So, I wrote a book.

Want to hear something crazy? Last year I spent a lot of time making those 12 quilts and never shared one of them here. And why? They are going to be in a book that will come out this Spring called Fabulously Fast Quilts. *someone pinch me*

It all feels a little bit surreal at this point. Let me explain some of the things I’ve learned about the book production business and you’ll see why. Last year at this time the book process felt very real and was constantly on my mind and my kitchen table. Starting September 2012 I made all 12 quilts (with some help on the quilting part) and wrote the content for the book.

Putting in the last biding stitches on the last quilt…
I shipped it all off last May and then stopped for tacos on the way home. Once everything was turned in and it was mostly out of my hands, the actual book felt so far away – still almost a year before it would be published. Martingale, my publisher, then took what I gave them and ran with it!! They took pictures, and edited the content. I got to see the proofs and go through the editing process last summer, but April 2014 and a real live book still felt so far away.

And then THIS showed up! Holy Smokes! There’s my book listed on Amazon! It’s real! And then I realized 3 months from now, this book that I created will be on the shelves of shops and book-sellers near you. In real life.

I’m excited to share more about this book and the quilts it contains over the next few months prior to it’s release. The basic premise is based on short-cuts in quilting. Whether you’re someone who has little time to sew because you have a house full of little people who need you, or you have a full-time job, or you just need a quick quilt project, I hope this book will be a good resource for quilts you can be proud of. AND that will fool your friends and family into thinking you spent way more time and cut out way more tiny pieces of fabric than you really did.

I’m still in a little bit of awe that this is real. I certainly couldn’t have happened without the support of my family, a few extra nights of take-out pizza, and the encouragement so many of you have shown me here. A huge thank you!

The movie rights for this book are still up for grabs at this point. Although I don’t think I could let it get into the hands of Quentin Tarantino – I mean could you imagine the rotary cutter scenes in his version? In the mean time, watch for the book Fabulously Fast Quilts due out April 2014!


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    ok! I 'll buy the movie rights!!:) wow!! congrats! this is sooooooo exciting!! wow! all this work you have done! way to go! of course I will buy your book as soon as it reaches french Amazon!!

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    How exciting!! I am always looking for fast ways to make quilts, since my 2 year old is constantly demanding my attention lol and he always wins over sewing. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it!

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    I love the idea of my friends and family thinking I cut little tiny pieces of fabric when I actually didn't! I love the look but don't have time to take the effort. I can't wait to see your book! Congratulations!!

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    Nooo! Not Tarantino for the movie rights! You&#39;ll never get the bloodstains out of your beautiful quilts!<br />I&#39;m so glad to hear you survived the publishing process. I work in publishing and we do try to be nice to authors. Even so, it can be a bit daunting.<br />I am going to judge a book by its cover and say it looks lovely.

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    Congratulations ! Your tutorials are what started me going about 3 years ago and taught me everything I needed to know. And to make it clear – I had absolutely zero knowledge of the tools or the process, so thank you ! <br />I always wondered why aren&#39;t there any books with your name on them, so this is such great news !<br />Going to pre order on bookdepository right away<br /><br />

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    Oh, my! Congrats! What a secret to keep! I can only imagine your excitement. I know I&#39;m excited to see the book. I love your designs and I know all your tips for streamlining the process will be a winner. I&#39;m not waiting for the movie!

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    How super cool! I will be watching Amazon for sure. It will be a hard copy buy for sure and not a Kindle download. Best of luck for great success!

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    Congratulations Amy! If your book is half as friendly and informative as your Blog then it will be a bestseller. Who will play you in the film version?

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    Congratulations! I&#39;m not much of a movie person at all, so I&#39;m glad the book is coming out first. :)<br />Looking forward to seeing it.

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    I had to edit my comment ~ I hate typos! Anyway, what I wanted to say was: Congratulations! This is wonderful news! And I think if you put Clooney in the movie, it will be a big hit!

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    AMY!!!!!! I love any post titled, &#39;so I wrote a book&#39;, just awesome! I&#39;m super proud of you, holy moly. I cannot wait to see the quilts more. I bet your family is just so excited for you!

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    You&#39;re hysterical!!! I&#39;m thinking you&#39;ll need Emma Thompson as your leading lady — no wait — someone much younger, like you, but a younger brit accent is escaping me now — Kate Somebody LOL. Any Fabulously Fast Anglophile designs in there? And does this mean you&#39;ll be book signing at quilt market {crosses fingers!} Congratulations Amy!!!!

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    Congrats Amy! This will be my first quilt book purchase and couldn&#39;t be more appropriate, as your blog was one of the first places I encountered as I entered into the wonderful world of quilting not very long ago. I love your blog, your quilt style, and your willingness to share what you know and communicate it in a way that&#39;s so easily understandable for those of us just getting started.

