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I’m being a busy little stitcher behind the scenes, with lots to share in the coming weeks, but not much to share at the moment. So a few glimpses of WIP’s (works-in-progress) for now. I made the block above for a charity quilt sponsored by Chili’s for St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. I sent it off, but I like how it turned out and I think I need to make some more to keep. 
I’ve started some new six-point English-paper-pieced stars as my latest hand work project. (No, I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them. I’m still working on that.)

I’m piecing them with my growing little collection of Liberty tana lawns. (I got them from Westwood Acres.) This is my first time sewing with tana lawns. It’s like sewing through silk. Tana lawns are cotton, but they’re different from regular quilting cottons in that they’re a tighter weave and lighter weight with more drape.
Usually I baste my fabric over the cardstock templates with thread, but the tana laws are a little more slippery. With only 4 corners on the diamonds I found that the templates easily slipped out of the fabric diamonds. So I decided to try glue-basting for the first time. Not only was it so much faster, but it worked REALLY well holding the templates in place. I’m hooked. I bought this little glue pen at my local quilt shop. (With my own hard-earned cash. I was not asked to review this product.) I haven’t tried a regular glue stick, but I assume it could work too as long as it’s water soluble.

Post edit: More details: I like knowing that this product is specifically for fabric use. I put the glue on the cardstock template and then stick the fabric. It is plenty strong enough to baste the fabric to the template and hold it in place while I sew that pieces together, but the fabric releases cleaning from the template when I’m ready to remove it. I’m totally sold. I also like that the glue stick is thin – less mess.

I started another project last week using Jennifer Sampou’s latest collection (for Robert Kaufman) called Shimmer. The collection is made up of metallic or iridescent prints and they’re so pretty. And different from my usual go-to fabrics. I really loved this colorway because it reminds me of mercury glass, which I’m recently digging (along with the rest of the design world, I guess.) I’m excited to see this one come together. I’ll share it in a few weeks when it’s done.

Finally, one more upcoming project includes a Quilt-along for this quilt next month on the We All Sew blog. It’s a good basic quilting pattern, but I think there are some good tricks for making it efficient and fast. I’m looking forward to sharing it!


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    I use the cheapest white glue stick I can find at the dollar store for my EPP. They work great and wash right out. I've even used slightly dried out ones (aka the ones that don't work well for kids) and the templates stay in fine.

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    Those Liberty fabrics are fabulous. I do my epp with glue – it's so quick that way. I invite you to share you link with Hexiew Weekend – a stop for any EPP hand stitcher. We love all eye candy. I'll be back to see those tips during the upcoming QAL.

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    Totally off subject (loving your WIP's BTW) do you know of a source that could show me step by step directions for piecing together my double wedding ring pieces. I have been trying to figure out the best and quickest process… but am getting a bubble in the large middle piece of the wedding rings. I used the GO to cut the pieces so they are consistent. I am being VERY picky with the 1/4&

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    I use that same glue stick for my EPP. Using a needle and thread was my initial plan, but my hands/wrists only have so much hand-sewing in them at any given time. I'd rather use that time actually sewing pieces together rather than basting. The glue works great!

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    From Susan in France:<br /><br />I’m a fairly prolific EPP and a strong advocate of the Sewline glue pens, but wanted to let you know that I think SEWLINE are the only way to go! It is not cheap buying the refills (particularly when you live in France) but it is well worth it. Any non-Sewline I’ve tried make a huge mess of the fingers as they are broader and stickier: then what is worse; when you

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    I just wanted to say thank you for all of your blog posts.<br /><br />I have decided to hand sew, and quilt, both my children a blanket – mad, maybe! Having never made anything before I wouldn&#39;t have had the confidence to start without your blog. <br /><br />I feel inspired by all of the beautiful and intricate designs you make. I hope to be this skilled one day :)

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    Curious if you tested the glue stick first? Did any bleed thru your fabric? Did it change any of the color when you washed the fabric?

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      Since it was made for basting with fabric and had enough personal recommendations, I didn&#39;t test it first. It work wonderfully. Because it&#39;s pen size the glue stick is not wide – easy to just get a little bit of glue on my templates. The fabric sticks well, but doesn&#39;t get &quot;gummy&quot;. The glue securely holds the fabric to the template for sewing the pieces together, but

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