts are so inspirational and I just want to make them all. I am gradually building a small stash and have fallen in love with all the moda collections, I would love to win this giveaway, as I have already made a list of at least a dozen quilts I want to

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    Green Fairy has so many fabric lines that I love… but I spotted Hope Chest BATIKS by Laundry Basket Quilts and I think that it would be a lovely addition to my stash!! Thanks for the chance!!

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    Green Fairy Quilts is my go to shop for precuts. I already get their newsletter and follow Judy's blog. I am currently in love with some precuts of Moda's Sewing Box fabric. Thanks for the contest!

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    Love reading Green Fairy Quilts Blog and the great sales they have. Her quilting is out of this world. Very talented lady. Thank you for the giveaway.<br />vkh6210 at gmail dot com

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    What I really love is that they have a non-profit organization to benefit children! I think it&#39;s wonderful to support a population that is often abandoned and forgotten! Kudo&#39;s to Green Fairy Quilts for their big hearts!

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    I love Judi&#39;s work, and I&#39;ve been getting their newsletter for a while — love her blog too, which showcases her gorgeous quilting work. Thank you!!

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    No question what I like best from the shop: Hello, Petal! But I&#39;m interested to see more of the Sphere — I will go try to find some more pics of it. I&#39;d love Judi&#39;s book too, because even though I&#39;m not a long armer, that book would just be amazing to read!

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    I just signed up for email updates and look forward to browsing this new company. I am a new quilter and feel like a new world has recently opened up to me!

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    I already receive Judi&#39;s newsletter. As you said she is beyond amazing. She&#39;s such a good person as demonstrated in what she gives back to her community and the world. Thanks so much to both of you for the giveaway!

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    Judi&#39;s workmanship is amazing. Wow! Her book has to be a plethora of advice. I love the Moda Jelly Roll – Bella Solids Warm. I&#39;m making a Grandmother&#39;s Flower Garden Quilt and this would be perfect for the solid round.

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    There is a lot to love over there! But, I think any of the pre cuts of Sphere on my favorites right now!<br /><br />caribousmom (at) gmail (dot) com

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    O&#39;my gosh, Amy, there are so many things to love at Green Fairy Quilts! I could barely choose a favorite, so I picked two things: The Riley Blake 1 yd cuts bundle in Serenity and 1yd cuts bundle in Alpine Flannels… I could do so much with those!

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    Just checked out the GreenFairy Quilt shop, and it seems silly but I&#39;m glad they still had some left over holiday prints! I&#39;ve been trying to finish a few leftover holiday projects and running out of fabric :)

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    I signed up for the mailing list. I just love &quot;Hearty Good Wishes&quot; – it would be *perfect* for a quilt I want to make for my mother-in-law, who recently had to sell her house by the coast.

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    I have signed up for their newsletter. I&#39;ve been to their site many times before, just never signed up yet!Thanks for the chance to win! Jani

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    I&#39;ve gone back to shop – and I love the fact that you can pre-order upcoming fabric! And their clearance section is very appealing as well! Thanks again for the chance to win!

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    I can&#39;t pick one thing, it&#39;s too hard. I am crushing on the linen mocha dots, and also love Petal, Daydream, and Hubba hubba and everything else bright and cheerful!

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    Enter the newsletter. And I would love the Moda Halloween fabrics to make my daughter a Halloween quilt- it is her favorite holiday. She loves Halloween better than Christmas- just look at her purple Halloween tree! Maybe it should be a Halloween tree skirt? Mary Ann

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    I think I would like to play with the new line of Barbara&#39;s called modernisim – not the colors I usually play with but I do like the prints. Maybe I could find a new me with those.

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    I love the great selection of pre-cuts that Green Fairy offers. Right now I am so smitten with charm packs (the Floral Gathering Shirtings packs are really cute) and I love browsing through everything that they&#39;ve got! :)

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    My favorite jumped out at me on the front page… Sewing Box is sooooo cute! Here&#39;s to fingers crossed to winning! This is such a generous giveaway…Thank you for doing it!

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    I signed up for their newsletter using mnethia at yahoo dot com (it&#39;s different than my google profile) thank you for the chance to win – everything looks so lovely!

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    i don&#39;t know if i can choose just one thing i like! i think what i like the most is the selection! the nancy drew and bear country both caught my eye in the clearance section…

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    I&#39;m loving the Moda Mixed Bag precuts as well as the Wren&#39;s Friends precuts and the Hello Petal line by Aneela Hoey…Obviously I can&#39;t pick just one! 😉

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    Thanks, Amy! I signed up for Green Fairy&#39;s newsletter, and love the colors included in Moda&#39;s Sewing Box collection! And I cannot WAIT until your book comes out! Thanks for giving us a preview! Your blog is so helpful and I love your color selections. Can&#39;t wait to get your book! <br />phoebe(dot)bell(dot)ingraham(dot)(at)gmail(dot)com

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    I could hardly tear myself away to come back and comment. Green Fairy Quilts is a beautiful shop. I love the holiday precuts and the ABC Menagerie fat quarter bundle. I&#39;ll definitely be back to look around.

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    First, thanks so much for the opportunity to win such beautiful fabric and an amazing book. <br /><br />Not only did I sign up for the newsletter but I am also signed up to follow her great blog. <br /><br />Thanks again and good luck to all <br />

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    Judi&#39;s quilting looks amazing and her book sounds great. I love Moda Fat Quarter Bundle – Sphere by Zen Chic. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Hmmmm what do I love about Green Fairy Quilts &#39; shop?<br /><br />My first answer was the fact that they have a wonderful charity they are so committed to, but then I thought that that&#39;s not really in their shop, so I guess I will have to say I love their prices and the free shipping, but my absolutely favorite thing is Judi&#39;s pattern designs. <br /><br />Good luck to all and thanks

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    And from their shop I think my favorite thing is the Simply Style fat eighth bundle, not only is it on sale but it&#39;s one of my favorite fabric lines to date!

