Sneak peak of my new book, Fabulously Fast Quilts

I had a GREAT mail weekend this last weekend. An advance copy of my book, Fabulously Fast Quilts arrived and I got to hold it in my hands for the very first time. It still feels so surreal.
Also arriving in the mail were 8 of the 12 quilts I sent off last May. (The other 4 are still with the publisher for marketing purposes.) This was my first time seeing them againo. The book writing/publishing business is such an interesting thing. You create quilts, some as long as a year and a half before you ever get to show them to other people. I started making the quilts for this book in September of 2012!
As the book gets closer to coming out (it will start shipping to retailers the second week of April) I’ll share more sneak peeks of some of the quilts that are in the book.
If you’ve been visiting these parts for a while now, you may remember this quilt I made at Christmas time over two years ago. Since that time I’ve had multiple people ask me if I had a pattern for this quilt.

Well, I’m excited to share that the pattern for the Countdown to Christmas quilt will be in this book! It’s called Square Deal. Here’s a sneak peak of version in the book. I tried to take it outside yesterday to get a picture, but the wind was CRAZY. So this will have to do for now. (The quilting on this quilt as well as the one with the red and white blocks was done by Melissa of Sew Shabby Quilting.)

Fabulously Fast quilts is a book about quick tips to speed up quilting projects and contains 12 quilting patterns. As I mentioned, it won’t start shipping until the second week of April but you can pre-order it from Martingale or Amazon. If you would like a signed copy by yours truly, you can pre-order one from my shop and I will personalize it for you. (POST EDIT: International shipping rates have been added.)  As I mentioned before, I have been so touched by the amazing response and generous support since I first announced I have a book coming out.

Thank you again, for all of the generous and kind words, vibes, and thoughts you have shared. I’m excited to share more of the projects and quilts from Fabulously Fast Quilts.


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    Oh wow! It is such an achievement to have written a book and have it published! You deserve it though–your quilts are gorgeous and you are very creative! Congratulations! Hope it is an all-time best seller!

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    You go, girl! :-) I had no idea that a quilting book would have such a long "gestation" before being birthed. Um, published. That's incredible, that you're working 2 years ahead of publication but the book comes out and feels so fresh, current, and of-the-moment.

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    Over the last week I've gone over your entire archives and I love the blog! I'm currently working on my first quilt, with the help of your tutorial and am excited to see how it turns out. Congrats on the book! I think I'll add it to my birthday wishlist 😉

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    This is amazing!! Congratulations! I cannot wait to read your book…you blog has taught me so much. Thank you for sharing yourself and your knowledge with all of us!

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    really want to buy your new book. when I added it my cart, I couldn't get the site to go to checkout. What am I doing wrong? Help, please. I want this!

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    Thanks so much Kay! Click on the word CART (on the left) and it will take you to the check out. (You are not alone- I&#39;m trying to figure out how to clarify that through Big Cartel.)<br /><br />THanks again!!

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    Looks awesome!! Will definitely purchase! I was one of the many asking for instructions for the quilt made in the &quot;Countdown to Christmas&quot; fabric. I love it!! I finally cut into my TWO fq bundles last Christmas. Congrats on your new book!!!

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