Charm Pack Cherry free quilt pattern

I was asked a while back if I would like to create a quilt using the Fat Quarter Shop’s latest free pattern, Charm Pack Cherry. Who could resist playing with new Moda Charm Packs, so I said sure! This is my version. This quilt is about 52″ x 54″ (before I washed it) and made from two patterned charm packs and two solid charm packs. The quilt works up super fast.

I chose the new Wishes collection by Sweetwater for Moda. Such a cute collection. I especially love those little pennant flags, not to mention the bias tone-on-tone gingham, which was perfect for the binding too. I was worried that the solid red would be too dominant, but it has really grown on me. I think the texture of the quilting made a big difference (it always does.)

The quilting on this quilt was done by Melissa Kelley of Sew Shabby Quilting. It’s a simple, boxy-square, all-over design and works so well with the design of the quilt. I also gave the quilt a wash to give it that nice, puckery, worn-in feeling.
I used my leftover Wishes charm squares as an accent on the back. The rest of the back was pieced from fabric from my stash. (*pats self on back*)
This is rare for me, but I’m actually putting this quilt for sale in my etsy shop. Details here
You can download your very own copy of the free Charm Pack Cherry pattern here and watch the video tutorial below.

Visit the Fat Quarter Shop’s blog, the Jolly Jabber, to see other versions of the Charm Pack Cherry pattern.
 In celebration of the Charm Pack Cherry pattern release, all charm packs are on sale through March 2!

GIVEAWAY: And on top of that, the Fat Quarter Shop is generously giving away 4 charm packs (2 packs of prints and 2 solids = enough to make your own new Charm Pack Cherry quilt) to one of you! Just leave a comment telling me which charm packs you’d pick! Giveaway open until Sat, March 1 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED

WINNER: cse84663February 25, 2014 at 6:31 AM

Color me happy, wishes, or April showers, too many good ones to choose. I love your quilt with the red! So striking.
Finally, I just have to share a funny little story about taking the pictures for this post. I always feel a little sheepish taking pictures of quilts out in “the wild”, worried about what people might think. As I was taking this one, and older man rode by on his bike and shouted, “Did you make that blanket?” when I said yes, he yelled,”Good on you!” and kept riding. Thank you nice old man!


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    Color me happy by V and Co. would be my pick with coordinating solids. What a lovely old man you encountered, I feel braver about photography in the wild now!<br /><br />Misspbar at

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    Looks like a great pattern! I would choose Giggles–I think it would be a great project for my daughter to make for herself and Giggles is perfect for her (I can always pick out her giggle when she&#39;s in a crowd of girls!) Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Nice pattern showcasing the different prints in a collection! <br />I&#39;d choose Mixed Bag for a nice bright quilt for a child, with an orange or light blue solid, I think.<br />

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    Hm…I&#39;d pick either Sphere or Color Me Happy. Maybe with a grey solid? Although I saw someone else made a Valentines Day one that was pretty cute, too! I really like your use of red solid – I&#39;m on a mission to use more color and less white!

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    Looks like a pattern my little neighbor could manage. She completed her first quilt in Nov. My choice is the quilt for a cause collection: Love and ( the other one I forgot already) with natural solids

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    Hahaha — your picture taking story made me laugh. I always wonder what people think when we&#39;re out taking pictures of our quilts. My neighbor already thinks I&#39;m nuts, so it probably doesn&#39;t matter. I love your Wishes quilt Amy!

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    V and Co.&#39;s Simply Style or Color Me Happy! I really love her color! Charm Pack Cherry pattern would make for a quick sew up and an enjoyable time doing it! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Botanics! And Mormor! <br /><br />Great story about the biking man! I&#39;m shy about public pictures with my projects too. Glad to hear they&#39;re appreciated!<br /><br />e dot chesebrough at gmail dot com

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    Ooooh, so many choices! I think I&#39;d choose the Darlene Zimmerman&#39;s Classic Mini&#39;s. Your quilt is beautiful. I&#39;m nervous about taking pictures &quot;in the wild&#39; too, especially because we live in a small town. Great story though. Maybe we should be out and about more often, then more people could appreciate our lovely blankets.

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    You live in an amazing state….get out there and take photos wherever you want…bonus is the little biking men you meet!:) xo<br /><br />Sweet Serenade and a parchment and seafoam green kona!:)

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    I think Kate Spain&#39;s Daydreams prints and Summer Kona solids collection would make a fantastic quilt for my almost 3 year old. This seems like such a fun pattern, I can&#39;t wait to try it.

