Imagine Quilts by Dana Bolyard

If you’ve been reading quilt blogs for a while now, chances are you are familiar with Dana Bolyard of the Old Red Barn Co. I think this was one of the first quilting blogs I ever read.  I met Dana in real life about 3 years ago at the first Sewing Summit. She is every bit as generous and authentic and funny as she comes across on her blog.

Dana has just published her first book of quilt patterns with The Patchwork Place. Imagine Quilts: 11 Patterns from Everyday Inspirations was released just a few months ago. Dana sent me a copy to read – it is full of classic Dana style.

In the book Dana talks about where she finds inspiration for her whimsical quilts and designs – and helps you find some of your own sources of inspiration and talks about how to channel that inspiration into quilts that reflect your own style and view of the world around you.

The book also includes 11 quilt patterns. I think my favorite of all of them is Posy.  I need a good project for conquering curves, and I think this is just the thing to motivate me. Especially after seeing the Denyse Schmidt version by Di. Also be sure to check out Dana’s newest version using vibrant blue paired with Alison Glass prints. 

Well, generous Dana has provided a lovely giveaway of an ebook version of Imagine Quilts for one of you along with a fantastic collection of Aurifil thread! Wowee! Check out those gorgeous colors inspired by April Rhode’s Arizona fabric collection.

To enter leave a comment on this blog post. (one per person.) If you want to, share something that inspires your own quilt-making. Giveaway open until Sunday, August 24 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Winner: CarolAugust 20, 2014 at 12:06 AM

I’m easily inspired to start new quilts all the time by other quilters, the seasons, flowers, fabrics – actually almost anything. A new book and thread are also inspirational. 


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    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this wonderful book and thread collection. Reading blogs and my quilt guild&#39;s show and tell are always great sources of inspiration.<br />

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    Imagine Quilts IS inspiration to me. In terms of what else inspires me:<br />architecture and my staedtler watercolor pencils.<br />Thank you for the opportunity to win this great book and some yummy Aurifil thread!

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    HI,what a neat giveaway!<br />Thanks for your Blog+Giveaway!<br />Follow on Blog lovin&#39;.<br /><br /> <br /><br />

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    Thanks for the giveaway! <br /><br />I get inspirations from everywhere, but mainly blogs, where I save pictures of colour combinations I love. Sometimes I choose a pattern first, sometimes it&#39;s the fabrics that I would like to use and then I have to find or make up my own pattern that suits the fabric.

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    I find myself taking pics of brick paths, architecture, the linoleum in a friend&#39;s kitchen — with the best of intentions to use them as springboards for quilt designs.

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    Books, magazines, blogs, fabrics, nature, architecture — inspiration is everywhere! For me, the hard part is choosing what to make next! Looks like a great book, thanks for the chance to win such nice prizes!

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    Aurifil thread is the STUFF!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE things like Instagram and Pinterest as my go-to&#39;s for inspiration! They&#39;re both so visually rich with the most amazing quilty eye candy! I also love reading blogs for the tutorials and great technical help…blogs are how I taught myself to quilt so I&#39;ll always hold a special place for them! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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    Some of my inspirations are: patterns formed from light and shadow, flowers in bloom, the use of different colours on magazine covers, sometimes there is inspiration in the most mundane of places.

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    Blogs like yours inspire my quilting. I see a quilt pattern that may not be my style, but the color combo makes me want to run downstairs and start pulling the stash off the shelves. The ideas one blogger shares from another yet inspires a 3rd (ME) with a totally different idea. thank you for sharing with us what you do. And if I win, I will likely read some more blogs until it comes to me

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    I am inspired by colors and prints, mixing the not so obvious and the end result turning out beautiful. That makes my day! Katn@

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    This looks like a great book for inspiration. I&#39;ve never used Aurifil threads so would love a chance to do so. Thanks for the giveaway.<br />

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    Thank you for hosting. I am a new quilter. Right at one year. Am building my book library and would enjoy the thread for sure. Mrscummings2u at Gmail dot com

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    Those thread colors are just gorgeous. They remind me of Sedona, Arizona. I think my quilting inspiration comes from whomever I am making the quilt for. I try to think about what they would like and enjoy, then design something to please them.

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    What a beautiful quilt! I would love to win a copy of this book I can use all the inspiration I can get.Thanks to you and Dana for the chance.

