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I love when I find something new on the internet that is a helpful tool. Think of all those times when you wish you could audition your fabrics with a pattern before you start cutting. Or you have just the right pattern in mind, but aren’t sure what colors or fabrics you want to use. Pattern Jam is for you! I first heard about Pattern Jam this spring and I’m so glad to have Emily Taylor here to share it with you. (Not only is Emily the creator of Pattern Jam, she’s also a talented fabric designer with Riley Blake Designs.)


Choose a pattern.… Customize it with fabric on PatternJam….Make it!

Thank  you, Amy, for giving me the opportunity to introduce to your readers! On PatternJam, creative folks like yourself can shop for beautiful fabric. Not only can you shop for fabric, but you can audition it too! image02
PatternJam lets you to see and play with the fabric in a project! You can create your own quilt using our block templates~mixing and matching fabric to your hearts content!

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PatternJam also allows you to select beautiful designer patterns (quilts, children’s clothing, bags, aprons, softies, and more) in which to audition fabric choices. The patterns are for sale and are available for immediate download upon purchase. Also, once you’ve purchased a pattern on, the pattern remains available to download in your project library indefinitely!

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All of this functionality is FREE to use! The carefully curated collection of fabric from major designers and manufacturers ensures that you will find the perfect assortment of fabric for your next project. What will you create?
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To encourage you to give a try, I’m offering an exclusive GIVEAWAY
to readers of Diary of a Quilter! Here’s how to participate:

1. Visit, play around a bit & sign up for my newsletter (be sure to mention that you learned about from Diary of a Quilter)

2. Connect with PatternJam’s social channels:

3. Select 5 fabrics that you’d like to add to your stash, and leave a comment for Amy letting her know your choices.

4. Amy will select a winner in a random drawing for one yard of each of your favorites!

WINNER: OhioLori said…

Looooove sidewalk Cafe!! Would choose SW Cafe Main Grey, SW Cafe Green(vine), SW Cafe Grey(vine), SW Cafe Red(vine) and SW Cafe Blooms Grey GORGEOUS fabrics!! Hard to choose even “just” five! :)
Happy Sewing!
Emily Taylor


  1. says

    1 – I signed up for newsletter<br />2 – I like pattern jam on Facebook (seabeegirl)<br />3 – My Fabric Choices ; Gray Witch Main, Gray Witch Web, Witch Cream Pumpkin, Witch Black Dots, Witch Orange Stripe<br /><br />Pattern Jam looks like an awesome tool!

  2. says

    What a fab idea. I can&#39;t wait to have a proper play with it. I have signed up for the newsletter and am following on FB. If I were to win, from Sweet as honey I would choose: orchard bloom blue; Bee sweet grey; Rooted gray; and from Indelible I would choose floret gray and Threaded shreds gray

  3. says

    This looks like such a phenomenal design tool! I&#39;m always hesistant to buy fabrics before I know what it will look like in my quilt and this is brilliant!<br />Following on instagram. Signed up for the Newsletter. As for my fabrics…<br />From Rocket Age: Rocket Age Blue Main, Rocket Age Brown Captain, Rocket Age Navy Blast, Rocket Age Red Ads, &amp; Red Stars (or Rocket Age Blue Star

  4. says

    My faves at Pattern Jame are<br />1 Teal Sidewalk Floral<br />2 Cream Sidewalk Small Floral<br />3 Red Sidewalk Small Floral<br />4 Blue Sidewalk Hopscotch<br />5 Yellow Sidewalk Hopscotch<br /><br />Thank you!

  5. says

    Great tool! My fabric faves are:<br />Domestic Diva: Recipes Cream, Aprons Green, Stripe Green<br />Vintage Verona: Scales Navy, Plaid Navy<br /><br />Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. says

    I stumbled across pattern jam the other day and I loved it!! I was at work and boy did time fly by while I was &quot;auditioning&quot; lol. I had a really great time. As I&#39;m a new quilter this site is a godsend as I&#39;m not used to figuring that math stuff. Also not real great at picking fabric. Thanks so much for making it all so much easier so I can spend my time actually quilting! I

  7. says

    I signed up for the newsletter, followed PatternJam on IG and played around for quite a while =) Some of my favorites are Cream Recipes, Damask Red, Swirls Navy, RC Main Gray and Sidewalk Cafe Plaid Red. Thanks for the intro and the chance to win!

  8. says

    How very cool. Such an interesting idea. I just loved the chinoiserie fabrics. Prosperity turq and pink, toile green, pavillion green and the peacock were just gorgeous! Thanks for the link.

  9. says

    Hi. (1) Signed up for PatternJam&#39;s newsletter; (2) connected thru FB; (3) five colors from Avignon are yellow dots; yellow houndstooth; red vines; yellow plaid and red dots. Thank you so much for the chance to become a winner.<br /><br />Sandi Timmons<br />

  10. says

    Love the site! It&#39;s nice to be able to see what your fabric choices look like together.<br />I like the Large Tie-Dye Cobalt, Swirls Navy, Rocket Age Navy Blast, Pirate Phrases Cream, Pirate Phrases Black.<br />I also connected through Pinterest.

