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It’s my month to send out fabric and block instructions for my BeesKnees group. Add that to the list of the bajillion things I am behind on right now. Finally I pulled out some fabric a couple of nights ago (which is something I always enjoy, but seem to be finding less and less time to do…). While I was at it I started setting aside fabric for a big destash. Who knows when that will actually happen, but it is a needful thing. Time to purge!
Last night I carved out a little time to put some of these beauties into piles to mail out to my group ladies. I’m excited to see what they come up with. 

These are the blocks they made last year. I LOVE how they all look together. This year I am having them each make one more block with a little bit of a twist to make the squares even busier. I’m so excited to see what they come up with. Of course, I had the instructions all typed up and ready to go and then blogger freaked out at me and it was all lost. I was way too drained last night to try to summon that brain-power again. I’ll have to try again today.

my poor little favorite magnetic pindish is in need of some TLC
Speaking of brain power- mine feels a little fried at the moment. I think I’m just in one of my funks – you all know how that goes. And it’s pretty much following the same pattern as most funks – a lot on my plate and feeling overwhelmed and just needing to step back and recharge. I’m not sharing so that you’ll all throw me a pity-party – but because I think it’s healthy to be real. I never want to present the image that I have it all together. Heavens no!
Life is good. It’s full and busy with 4 kids and some weighty responsibilities elsewhere right now, but my life is full of things and people that I love. I just need to do a better job of prioritizing. I’m finding that there is less time for quilting and sewing and that’s okay too. I’m glad I have something that I enjoy so much and that fulfills my creative needs, and at the same time has even become a business that I love, but I’m learning that I need to keep it in the realm of “stress-reliever” not “added stress.”

In fun news, a new friend and fellow-quilter sent me the funnest little surprise in the mail, which was a great pick-me-up. Look at these numbered labeling pins! No more using random post-it note scraps for labeling my quilt rows. Thanks Nancy!! POST EDIT: Nancy has a tutorial for these Quilt Row Marking Pins!


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    I love the colors in your bee blocks!! Thanks for keeping it real!! I know some nice weather my way would help get me out of a funk or just "extra" time :0) we all wish we had, right?!?!! Love those little numbered pins!

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    The pins are fantastic!! The quilt is awesome!!! And thanks for keeping it real!!! It's encouraging to know I'm not alone in that area!! You have a great attitude about it and recognized what you needed to do, good for you!! And what a great time to be sent a gift!!! Silver linings!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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    Oh, looking forward to those fun little prints to arrive in the mail. And I a excited to see the twist 😉 Those pins are totally awesome. What fun they will be to use 😉 And by the way, you know you are amazing, right!!!!

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    Love those pins!<br />I too have four children (all grown up now); how well I remember sometimes thinking my batteries will never recharge. Now I just babysit and even then it is take-out because I&#39;m sooooo exhausted!

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    I clicked to your other &quot;funk&quot; post. Thanks for reminding me that it all doesn&#39;t have to be done today. It&#39;ll all be OK. : ) Love the color palette for your blocks! And those pins, oh my.

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    I love your pins, but even more I love your eggshell pin cushion. I am off to rummage through my cupboards to see if there is one hiding that I can appropriate for my sewing room :-)<br />Unfortunately there&#39;s not a lot I can say or do about your funk. Send inning good vibes through the internet! :-)<br />E xx

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    Sorry to hear you&#39;re in a funk – hopefully it will pass soon! Just take a deep breath and remember it will all get done in its own time. Your quilt has such gorgeous colors – it makes me dream of summer!

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    Your fabrics are amazing…you are amazing!!! You are such an inspiration to me, and I appreciate your willingness to always help out!<br /><br />PSI must find those pins!!!

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    Oh no…your poor little tomato pin dish! Can you order another one online? When you first posted about making it, I thought it was the cutest dish ever! Made me sad to see it broken in pieces…..

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    Take a deep breathe, look back at what you have done, get one of the kids to glue the<br />Pin dish, stroke another&#39;s hair, get hugs from the other two, and ask the hubs what&#39;s for dinner;-) you&#39;re doin great, grrrl!!

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    Life for me got so much better when I learned to live it one day at a time. You are in the busiest years of your life right now. Kids are getting a little older, it takes more than pb and j and Sesame Street to meet their needs 😉

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    I&#39;m always amazed at how much you accomplish with your young family, RS Pres., and Quilting. I know it must be a real balancing act, but you do a great job! It will all work out. It always does. And I know you have your priorities straight by putting family and HF first. I&#39;m looking forward to working on your Bees Knees block. Thank you for all you do Amy!

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    Thanks for sharing where you&#39;re at, Amy. I&#39;m a driver too and it has taken a long time for me to learn that if I&#39;ll really step back and rest when I&#39;m in a funk or just plain tired, or whatever, what I&#39;m able to create or achieve after will be so much better and things just come together more easily. I have four grown children and they are the ones who taught me this. They

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    I am soooo ready for spring! Sad to see your dish broke! I need some of those numbered pins that your friend gave you–they are super cute and would really come in handy.

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    Love your blog – it gives me such inspiration! Sorry about your little dish – I hate when something I like breaks. Those pins are adorable – Not sure how to make them, but I know I could use them! Chin up! Tomorrow is a new day.

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    Love your fabric pull and all the spring colors. Also really love the idea of turning an ordinary bowl into a magnetic one for pins. I&#39;ve been needing to do something different with my pins. Now I know what I&#39;ll try.

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    It&#39;s always great to &quot;de-stash&quot; as you call it. :) The colors on your blocks are amazing and the fabric you&#39;ve accumulated is wonderful. I noticed quite a few that I have in my stash as well. We all get into ruts and funks, the best way out of them is to step back, breathe deeply, and start with what you find the most pleasure in. (Mine is always my family)<br /><br />It&#39;s

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