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    I&#39;m inspired by reading blogs and wandering around fabric stores. I like to imagine what I might make with each new line of fabric that catches my eye. I prefer bright colors and am always drawn to any line with red in it!

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    Browsing inspires me! I can be browsing a new quilt book or someone&#39;s blog. Or, I can be browsing in a fabric store or at a quilt show – all of it brings out the ideas!

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    Dana&#39;s blog has actually given me a lot of inspiration, she is so talented. <br />Blogs and Pinterest can be very inspiring. I would love to win Dana&#39;s book. <br />Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Dana&#39;s blog was also one of the first one&#39;s that I started reading just about 2 years ago.<br />I will have to look for this book<br />thanks for the giveaway

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    beautiful giveaway! many things inspire me! i love bright african prints because they often have color combinations i&#39;d never think to put together.

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    Although I don&#39;t have an e reader I would have loved to read this book. You can sign me up for the thread though, if that is an option. Thanks, Kathy<br />Kathy Davis<br />

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    Thanks so much for giving us all a chance at winning! I&#39;ve always said I&#39;m fairly good at following directions, but I have no creativity of my own. Wish I did, but there are so many brilliant people that ARE creative, I guess I don&#39;t really need to be! I&#39;d LOVE that book &amp; thread! Thanks again!!

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    I love Dana&#39;s blog! She is such a neat quilter (as are you.) 😛 Thanks for the chance to win.<br /><br />I find inspiration from lots of different places. I especially like walking through the campus at work looking at the fretwork and gingerbreading on the buildings there.<br /><br />Sandy A

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    Wow! This looks like an inspiring book. Thank for the review and the chance to win! I get inspired by quilting blogs like yours! One of my favorite parts of the day is spending a few minutes at the end of the evening surfing my favorite quilting blogs to see everyone&#39;s new ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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    I am inspired daily by all of the wonderful pictures on blogs, Instagram, and Facebook – got to love social media! It has really broadened my horizons – on many levels!

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    I was just looking at the Arizona line earlier! Ahh! Gorgeous. I&#39;m most inspired by the fabrics, I think. I just let them tell me what they want to be. :)

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    Hi, Amy — thanks for the giveaway! I am often inspired by quilt bloggers along with classes and quilt shows (the Extreme Quilters, for example, and Road to CA).

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    This is great! I would love to get my hands on that book. Thank you. I love just looking at quilts, that&#39;s all I need to get going.

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    Always wanted to try aurifil thread. <br />Can&#39;t find it where I live <br />Dana&#39;s book would inspire me to try different color combinations. <br /><br /><br />Judy Rayhon

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    Nice give-away. Inpiration comes from blogs, magazines and my quilting friends. I make a lot of Quilts with my friends. Same quilt but different fabric choices.

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    Thanks so much for the opportunity… Aurifil has become a staple in my sewing room, and this book is one I haven&#39;t seen yet. It looks amazing, and the idea of some help translating all that everyday inspiration is really appealing! Fingers crossed!

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    I have lots of Cuzco fabric leftover from two quilts. That design would be a perfect way to use them up. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! Will look forward to seeing your version of Posy Patrol.

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    I think what inspires me most in my quilt-making is the people around me, whether it&#39;s someone I love that I&#39;m making the quilt for, or one of my quilting friends who is making something amazing. Thanks for the chance to win that fun book and thread, Amy.

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    What a beautiful book. It&#39;s not very original, but what inspires me most ia looking at fabrics, other quilts &amp; patterns to think about what I could do. Also love looking at art to get inspiration from how people use color.

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    I am inspired by color. Today in Utah we had the most beautiful clear afternoon skies. I don&#39;t think the mountains have ever looked this clear before at this time of the year. So I&#39;m thinking clear blue and lots of shades of green. Plus white for the few remaining clouds. And everyone&#39;s flowers looked so bright, so there are all those colors to consider. Wow! Am I ever grateful for

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    The book looks awesome!!!, thanks for the chance<br />Pictures, my garden and the mountains I live by all inspire me….. But there is nothing like staring at fabric to get you going…

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    What a fabulous looking book! Thank you for putting my name in the hat for the drawing.<br /><br />My inspirations are blogs and life!<br /><br />: )<br />

