Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wee Wander Free Quilt Pattern and a BIG thank you!

Well, Wee Wander is arriving in shops starting now! It's such a sweet collection. (I predict the horses will be hugely popular.)

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As part of the fabric release, Sarah Jane is hosting a series of projects, patterns, and tutorials on her blog using the Wee Wander collection.
The first free pattern available is for the quilt that I made! This quilt measures 38" x 44". 

I am finally getting my Virtual Quilting Bee Kona Solids quilt off to the quilter and realized we still need to have a Virtual Quilting Bee Party! I've been receiving emails from people sharing the beautiful quilts they've created with the Virtual Quilting Bee blocks so I want to have a day where we can link up finished quilts or share them some how. And it has to involve prizes and fabric giveaways too, right? So to give all of us that need it a little more time, we're going to set the date for Monday, February 24 and create a week for people to share and link up their finished quilts or quilt blocks. Stay tuned. If you've needed a little inspiration to get out those blocks and finish, this is it!

Finally a huge thank you for the kind thoughts and well wishes on my new book coming out. I've tried responding personally to as many as I could, but I know I haven't been able to respond to everyone. I truly was amazed and touched by the number of people who shared their happiness for me. And even pre-ordered the book! I can't tell you how much it meant! Holy Smokes! It's not even out yet and yesterday it was the number 1 best seller in the Sewing category on Amazon. That is CRAZY. And all because of YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  1. BEE-YOU-tiful work!!! Really, your design just lets the fabrics tell the story - such a lovely combination of pattern and fabric.

  2. It's because we LOVE you Amy!!!! {Mwah}{Mwah} I can't wait to get my Wee Wander in stock. I'm predicting a big hit for the little deer!!!

  3. I love, love, love all your work & pre-ordered your book last night as soon as I read your last post! You're amazing, and I'm so proud to be able to support you in all that you do. :)


  4. Oh, when I saw that center panel fabric of the Wee Wander quilt it gave me the biggest pang of nostalgia -- for a moment there, I was running around with my cousins in Iowa at dusk near the edge of the cornfield, barefooted and giggling, chasing after fireflies again. I love everything about this collection; it perfectly captures the magic and adventure of childhood imagination. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Doesn't she have a gift for capturing the magic of childhood??

  5. Oh I love the Sarah Jane fabrics, and have an odd little selection, despite the fact that I have no kids at all lol

  6. I HAD to preorder the book! I just love your quilts!
    I love the fabric - it just captures childhood memories whether one had horses or not. It's the feel of the freedom and magic of one's childhood!

  7. You totally deserve it. You have done so many amazing things for this "mommy quilting revolution." Thank you for all your inspiration!

  8. Congrats on your book reaching #1 best seller on Amazon! I know my comment was that I would put it on my Amazon wish list, but I pre-ordered it instead. Happy to help you make #1!

  9. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  10. I LOVE sarah jane fabric! You have done such a great job with that quilt too!!


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