I’m hosting a Free Fast Churn Dash Quilt Along!

This week I am so excited to share a new free quick quilt pattern starting this week at BERNINA’s We All Sew site. This pattern uses a “fabulously fast” technique for making a traditional Churn Dash Quilt.
You may remember some sneak peaks of the work on this quilt over the past months. It’s so fun to finally be able to share the full pattern and tutorial.
This is the quilt we’ll be making. A Churn Dash block is as traditional as it gets, but by playing with colors, prints and solid fabrics, you can create a very traditional or modern quilt design. The method for making this blocks is super slick with very little fabric waste.

For part one of this quilt along, we are talking about fabric choice. For this project I used a collection of solids including RJR Cotton Supremes (colors Sea Glass, Blue Skies, Cove, Notting Hill, Beach House and Nile Green) as well as Kona solids (Aqua and Leaf). I also wanted to incorporate a bunch of the “low-volume” (or low-value/contrast) prints that are so popular right now. This was a big switcheroo for my usual style of colorful prints combined with solid white. (Post edit: I used a lot of prints from Pat Bravo’s Rapture collection as well as Alison Glass text prints and other assorted low-volume prints from my stash. Pink Castle Fabrics has Rapture in stock as well as most of the solids I used.)

The key to this fast design option is having two contrasting sets of fabric, in this case the bundle of solids and the bundle of low-volume prints. The low-volume prints and the monochromatic solids create a really subtle quilt. But this design works equally well in high-contrast, saturated colors and prints. For more discussion on choosing fabric and fabric requirements go Part 1 of the Churn Dash Quilt Along at We All Sew.

Come join the fun. This is a great stash buster. You’ve got a week to gather you fabrics. Next week we’ll work on cutting and piecing the blocks.

Quick links to all the parts:


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    love this pattern, Im in!! Already went over and read the first post!! this is going to be fun!! been wanting to do a green and white quilt, this seems like the perfect project, especially after seeing the red and white one!!

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    I'm definitely going to do this! I've been wanting to make a purple and pink quilt for a while, but with no idea of what pattern to use. So this is the one, hopefully!

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    Whoa! How did you know I had a churn dash project on the back burner? I want to make one for our boy but I need the blocks to finish at about 5.5&quot;….guess I&#39;ll have to see if I can work it out!:)<br />xo<br />btw…your fabric choices are yuummmmmmy!!

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    I am definitely joining along! Churn dash has been on my to to list for awhile! Now to choose colors! Should I make this a Fall quilt? Or I&#39;ve also been wanting to make a yellow and gray quilt. Yikes! Decisions, decisions!

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    awesome! I&#39;ve said all along this is the year of the quilt lol .. it&#39;s already april and I have yet to choose a pattern .. this may just be the one and the way to keep me going at it!!

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    Hi Amy! This pattern is perfect for summertime! I love the choice of fabrics you&#39;ve made and even more to see many of my Rapture prints in there. Thanks so much and happy sewing everyone :)

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    I&#39;m in! I had SOOO much fun pulling fabric for this today. It&#39;ll be perfect for the stack of Nicey Jane fat-eighths that were given to me by a good friend and that have been patiently waiting to be put to use in just the perfect project. This is it! Thanks so much – I&#39;m on the edge of my seat! (P.S. I&#39;m sure that my three friends who are patiently waiting for their (overdue)

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    This sounds like so much fun. I&#39;d love to take part but can&#39;t commit to doing it just yet. I may fall a little behind. I have to go away in a weeks time for a few days so will look out for fabric while I&#39;m out shopping, then hopefully when I come back I&#39;ll be able to join in and hopefully won&#39;t have too much to catch up on.<br />Your quilt is so pretty and fresh looking and I

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    The churn dash block is a wonderful block and I am thrilled that you are hosting a QAL. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am sure you will have amazing tips embedded for us. You are very generous to share your knowledge.

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      Great! All the fabric requirements and instructions are on the BERNINA We All Sew blog. The direct link is in this post, right before the last picture.

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    I ADORE Churn Dash quilts!! I just wish I had the time to join in this time!! :(<br /><br />Will definitely be saving the blog posts/tutorials so I can make it at a later date!<br /><br />Barbara<br />ps Love your color choices, too – you just happened to pick one of my most favorite quilt patterns and one of my most favorite color palettes – I heart this quilt!!!<br />

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    YAY!!! I&#39;ve always wanted to do a QAL – you&#39;ll be my first. So excited. I&#39;m not the best at choosing fabrics, but I&#39;ve already read the first set of instructions over at Bernina and it seems simple enough for me!

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    I&#39;m just putting the finishing touches on my first quilt. I follow your posts for expert advice and inspiration but I cannot add another quilt to my to-do-list so I will enjoy watching what others make. By the way, I love the wavy stitch you make using the walking foot in the 2nd photo. I didn&#39;t know that you could do something like that! I may give it a try!

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    Wow!!! Another blog to read that will keep me mesmerized for days. Beautiful colors used. I will have to bookmark your blog to come back to. Thank you for sharing. I came by the way of RJR fabrics.

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    I&#39;ve just painted my dining room in a color that matches the sea glass hued colors that are in your lovely quilt so it caught my eye immediately. I&#39;m not into foo-foo patterns; elegantly-simple is my love so this pattern is great. It won&#39;t ever be out of style. Thanks for the inspiration.

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