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    Dana&#39;s blog was one of the first I read as well and her first sew along with Old Red Barn was a godsend! Not only did it set me off on the &#39;forever path&#39; of quilt making, it only brought me lots of ORBC friends! Sooo pleased she has finally done a book ! and I agree, it&#39;s wonderful! Lovely to meet you too Amy, and thanks for putting up the giveaway. Meeting Dana too is on my

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    What an interesting book! Usually looking through books, magazines and blogs inspires me to add more projects to my list – a list that is very, very long, but very very thrilling! <br />Thanks for the chance to win!!<br />

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    I&#39;m easily inspired to start new quilts all the time by other quilters, the seasons, flowers, fabrics – actually almost anything. A new book and thread are also inspirational. <br /><br />

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    I get inspired by all the lovely things I see on IG but also everyday things, like a door or stack of cups. Thank you so much for a wonderful and generous giveaway!

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    It really looks like a lovely book, on top of the pretty patterns, I also love when the author is sharing her inspiration! I&#39;m inspired by fabric, mostly and chance fabric combinations from my stash. The internet of course is a huge source of inspiration, but sometimes inspiration comes in unexpected places like floor tiles or the colours of flowers in a vase.

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    My little inspiration I was at Disneyland in the bathroom and looked down at the floor and saw a great hexi pattern and had to take a picture to try it out! Thanks for letting me share and enter the contest.

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    Thank you for a generous giveaway! I do use Aurifil thread a lot – it is easily and about the only available quality quilting thread in Finland.

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    I feel inspired by the people I want to make quilts for – the things they love, they&#39;re favourite colours, and things that remind me of their personality.<br />And then the eye candy of other quilters beautiful art works or pretty fabric never hurts! 😉

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    Thank you for the introduction to Dana Bolyard. I&#39;m new to quilting, but what inspired me to give it a try was Roxanne&#39;s Quilt Shop in Carpinteria. A wonderful friend took me there during a down period of isolation from crowds (church) and just not feeling well or myself during my recovery from a bone marrow transplant. The colors and brightness of all the wonderful fabric and her amazing

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    Color is the biggest inspiration for me. It doesn&#39;t matter if it&#39;s, paint, fabric, flowers, clothing, dishes, etc., colors and the combination are happiness to me. That&#39;s why I like quilting so much, the blending of fabrics is endless and can be so unique.

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    Reading blogs and quilting magazines is what inspires me. Seeing all of the beautiful quilts and projects make me want to make every one of them. Thanks!<br /><br />Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

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    this looks like an awesome book of some really great quilt patterns. The photography looks GREAT! Never win, but you never know unless you enter! LOL

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    Wow! Love the thread and ebook. I am a brand new quilter….took a class recently and now I am hooked. I am inspired by the works of so many amazing quilters.

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    Thank you for another wonderful giveaway on your blog, Amy! My best inspiration is just walking into my little sewing alcove and seeing the fabric and all the untried patterns I still would like to make.

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    I am inspired by browsing the blogs and looking at what other people have made. I usually find something I like some elements of and change it so the quilt is uniquely mine.

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    I would love to make the Posy quilt…love the Alison Glass version. I find inspiration everywhere – whenever I see colors I like together, I make a note.

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    Beautiful thread set! I&#39;m often inspired by the woods near my house – the morning light through them is beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway.

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    The book looks great. I am inspired by so many things but I seem to always go back to nature for the most inspiration. Sometimes though things come out of necessity (like running out of fabric) which causes you to put your thinking cap on and create.

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    Dana&#39;s ebook AND Aurifil thread? Awesome giveaway! My quilting and sewing is inspired by reading blogs, visuals posted on Instagram, quilting/sewing books, fabulous fabrics…I love it all.

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    I get inspired by all sorts of things – blogs, books, magazines, Pinterest &amp; Instagram &amp; everyday life. I see quilting inspiration all over the place. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome book &amp; the lovely Aurifil.

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    I will have to get my hands on this book, since I LOVE both of the photos you shared! I am inspired by others more creative than I – I have a library of books and go through several blogs everyday. I have a huge computer file, and Pinterest pages, of quilts I want to remake, tweak a little, or once in a while, just plain copy!!

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    Blogs, like yours, Amy, are a tremendous inspiration to my quilting. They keep me invigorated and creative, especially since I don&#39;t really have friends locally who are quilters.<br /><br />Thanks for the great giveaway!

