Brown and Blue Baby Quilt

I have had so many works-in-progress lying around over the past month or so, it’s been kind of silly.  I’ve been working on this crib quilt for a little while now, but haven’t wanted to show it until it was delivered to it’s recipient at a baby shower last Saturday. The layout was inspired by this quilt, which I loved. And it sewed-up so fast!

I’ve been collecting little bits of blues and browns for a while now and waiting for just the right project. The back is a Michael Miller Disco Dot. I love that print. Quilting in aqua blue thread by my friend, Monica.

The other fabrics are from all over the map: Riley Blake, Moda, Lakehouse, etc. And all from the stash. Nice. This is the year I am going to bust that stash! No, really. I am.

On the Road Again – a special Boy’s Quilt

It has been a while since I shared a real live quilt. (That’s summer for you!) This one was a custom order for Jenn and her family who are adopting a baby from Ethiopia – and hoping to get the final okay any day. (Prayers added and fingers crossed!) Jenn has a blog with BEAUTIFUL photography.  I wish we lived closer so that we could trade gorgeous pictures of my kids for quilts. :) If you are in the Kansas City area you may want to give this girl a call!
She really liked the earlier Boy Quilt I’d made, but is decorating with denim so we decided to change the blues from the turquoise color in the original to a more subdued blue. American Jane came through with the right color. I love it just as much as the original.
We used the same Ikea fabric for the back.
I  love all the fabrics in this quilt.  Which is why I chose just squares – to let the fabric do the work. There are some really good ‘boy’ fabric options right now – which isn’t always the case. Does anyone else agree with me on this? It’s not always easy to find charming little boy prints that aren’t cheesy.  I used prints from Riley Blake’s Wheels collection and Traffic Jam by Allison Jane Smith for Windham Fabrics.  That collection is over a year old, but there are still random pieces available in internet-fabric-land.
The original quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop.  It’s kind of the last leaf on the tree – as in the lone item available in my shop.  In all the fun and crazy busy-ness of summer I’ve had to prioritize life and  let go of some things and Etsy has been one of those things.  When all the summer fun comes to an end, I have a bunch of goodies to add – (I’m s l o w l y in the process of cutting more I-spy kits).  But until then, I’m going to try to remind myself to just enjoy another popsicle with the kids.

Baby Nicey Jane

A new little quilt for the store where I work (American Quilting.) This was so much fun to make. I’ve been eyeing Nicey Jane since I heard Heather Bailey speak last fall. There are a few other prints thrown in.  Do you recognize the pattern? It’s the same as the Mr. Roboto quilt from last summer.  I used this off-set square tutorial.
The back.
I finished the binding while watching the end of Lost.
It’s really fun making quilts with other people’s fabric.
I get the satisfaction of designing and making something fun, without having to buy anything.
And I get paid to do it. I know. My life is rough.
And here is my “helper”. He thought it would be really funny to flop down on top while I was trying to take pictures.
The socks. I’m trying to convince him now that it’s warm outside (most of the time) that he shouldn’t wear just socks when he plays outside.  I’ve made his shoes readily available, even told him it’s okay if he goes barefoot. But no. He insists on the socks. And our sock collection is wearing out quickly. Yesterday he came home from a friend’s house and proudly told me, “Eli wears socks outside too! And guess what? His have holes just like mine!”  Gosh, one of my favorite parts of summer is not having a monster sock pile to sort every time I do the laundry. At least that is what I’d hoped. But at the rate he’s going there will be no socks left to put holes in.

Many thanks for the awesome travel tips. I can’t wait to put them to use!

Some weekend odds and ends

 Mother’s Day I decided I needed a corsage to perk up my outfit.
After seeing lots of cool inspiration at the Beehive Bazaar on Friday,
I decided to make one.
So I did. I’m not exactly sure how I did it, I just kind of made it up as I went along to be honest. I was pleased with the outcome.  And when my daughter first saw it she said, “Oh, did you buy that at the Beehive Bazaar?” Which I took as a great compliment.
 Speaking of my daughter, look what that brilliant child sneakily bought me for Mother’s Day. 
(At the Beehive Bazaar, of course!)  I love them!
Here is what I bought at the BB.  A package of vintage trims and some adorable hedgehog note cards. I can’t help you out on the trims, but you can buy the same note cards here!  You don’t even have to come to Utah! She has lots of VERY adorable things there. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)  So you could call the BB a great success. Lots of inspiration and some good loot too.
And while we’re on the subject of vintage trims, every once in a while my Grandma brings me a collection of random things from her house.  I was kind of excited by this lot.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with any of it yet, but I’m excited to have it on hand when the inspiration hits.  Always good to have some burlap on hand.  I’ve been collecting strawberry stuff recently, so I was excited to see that bolt of ribbon.  I love the roll of blue decorative stuff. Guess what it’s on? Elastic! I think it’s so pretty, but I don’t know how to best use it.  Suggestions?
Lastly, our resident artist is back at work.  I guess I need to come up with a better threat.
At least it wasn’t the quilt, right?

Let’s hear it for the quilt . . . and the boy

A finished quilt! For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to make a cute, easy little boy quilt with kits available in my etsy shop. Voila! Finally, it is done. I love it. And I’m having a harder time letting it go than I thought I would.
The quilt itself is also for sale.  The back is this happy Ikea print. 
Other fabrics include bright boy-themed prints from Wheels by Riley Blake and Traffic Jam by Windham Fabrics.
 Quilt and limited number of kits available here.
 picture by sweet and gifted friend, Jon Canlas
Also, today is the anniversary of the day I got my first sweet boy.  All 10 pounds of him arrived fast and furious in the early morning hours.  I think I’ve been tired ever since. :) This boy can go from sunshine to thunder storms in 0-60 seconds.  I’ll be honest, sometimes I wonder if I’ll have the stamina to raise him.  But everyday before he goes to school he wants to rub noses with me and gives me a big hug and a kiss that melts my heart. At that moment, it’s all worth it.