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    Mixed Bag and Kona Red. Loved the Fat Quarter Shop video. Fun pattern. Would be a good quilt gift for my new great nephew due this summer. Thank you for a chance to win. I hope my name is drawn : )

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    I would pick 2 Snow Bella solid charm packs and 2 Ladies&#39; Album Charm Packs. I would love to make my own charm pack cherry quilt from those fabrics. Your quilt is lovely.

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    Great video and a wonderful pattern for making a quilt in a short amount of time. Thank you. I would use Sphere and a blue solid (my favourite, of course.)

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    This is the perfect pattern for me to use as a beginning quilter! It also would make a perfect gift for me to give to someone whom I owe a debt of gratitude for a wonderful act of kindness. I would choose the April Showers charm pack and probably a solid red to go with it. That combination seems to fit the person to whom I would give the quilt.

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    I&#39;ve got a Fig Tree color scheme going on at my house…. I&#39;d do this quilt out of Mirabelle….. but it would obviously look good w/ any prints– I love it!!!<br />

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    Nice you had a bike rider quilt admirer :0) I would pick sunnyside by Kate Spain probably with an egg robin solid pack and a sandcastle charm pack!!! I am so ready for warmer weather!

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    I love this in wishes! If choose the same wishes charms but switch up the red charms for some matching blue ones. After all I do live in a house with all boys and the blue would make it the perfect picnic quilt for this summer.

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    That&#39;s a really cool quilt!<br /><br />Color Me Happy and Blue Bella Solids look like they would go well together.<br /><br />(

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    Color Me Happy is on my list of what I want to buy when I pledged not to buy any new fabric! Thanks for the chance! I love that you used red as the background too!

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    Hmmm. They have such an excellent assortment. I&#39;d go with &#39;Little Black Dress 2&#39; by BasicGrey and &#39;On Time&#39; by Whistler Studios for the print packs and for solids I&#39;d splash with color using Berry Kona Solids and New Pastel Kona Cotton Solids. Wheee..Now I need to look away before I spend money I don&#39;t have! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I love the quilt! The charm packs is a hard choice, there are so many awesome ones. But I think it would be Baby Jane and then gray and white bella solids to coordinate with it.

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    I watched this video last night – very cute. I like the red fabric you picked for your interpretation. Thanks for putting my name in the hat for the drawing. Fingers crossed. This is such a nice quilt would be something to actually be able to finish!

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    Very cute pattern and lovely version by you. I think I&#39;d pick Mormor, but maybe Ansonia. Not sure of the coordinating solids, I&#39;d have to maybe rely on them for that. Love them both. Thank you!

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    I would choose Country Girls by Tasha Noel for the prints and Moda Silver for the solid.<br /><br />Good timing on this giveway. I need to think about a charity quilt for the guild and this would be perfect.<br /><br />Dianne

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    I&#39;m rubbish in putting colours together which is why I usually buy FQ bundles, jelly rolls etc. I like Moda&#39;s colour me happy which I am guessing might go nicely with the silver Bella solids. Thanks for the chance of winning some lovely stuff!

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    I would choose four different packs and I would supply the solids or blenders.<br />1. April Showers<br />2. Bee My Honey<br />3. Botanics<br />4. Country Girls

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    I would choose Ansonia by Denyse Schmidt and before I second guess myself – Black Bella Solids. This will be my 4th quilt. I am just beginning to get back into sewing since high school…. many years ago. I think I am addicted to all fabric :)

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    I would select Roundup, a Riley Blake fabric. It is a completely adorable selection of cowboy prints, in both &quot;boy&quot; and &quot;girl&quot; colorways.

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    I would use Daydreams by Kate Spain and pair it with some solids from the new Dusty Kona solids and the new Classic Kona soilds. It is such a sweet pattern that would look great in so many different styles of fabrics!

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    I really would love Honky Tonk so cute!!! Love your site and tutorials!! They have saved me or answered questions in the wee hours of the morning. <br />Thanks for being fabulous!!

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    I really would love Honky Tonk so cute!!! Love your site and tutorials!! They have saved me or answered questions in the wee hours of the morning. <br />Thanks for being fabulous!!

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    I&#39;m always up for a quick and easy project! I&#39;d use Betty Dear with White Bella Solids charm packs. Thanks for the chance to win! <br /><br />jpkeller12[at]gmail[dot]com

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    I would pick Bouquet Francais by French General and some coordinating solids. What a cute quilt. I think it would be fun to make! Thanks for a chance to win!