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    I have been wanting to get my hands on a copy of This book since I first heard it was being published! I&#39;m inspired by many things, who I&#39;m making the quilt for, the environment around me, the fabrics I have to work with. There are so many things, sometimes it&#39;s sensory overload but then everything comes into perspective. Thank you for such a great giveaway!<br /><br />Lisa

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    The book looks fun. So much is inspiring-magazines, blogs, friends. Mostly the challenge of trying something new. Working hard this year on finishing projects so I can start on new ones.

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    I am responding to your wonderful give-away on the morning of my 43rd wedding anniversary. I would love to win Dana&#39;s book and those wonderful Aurifil threads, which I collect and use ….. great for all hand applique, but especially sewing machines! Susan

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    I love her Elephant Parade! I am inspired mostly by pictures of other quilts, but I have noticed the last year or so that I view some everyday things as potential quilting patterns. The other day it was a bathroom tile floor – ewwwww!

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    I love to quilt, but have not ventured into designing. Not sure I even want to but I do receive inspiration from all the wonderful quilts I see on blogs, books magazines. Creative teachers also give me a lot of inspiration. Oh, and of course beautiful FABRIC!

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    I am inspired by fabric! I love seeing what designers find inspiration in and translate that into fabric! I am also inspired by blogs and bloggers!

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    I love Aurifil thread and would love to win this assortment along with this book. I enjoy quilts that are &#39;out of the box&#39; and this book will be perfect for me.

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    Thanks for the giveaway you are sharing. I have several blogs marked that I read, yours included:) , but I haven&#39;t heard of hers. I&#39;ll take a look!

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    Looks like a wonderful book and a generous giveaway … thanks so much. I read blogs about quilting/sewing, knitting/crocheting, embroidery, cooking, home decor and photography that inspire thoughts of &quot;Wouldn&#39;t that be beautiful in a quilt!&quot;<br />Jane @

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    LOVE those thread colors. I tell you I could easily be thread poor (as well as material poor) just looking at all the pretty colors.<br /><br />Suellen<br />

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    This book looks amazing!!! I love the different colored shoes in the pictures!!! That is what inspires me… Random things old or new, usually with lots of color. Thanks for the giveaway. Shannon M.

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    thanks for the opportunity to win this book and the lovely thread. I have been following Dana&#39; blog for some time now. So happy for her success.<br /><br />(

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    Images of fall leaves have been a great inspiration to my quilting but this year, clear spring colors – see the cover quilt on Imagine – are calling to me.

  72. says

    Thanks for the chance to win a great book and awesome thread. Most of my inspiration so far has come from looking at others quilts, patterns, shows, shops, and also the intended recipient also factors into the mix. <br />Thanks again dragonfly9716 at yahoo dot com

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    I am always inspired by other people&#39;s quilts! (love Dana&#39;s version of Posy) And these days, I find myself inspired by color all around me… the other day I feel in love with the look of some rusty pipes poking out of dying grass! Crazy – but really cool. LOL. Thanks for the opportunity to win.<br /> – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

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    I&#39;m definitely going to have to check this book out! Seeing the work of others is so inspiring to me, and it motivates me to try different techniques or designs and put my own spin on it. I love blogs and books for that! :)

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    Imagine Quilts looks like an wonderful book! I would love to win a copy of it. The luscious Aurifil thread is an awesome prize as well. I&#39;ll keep my fingers crossed and hope I&#39;m the lucky winner.<br />Thank you for all that you share in your blog.

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    What a great giveaway. I love the thread colors as they seem to be somewhat muted instead of standard.<br />Most of my quilt inspiration comes from blogs (like this) and a mass of quilt magazines and books. Thanks for the chance to win.

  77. says

    Thanks for the chance to win what looks like a wonderful book and some great thread.<br />I used to look at magazines for inspiration but lately it has been blogs and pinterest….<br />

  78. says

    I would love to win the book and thread. In the past year I have learned how to quilt by reading many blogs and being inspired by all these talented quilters. I have collected quite a stash of fabric in the past year, but now I need to really start on my stash of thread! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win the book and thread collection. Love your blog!