  11. says

    I signed up for the newsletter and connected with pinterest. Love: girls fishing-cream, rocket age ads-red, hexies-aqua, stamped grove-blue, and budquette gray

  12. says

    Fun! I signed up for their newsletter and am following on facebook. My fabric choices are from Up Parasol and would make such an adorable dress for my adorable granddaughter:)…birds in orange, damask in pink, basic blooms in pink, hatch in orange and plaid orange.

  13. says

    Thank for this chance to win! I&#39;ve signed up for your newsletter and my favorite Fabric would be any 5 from the Domestic Diva Line. Just LOVE this Fabric!

  14. says

    I really liked the Up Parasol collection. I signed up for the newsletter. Love the concept of being able to audition the fabrics before committing. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. says

    I love any and all of the indelible fabrics. Would love to see more basics added because if they don&#39;t have your fabric, you can substitute a basic in the same colors to get a general idea of how your fabric would look!<br />

  16. says

    I signed up for the newsletter and started following several of the boards on Pinterest. As for fabric, I love Chillingsworth Creepy Dictionary Cream, Chillingsworth Halloween Damask Grey, Domestic Diva Bubbles Cream, Indelible Doiland Silver, and Rocket Age Navy Blast.

  17. says

    I loved playing around with the patterns and fabrics on Pattern Jam. Very cool!<br /><br />I would choose the following fabrics:<br /><br />1. Large Tie-Dye Cobalt<br />2. Small Tie-Dye Cobalt<br />3. Bold Stripe Navy &amp; White<br />4. Fish Net Cobalt<br />5. Fish Net Navy<br /><br />Thank you for the chance to win.

  18. says

    I have been messing around and trying to figure out patterns for a sampler quilt with my leftover Tula scraps and this is the BEST! <br /><br />I&#39;ve also followed her Pinterest and my favorite fabrics would be from the Indelible line: Floret Teal, Threaded Shreds Grey, Stylus Text Blue, Doiland Silver, Stamped Grove Blue. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. says

    This is so much fun! I could spend all day picking patterns and fabric! I would pick 5 from the Sidewalk Cafe collection–main gray, plaid red, plaid blue, organic gray and organic red. Thanks for the chance!

  20. says

    I signed up for the newsletter and liked you on facebook. I also made a purchase. I would loe to win the intage Verona in the color scheme of red, gray and white. Nice website. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. says

    What a great idea! Also, an awesome giveaway! I signed up for the newsletter and followed on social media as well. My 5 favorite fabrics are Rocket age – red stripes, red, navy blast and Vintage Verona – Dot Navy and Plaid Poppy. :)

  22. says

    I thoroughly enjoyed playing with Pattern Jam. I signed up for the newsletter and liked on Facebook and Instagram. I would choose: a Teal Sidewalks Floral, cream and red sidewalks small floral and blue and yellow sidewalks hopscotch.

  23. says

    I would chose something from Feedsack 4…LOVE this fabric…also love Avignon…the colours in that line are wonderful!! I signed up for your Newsletter and followed on Pinterest!<br />Paulette

  24. says

    Love the Up Parasol collection. (1) Main-lightgreen-pink (2) LushBlooms-pink (3)Plaid-lightgreen (4)Damask-dark pink and (5) Hatch-green<br />Thank you fro the chance to win.<br />

  25. says

    I signed up for the newsletter and am following on social media. I would pick fabrics from the Sidewalks collection, although the various Halloween collections really tempt me as well.

  26. says

    Love the website Pattern Jam. I did subscribe to her newsletter and liked on Facebook. Fabrics I would choose are: Felicity Blue Polka dots; Prosperity Turq; Avignon dots Yellow; Basic Blooms Blue; Kensington RicRac Yellow

  27. says

    That was a great website. I signed up for the newsletter and Pinterest after plaing with the patterns. I would like pirates, witches and zombies any of the cute characters. Thanks for sharing!

  28. says

    I really enjoyed playing on the Pattern Jam site. Thanks for introducing it too me. I look forward to receiving your newsletter and going back next time I&#39;m planning a quilt. For my fabrics, I would choose andy 5 from the Sweet as Honey line. My brother keeps bees and these fabrics would make a fun quilt for him. (I do also love that Rocket Age line!)

  29. says

    What fun! I signed up for their newsletter and am following them on Pinterest. I quickly filled my shopping cart and then narrowed it down to these five: Rocket Age Main Blast, Rocket Age Blue Main, Sidewalk Cafe Blooms Pink, Sidewalk Cafe Main Gray, and Toujours.

  30. says

    My five favorite fabrics are: <br />1. Kensington Damask rouge<br />2. Kensington Damask taupe<br />3. Sidewalk Cafe Blooms grey<br />4. Sidewalk Cafe Blooms pink<br />5. Sidewalk Cafe Blooms yellow<br />

  31. says

    Okay.. More hours to spend on the internet! What a great tool! I follow them on FB and Pinterest.. <br />avignon fabrics by Emily Taylor.. I&#39;m going through an Orange/Coral phase and they are beautiful.. <br />Orange Geometric , Plaid in Orange, Main in Yellow, vines in cream , dots in Green Thanks!