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    So many beautiful charm packs to choose from but I think I&#39;d go with Storybook by Kate and Birdie for Moda and a coordinating solid. Or maybe Wishes by Sweetwater for Moda and a coordinating solid. <br /><br />Kelley<br />kelley (at) jaynet (dot) net

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    I would definitely choose Bobbins and Bits (Pat Sloan) and maybe a cheddar or red solid to go with it for my sewing room. It would be perfect! Thank you for this special giveaway!<br />Blessings,<br />Jodi<br />

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    I have had my eye on Wishes for quite some time but have not yet bought any. I love love love it in your quilt. The red looks fantastic with it.

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    I think I might be naughty and do what the lady above did and choose four prints–Color me Happy, April Showers, and 2 sphere! I&#39;, feeling guilty, I would probably end up doing April Showers and red and blue solids, or red and snow white. Thanks for the giveaway, and I really do love your quilt.

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    Thanks for sharing your version. I am always surprised and very pleased when someone uses a &quot;neutral&quot; that is not whitish. It&#39;s inspiring to see the red. I&#39;m still not so bold myself so I would choose the lace tonga treat as my solid and volcano bali snaps as my print. Did I mention I like batiks?

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    I love your quilt! I especially love how you did the backing. I would like Billet Doux, Color Me Happy, or Chantilly. There are so many I love it&#39;s hard to pick. Thanks for a chance! :)<br /><br />

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    I would choose either April Showers or Daydreams. But you know, Floral Gatherings would be really nice in this pattern also! Decisions, decisions! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Bee My Honey and April Showers – not for the same project but two are brewing in my head this AM. So many lovely fabrics just keep the creative juices flowing. Life is good.

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    I think it would be fun to use the Giggles charm pack with a solid one. Other option would be all kona solids- a color pack used with either white or black. Love your version with the red! Thanks!

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    I love this quilt and can&#39;t wait to make one. I love so many of the charm packs, but I think my first choice is Chantilly by Lauren and Jessi Jung with a solid green charm pack. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I would pick Splash batiks by Hoffman and Kate Spain&#39;s Day dreams as I definitely need a little bit of bright color after this long winter in Pennsylvania! Thanks for a chance to win and your quilt is beautiful.

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    I would pick Ace Allstars, Chance of Flowers, Black Bella, and/or New Bella Solids. PS – love seeing the Harveststores, peaking up behind the building!

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    Oh let&#39;s see, I like April Showers, I like Mosaic, I like Wrens &amp; Friends, and I like any batiks because I have none . . . AND I like your little story at the end of the post! So nice of him to pay you the compliment. I would have given him the quilt and made his day!

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    I love this pattern and your quilt is beautiful! I love April Showers and Daydream by Kate Spade. It would be hard to choose between those two. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Beautiful quilt and &quot;good on you&quot; for offering this great giveaway! I am very partial to the 1800&#39;s Reproduction Theme, especially the Ladies&#39; Album and Civil War Jubilee. Thank you.

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    I like the bright red with the more muted aqua. Seems like a great way to use those charm packs so that it doesn&#39;t look too perfectly square. The comment from the biker-adorable!

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    Love the quilt. Pick just 1? Tough choice. I love both Daydream and Color Me Happy. I guess if I&#39;m lucky enough to win, I&#39;d have to make a decision.

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    I can&#39;t decide on whether I would like Technicolor or Civil War Jubilee… hmmmm I&#39;ve got to really think about this one! LOL <br />Dawn<br />array-dawn at cox dot net

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    I love, LOVE your quilt!! The Cherry red is so bright and fun. And I love the pale aqua with it!! I think I&#39;d pick the Ace All Stars and pair it with the Cherry Red. Or maybe I&#39;d go with the Wishes pack. Thanks for the chance to win! <br /><br />

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    I want to make a quilt that has purples in it, so I would love the Heather Bailey True Colors and a purple bella solid that would coordinate. Thank you so much for the pattern.

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    I think the April Showers is wonderful, but my little neighbor girl that is learning to sew is in love with Roundup and of course she would need a coordinating solid. They&#39;re all so pretty it&#39;s hard to choose. My email is Thanks so much for the chance.

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    Pepe in Paris is so cute! I like Color Me Happy as well. And your quilt (using the Wishes collection) is so cheery — looks like a pleasant pattern to assemble. There may be a quick quilt in my near future…

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the red! I would probably pick something by Bonnie and Camille–I love all their fabric lines! I love Kona Ash or maybe a Moda Aqua….too many choices!

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    I don&#39;t have anything Halloween yet so I would choose one of the Halloween charm packs…I can&#39;t decide which one, there are 3 that are so cute!! Thanks for the chance to win

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