For a little baker

Another Christmas project to share.
This is the one I gave a sneak peek of here.

When I first showed it to my husband he said,
“Oh, very Cath Kidston.”
(Insert applause here.)
If you only knew how truly impressive this observation was.
My husband is a man of many talents,
but color and design observation is not one of his natural gifts.

We have a future gourmet at our house. She loves to pour over cook books.
So she needed some new accessories. I made the apron all from fabrics in the stash. (Yes!)
Don’t ask me where this blue with roses fabric came from
– it’s from my mom’s stash and I think she bought it in Europe a few years ago.
(Those Europeans are always so avant garde!)
This girl also loves red, so I wanted to use her favorite colors.
She’s also a girly-girl so she needed a little glam on the apron, hence the ruffles.
The adorable play-bakeware came from Ikea.
And speaking of red and aqua, I got my hands on some more of the elusive aqua-with-roses fabric from the original baby quilt kits.
I listed some new kits in the etsy shop with this yardage for backs.

Hurrah for the Red, White & Blue

Since I am in a patriotic mood, I thought we’d go with a red, white, and blue theme this week. Red, white and blue is just so classic. Never goes out of style. The shades and tones of red and blue change (example: the current aqua and red craze) but the combo always looks good. And further proof is this 3-generation gallery of doll quilts.I came across this one recently and it brought back SO many memories. My mom will probably laugh to see this on here. (correct me if I get this wrong, mom.) She made this little doll quilt with the left over scraps from making the bedding for my newest sibling born to be born in July 1979. Back in the days before ultrasound, so this is a good gender-neutral choice. (Turned out to be a girl.) There was also a double bed in that tiny little room with a matching quilt made of bigger squares of the same fabric. My other sister and I used to love to jump on that bed.
Don’t you just love those fabrics? They would be considered vintage, right? So to my dear sister who is about to turn 30 this month, you are officially ‘vintage.’ Which makes turning 30 SO much cooler.
In the mean time, I’m glad we still have this baby. And yes, my mom has progressed by leaps and bounds as a quilter since then. When my 10-year old saw this quilt she fell in love and wants to have the big one in her room, if it still exists.
This little rail fence wasn’t the first quilt I made, but I made this one in the first official quilting class I ever took. Such a simple little pattern, but I still like how effective it is.
Now, of course, I think it is incredibly boring that I only used three fabrics (I did go out on a limb and use a different one on the back, so I guess there are four). I hand quilted this one too (which I don’t do anymore) and I just love how soft it feels.
And this little baby was one of the first things my daughter ever made on the sewing machine with some of my scraps. So I guess this combo is in our blood.
And just because I never post pictures of food (partly because it’s rare that I make some thing worth taking a picture of) I will leave you with this lovely image of the grilled Jamaican Jerk chicken salad I made for dinner last night. Along with grilled pineapple. My gourmet friend, Christine gave me the recipe. (She’s a Pampered Chef gal so you can probably get one from someone you know too.) Oh wow, talk about good summertime food. I had the leftovers for lunch today. And I think I could eat a whole n’other salad right now.

Domestic Diva

Well so far, this blog is more about produce than it is about quilts. But that is what is consuming my quilting time at the moment.

I did it. I actually made grape juice! From my neighbor’s organic grapes. I made 11 quarts – which doesn’t seem like as much as it should considering how long I had that juicer going – but I am still proud of it. I think there would have been 12 quarts, but we drank a lot right out of the juicer.



After: Ta-dah! It really wasn’t hard at all. My only recommendation – don’t let the plastic tube fall on the stove burner and melt 4 inches of it while at the same time filling your kitchen with toxic smoke. Especially when the juicer belongs to your kind neighbor. Argh. I’m so stupid. Fortunately I could just cut-off the plastic part that was melted and re-attach the end valve, but now the tubing is 4 inches shorter. I did confess to my neighbor and she is an understanding soul. She had done the same thing to her mother’s juicer. Phew.And in other culinary experiments I tried roasting cherry tomatos for the first time. And they were GOOD! And it was so easy. Here is a great explanation.I think I am going to go make some more right now.