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I think I may have mentioned this a time or two, but I am a sucker for Liberty fabric. They’re so timeless and beautiful – especially the prints on the gorgeous tana lawns. I’ve started collecting little pieces this year and my collection is steadily growing. One of the things I am most excited for our trip to England this summer is to visit the actual Liberty store in London. The store is an iconic Tudor-revival building in the heart of one of London’s poshest fashion districts and full of beautiful haberdashery. (How’s that for a great British word?)
So when the official Liberty Craft Blog contacted me this week to ask if they could interview me I was SO honored – not to mention a little star-struck! You can read my interview with Liberty here!

Liberty fabrics are best known for their Tana Lawns – a very soft, lightweight cotton – printed with predominantly floral designs. They’re a little pricier than most quilting cottons – hence the reason I’m collecting little bits at a time.  The colors and prints are so beautiful and timeless.

I’m so excited to visit Liberty and I’ll share more about my adventure there in a future post. You can buy Liberty fabrics directly from the Liberty website. Here are a few other options in the states: my pieces are fat 16ths from Westwood Acres monthly Liberty club (which is sold out but has a waiting list). Westwood Acres is offering pre-orders of Liberty 2 1/2” strips. Other Liberty sources with a good Liberty selection include DuckaDilly Fabrics and Pink Castle Fabrics.


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    Liberty is a beautiful building and shop but the fabrics are very expensive, I believe I've seen the Tana lawns and quilting cottons cheaper in the USA than here (work that one out). There is a great pub just behind Liberty in Kingly St, The Clachan, another gorgeous building and in almost original decor, built in 1898, you must take a look. Enjoy your trip.

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    oh, you are going to love being in that store! four summerss ago, when we went to london with the girls, liberty had a remnant table – one meter and three meter cuts at a very reduced price. when we went back two years ago in the fall, it wasn't there. i asked and the saleswoman told me that it is only out twice a year – in the winter and the summer. i hope you get lucky!

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    Last summer when we were visiting the girl we went to Liberty and was totally overwhelmed…first of all I had no idea it was a huge shop that sold just about everything…we spent over an hour there and I think all my time was on the fabric level! Have fun kiddo!!

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    I'll be excited to hear about your trip as three friends and I are planning a trip to England for next year! Have fun!!

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    We were on diplomatic assignment in London for three years (it was bliss) and Liberty was one of my favourite haunts. It was always so dreamy and quiet…a simple, yet satisfying treat to oneself. After you have your Liberty fill, I highly recommend a visit to Marylebone High street. The Button Queen , 76 Marylebone Lane, is a fantastic shop just to visit, even if you don't need a single

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      I just discovered Marylebone on our visit last month. It was the most adorable shopping area, and I got to see both the button and ribbon shop. Oh to live in England for three years….you lucky ducky!!!!

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    I really enjoyed your interview, Amy. Your humility, kindness and creativity really shone through. Hope you enjoy your trip to London later this summer!

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    Enjoy your visit…I was there in May. It did NOT disappoint, although it was a lot toooo expensive for my fabric budget. But I did enjoy touching and seeing!!! Do not miss Cath Kidston next to Fortum and Mason ( not to miss that either). We had the most WONDERFUL trip and I wish the same for you. XXX

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    I lived in London and loved it but was on quilting hiatus at that time, so I never looked at fabric. But my husband just returned from a work trip to Japan and my only request was FABRIC! Liberty lawns! He went to Check & Stripe in Tokyo and brought me back a bag full of Liberty pieces- I asked him not to tell me how much he spent- and now I just pat them and coo. So beautiful. Enjoy your

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    I'm SOOOO excited for your trip Amy! I can't wait to hear all about it. And don't you just love blogs — I see your got some great recommendations in your comments!!!

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    Hi Amy. I loved your interview! Congratulations on being asked! I went to the Liberty shop exactly a year ago. We travelled from Australia to visit my daughter who had been working in London for two years. The architecture just stunned me. The building itself is striking. I just gazed at the polished wood and copper fittings in the lift! (Elevator to you guys!!) The old wooden floors and the

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    You will love the Liberty store. Be sure to have lunch in their dining room too. Every time I go to London I must go to Liberty. Not only do they have gorgeous fabric but I also have to buy a few buttons too. Have a wonderful time. You may also want to visit Tikki Patchwork in the Richmond district.

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    Loved your interview, Amy! I can so relate to your early days of keeping your quilting hobby secret – I don't tell my friends for fear of being labelled a daggy suburban housewife. Which of course is what I now am! A bit of me just wants to hold on to the memory of myself as a twentysomething in London with a swanky job in the art world – I too used to pop into Liberty regularly to look at

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    For those after small pieces of Liberty for quilts, I'd highly recommend Very Berry Fabrics (google for blog with shop links). The owner, Ali, sells through etsy and folksy, but I emailed her for a combined postage cost which was very reasonable (to Australia). I love her selection of fabrics and found it a much better way to buy than buying mixed charm packs where I couldn't really see

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