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    I signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for chance to win a fat quarter bundle. I also love the fat quarter bundle &quot;From Outside In&quot; by Malka Dubrawsky.

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    I have been receiving Green Fairy Quilts Newsletter for years! They always have great prices and frequent sales! I have been ordering from them for years! Great service and prompt filling of your order and shipping.

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    I can&#39;t sign up as I already get the newsletter and I love her blog. I think one of my favorite things is the free shipping. She also has sales that the more you buy the more you save.

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    Now there is some talent. I haven&#39;t ever seen that kind of detail. I wonder if her quilts are on a wall or on a bed? I will keep my fingers crossed for the fabric. Right now though I am going back to buy some fabric. Thank you for the heads up!<br />

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    I love the ease of finding what your want on their website. Love, how everything is pictured so clearly. I also love that you can pre-order fabric so you have it as soon as it comes out.

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    Hi, I signed up for the Green Fairy newsletter. I really liked the holiday pre-cuts. There were a few of the Christmas ones that are calling to me, &quot;Make a quilt with me – you know you want to!&quot;

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    I signed up for the newsletter. Judi, got a wonderful site, and some really pretty fabrics.You all got me going now to get visiting this site.

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    There are many things to love about Green Fairy Quilts. I love their website and have ordered from them several times. What I like best about their site is that they have the option of either looking at the entire collections, or you can choose to look at &quot;In Stock Only&quot;. It&#39;s really helps when shopping. :)

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    I&#39;m already on Green Fairy&#39;s list. Just went there to look overt he fat quarter bundles. Sphere is definitely at the top of my wish list! Would love to have a look at her book. Thank you for the opportunity

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    Thanks bunches for leading me to the Green Fairy site – signed up for their newsletter and drooled all over my keyboard looking at their fabrics – great prices too! Really difficult to pick a favorite, the Eat Your Veggies would make a perfect grandchild quilt.

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    oh yes – and for my second chance. The thing I like is how many collection they preview, so we can plan future &quot;must have&#39;s&quot; too!! mrscummings2u at gmail dot com

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    Checked out the fat quarter bundles (I am a sucker for them!) Also charm packs— thinking about the new line by Aneela Hoey – Hello Petal, they have them at $8.95 a pack! pretty good! Thx again. My email address is – also checking out the triangle die cut from Acuquilt. I just picked up the clamshell – should have picked that one up as I really like your block

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    I like the way you can get to your favorite shape right away. I wish when you clicked on the fabric that the choices of the line showed up better. Some sites have little squares of each choice. Would be easier to see.

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    I just signed up for the newsletter, not that I need more incentive to buy fabric! Hubby is gonna cut me off soon, but this site has stuff I&#39;ve never seen before! Thanks for the giveaway and the new shop to drool over!<br />betsy_miller(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    I love that &quot;Fresh Picked&quot; collection. I&#39;m always dawn to fruit, no idea why. Cherries and strawberries make me happy! I might have to get some of that very soon. <br />betsy_miller(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    they site layout is very easy to navigate. I love the when you view the fabric bundle it has a link to go to the designer&#39;s site to view all the fabric in the bundle in a large easy to view pictures!<br />

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    It was very hard to find the place to make a comment but I found it. I did sign up for the newsletter and chance to win a book or bundle. It was a very nice site with good prices too! Thanks!

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    I checked out Green Fairy Quilts and I like Honky Tonk which is surprising to me because I usually like more traditional prints. I&#39;d like to work with those colors though.<br /><br />Suellen Dehnke<br />

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    I like the patter chance of flowers collection coming out in March. Love the fact that you can pre order collection and the prices are really good. Whole site is very customer friendly<br />

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    Hi, I already receive their newsletter. I am surprised that no one mentioned that they offer free shipping in the US…that is probably my favorite part of ordering from them, and believe me I order from them a lot. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabric and fabulous book.<br /><br />Jodi<br />

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    I love looking at the gorgeous fabrics. I was looking at Riley Blake fat quarter bundles (especially French Quarter) and I like being able to click and easily see the fabrics included in the bundle.<br />

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    I hadn&#39;t been to their store before, and I&#39;m sorely tempted to get the Family Tree FQ bundle. I&#39;ve been eyeing it for months, but it&#39;s hard to convince my husband I need more stash fabric. At least now I&#39;ll be in the know with their newsletter. Thanks Amy!

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    I&#39;ve requested their email newsletter — and glad I did as I didn&#39;t know about this store. I moved to the boonies recently and a broken foot has me stuck in my house for weeks so I&#39;m LOVING online shopping right now.

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    I signed up for the news letter and I am enjoying all the patterns and fabrics. I am new to quilting and I am trying to build up my stash of fabric. It is not easy with the cost of it. But with the contests and all it sure can help out if you win…. Thank you again.<br /><br />

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    I love Kate Spain&#39;s Daydream Layer Cake. I&#39;m a huge fan of Layer Cakes and this particular pattern is gorgeous. Green Fairy Quilts is definitely in my &quot;Favorites&quot; now.

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    Moda Layer Cake – Sewing Box by Gina Martin Is my droooooling &quot;GOTTA HAVE!!!!&quot; Favorite right now!!! LOOOOVE it!! &amp; next is HUBBA HUBBA line!!