Home again, home again

 We are home from our epic, European adventure. 
And I’ll admit to feeling kind of sad about that fact.
Cregneash Village, Isle of Man
I’m still in a bit of a state of shock that we did it and it’s over. It has been a dream for so many years (not to mention a ton of work and planning) and we worked our patoots off to make it finally happen. And it was worth it. SO worth it. 
The kids were total troopers and became real road warriors. I know it wasn’t easy for them and I’m so proud of them. They are definitely excited to be home. It’s going to be interesting to see how their experiences continue to affect them in the short and long-term future and as they start to process – and hopefully appreciate – what this opportunity was. Our real hope was for them to broaden their life experiences and expectations, to see that people live differently than they do, and yet not really so differently either.
York and the Tour de France route
I, on the other hand, am feeling not as excited to be home. 😉 I found this picture as I was uploading everything from my camera. And it pretty much sums up how I felt the whole time. I know it sounds cliche, but I honestly loved every minute. I continue to feel SO grateful that things went so well – exceeding all expectations with those magic moments we could not have planned. 

I’m still processing it all (and getting over my jet-lag hangover) and trying to catch up on everything at home. Which obviously feels like a lot at the moment. I’ve just started sifting through pictures and experiences. I have so much to share, but will definitely need some time to get there. Plus we have only two weeks left of summer vacation and we need to make hay while the sun shines!

So more sharing to come, as well as a return to sewing projects and that kind of thing in the weeks and months ahead. In the mean time, dream big and chase those dreams! I mean it!


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    I am so grateful, that sounds a bit much but it&#39;s true, that you shared your trip on IG! I was able to see places I had only heard or read about, and your pics and perspective were wonderful. Travel is a gift, one that will continue to give for years to come.<br /><br />Welcome home :)

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    What an epic adventure! Your pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I&#39;m sure you&#39;ll never forget it. You should make a Shutterfly book.

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    I love your pictures of my country. I do know how you feel as I had the trip of a lifetime back in February this year when I fulfilled a dream and spent 3 weeks in New Zealand. It took a long time afterwards to feel fully &quot;back home&quot; here in London, but it was the most fantastic experience. Enjoy the memories!<br />BTW, I am now embarking on my New Zealand quilt. :)

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    Glad you&#39;re all safely home. We&#39;ve had similar experiences on holiday, often it&#39;s the small unplanned experiences that stay with you. You&#39;re pictures are wonderful, it&#39;s always lovely to see your home country thru fresh eyes. Our daughter may not &#39;appreciate&#39; all the opportunities to travel that she&#39;s had but I do believe it&#39;s made her much more opened minded

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    Glad you had a wonderful time Amy – lovely to see you looking so happy in York – which is where I live. I was on Guide camp when you came to Leeds MQG and was sorry to miss you.

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    Amy, loved seeing the Euro pics but glad you are back to the sewing room once again. I know what it is like after having a great trip and trying to get back into the groove. But I am sure you have tonnes of inspiration and ideas now!

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    Welcome Back Amy! Isn&#39;t it amazing how quickly it came and went? I had so much fun following you on Instagram — I loved that you guys were gone so long! I hope this was the beginning of many more trips to the UK for you. Can&#39;t wait to see more!!!

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    Visiting Europe has always been a dream of mine! Yet with our (soon to be!) family of 11, it&#39;s not in the &quot;possible&quot; category. At least not right now. Perhaps once my children are grown…. I am truly happy for you and your family that your were able to make this trip! And that you&#39;re back home safely. I&#39;m looking forward to experiencing Europe through your pictures and

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    Great pics — thanks for sharing!! I notice that the Tour de France flags were flying high in the one picture. Did they go through the town?? Did your get to see them? Glad you had a good time.

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    Welcome home and I am happy everything went so well for you and your family and that you are all back safe and sound. Your kids will not be at a loss for words when that infamous &quot;what I did on my summer vacation&quot; essay comes up in school this year!

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    I so enjoyed following along on IG. What an amazing experience for your family! I really do know how you feel…even though I was only in DC for a week…it was so incredible. I&#39;m definitely a US history and literature and art lover…so to be there was just purely amazing. I&#39;d go back in a second!

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