Heather Ross Far Far Away FQ Bundle at Massdrop

Have you heard about Massdrop yet? I feel like I’ve started seeing the buzz more and more in the last month, esp in the sewing world. It’s a site for helping consumers get a lower price on desirable items by negotiating bulk pricing with the vendors. As more people opt into the purchase – or “drop” -the price goes down, but you are not officially charged until the “drop” ends. By clicking Join Now – you are committed to buy the product, no matter what drop point is reached. If you click the “Commit to Join” button, you will only purchase the item if the lowest price is met by the end of the drop. And you can opt out before the drop ends. You can read more about how it all works on the Massdrop FAQ’s page.

I was recently contacted by Massdrop to see if I would be interested in promoting their current drop, a bundle of 16 fat quarters from Heather Ross’s latest collection, Far Far Away from Windham fabrics. Um, yes! As part of this drop, this bundle is currently listed at 39.99 – which is a great deal already. As enough join the drop the bundle will drop to $35.99. This drop will end this Friday, Aug 29.

Post Edit UPDATE: It looks as though this bundle is sold out. But the giveaway is still going! And check out Massdrop’s current selection of sewing goods here.

If this concept intrigues you, check out some of Massdrop’s past crafting drops, including Aurifil Thread, Olfa rotary blades, fabric collections, etc. If you see something that interests you from past drops, click on the item and click on the request button. When enough requests are generated Massdrop will work on getting another similar drop. I think it’s some really cool – and useful stuff. And when you find a deal you really want, tell your friends so that price will drop! To keep up with the latest drops you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Today Massdrop is also offering to give away one of these bundles to you! (We have had a lot of giveaways recently – I’m sorry if you’re sick of them -people just keep wanting to share cool stuff with you all!) Just leave a comment and if you want to, share something that you would like to see Massdrop carry for sewists. I’ll choose and announce the winner on the morning of Aug 28th so that there’s still time to snap up a bundle before the drop ends! GIVEAWAY CLOSED.


Thanks for sharing about this site! I had never heard of Massdrop. I would love to see text fabric and low volume bundle. Also a Japanese fabric bundle. Thanks for the chance to win! 


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    What a neat idea – I&#39;ll have to check out their site! It would be cool to save on rotary cutting accessories, those mats and rulers really add up!<br />

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    Their Aurifil thread bundles are awesome. I&#39;ve ordered those and the backing fabric they had. Missed out on the cotton and steel bundles, I was in a meeting at work when they went live. I&#39;d love for them to continue the thread and fabric drops.

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    Yes it works for &quot;Internationals&quot; the shipping price is just a little more, but still very reasonable. I would like to see some more basics for sale, I&#39;m pretty choosy about my prints.

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    That sounds cool! And I jus saw that EQ7 hase enough votes now. I would so love to buy this item.<br />Thanks for sharing and of course the give away!

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    I&#39;ve never heard of Massdrop! It sounds like a fabulous way to add fabric to my paltry stash! I would be interested in fabric collections mainly. Thanks for sharing!

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    If mass drop would carry japanese bundles. They are beautiful but pricey!<br />Thanks for telling me about them. I will check them out. <br />Mrscummings2u at Gmail dot com

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    I would be interested in fabric bundles. I got my Oliso iron from a Massdrop. It was a great price and there were no problems with the transaction or delivery.

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    Lovely fabric! I guess I&#39;d like to see Pinmors and Blockloc rulers…not sure of the spelling on either. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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    Nice giveaway! I&#39;d like to see them carry more fabric &amp; some precuts, small spool sets of Aurifil &amp; maybe bag patterns with all the required hardware.

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    Thanks for the &quot;heads-up&quot;! I bought the wonder-clips from Massdrop recently. It was a great deal! I would like to see them &quot;drop&quot; some more fabric bundles and rulers.

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    I think Massdrop is a great idea – my husband also liked it too for all the sound equipment/ gadgets! Bundles are great, I would love to see more yardage bundles than fat quarter though. I missed out on a great Liberty of London one :(

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    Nice!! I&#39;ve been watching the company for a bit now and hadn&#39;t realized they did crafting stuff too. I&#39;d mostly seen &quot;guy gadgets&quot;. Good to know!!<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win.<br />

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    Thanks for explaining the process. I have looked but I didn&#39;t really understand how things worked. I would love to win and thanks for the giveaway! I love the idea of fabric drops

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    I&#39;ve been watching MassDrop for a while but only participated in my first drop two weeks ago. I think it is a great service and so easy to use. Thank you for the opportunity!

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    What a generous giveaway! I know my husband has bought computer things there, but I had no idea that they had fabric/crafting supplies too.

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    Great site! I&#39;d love to see them offer more fat quarter bundles, jelly rolls, rotary cutter blades, a collection of special rulers, batting, and other basic supplies.

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    I love massdrop, I&#39;ve had wonderclips, aurifil and the olfa blades, missed out on cotton and steel drop but I love their cheap shipping to France, so fun to take part. I&#39;d like more notions

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    I do check Massdrop pretty regularly. I love the concept. I agree with one of your other commenters on the specialty rulers idea! Pretty much any sewing related items are great ideas! I follow your blog and love ya!! Lol. Thanks for the chance to win. I have a few baby quilts to make and this would be perfect!

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    I love the concept! And I already sent the Tutto wheel bag sale to my friends cause that bag is so awesome but so expensive. Did they have a newsletter sign up? I didn&#39;t see one but maybe they just automatically email you after you sign up? I would love love love to see them do an Accuquilt mass drop cause I want one but can&#39;t justify the cost yet. =D

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    I am loving the awesome modern fabric bundles that I have seen on Massdrop this week! I am subscribing and actually clicking through and opening emails (a rarity for me these days!) to check out the latest fabric offerings. As far as I&#39;m concerned, the more modern fabric FQ bundles they put up on their website, the better! Count me in for this awesome giveaway.