  79. says

    What inspires me most, is actually reading blogs and discovering what others are making! Oh, there are so wonderful, lovely things being made…!!!<br /><br />

  80. says

    Hmm, all sorts of things inspire me, from feverish middle of the night design hallucinations (no, really!) to billboards, to cracks in the pavement. I may be seeking help soon ;o)<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. says

    I am inspired by my kids and their whimsical nature. They have helped me design many a quilt, costume, or outfit with their ideas.

  82. says

    I would love to win this book and thread. Aurifil is my favorite. I find that there is inspiration all around me, in nature, architecture, and fabric. I look at blogs all the time and always find something of interest or something new to learn.

  83. says

    I just started quilting again after 15 yrs and so far have made 2 baby quilts (1 from your iSpy blocks) and 1 jelly roll quilts. Your blogs and others are my inspiration.

  84. says

    I really enjoy Dana&#39;s blog and am happy that she has had a book published! I am inspired by all the beautiful fabric choices that are available. When I see a fabric I love, I search until I find just the right project for it.<br />

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    I&#39;d love to win Dana&#39;s book, we are fellow bloggers and have actually met twice in person. In fact today I found a pink sewing machine I knew she would love. So I sent her a picture (Instagram).<br /><br />What inspires me in quilt making is one of my 12 antique sewing machines. It&#39;s like which one do I sew on today!<br />

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    What inspires me? Everything…nature…doors…tiles….kids toys…magazines…carpets, you name it! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway …chance that is! Imagine how many things in the new book and threads that will inspire me!

  87. says

    Quilting blogs, magazines, books, quilt shows and expos, quilt shops, the guild I belong to and my small quilt groups all inspire my quilting. So many great ideas, so little time! Thanks for a great giveaway.<br />k(dot)castanette(at)Hotmail(dot)com

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    I find inspiration mostly on the internet, there are so many beautiful things out there! lol Most often I find it hard to chose from all the options… <br />This book looks life so much fun, I love the Posy quilt, both the one in the book and the blue one on her blog. It might inspire me to try sewing some curves 😉

  89. says

    I love quilt books with new exciting projects that inspire you to start quilting specially in a rut when life happens. Just hoping to win this book and some gorgeous thread to keep my sewing machine happy<br />Wilma serrao

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    My Grandma was a quilter and she is the one that always inspired me even though she is gone, her quilts still inspire me. Thanks for the chance at this cool book.

  91. says

    Fabric inspires me. Other quilts inspire me. Nature inspires me. I think there are so many things that go into deciding what kind of project I end up doing, and what the final product ends up being!

  92. says

    What a nice giveaway today! I am often inspired by what&#39;s around me. I got into a frenzy of designing when our cherry and plum trees were blossoming this spring.

  93. says

    I look at magazines and read quilting blogs like yours for inspiration. Can you tell me if I&#39;m a no reply blogger as I have no idea and I&#39;ve tried correcting the problem as I think the problem is Google plus? Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway.

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    I try to incorporate what my kids love into patterns, while the main object of the fabric is still apparent. I love blue, the sea, and farming, so I try to have a nice transition from one to another.

  95. says

    I find lots of inspiration for quilting from nature…but also floor and ceiling tiles, ceramic designs, fabric itself and of course books, blogs and quilt meetings. Love the book! Hope it is my lucky day! mbbaker in VA

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    Thanks for the giveaway!! The book looks great and the thread is beautiful! My inspiration comes from all over, and I keep an idea board, so I don&#39;t forget.

  97. says

    Last weekend I finished the top of my first quilt (whoopwhoop)!! The book would be very welcome, to find inspiration to get started on a new one… if not, sooo many great blogs with fabulous quilts for inspiration…thanks for your blog, really like it, regards, kristel

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    Amy, I have been terribly busy at work and not able to read quilt blogs so much. I just saw your post from England and I think you are the most amazing photographer. I would die to have those hydrangeas in my yard, they are incredibly beautiful. Thank you for this great giveaway!!<br /><br />Tami<br />tamiquilts at att dot net

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    Usually nature inspires me, I also get inspiration when my Granddaughter talks to me about things, my mind just starts reeling. I always need ideas for quilts I make her (minimum 3/year), her thoughts create pictures in my mind and I go home and create them. I love patterns and fabric collections, but I sometimes I use them and add a few changes. Thanks for the chance, and for sharing Dana&#39

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