New fabric + Denyse Schmidt’s Hadley

One of the new fabric collections I saw at Quilt Market that I was most excited to get my hands on was Denyse Schmidt’s Hadley collection. So I’m very excited to be playing with this bundle of pre-cut Hadley strips from Free Spirit.

I really love the collection of prints and colors in this collection – there’s a kind of retro-feel to them – maybe I like them because they’re a little bit of a throw-back to my 70’s childhood. But still very contemporary at the same time. Which is frankly what Denyse does best – taking inspiration from something classic and vintage and making it feel fresh and new. Hadley comes out later this summer but is available for pre-order from the Fat Quarter Shop and Fabricworm. (I know. Rude to show it before it’s available.)

I like that this bundle also came with coordinating solids. I’ve paired the fabrics with one of my new very favorite solids, Jason Yenter’s Modern Solids for In the Beginning fabrics in the color Bamboo. This is a really subtle crossweave that gives the color some depth and it is so soft with gorgeous drape. (I’ve seen Modern Solids available from Cuts of Cotton, Pink Chalk Fabrics, and the Stitching Post.

I’m using this fabric to recreate one of the quilts from my book called Moroccan Tile. I’m teaching this quilt as a class at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in a few weeks (!!).

Here is the original quilt. I just got it back from the publisher for the first time in a year. It’s nice to see it again and to finally get some pictures.This quilt is the cover-girl for the book.The original quilt is made from the Riley Blake Seranata collection. I love the backing yardage in those lace stripes!

I’m remaking it because I don’t have enough space in my luggage to carry around a quilt during our travels. So I’m making just a top as that will be more manageable for travel. Plus it’s kind of fun to remake this design in a totally different palette and give it a new look.

I’m trying to wrap up all my sewing projects. It’s going to be weird to not have a sewing machine for a few weeks, but kind of liberating at the same time. I’m still going to bring some handwork projects to do during our travels as I know I can’t sit still for long…and there’s all that time on planes and trains to work. And possibly catch up on my sleep too.


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    Oh that will be lovely! I'm going to Retreat in a few weeks too – am not in any of your classes but hopeful that I'll get a spy of your new quilt top during the weekend! Happy travels, Sx

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    I can't wait to see! I am very excited for this fabric line, too. Something about those yellows is very appealing to me…maybe it reminds me of the "autumn gold" appliances we had growing up?

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    love the colors, the backing is very striking. I love the scene where you have the quilt photographed as well, I haven't looked to see what part of the country you are from but at a guess somewhere in or near Utah I bet – been there and love it

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    I love pretty much everything DS does and I can see this collection will be no exception! LOVE the pattern you've chosen from the book to use it with :-)

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    I am going to go crazy for this line, I love the vintage coloring. Your pattern I think will be perfect for it, I'm anxious to see it!

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    That fabric is gorgeous! And will play so lovely with your pattern. It is going to give your pretty quilt a totally different look. I hope your traveling goes well and you don't go into sewing machine withdrawal. Can't wait to see what you hand sew on your adventure!

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