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    I have had great experiences wth them!! Real bargins and for some reason they manage to keep postal rates more then reasonable to Europe, YEAY!! I would love them to have another wonder clip drop or rulers (6,5&quot; square)

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    I visit here on occasion but don&#39;t really read much of your blog because of the font color you use. I find the gray font very difficult to read. But good luck on your posting.

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    I&#39;d seen the website mentioned but had no idea how it worked. Thanks for explaining it! I&#39;m going to check it out and see about getting some basic stuff like needles and rotary cutter blades.

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    I would like to see more tools and notions on Massdrop. Those are things we don&#39;t always get for ourselves due to cost, so any savings would be great. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Tired of trying to win? What? How could this be? I love the idea of the mass drop. Can I do it to lose 5 pounds? Or 8? Ha ha. Can we sign up to Massdrop and clean each others houses so we have more time for quilting? I need to stop. I had a discovery today inside my vacuum when I found a huge ball of thick, black Chinese hair wound around the drive doo hickey. No wonder the vacuum kept going out

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    I haven&#39;t bought anything from Massdrop yet, but I&#39;ve been voting in the polls. I&#39;d love to see the Art Gallery fabric one happen.

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    I hadn&#39;t heard of massdrop before. Thanks for sharing it with us. Would love to pick up some rotary blades and thread. Maybe some batting too.

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    I love Massdrop and I love That they are giving us a chance at a Far, Far Away bundle. I would like to see more sewing notions, and more small (and affordable) bundles of piecing thread.

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    I love Massdrop and have participated in several quilting related drops! I missed the Oliso iron drop so I&#39;d like to see that come around again! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I hadn&#39;t heard of Massdrop before, but will most certainly look into it. I love any chance to get some great fabric cheaper! thank for passing in the information.

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    As I am in Australia I have become a massdrop Junkie! I have made several purchases because the prices are so much cheaper than Australian prices and the postage is awesome too. Win Win. I hope they keep the postage down because I am loving it! I spread the word on IG last night about the far far away drop when there were only a few taken up. Today 64 have purchased. Must be from your blog lol :)

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    Mass Drop is a great idea. I don&#39;t think it&#39;s a new idea, just new to us. Sounds like something they used to use in past eras in the farming industry. But I like this better because I can benefit from it! Beautiful fabric. As to ideas to use mass drop, the possibilities are endless. Anything people want, the seller could be approached to work a deal. It&#39;s a win-win!

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    Wouldn&#39;t it be cool if they carried packages of notions coordinated to fabric bundles? IE, ric rac, buttons, other trim, zippers, and so on- you could buy the fabric and notions all at once and be all set. Thx for the giveaway!

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    Wow, cool concept. I&#39;d love to see notions — bias tape, thread, elastic, and all those basic items I hate spend money on :-) . This is a delightful fabric package, too. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

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    Thanks for sharing about this site! I had never heard of Massdrop. I would love to see text fabric and low volume bundle. Also a Japanese fabric bundle. Thanks for the chance to win! shopgirl7232(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    Thank you for letting us know about Massdrop – I had not heard of them but now am following on Instagram. And thanks for the opportunity to win this bundle. :)

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    I&#39;ve only just heard of Massdrop but had no idea what it was all about. Thanks for the explanation. I just checked it out. Very intriguing… Thanks for ANOTHER chance to win some great fabric!

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    I have gone on Massdrop before. It is a good concept. We used to buy from a bulk dried fruit and nuts place when I worked. I will continue using Massdrop in the future.

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    I think the Massdrop format of showing shipping costs right away (to non U.S. countries) is fantastic. Great deal on thread, and really stocked up. Thanks for the giveaway

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    I have heard about this, but have never tried it…..will have to check it out.<br />Fabric, and rotary blades sounds great! rotary cutters would be fun too. <br />thanks for the give away (no I am not tired of them yet :) )

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    I actually just checked out Mass Drop, and am loving all of the fabrics! I would love to see more sewing notions, buttons, trim, rickrack…I just can&#39;t get enough of the little stuff. :)

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    Such a lovely collection! Thank you for the chance! I am thrilled to see Massdrop providing more and more sewing related items…..assorted notions, buttons, and of course FABRIC are always great! Thanks again!

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    Hi Amy – thanks for the info! New to Me! Great idea – I think about rotary blade sharpener, excellent iron for quilters, lamps and lighting for sewing, and trims. :)

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    Love this fq bundle from Heather Ross, it&#39;s so beautiful. And Mass Drop – oh no, sounds like I&#39;m in trouble. One more place that I&#39;ll be visiting regularly on my computer.

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    I joined Massdrop a few months ago. Just looking so far but I know I&#39;ll take the plunge on a purchase soon. Love the give away fabric. Thanks!

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    Too many giveaways? That would be hard. Though I do like the other content! :) I saw another post about Massdrop with batting. I like that idea!

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    I love Massdrop. They have such great crafting supplies I always go for the thread. Definitely signed up for this one too :) Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Can&#39;t wait to check out Mass Drop! In future, would love to see them feature Japanese fabric bundles. Oh, and what about Liberty print bundles?

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    Thanks for a chance to win! I&#39;d love for them to &quot;drop&quot; Rainbow Sandals! We&#39;re hooked out in CA and they can get pricey!<br />welchrobin@hotmail.com

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    Have never heard of Massdrop! sounds pretty cool tho! :) Would love to have great deals on dies for the Go! &amp; GoBaby&quot;s….they are so pricey!

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    I had no idea Mass Drop even existed. Following them on IG. Really wish I hadn&#39;t missed this, but there&#39;s always next time. Thanks for a great giveaway.

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