  32. says

    I love the Large Star Quilt. I would have to say I like Feed sack, Felicity, Vantage Happy, Sidewalk café and Domestic Diva. I heard about you from my daughter.

  33. says

    Love Pattern Jam! Can see me spending hours here. Signed up at all the on line sites. The blue and white collection would be my choice. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  34. says

    I love Pattern Jam. I have played with it several times before after seeing it on Pinterest. I have done the following:<br /><br />1. Signed up for newsletter<br />2. Followed on Instagram<br />3. Liked on Facebook<br />4. Following on Pinterest<br />5. I would take any 5 Kensigton

  35. says

    Loved Pattern Jam, so I did sign up for their newsletter, and now follow them on FB and Pinterest :} <br />My 5 fav fabrics:<br />Felicity Gold Swiss Dots<br />Sidewalk Cafe Organic Gray<br /> Vine Gray<br />Yellow sidewalks Hopscotch<br />Domestic diva Damask Green<br /><br />

  36. says

    Pattern Jam is a quilting tool I can use a lot! Instead of photographing the fabrics I am auditioning for a project and soliciting feedback from my quilting friends, I can use Pattern Jam. We are &quot;friends&quot; on Facebook (I like them). I am making Quilts of Valor for my neighborhood Garden Club to present to our member veterans. I will take any fabric that will work in a QOV.

  37. says

    Wow – is Pattern Jam fun to play with! I signed up for their newsletter. <br />My favorite fabrics were (hard decision)<br />RC Blossoms Black<br />RC Blossoms White<br />RC Main Black<br />RC Main White<br />Bird on Vine<br /><br />Thanks!<br /><br />Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  38. says

    I can see me spending a lot of time on PatternJam! I like all the Sidewalks collection but the new Indelible collection has stolen my heart!

  39. says

    I signed up for the newsletter and followed on instagram!<br /><br />My favorites right now would be Tiny Blooms Red, Mini floral-blue, Teal Sidewalks Floral, Witch Cream Main &amp; Black Witch Stars

  40. says

    I love the designing a quilt feature – I&#39;ve had so much fun playing with this today! I&#39;ve followed pattern jam on facebook &amp; instagram.<br /><br />My favorite fabrics were: rocket age red stars, emmy grace ripples grey, indelible threaded shreds grey, avignon blue houndstooth, avignon yellow houndstooth, &amp; small dots navy.

  41. says

    Pattern Jam should come with a warning! lol….maybe a time limit where it makes you take a break! I have them on Pinterest and signed up for their newsletter! I love the Vintage Verona–my favs: 1. Main Teal 2. Mini Blooms Fern 3. Dots Grey 4. Leaves Teal 5 Damask teal — and that was a hard task! I love so many of them! Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!

  42. says

    Love all the fabrics in the Up Parasol collection. I signed up for the newsletter. Brilliant idea to audition the fabrics before chhosing how to use them! Will definitely be studying this more!

  43. says

    I&#39;m a little confused, but this is what I&#39;ve done. <br /><br />I&#39;ve subscribed to your emails. I signed up for Pattern Jam&#39;s newsletter &amp; now follow them on FB and Pinterest. I looked around and didn&#39;t quite follow the rules – I would make a quilt out of the slanted diamonds block using pure white, kensington dots rouge, chinoiserie properity turq and felicity blue polka

  44. says

    This was fun! I registered at Pattern Jam and am following on Facebook. My favorite fabrics are Chinoiserie Peacock, Prosperity Pink, and Prosperity Turquoise; and Emily&#39;s Stash Vintage Blue Cloth; and Domestic Diva Recipes Cream. (They are for two different quilts)

  45. says

    I signed up for their Newsletter!! Looks like such a fun Site!! headed there after I enter the Give-a-way!!<br />( I already get your Emails &amp; follow you thru Bloglovin)

  46. says

    Looooove sidewalk Cafe!! Would choose SW Cafe Main Grey, SW Cafe Green(vine), SW Cafe Grey(vine), SW Cafe Red(vine) and SW Cafe Blooms Grey GORGEOUS fabrics!! Hard to choose even &quot;just&quot; five! :)

  47. says

    This is an awesome idea! <br /><br />I already get your email :) Have signed up for all the social media for PatternJam, but don&#39;t have a Twitter account. I would love Swiss Dots Black &amp; Cream, Cream sidewalks small floral, Teal sidewalks Floral, Aprons Cream and medium dots cream! Thank you!<br /><br />cjpike (at) indiana (dot) edu

  48. says

    I am following pattern jam on facebook now and getting the newsletter. I just designed my first quilt and now I am excited with the possibility that i could win 5 yards of fabric!!

  49. says

    My fabrics would be blooms navy, ikat navy,swirls navy from inda ikat; fish net navy from blue and white porcelain; and paprika basic

  50. says

    What a cool idea! The fabrics I love are Rocket Age Navy Blast, Sweet as Honey Beekeeper Coral, Indelible Threaded Shreds Gray, Indelible Floret Gray, and Pirate Swirls Red.

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