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    Consider yourself pinched! Ha! And let me add my congratulations to all the above! It&#39;s looking gorgeous! I&#39;m always hunting for quick patterns to make as I work full time and there&#39;s never ENOUGH time!

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    Congratulations Amy! That is wonderful. I have always wanted to write a quilting book, maybe I will….but for now I will enjoy yours! Just preordered mine through Amazon! Can&#39;t wait!

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    Congratulation!!! I have been following you for a while and you deserve this! =) Love your stuff and can&#39;t wait for your book. It sounds like just the thing for me with my four littles running around!

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    Congratulations! Can&#39;t wait to see the book and hear more about how you got published! :) Way to go! Now I have crazy rotary cutter images mixed with &quot;Resevoir Dogs&quot; in my head.

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    Wowie zowie! That is really exciting! And it&#39;s really real because it&#39;s on Amazon 😀 Congratulations on your hard work and creativity, inspiration and perspiration coming together!

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    Congratulations, Amy! I can&#39;t wait to get a copy! I have been following your blog for quite some time and always love what I see! We met once last year, I was the star-struck quilter with her husband in the elevator at Fabric Fest, lol! Thanks a lot for always being a source of inspiration and I look forward to getting a copy of your book this April.

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    Amy, I&#39;m so happy for you! I have this book written in my day planner for April (coincidentally the month my newest grandchild will be born!) and I plan on buying the book. I&#39;m a huge fan of yours and I can&#39;t wait to get my hands on the book! Congratulations!

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    First, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :-)<br /><br />Second, I know you were kidding about Quentin Tarentino doing a quilting movie, BUT… Seriously, now that I&#39;m thinking about it, I can&#39;t think of a single movie that has ever had a quilter character, and certainly not one like you or me. Someone really SHOULD write a movie about quilter momma entrepreneurs, don&#39;t you think?

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    OMG! I am so excited for you! Congratulations! I love your quilts and have yet to make one. But I did preorder your book. Can&#39;t wait for it to arrive so I can make one of your quilts.

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    Congratulations! I don&#39;t have very many books and never know what one to get. This one, I will be getting. With 3 kids at home I am always looking for quick patterns. Can&#39;t wait for this to be on the shelves!

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    ***SQUEAL*** So Exited, for me and for you! This is fantastic! I&#39;ll pre-order it for sure! I know anything you do is amazing, so it&#39;s on my list. And, the premise, fast quilts, I&#39;m so excited about. I&#39;m a homeschooling mama of 6, and have all but given up on my quilting obsession, I think I can do a few of these. Thanks for the help and inspiration!!!

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    Well, RaeLyn above said EXACTLY what I was going to say — SQUEAL! AND that I am so excited for both you and me. I have already made a couple of your quilt patterns and love how fast they are and how fabulous they look. Congratulations on the new arrival!! Way to go!

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    Congrats, Amy!! So excited for you!! I have been following your blog for a long time now and love it and your quilting!! So excited about your book!

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    Sooo, did you see that your book is the #1 seller on Amazon for Patchwork today? So awesome, you have inspired so many people. You totally deserve it!

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    Wonderful news Amy! I teach full-time (college ESL) and always have LOTS of grading, so looking for things that simply processes is great for me. I can&#39;t wait to see the book. Congrats!

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    I am so happy and excited for you Amy! I can hardly wait to get my copy, I know it is going to be wonderful! As for the movie, I&#39;m secretly hoping Wes Anderson buys the rights. Can&#39;t you just see Owen Wilson organizing a quilting bee?

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    I&#39;m adding my congratulations to the many you&#39;ll receive! Looking forward to this book. I don&#39;t buy a lot of quilting books, but I will buy this one! I love your blog!<br />

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    Congrats on your book, I can&#39;t wait to get one! I&#39;ve used your tutorials, credits to you on my flickr postings of course, and your instructions are so great every time. Amazing accomplishment!

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    Haha!!! Quentin Tarantino and rotary attacks. . . seriously, those things are dangerous! Very exciting about your book – I&#39;ll be looking for it!!

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    Aaaaaah!!! Yay you! That is just so much awesomeness in one blog post. :) Can&#39;t wait for it to come out–mama with kiddos here, so the fast thing is a good fit for me right now.<br /><br />Congratulations, congratulations!

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    Congratulations Amy, what an achievement. Be proud of yourself!<br />Can&#39;t wait for this to come out. April ? great month – it&#39;s my birthday then. Guess what I&#39;ll be getting!<br />Therese (the Australian with the mad American Jane Obsession!).

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    A huge congratulations to you, Amy! It&#39;s so nice to see talented and kind people do well. You&#39;ve given so much to the quilting community through your blog and I know that the book will do the same. Congrats!

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    Congratulations! I had wondered why we didn&#39;t see much sewing from you last year. Oh come on, a Tarantino quilt movie would appeal to a much wider audience.

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